Heavenly Genius - Chapter 164


A few people went into the forest and quickly began to run away through the mountainous area.

That's why Niu Yu Dao chose this mountainous area. If they were running away across the plain, they could easily be seen. And here they are quite difficult to pursue.

Several silhouettes came running down the river. Tang Yi and the others went to the mountains and also started looking for them everywhere. Only, it was already difficult for them to find traces of Niu Yu Dao.

Especially since two cultivators appeared here next to them. However, they noticed that the three people did not find Niu Yu Dao. It can't be helped, they all started looking for refugees together. In the end, they couldn't figure out which direction Niu Yu Dao and the others were running or where they could hide…

Dusk had fallen, and lanterns were lit in the small town by the river. Shao Ping Bo stayed in the same manner for the time being.

After he accepted the officials, the cultivators who had been chasing Niu Yu Dao returned to him:

"Senior master, they escaped in an unknown direction. It will be difficult to find them in the dark.

Shao Ping Bo looked at them and realized that they would not be able to find Zhang San now.

- The celestial Empire is big. Who knows where they went. It is not necessary to continue the search, let all come back. First, we need to find out who was with us. You can't resist it without knowing it. First, contact Zhuge Xiong and find out all about this Zhang San. Then send a group of people to the capital to wait for him at the door. If you see them, do not stand on ceremony, but immediately eliminate them.

- Yes! The cultivators responded.

After searching the mountain, Tang Yi and the others returned to their courtyard.

One small moon fluttered over the table and illuminated everything. Tang Yi sat nearby in a dejected state.

She didn't think that Niu Yu Dao would leave so decisively, and even set fire to the tavern before leaving. This is quite cruel and not at all like the lazy young man who lived under the peach tree.

Back then, in the High purity sect, she often felt a sense of shame in front of Niu Yu Dao. She was constantly ashamed of him. But who knew that today he would suddenly appear and also suddenly leave.

In addition to her shame, she also had a sense of duty to him as a husband. She couldn't just ignore everything. After all, she was a woman, and Niu Yu Dao's behavior today made her uneasy.

She also noticed a change in herself, because today she was closer to him. Normally, she didn't get close to any of the men, but today, she got close to him and still whispered to him, forgetting everything, all the embarrassments. Only now, remembering everything, did she realize that she had allowed herself something that she had not allowed before.

The last time they had drunk the marriage goblets of wine, Niu Yu Dao had not yet been taller than her. It all seemed rather absurd to her at the time. But this time, when they were at such a close distance, she noticed that this young man was no longer the short one, but had already become a man.

During Niu Yu Dao's 5 years in the High purity sect, they rarely met.

He ran away and didn't even say goodbye to her. After that, you could tell that she wasn't exactly repulsive to him, but she certainly wasn't cute. Although she could understand him, after all, the High purity sect had harmed him enough.

Now Niu Yu Dao has changed and become a man. Does he have any girls there? Are there people who like him or are there people who like him? She had no right to say anything to him now.

A small moon fluttered over the table, illuminating everything. It illuminated the charming silhouette of a girl who was lost in her thoughts…

Without horses, not daring to go on the road, the travelers ran through the backwoods.

Black peony and the others didn't understand why the Dao Lord was so afraid of Shao Ping Bo. He didn't seem to have done anything to them yet.

All night long they raced madly until the rays of dawn lit up the horizon. They stopped in the same mountainous area, each of them as tired as a hunted dog. At this time, any Lian qi cultivator could kill them with a single palm.

It was very dangerous to do so - who knows who is lurking here. Suddenly, some werewolf or evil spirits are hiding in the mountainous area and attack them. Then they will have problems.

"I don't think they'll find us." All of the rest. Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and sat down with his feet under him.

Black peony and the others sat down. They took out spirit pills and began to recover quickly. When the bright sun was high in the sky, everyone recovered. Their vital energy returned to normal. They ran all night and didn't know how far or where they had run.

They scattered in search of a road. Then they found someone on the road and only then found out that they were in Qin and County.

They took out a map and estimated from the map that they had run more than 800 Li during the night.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the map and thought about something.

Black peony asked him:

"Lord Dao, where do we go next?"

Although they had already experienced many difficulties, all the way they realized that Niu Yu Dao constantly strives to the North. However, he still didn't say where they were going.

Niu Yu Dao: Next we will split up!

- Split up? Duan Hu reminded,

" Lord Dao, the Shao family has its powerful army. Although it relies on the Han Kingdom, only they don't have a very good relationship, and they won't go outside of Beizhou. We are already so far from Beizhou. They don't know where we went. It should be all right.

He hinted to Niu Yu Dao that there was no need to be so afraid anymore.

The others nodded their heads, too. Maybe they shouldn't split up.

Nu Yu Dao: You've got a lot on your mind. I need to do something.

Is that it? Several people looked at him, waiting for instructions.

Ah, Niu Yu Dao closed his eyes as if thinking about something. Then he opened his eyes, walked on the ground, then waved his sleeve and began to draw something on the ground.

Several people were looking at his writing, and Niu Yu Dao was speaking slowly:

- The Prince of Bajo, the Prince of Beijo just one sugar, one sugar…

Several people spoke and did not understand. What the hell?

Then they read on:

Top idle, helpless at the bottom, added another two sugar. False ruler Yun and true ruler Bo, and now he has three sugars. Bo Ping Shao, Bo Ping Shao gold-stock house, and in silver its warehouses!

With that, he finished writing. Niu Yu Dao hummed to himself as if choosing the right timbre.

Several people looked at everything as if they understood something.

Who is the Prince of Beizhou? Isn't that Shao Deng Yun? Above is the Kingdom of Han, below is the Kingdom of Yan. The false ruler of Yun is Shao Deng Yun? The true ruler of Bo is Shao Ping Bo? Bo Ping Shao is like a name game?

After reading and digesting everything, it was clear that Shao Deng Yun was considered the ruler of Beizhou, over whom the Han Kingdom stood and who could not do anything to him. And the bottom helpless in the Kingdom of Yan. Only Shao Deng Yun is just a puppet, and the true ruler is Shao Ping Bo. And the person who can control Shao Deng Yun is Shao Ping Bo.

From this awareness from several people and I saw the perspiration on his forehead. They looked at each other. What does it mean?

And Niu Yu Dao stood in front of them and began to hum in the correct chant:

- The Prince of Bajo, the Prince of Beijo just one sugar, one sugar. Top idle, helpless at the bottom, added another two sugar. False ruler Yun and true ruler Bo, and now he has three sugars. Bo Ping Shao, Bo Ping Shao gold-stock house, and in silver its warehouses!...

after Niu Yu Dao twice sang to them, he asked them:

- Remember?

Black peony smiling said: Remember, then remember. But why is this? Does it sound childish?

Niu Yu Dao smiled: Smart-just children's songs. This will be your task. Split up and visit 10 counties each. In each city, teach the children these songs and let them sing them in the alleys.

"..." several people realized what he was up to. This would still return to Beizhou and put father and son in an awkward position!

Several people looked at Niu Yu Dao as if he were a werewolf. He's setting up Shao Ping Bo badly!

Several people sighed. Shao Ping Bo could look at anyone, but not at the wife of the Lord of Tao! This plan was well prepared by the Lord of Tao. How insidious the plan is!

Since ancient times, it has been said that women's beauty has a destructive power. So Shao Ping Bo found problems on his head!

Black peony reminded:

- The Lord of the Tao, if you want to hurt Shao Pin Bo? After this, Shao Ping Bo won't rest until he kills us, will he?

Niu Yu Dao: do you think that without touching him, he won't touch you? Either way, he'll be looking for me. In this situation, it is better to take the initiative first and take advantage. If I don't kill him, I'll at least tie his hands and feet, weaken him so that it's hard for him to attack me.

"Generally speaking, Shao Ping Bo's ambitions are considerable. But to tell you now, you still won't understand. Some things are difficult to describe in words. Maybe you'll understand later. It's no use talking too much now. Do as you're told. Open the map!

Niu Yu Dao looked at the map again and divided it into districts so that everyone would remember their area.

Several people took a random area.

"All right, we'll decide. Divided 4 districts, now meet in the North at the district of the 9th ridge in the same way. Niu Yu Dao pointed them to a place on the map and then asked everyone:

"Which one of you will stay with me for the company?"

Duan Hu, Wu San Liang, and lei Zong Kang all pointed to the Black peony.

Black peony froze and then giggled.

And Niu Yu Dao couldn't find words. They all seemed to think there was something between them and the Black peony.