Heavenly Genius - Chapter 161


If that husband is the Lord of Tao, why is the Lord of Tao acting like this?

Black peony is a woman herself, and from a woman's point of view, if your husband treats you like this in front of everyone, how can you accept all this so easily?

4 people knew the position of Niu Yu Dao. In Niu Yu Dao's words, they heard a satire about Tang Yi!

Tang Yi looked calm on the surface. Without looking at Niu Yu Dao, she asked:

"Senior young master, who is this person?"

Shao Ping Bo introduced Nu Yu Dao:

"Subordinate of the Ambassador of the Han Kingdom, Zhuge Xiong, Zhang San!

"Subordinate of the Ambassador of the Han Kingdom?» Tang Yi couldn't imagine what kind of impure connection Niu Yu Dao had with Zhuge Xiong. However, his name is fake. She clasped her hands in greeting.

Niu Yu Dao clasped his hands in response, then looked at Su Po and Tang Su Su flanking him. They didn't reveal it, and that's fine.

- Clear out the pub. Shao Ping Bo pointed to a tavern near the shore.

Niu Yu Dao looked in that direction and saw a tavern that was half standing on the shore and the other half standing on the water. The level of this tavern was not low.

Very quickly, the guests were kicked out of the pub, and now few people could enter it. However, chef Niu Yu Dao can come by himself.

Shao Ping Bo and Tang Yi went there and immediately went to the beautiful observation deck.

They were followed by Niu Yu Dao, who was immediately directed to the kitchen. Shao Ping Bo seemed to want to use him as a cook.

The zucchini was really big. In the kitchen, 5-6 cooks met Niu Yu Dao with their hands folded:

- We don't know where such a famous friend came from?

Suddenly they were told that a famous chef was coming and they needed to be on his side. Therefore, they were not at all comfortable right now. However, they addressed him as if they were asking to be taught.

"Fuck you! Brought me in as a cook!» Niu Yu Dao cursed under his breath. He was also uncomfortable. He and Tang had just met, and in the end, he was going to be cooking, and he and Shao Ping Bo were going to exchange pleasantries?

"What's this, then I will need to bring this *sweet* a couple of treats?"


Niu Yu Dao suddenly took out his sword and pointed it at them, causing the chef's eyes to twinkle.

"..." The chef froze. He immediately turned around and told the others to move away.

Niu Yu Dao returned the sword to its scabbard and looked at the cultivator who was behind him:

- The kitchen is a restricted area. Go away.

He replied: When did the kitchen become a restricted area?

Niu Yu Dao: We use a secret method. If you don't follow the rules, you won't eat.

- ... - the cultivator, in the end, there was nothing like slowly walk away.

"Wait! Niu Yu Dao called out to him again.

- Bring me 4 scholar's jewels.

That cultivator stopped and asked:

- Why are 4 scientist jewels in the kitchen?

Nu Yu Dao: I will write the products that are missing. Go buy it and bring it back.

The cultivator left, while Niu Yu Dao looked at what was in the kitchen.

The cultivator quickly came up with subjects for writing.

Dipping the brush in ink, Niu Yu Dao wrote several dozen seasonings on the paper. He shook the paper and handed it to the cultivator:

- Go buy!

The cultivator looked at this paper and left.

Black peony and the others looked at each other in confusion. They didn't understand why Niu Yu Dao wrote so many things?

"Don't look where you shouldn't. Niu Yu Dao glanced at them, causing Black peony and the others to immediately leave.

He picked up the paper again and wrote something else on it. After the paper was dry, he tore it off and put it away.

That cultivator came straight from the kitchen to the observation deck, held the list up to Shao Ping Bo, and said:

"It's all medicine.

Tang Yi, who was standing next to them, listened carefully and looked at the list.

Shao Ping Bo looked at the list and then asked:

"Last time we ate, was it all in the dish?"

The cultivator replied: Yes. I think I saw ginger and garlic.

Shao Ping Bo returned the list and said:

- Take everything from the list.

A man who shouldn't have come in came into the kitchen. It was Tang Su Su who entered with a tense expression on her face.

"Lord Of The Tao! Black peony spoke.

Standing in front of the window and looking out, Niu Yu Dao slowly turned around and leaned on his sword. He looked at her with a tight smile, as if making fun of her.

The two people looked at each other, and Tang Su Su said with displeasure:

"Why did you come here?"

Nu Yu Dao: Where I'm going-does it concern you?

Tang Su Su: aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?

Nu Yu Dao: You haven't tried to kill me once or twice. And did you succeed? You won't kill me this time either! seeing that Tang Su Su was getting angry, he said:

"What?" Want to attack? You know what Dong Guo Hao Ran left me. You attack once, twice, but you can't kill me. Just make a fuss. And then I can tell you a lot to save my life. I'll tell you something about Tang Yi. And then we'll see how much The highest purity sect is disgraced!

Tang Su Su glared at him.

- Calm. You are unscrupulous, but not me! Niu Yu Dao took out a piece of paper and handed it to her:

- Black doesn't mix with white. I have nothing to do with the highest Purity sect. If you start bothering me again, then I will destroy the Supreme purity sect!

Tang Su Su took the paper, unfolded it, and was dumbfounded. She raised her head and looked at Niu Yu Dao with a complicated gaze. Then nodding she said:

- Good! If everything is as you said, then from now on, the Supreme purity sect will not touch you!

Niu Yu Dao: Keep your word!

Tang Su Su turned and left, and Niu Yu Dao turned to the window.

Black peony and the others looked at each other. They doubted whether the head of the High purity sect was the wife of the Lord of Dao.

"Lord Of The Tao! Black peony called again.

Niu Yu Dao turned around and couldn't find any words. He saw Su Po enter.

The two people looked at each other and Niu Yu Dao said: I've already told Tang Su Su.

Su Po looked at him with a complicated expression. He had just seen the piece of paper that Tang Su Su had received. He looked around and looked at Black Pony and the others. Then he asked:

"Can we step back?"

Nu Yu Dao: They are my people.

Su Po sighed and said:

- Actually, you don't need to take it that way. The head does everything for the sake of the sect. It's not easy for a woman to run a sect. Shao Ping Bo has a huge influence on Shao Deng Yun. Some things are hard to explain. Some things are not what they seem. There is nothing between the head and Shao Ping Bo. I hope you don't misunderstand.

Niu Yu Dao furrowed his brows, not interested in anything. However, the news that Shao Ping Bo had a strong influence on Shao Deng Yong suddenly affected him. So he guessed correctly. He was startled by his guess.

Su Po continued:

- You probably don't know. The head has long publicly announced that she is your wife. The head told us to find you as soon as the situation stabilizes. The head has already brought order to the sect and has now sent people to notify you! The Supreme purity sect has passed through a critical moment, now there is no need to treat you like this. This is our fault - the elders. We'll apologize to you for the past somehow. You would have come back!

Niu Yu Dao said with a chuckle:

- What was needed, I understand!

Su Po: If not because of us, then at least because of your teacher?

Nu Yu Dao: Just out of respect for the teacher, I didn't settle accounts with you. Elder Su, it's all in the past. Now each of us has our way.

Su Po wanted to continue, but Niu Yu Dao interrupted him with his hand.

Su Po just sighed and said:

"How's Wei Duo?"

Niu Yu Dao: I don't know. Elder Su, don't bother me. That's enough. – he waved his hand and indicated to the left.

Black peony and the others came over, forcing Su Po to come out.

At this time, the horsemen just arrived at the tavern. They were all in armor. Several men dismounted and strode toward the observation deck.

Tang Yi, seeing this, took the opportunity to leave. Tang Su Su immediately called her over and handed her the paper, saying in a whisper:

"Chapter, it's done.

Tang Yi unfolded the paper, looked at it, and involuntarily bit her lip. She looked at her grandmother with icy eyes:

"You forced him?"

Their relationship has already weakened. Tang Su Su, after losing her power, could no longer regain her power. And Tang Yi, after experiencing all the difficulties of life, was no longer the obedient Tang Yi. She took the reins of power firmly in her own hands. Especially now that the danger is over!

From a certain point of view, Tang Su Su wanted this.

Tang Su Su rolled her eyes:

"Chief, you are wronging me unnecessarily. As soon as we met, he passed it on to me. It looks like he prepared everything in advance. If you don't believe me, ask him.

"Where is he?" Tan Yi asked.

Tang Su Su: in the kitchen!

Tang Yi didn't say anything but went straight there.

Because someone was constantly coming into the kitchen, Niu Yu Dao ordered Black peony to close the door.

Black peony and the others were thinking about something going on.

Niu Yu Dao seems to have a lot going on with these people.

Tang Yi went into the kitchen anyway.

Niu Yu Dao and the others turned their heads.

Seeing Niu Yu Dao holding a knife and butchering meat, Tang Yi immediately had images of them bowing to the sky together at the wedding, their wedding night, the landscape under the peach tree!

The High purity sect also didn't think that Shang Chao Zong would be able to rise like this. They had already received news that Shang Chao Zong had taken Qingshan.

Of course, they also found out that Niu Yu Dao had killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, and after that, Chao Zong broke off relations with Niu Yu Dao. Tang Yi did not think that once lying lazily under the peach tree, Niu Yu Dao would be able to shake the celestial Empire with his actions! Now the Yan Kingdom probably won't let him go!

That's probably why he changed his name. How many troubles has he endured? Tang Yi felt sad as she watched him pretend to be a cook and cut up the meat.

She walked slowly up to him and asked in a low voice:

- As soon as I came down from the mountain, was everything all right?

Black peony and the others were spying on them. It seemed to them that a great performance was being played out in front of them!