Heavenly Genius - Chapter 167


Huang Dou and Lin Hu froze. They thought for a moment and then nodded their heads.

Huang Dou suddenly said with a smile:

"Senior young master, it looks like he saw you courting Tang Yi and set fire to the tavern in a hurry.

Shao Ping Bo: You underestimate him. If such a person had feelings for Tang Yi, he would have found a way to take her away with him. And he quietly left her. From this, we can conclude that he is not interested in it at all. Perhaps the reason lies in the sect of the Highest purity. They say that women's beauty destroys heroes. Moreover, they are bound by marriage ties. Tang Is so beautiful that you can even be blinded by her beauty. But he still left her, even though he knew I was courting her. This suggests that Tang Yi's beauty doesn't affect him. He is very reasonable and cold-blooded...and therefore very dangerous!

He stood up slowly:

"So young and already so capable. He may become a great man in the future. You can't leave them like this!

Lin Hu: People have already gone to the capital!

Shao Ping Bo: just about that. Call them off. He's in a false position, they won't find him.

The two men nodded.

Huang Dou: Senior master, to eliminate him, you first need to find him. Our Beizhou forces are weak, and the celestial Empire is huge. I don't know where he went. It will be quite difficult to catch.

"Why did he come to the Han Kingdom?" Shao Ping Bo suddenly asked them and at the same time asked himself. He was lost in thought, pacing up and down the hall.

Huang Dou and Lin Hu exchanged confused looks. They didn't know what the hell brought this guy to the Han realm.

After a while Shao Ping Bo said slowly:

"There's one place he might have gone. Only I'm not sure.

Huang Dou and Lin Hu asked in surprise: Where to?

Shao Ping Bo turned around:

"When I asked him why Zhuge Xiong sent him to the capital, what did he say?"

The two men exchanged glances. Didn't he just say that Niu Yu Dao was unlikely to go to the capital? Now what?

However, they had long since realized that this person was quite smart. Therefore, Huang Duo said:

- I remember him saying that his business was connected with the post stations. He said that Zhuge Xiong should send detailed information about this matter. What do you think?

Lin Hu nodded:

"The eldest young master said that news was received in Beizhou regarding the mail about the spies of the Yan Kingdom. Beizhou can't keep the Yan Kingdom's spies around, so we helped the Imperial house clean up. Outwardly, everything seems to be calm, but for the Yan Kingdom, it was great damage. Their intelligence service lost a lot of people.

Shao Ping Bo stood in front of them: He said that Zhuge Xiong sent him to the capital of the Han Kingdom. Do you think he could have deceived me then?

Lin Hu immediately replied:

- Unlikely. He already knew your position and wouldn't dare lie to you about their information. If he told you the wrong information and you found out, he would have been killed right away. He wouldn't take that risk.

Shao Ping Bo: That's the main thing. Even I didn't know that all the information came from Zhuge Xiong in the capital… After all, this is an interstate secret, and secrecy is its normal phenomenon. But how did Niu Yu Dao know about this? How did he know that all the information came from Zhuge Xiong? Zhuge Xiong wouldn't just spread it like that?

Juan Duo and Lin Hu were thinking.

Shao Ping Bo tapped his finger:

"When we received the news from the capital, the spies of the Yan Kingdom showed up at the same time, and then we came across Niu Yu Dao. These three events are somehow connected!

Lin Hu seemed to understand something and then said:

"Niu Yu Dao killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom. The Yan Kingdom became angry and put its people in every post station to find him! In all the kingdoms!

Shao Ping Bo nodded his head slightly:

"That's why he knew the secret information.

Huang Dou: he May have reported to Zhuge Xiong!

Shao Ping Bo: Only he contacted not just Zhuge Xiong, but most likely all the other ambassadors of the Zhao Kingdom. When he killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, all the other ambassadors were there. They know him, so it wasn't hard for him to tell them. And for each state, the problems of its neighbor are only a joy. So, they are right at the same time and decided to hit the spies of the Kingdom of Yan.

Lin Hu giggled and said:

"It must have been Niu Yu Dao's doing. The Yan Kingdom wanted to attack him, so he responded!

Shao Ping Bo put his hands behind his back and sighed:

"With a retaliatory strike, he broke the net of the Yan realm. Even the Yan Kingdom suffered losses from it. And you dare underestimate him?

Lin Hu immediately stopped laughing. The two men looked serious. Now they understood why the master called Niu Yu Dao a dangerous person!

Now they understood why the master was so afraid of him. And this guy now treats their master badly. It must be hard for the master now!

Huang Dou said doubtfully: Senior master, so where did he go?

Shao Ping Bo slowly walked to his seat and sat down:

"Isn't it all connected?" He knows that the Yan Kingdom is now hunting him. Where do you think would be the safest place for him?

Huang Dou: either disguise yourself and hide somewhere, or go back to Shang Chao Zong.

Shao Ping Bo: Only he didn't do that. He didn't just disappear. On the contrary, he ran to the Han Kingdom. But for what?

Huang Dou and Lin Hu didn't know what to say.

"Despite the risk, he still dared to come. So he has business here! And if you look at all this from above, you can understand. What happened in Qingzhou is not a coincidence. We already know his abilities. And everything that happened in Qingzhou is not accidental. The Alliance of Shang Chao Zong and Qingzhou, the loan of the Qingzhou army, the rise of Shang Chao Zong - 90% is the work of Niu Yu Dao.

"My father said that the veterans of Ning Wang, Shang Jian Bo, treat Shang Chao Zong well. I also heard that Ning Wang had a relationship with the ruler of Qingzhou Hai Ru Yue at that time. But Ning Wang is already dead, and it's unlikely that the feelings of the past would be able to win over Hai Ru Yue. All the more reason for Hai Ru Yue to think about Qingzhou. She couldn't just take the troops and give them to Shang Chao Zong. Otherwise, she would lose control of Qingzhou.

"In truth, Shang Chao Zong's strength is weak, and Hai Ru Yue couldn't support him just because of this. It was difficult to convince Hai Ru Yue. That's why Niu Yu Dao appeared there. And with his abilities, it wasn't difficult. So it turned out what many did not expect. The huge Qingzhou had allied with the small Shang County of Chao Zong.

"Why did Hai Ru Yue give up her troops?" If you look at the circumstances again. Niu Yu Dao made an Alliance, Shang Chao Zong achieved victory, but he did not return to Shang Chao Zong, but instead escaped from the Yan Kingdom and went to the Han Kingdom. This is not normal!

"If you compare time and distance, all these circumstances can mean one thing. The answer lies precisely in the Kingdom of Han.

Lin Hu: Why did Niu Yu Dao come to the Han Kingdom!

Huang Do nodded his head.

Shao Ping Bo: what does Hai Ru Yue need in the Han Kingdom? What can't a simple person and a simple cultivator do? Neither Shang Chao Zong nor the cultivators of Hai Ru Yue went to the Han realm, namely Niu Yu Dao. So the case he was sent to is not very feasible.

"As I thought about it, I remembered a case. Hai Ru Yue's son seems to have a strange illness that was passed down from his father!

Lin Hu: Slow path of the cloudy sky!

Juan DOE: The Fruit of red John!

Two people spoke at the same time. Although they said different things, they meant the same thing.

Hai Ru Yue keeps people with her, not because of her beauty, but because her power is officially in the hands of her son.

Shao Ping Bo: in that case, there is a possibility that Niu Yu Dao went to the great snow mountain in the Palace of ice and snow. He wants to take the red Yang fruit!

Huang Dou said doubtfully,

" with Hai Ru Yue's position, it wasn't possible to take this fruit, so how can he do it?"

Shao Ping Bo: This is the reason why I doubt it. After all, he hadn't received the fruit yet, so why did Hai Ru Yue withdraw her troops? Was I wrong? And that's not why Niu Yu Dao went to the Han Kingdom?

Lin Hu: it doesn't matter whether it is true or not, if there is a possibility, we need to send people to eliminate it. We will send people.

Shao Ping Bo shook his head: This task must be performed differently. Now I have a request to the gentlemen. The two gentlemen themselves saw the reason for the appearance of the children's song. I ask you to explain everything to the Dachan mountain.

- Good! "Both agreed. They looked at each other. They knew that these songs would give them a headache.

After they left, Shao Ping Bo thought for a while and then looked at Shao San Sheng, who was standing silently at his side.

- Children are naughty, and adults are helpless with them. Send people to look into this matter. Let them set a terrible example. And then we will drown out the rumor with another rumor!

Although he knew that it would be difficult to prevent the song from spreading, he still wanted to prevent it from spreading to the entire celestial Empire!