Heavenly Genius - Chapter 163


Several people realized that only at this moment would Shao Ping Bo not worry about them escaping. Only they didn't understand why Shao Ping Bo would treat them like this. They haven't done anything wrong to him yet, have they?

Niu Yu Dao didn't explain everything to them. He just went to the cutting Board and leaned over it. There, on the floor, he picked up a Board with a hole under it.

The kitchen was large enough, as was the Inn itself. One side of the Inn was on the water, the other on the shore.

And the hole in the floor was where the water ran. So the cooks could dump all the waste into the river.

Niu Yu Dao had already noticed this covered hole for a long time. Only he didn't show any signs of being suspected, and he didn't dare to approach him just like that.

"Let's do it now, though. Leave quickly and quietly. he lifted the lid and called to everyone.

Black peony and the others quietly dived into the water one by one.

Niu Yu Dao quickly covered the lid and went to the door. He wanted to see if there would be any noise? So he sent Black peony and the others first. If Black peony and the others were seen, he would be able to think of something while in the kitchen.

After making sure that nothing was happening, he quickly walked to one corner where a wooden barrel stood.

He opened the lid and saw kerosene in the barrel. Taking a mug of the pumpkin, it started to pour kerosene on the walls and the sides.

After spilling kerosene, he soaked one rope in kerosene. He dropped one end of the rope to the floor and stretched the other out to the waste hole. Niu Yu Dao blew on the incendiary rod and set fire to the end of the rope that was lowered down through the hole. Then he quietly sank into the water and disappeared.

The rope was burning, and the flames were rising along the rope. Then this flame engulfed the entire space of the kitchen, igniting everything around.

Tang Yi was still his wife, and Shao Ping Bo brought him to cook for them? Fucking crazy!

Of course, he's not faint-hearted. So if he didn't prepare food for them, he prepared a burnt-out kitchen for them.

At first, some people outside smelled the smell and thought it was normal. There must be something interesting for being prepared in the kitchen. However, then they noticed something wrong, there was too much smoke for cooking.

Immediately, one person ran to the kitchen to find out what was going on. That's when he noticed the whole kitchen was on fire.

The man opened the door with his foot, and immediately a strong wind spread out powerful flames. The cultivator immediately flashed back. Now even the people outside noticed that there was a fire in the kitchen.

- Fire! Fire! someone was shouting.

The innkeeper was hysterical. After all, his Inn was made entirely of wood, and the wood was also covered with Tung oil to protect it from moisture. Now, because of the fire, there really won't be anything left of the Inn!

Shao Ping Bo, who was talking to several generals, also noticed the thick smoke. Flames began to spread everywhere. People were already coughing from the smoke.

One cultivator approached him:

"Senior young master, the tavern is dangerous! I ask you to leave the squash!

Shao Ping Bo shouted: what's wrong?

Cultivator: The Kitchen caught fire.

"That kitchen?" Shao Ping Bo was surprised.

A strong wind was blowing near the river, so the fire quickly began to spread in all directions, and the smoke covered more and more space.

Cultivator: Senior master, the fire is getting out of control. I ask you to leave this place.

Shao Ping Bo coughed, waving away the smoke, and quickly started to leave.

Inside the Inn, the smoke was even thicker. Everyone coughed and couldn't see anything. It was a good thing that the cultivator was pulling Shao Ping Bo. After a while, the ventilation hatch was opened, and the smoke began to dissipate in large quantities. Only a small part of the Inn was already on fire.

As soon as they left the Inn, Shao Ping Bo cleared his throat twice, looked around, and asked:

"Zhang San was in the kitchen, how are they?"

One cultivator replied: Senior master, they are cultivators after all, and this fire should not be a problem for them. Moreover, they were in the source of the hearth. It is unlikely that they could not extinguish the fire.

Shao Ping Bo looked at the kitchen and immediately narrowed his eyes. He then glanced at Tang Yi and the others. A cold glint appeared in his eyes.

He said coldly:

"They must have run down the river." Find it!

There were guards everywhere on the shore, so it was impossible to escape through the shore. They only had one way.

As soon as Tang Yi and the others heard that the instigator of the arson was most likely Niu Yu Dao, they were astonished. Tang Yi now understood what Niu Yu Dao meant when he pointed to the forest. He probably wanted her to help him if they were discovered.

- Yes! "several people followed his orders.

Tang And waved his hand and beckoned to Tang Su Su and Su Po. They immediately ran down the river in one direction.

Since they went in that direction, the other cultivators went in another direction, so as not to interfere with each other.

Shao Ping Bo noticed Tang Yi personally heading out to search. He put his hands behind his back and said to the two cultivators who were standing nearby:

"You will follow her personally. If you see her and Zhang San and the others, then kill them all. Don't leave anyone alive!

One cultivator replied:

"Senior master, this is the official Zhuge's man. Will this cause us any problems?

Shao Ping Bo gave that cultivator a cold look. If Zhang San had prepared the dish, he would have let it go later. However, he noticed the strange expressions on Tang Yi and the others ' faces. Now, how could he let Zhang San go easily?

Who would have thought that this guy would set fire to the kitchen and run away? Why do this? There was only one reason for this - he was worried that he wouldn't run away later!

Only where did Shao Ping Bo give himself away? After all, he remained calm and did not give a sign, but it turns out that someone saw through him!

Tang Yi and the others are unlikely. He had long since realized what they were like. It's one of Zhang San's bunch. But who? This he could not yet determine.

Only he was very uneasy that someone had figured him out. He even sensed danger. He said seriously:

"I'm responsible for what happened. Kill!

- Yes! two Jin Dan cultivators shot up behind Tang Yi.

It was already getting dark, and the rays of sunset were falling on the river and the Inn. Only the fire was already raging in the Inn.

He lit up everything around him.

"Senior young master, this is my zucchini! Senior master, this is my entire fortune! My whole family is hoping for this zucchini!

The innkeeper ran up and started sobbing on his knees. Of course, this zucchini was not his entire fortune, but he was crying, hoping that Shao Ping Bo would compensate him for the loss.

Breaking off from his thoughts, Shao Ping Bo stared coldly at the kneeling master and then took a sword from one of the commanders ' belts.


the innkeeper opened his eyes and reached for the sword that had been thrust into his heart. His lips trembled, and he looked down at Shao Ping Bo, who was looking down at him indifferently.

Shao Ping Bo took out the bloody sword and handed it back, then threw back his cloak and left.

That commander put the sword back in its scabbard and followed Shao Ping Bo.

- As for military supplies, you no longer need to contact the regional city. I have already made every effort to send us military supplies from the capital. They should send him to Beizhou one of these days. As soon as the supply arrives, you will divide it sparingly. You cannot allow resale, otherwise, the supply will disappear out of the blue. Last year there was a drought in Beizhou, and this year there was a flood. People are suffering. It is difficult to help the ruler of Quanzhou right now.

- Of course, we are between the kingdoms of Zhao, Han, and Yang, so the military power we should have in the first place. A ruler should not offend his subordinates. We can't let them starve. Therefore, first of all, provisions should be distributed to them. After all, if something happens, they will first of all calm everyone down.

"Also explain to everyone that Beizhou is our base. You can not allow chaos here and bother the life of ordinary people. If there are robberies and banditry, they should be eliminated immediately. Otherwise, the common people will run away from here. And who will work the land then? Me? You? If people leave, it will be bad for everyone.

"Without people, Beizhou will be even worse this year. Misfortune will come to misfortune. So keep a good eye on things. No one is allowed to enrich themselves during a disaster. During a disaster, you need to send people to help promptly. You send people to follow the officials. You can't assign government resources to anyone. If you notice a violation, you can first execute and then only deal with it. You take care of yourself. Who dares to take advantage of the commotion, then I will not pay attention to your connections. If I find out, I'll execute you right away! I'm warning you well. I recently executed a group of people, so don't run into my sword. Otherwise, no one will save you.

"As soon as we survive this calamity, everyone will feel better!" Beizhou is our native Beizhou. You must understand that this is for the best for you! Shao Ping Bo spoke as he walked.

- Yes! The master speaks correctly! the next group of commanders answered.

Niu Yu Dao came out of the river to the Bank. In the forest Black peony and the others called out to him:

- The Lord of the Tao, over here!

Niu Yu Dao turned his head and saw a thick column of smoke. He inadvertently hit himself in the head. They might have escaped in secret. Why was it necessary to set fire to the zucchini? He realized that he had been influenced by emotions and was irrationally reasoning.

He quickly slipped into the woods and, waving his hand, said:

"Quick, quick, let's go!"