Heavenly Genius - Chapter 166


What is this thing? What are sugar cubes? Many people, hearing this song, did not understand anything. However, they noticed that Shao Ping Bo's face changed.

Shao Ping Bo didn't understand anything at first, but then he realized that something was wrong. When he had finished reading it, he asked:

- What is it?

Ruler of the house of Shao long Sheng replied:

- Children's song.

Shao Ping Bo now understood where these sugars came from. At first, he thought they might have a deeper meaning.

He asked again:

"From where?"

Shao San Sheng: North of the river, in all the districts on the alleys, children sing these songs. As soon as our people heard it, they reported it.

"North along the river and sing..." So, it will be difficult to stop this rumor.

The song clearly states that the Han Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom can't do anything to them. It doesn't matter. Everyone knows that already. What mattered was what came next. And just because Shao Deng Yun only appeared to be the ruler on the surface, and the true ruler was him-Shao Ping Bo!

Even more important was that his name was toyed with.

* Bo Ping Shao, Bo Ping Shao* - this means that he can resist and overthrow his father.

"What will father think about this? »

But the worst thing was that these are children's songs! They will spread easily, and my father's people will quickly find out about it. Now many in Beizhou will focus their attention on it. A lot of people will target him, and a lot of people in the family will start making a fuss in their favor.

There's a plot written on this piece of paper!

And the person who did this is very cruel and treacherous! Shao Ping Bo even got goosebumps.

The others didn't understand what had happened. Still, they didn't know much. However, Tang Yi, an outwardly soft and easy-going girl, noticed a glint of anger and anger in Shao Ping Bo's eyes.

Tang Yi was even a little scared. She immediately remembered Niu Yu Dao's words about Shao Ping Bo being a very dangerous person!

Shao Ping Bo now understood why the steward of the house was looking at him strangely. He understood the heavy consequences of this song. He asked seriously:

"When did they appear?"

Shao San Sheng: we haven't heard these songs Before, but two days ago they suddenly broke up. We asked the children how they knew these songs. Some said that they were treated to sugar, and then they sang these songs in the alleys. Some children simply repeated the song after others. Someone was paid money for it. The source could not be found. But someone wanted to promote this song.

The others didn't understand what was going on. They wondered, " Could a children's song have puzzled Shao Ping Bo so much? »

But the song is already walking among the common people, who Shao Ping Bo will not be able to shut their throats. So, he decided to generously give this piece of paper to everyone. Let them look.

- Map! Shao Ping Bo said.

Immediately, Shao San Sheng ordered the people to bring the map.

Shao Ping Bo, looking at the map, asked:

- Where did these songs come from? the

The manager pointed to several districts:

- The song first appeared in Qin a County, and then immediately began to spread to other areas.

Shao Ping Bo closed his eyes.

Everyone looked at the paper and felt cold and afraid. Someone wants to sow enmity between father and son. Someone wants to frame Shao Ping Bo!

Two days ago... - Ping Shao Bo said softly.

He lost himself in thought and began to remember what might have happened during that time. Then he slowly opened his eyes and said one name:

- Zhang San!

Everyone was surprised. Shao San Sheng asked without understanding:

"Sir, who do you mean?"

Shao Ping Bo grinned and said:

"If I calculated correctly, it must be Zhang San who burned down the Inn!"

Tang Yi was afraid and asked:

"Senior young master, are you sure this is Zhang San?"

Shao Ping Bo: nothing like this has happened recently. Except for the sudden burning of Zhang San's Inn. Their way to Qin a County, the timing is just right. I'm 80% sure it's him.

He did not voice another point of view. After all, he realized how dangerous his opponent could be. Zhang San had figured him out and was still using such cruel methods. This man is very dangerous.

Tan Yi asked again:

"Zhang San is a young man in his group. Why does the eldest young Lord think that among them, it was Zhang San who did this?

Shao Ping Bo looked at her calmly:

- In that situation, he might have decided to burn the zucchini. Especially looking at his age, you can understand a lot. The he-one young boy was able to command adults. You can say that this person is not easy.

He turned and walked around the throne, then came back and sat down again. Grinning at himself, he said:

- Basically, it's my fault. I have eyes, but I didn't see the dragon in front of me. I dared to bring a respected person as a cook. It probably angered him. So he burned the zucchini to make me clean up the dust, and now he's making up children's songs about me. And this will not be eliminated for a long time. It will be difficult, very difficult to eliminate all this… This time I met a true master.

Su Po and Tang Su Su looked at each other in confusion. They were even a little scared.

Tang Yi couldn't believe it. Did Niu Yu Dao do this?

"Can Niu Yu Dao use children's songs to exert pressure? »

She could believe that Niu Yu Dao had burned down the Inn. But using children's songs is already top class. Indeed, she wouldn't have thought of Niu Yu Dao!

What scared her, even more, was that a man like Shao Ping Bo had such a high opinion of him. After all, Shao Ping Bo has schools, sects, troops, and the love of the people. He is young and full of energy. He's the most unusual person she knows. Few people can compare to him. Moreover, if you add the sphere of influence that stands behind him, you can say that he is an outstanding person. It is unknown how many girls in their dreams will only see him.

Few people can resist such talent. Even she would find it difficult to find a more outstanding person.

However, this outstanding person seems to think so highly of Niu Yu Dao, even calling Him a master. And of course, he doesn't mean the cultivation master, but rather his mind and abilities!

Tang Yi thought she had misheard. Is this Nu Yu Dao? That cook who was standing with a kitchen knife, or that lazy young man who was lying under the peach tree? Can he be a master?

She suddenly had an Epiphany. In the peach spring, she was still surprised by his poems, which did not match his age. And those poems of song Yang Qing also seem to have been written by Niu Yu Dao.

Now Shao Ping Bo says that Niu Yu Dao is so smart. And this same smart Niu Yu Dao told her in the kitchen that Shao Ping Bo is very dangerous…

- Everyone is probably tired from the road. I must take a bath and then report to the Governor! Shao Ping Bo stood up and ushered the guests out.

Everyone folded their hands and left.

The group of people left, and only the guards remained in the Lingbo Palace.

Tang Yi and the others certainly had their place. Especially since she was a girl, she shouldn't have stayed with Shao Ping Bo.

On the way back Su Po asked:


Su Po and Tang Su Su couldn't believe it.

Tang Yi immediately recalled Zhao Xiong GE's words: * Dong Guo Hao Ran will not take just anyone as a disciple. He had a reason for this!*

Su Po regretted to himself. If Niu Yu Dao is that capable and it doesn't matter if his methods are insidious or not, but the Highest purity sect needs someone to lead their sect to rise right now. If Shao Ping Bo sincerely thinks so highly of Nu Yu Dao, then what happens? They originally had Niu Yu Dao, but they all conspired together and kicked him out? Kicked out your Savior?...


"Mr. Huang, Mr. Lin, please stop. Senior young master is calling for you!

Huang Dou and Lin Hu were disciples of Dachang mountain. This is the sphere of influence that supported Shao Deng Yun. These two students were in charge of Shao Ping Bo's safety.

Two people were already leaving the courtyard when Shao San Sheng called out to them and called them back.

They returned to the main hall and saw Shao Ping Bo sitting upright on the throne with his eyes closed and his hands folded in his lap.

They folded their hands:

"Senior master, any orders?"

Shao Ping Bo slowly asked with his eyes closed:

"Who remembers what Zhang San Tang Yi said near the river?"

The two men looked at each other in confusion. After a moment's thought, Huang Dou said:

"This guy was rude and brusque. I remember it well. He said he was tan And beautiful. However, then the master warned him to be polite to Tang Yi. Then he asked the master that Tang Yi Yi is your honored guest. Then he would praise you and her. He said you were a good couple.

- Praised? Now I think he was making fun of us! Shao Ping Bo said in a cold tone.

Huang Do asked doubtfully:

- Ridiculed?

Shao Ping Bo slowly opened his eyes:

- After remembering everything in detail, I seem to understand who this Zhang San is. He must be Niu Yu Dao!

Two people were surprised.

Lin Hu: Tang Yi's Husband? Sir, how did you know?

Shao Ping Bo: At the dock, when he was rude to Tang Yi, none of the three said anything to Niu Yu Dao. Only I thought his rudeness was a little strange. Then they took turns going into the kitchen-which means they know him. And everything.

"There were rumors about Niu Yu Dao and Tang Yi. You must have heard. They put him under house arrest for 5 years, seized the place of the head of the sect, and also wanted to kill him. He is young and was able to escape from house arrest-this is saying a lot. He then killed the man of the family soon and is still alive. Also, not easy. In Qingzhou, he killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom and got out of the situation unharmed. Then Shao Chao Zong got an Alliance with Qingzhou, all this came with his appearance there. If you put it all together, you wouldn't be surprised that he'd hit me, too. Thus, I suspect that the rapid rise of Shang Chao Zong is directly related to it. One more thing is important. This is age. Niu Yu Dao is similar in age to Zhang San. All the facts point to him. If not Niu Yu Dao, who else could it be? If it's Zhang San, it explains a lot!