Heavenly Genius - Chapter 162


These words made Tang Yi feel ashamed. She put herself in his shoes. Considering how the high purity sect had treated him, and now he had to serve her with a strange man? She understood his feelings, and it made her feel ashamed.

She was always ashamed in front of him. However, she said calmly:

"I think you misunderstood.

"Got it wrong?" Niu Yu Dao chuckled: I Wonder what I misunderstood?

Tang Yi: I don't have the same relationship with Shao Ping Bo as you thought. Not the ones you thought of.

Niu Yu Dao: Does your connection concern me? You don't have to explain your relationship to me. You and I know that there is nothing between you and me. You and I should not be affected by nonexistent fame, and we should not affect each other. I've already made it clear to elder Tang. I'm not interested in your relationship with anyone.

Tang Yi: for the past, the High purity sect is really to blame for you. Give me time and I'll pay you back. The High purity sect owes you a debt, and I will pay it back to you.

Niu Yu Dao: The head of Tang has become serious. The high purity sect doesn't owe me anything, and I don't owe you anything. Everyone has their path, and we will follow it!

Tang Yi: Yu Dao, I know that you are offended. Only now is not the time to be offended. The high purity sect is no longer the same. Much is already in the past. Return. I can vouch that no one in the sect of the Highest purity is not going to hurt you!

"Go back?" Niu Yu Dao chuckled:

"How do I get back?" I barely returned the remains of Dong Guo Hao Rang to the sect, and they wanted to kill me right away. Who did I hurt then? I spent 5 years in the peach spring. I found out a few things, but I didn't know about a lot of your dirty work. What is 5 years old for a person? You kept me well under house arrest. And if I didn't act according to the situation, I would have been killed long ago!

"After I left you, you still wouldn't let me go. They gave me a letter to deliver to the temple on the South Mountain, where they wanted to kill me. There's no way you didn't know. Everyone in the High purity sect either hoped that I would die or watched blankly as someone tried to kill me. I ask you if it were you in my place, wouldn't you be afraid of such a heartless sect? How can you return to such a sect? Head Tang, it's not me who is a vindictive person, but you who are too insensitive. You're scaring people. The relationship is already broken, I'm not coming back!

Tang Yi shook her head slightly: I understand you, I also understand your feelings. Only you are in great danger right now, the Yan realm won't let you go. But here, at least, the Yan realm won't dare touch you.

Niu Yu Dao: are you saying that I can't survive without The highest purity sect?

Tang Yi: I want to say that at the very least, we will provide you with protection.

Nu Yu Dao: Don't worry. I can take care of myself. None of your business.

Tang Yi: Yu Dao, now is not the time to be angry.

Niu Yu Dao: You've got a lot on your mind. The highest purity sect is not worth my anger. I don't want to go back because I don't want to bear the responsibility of the Highest purity sect. I can forget everything the sect did to me out of respect for Dong Guo Hao Ran. But I won't pay for my anger with kindness. Your bunch of people isn't worthy of me coming back and working for you!

Tang Yi: You don't need to do anything and you don't need to work. We are indebted to you, you will only need to use the good.

- Enjoy your benefits? Niu Yu Dao laughed as if he had been told a joke. He sighed:

"Tang I. Head Tang, we seem to have different views on the situation. If I go back to the Highest purity sect, then I will start having problems. Shao Ping Bo really won't let me go!

Tang Yi furrowed her brows: I'll tell you again that you've got a lot on your mind. We don't have the same relationship with Shao Ping Bo as you think. I didn't do anything wrong in this plan to you. I will say otherwise, Shao Ping Bo has other plans for me.

- M?! - only now Niu Yu Dao had an interest that his eyes lit up: What are his plans?

- If you all so understood, then I of course can understand you... - tan And has drawn closer to him and whispers him told:

"Shao Ping Bo isn't fixated on me, he needs Zhao Xiong GE from werewolf ridge. He is his goal. (p. p. in the course of Shao Ping Bo will be a good opponent of the Lord of Tao)

When the two people got close, Niu Yu Dao smelled the delicate fragrance of Tang Yi and remembered the old days. How he spent his time at the peach spring. Niu Yu Dao walked away from a little and looking at her said:

"I understand. Are you sure he didn't fall in love with you?

And why did it seem like a tinge of jealousy? Tang Yi didn't know whether to be happy or not, either.

"I don't know what he thinks," she said. However, if you reveal your identity, he will certainly get scared and retreat!

Niu Yu Dao: Head, either you're stupid or I'm stupid? It doesn't matter if he loves you or not, or if he's after Zhao Xiong GE. It's all about you anyway. He wants to approach Zhao Xiong GE through you. And if I come back, I'll just be a nuisance to him, which he'll eliminate first. And the fact that you will protect me is just a joke.

Tang Yi shuddered. She urged him to stay, not noticing the looming threat right in front of them.

"I want you to understand that it's not what you thought. I know what you mean. But we need his power to raise the sect!

"Simply put, you want to use his power to keep him away from you?" Don't you think these two things are contradictory? You're playing with fire. Now I can say for sure that you will lose this game. His tidbit, which he tells you about, about the rise of the sect of the Highest purity will not meet your expectations. Because I have now determined that there are no capable people in The high purity sect. You're just a bunch. And no wonder you lived to see this moment!

Niu Yu Dao sighed and said: I was surprised earlier that you didn't fall into his hands. I thought there were smart people in the sect. And only now do I realize that you are still able to exist only because of me.

Tan Yi: What?

Niu Yu Dao sighed and shook his head. It's just that you've publicly stated that you're a married woman. And until I die, Shao Ping Bo won't dare lay hands on you. And until Shao Ping Bo finds me, he doesn't touch you. Shao Ping Bo is waiting for the Yan Kingdom to kill me. But if the Yan Kingdom can't, then it will look for methods to kill me. Fuck, that's how you made an enemy! If I didn't understand today, I would have been killed. I didn't know who did it.

"..." Tang Yi couldn't find the words. She realized how confident she was.

"Tang Yi, it doesn't matter if you're telling the truth or not, and I don't care if you listen to me or not. But out of your kindness and out of respect for Dong Guo Hao Ran, I will tell you something. When you are under someone's protection, you need to give something in return. The highest purity sect is no exception. But ... you better stay away from Shao Ping Bo. Not because Shao Pin Bo is up to something in your account. I'm not interested in that.

"I suggest you find another foothold. In my experience, Shao Ping Bo is a dangerous person. And you can't handle such a dangerous person. Don't think that he will treat your bunch of cultivators too much. I've heard something about Zhao Xiong GE. He's really strong. However, there is little Shao Ping Bo can do in this situation. Strong Yes strong, but this is not Zhao Xiong GE's territory!

At this moment, Tang Yi went to the stove and threw a piece of paper into it. Niu Yu Dao noticed that it was his piece of paper that he gave to Tang Su Su.

Tang Yi went back to Nu Yu Dao:

"You do that, and I'm not stopping you. But I can't accept it yet. Our sect owes you. Give me time and I'll make it up to you. If you want to write to me again, you can write to me later. While the case endures!

Niu Yu Dao knew that this girl wasn't listening to him. Of course, they have already done so much, overcome such a path, and stabilized. And how can his few words change their minds?

Well, it's none of his business. He has no interest in their fate. He sighed:

"By burning this thing, you're hurting me." With her, Shao Ping Bo might have let me go!

Tang Yi: you are young and you pay too much attention to many things. You don't have to be so afraid of him.

"Am I afraid of him?" Niu Yu Dao chuckled at himself,

" for some, I'm much scarier than him!" I just don't need any extra problems.

Tang Yi: Well, I shouldn't stay here any longer. Then talk.

"Wait! Niu Yu Dao went to the window and called her over. He pointed to a mountainous and wooded area on the opposite Bank.

"See that forest?

Tan And without a doubt said Yes. What is it?

Niu Yu Dao: you'll understand Later…

On the observation deck, Shao Ping Bo was talking to the soldiers when a cultivator came up and whispered in his ear:

- Tang Su Su,  in turn, went to the kitchen.

Shao Ping Bo remained calm. He nodded slightly.

When he first introduced brother Zhang to them, he noticed that all three of them reacted strangely to him.

After Tang Yi left the kitchen, another cultivator came in and brought the preparations.

When he left, Niu Yu Dao ordered the doors to be closed. Niu Yu Dao called Black peony and the others over. He pointed to the forest that Tang Yi was showing:

- When the commotion starts, you dive into the water and swim there. I'll follow you. If we don't meet there, then you will immediately return to Beishan County, our old place.

Black peony asked oddly:

"Will we leave immediately after cooking?" Shao Ping Bo won't cause us any problems? Did he recognize the Lord of Dao?

Niu Yu Dao: I don't think he found out. However, the three of them took turns visiting me, and Shao Ping Bo is not blind. He realized that things were not as simple as they seemed. He won't let us go until he finds out what's going on. And then we will not have a chance to escape!