Heavenly Genius - Chapter 165


Qin a County, a small County, an old broken city that was already bathed in the light of dawn. Columns of smoke rose.

At the Inn, Niu Yu Dao was taking a bath in a barrel. He was lying in front of the open window. He had a jug of wine in one hand and a sword in the other.

Crimson rays illuminated everything in the room.

"Knock, knock."

Black peony said:

"Lord Of The Tao!

Nu Yu Dao: I'm swimming. If it's not urgent, come back later.


Black peony opened the door and entered. She closed the door behind her and came over.

Niu Yu Dao had no choice but to take a towel and put it in the barrel to cover up at the bottom.

"What are you hiding there?"

Black peony went to the barrel and looked down, but the towel blocked her view.

"You're even shyer than a girl."

Niu Yu Dao calmly replied,

" I don't like it when people do that.

Black peony set up a stool gathered her hair and rolled up her sleeves. Then she took a Terry towel, soaked it, and then began to RUB Niu Yu Dao's shoulders, then His hands.

"You don't like it that way, either?"

Niu Yu Dao looked at her and said calmly:

- You should probably tell me all the rules carefully.

Black peony asked: Do you know what my actions mean? It's not my style to do that. However, a woman wants to follow the best man. That's what I think you are. I'm going to follow you. I'm your man now. Don't you like it so much? Of course, I hope that you will make me your man. And I like that they mistakenly think that you and I are in trouble.

Niu Yu Dao thought for a moment and then asked: Did you do it that fast?

Black peony pushed him away and began to RUB his back:

"You underestimate me. Is this a difficult case? I disguised myself, found the loafers, and gave them money. Now they have gone to teach your children to sing your songs. These quitters don't like physical work and like easy money. Of course, after that, I checked and saw the children on the street skipping singing a song!

Niu Yu Dao chuckled.

Black peony blinked her eyes:

"Tang Yi is so beautiful. She has Breast, she has a waist, and she has character…

Niu Yu Dao: only without brains.

Black peony: Without brains-this is for whom as. If you compare it to you, it is certainly inferior to you. But how can a brainless woman be the head of a sect? Few people can be as smart as you. Of all the people I've seen, you're the strongest!

Niu Yu Dao: What do you want to say?

Black peony: So beautiful, and how could a man not fall in love with her? If you thought it would be dangerous for her to be around Shao Ping Bo, why didn't you take her with you?

Nu Yu Dao: You've got a lot on your mind. I don't care if she's dead or alive.

Black peony: Only your words do not match the feelings of your soul. I noticed how much you didn't like Shao Ping Bo courting her.

Niu Yu Dao: Can you be happy about this? And that doesn't mean anything. We are like stray dogs that run around and mark territories. No matter who this territory belongs to, if another dog appears, they will start barking at each other. This does not apply to feelings, but hindrances - Yes. I'm not interested in a relationship with her. They only cause problems.

Hearing this, Black peony now realized that he didn't have feelings for Tang Yi. She sighed:

- People are different. My ex just used me, and now I can't even look at him. The Lord of the Tao, to say frankly, you should let it all go. Forget past grievances. You don't need to invest too much for yourself!

Nu Yu Dao: Frankly speaking… It makes sense.

Black peony: But if you think Shao Ping Bo is dangerous, then I think you will need to find a way to get her away from Shao Ping Bo. I know men well. She is beautiful and sooner or later will be a tasty morsel in the mouth of Shao Ping Bo. Some dastardly methods can't be avoided. I used to fall for this kind of bait myself!

Niu Yu Dao: I'm not worried About that. If only Shao Ping Bo didn't get me, then he wouldn't dare touch Tang Yi. He won't use dirty tricks against her, otherwise, he might anger the person behind Tang Yi. And then those mentors who are close to Shao Ping Bo will not be able to save his little life at all! And so, from a certain point of view, if I'm going to be fine, then tan Yi will be fine.

Black peony immediately said, " Zhao Xiong GE?

"How do you know?" Niu Yu Dao turned his head and looked at her. When he and tan Yi talked in the kitchen, they spoke in whispers.

Black peony: Zhao Xiong GE was banished from the High purity sect! I heard that when the Liuxiang sect attacked the High purity sect, then Zhao Xiong GE didn't appear, but his beast appeared and scared the entire Liuxiang sect. Even to the point that the elder of the Liu Xiang sect cut off his hand as a punishment. If Zhao Xiong GE is around, then what can the Highest purity sect be afraid of? Even 1000 warriors won't be his rivals!

Niu Yu Dao: Zhao Xiong GE comes from the Highest purity sect and is stronger than The highest purity sect. Perhaps even the founder of the sect himself would not be an opponent. It seems only he with greetings. Have you heard anything about it?

Black peony: No. The outsiders probably don't know that.

Niu Yu Dao turned his head again: Did you just say that you fell for someone else's bait?

"Lord Dao, you don't need to RUB salt in the wound! - Black peony sighing said and showed three fingers to him:

- 3 times, I was 3 times ***cheated!

Niu Yu Dao: One person or three?

Black peony began to RUB his back harder:

- Three different people. Twice through carelessness, when I was drugged. And once I didn't dare resist. Afraid of death. The man played with me as he wanted. He played with me for a few days, then let me go.

Nu Yu Dao: Revenge?

Black peony: Then Duan Hu and the others with me found one and stabbed him to death. The other one didn't wait for us, someone killed him. And the one who can't be hurt, can't be hurt. I thought I was alive and well. The one who falls into the trap, the smarter it becomes.

Niu Yu Dao furrowed his brows: Who is the domineering man? Tell.

Black peony: Okay, don't worry about him. Uselessly. We can't get it.

Nu Yu Dao: M, when the time is right, you can tell me. Let's see if we can get back at him!

"I forgot, it's not worth it. It's all in the past. Black peony shook her head.

Niu Yu Dao heard the fear in her voice.


Black peony's eyes widened as she suddenly lowered her hand into the water, towards the lower part of Niu Yu Dao that He was covered with a towel.

Niu Yu Dao didn't know what to say. He lowered his head and looked down at his defenseless part. Now Niu Yu Dao was helpless.

Black peony stared at him with wide eyes and a stony face. Her cheeks were flushed. Then she pulled out her hand.

Niu Yu Dao slowly picked up the towel and covered himself well again at the bottom:

"Are you bored?"

Black peony: Why don't I go down to the barrel and wash up with you? Am I ugly? Only the skin is a little dark, but the face and figure I came out well.

Nu Yu Dao: Are you seducing me?

Black peony: you can have Me at any time.

Niu Yu Dao shook his head slightly:

"It doesn't make sense. Since you followed me, we can't have this.

Black peony splashed water on it and continued to RUB it:

"Why not?" I'm not deceiving you. I want to.

Niu Yu Dao: Nothing good comes out of sleeping with a girl who is always around. The hare does not eat grass near the burrow. If he eats the grass, then the hole will be found.

Black peony bit her lips:

"What idiot doesn't eat a nice piece of meat that's right next to him?" Young, but reserved. What's the joke? Tan And is so beautiful, but you don't want her either. Do you like women at all? Or are you one of them? On the other hand?

Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words. And this was the woman who had cried to him at the Yaoyue Inn? …


The City Of Bajo.

Shang Ping Bo and a group of horsemen rode into the city. Guards stood on either side of them. No one dared to block their path.

He went straight to the Linbo Palace. This was Shao Ping Bo's own Palace.

The Manager of the house, Shao San Sheng, was already standing at the door and greeted him with a fake smile:

"Senior young master, are you tired from the road?

Shao Ping Bo looked at him and then walked quickly towards the main hall.

On the way, a cultivator received a message from the king of birds. He looked at the contents of the letter and immediately caught up with Shao Ping Bo.

"Master, there is a message from Zhang Yuan. Zhuge Xiong doesn't have any person named Zhang San at all. And there is no such person among the young cultivators. He said that's not where we're looking!

Tang Yi and the others, who were walking with him, looked at each other.

Shao Ping Bo and the others entered the hall. He turned and sat down in the main seat, then looked askance at the steward of the house:

"Any business?"

The steward of the house wanted to say something but didn't say anything. In the end, he took out a piece of paper and handed it to him to look at.

Shao Ping Bo took the paper and looked at the strange expression on Shao San Sheng's face, then began to read what was written on the paper:

- The Prince of Bajo, the Prince of Beijo just one sugar, one sugar. Top idle, helpless at the bottom, added another two sugar. False ruler Yun and true ruler Bo…

He stopped there. His eyes narrowed, and the hand that rested on his knee clenched into a fist. He tensed.