Heavenly Genius - Chapter 168


Shao San Sheng froze, but still answered:

- Yes!

Shao Ping Bo: Whether Niu Yu Dao goes to the ice and snow Palace or not, send people to the capital of the Yan Kingdom to the song family. Let them handle it.

As he said this, he realized that he was now bound hand and foot. He did not yet know what effect these songs had on his father. Children's songs are his current headache. Also, he was still not completely sure that Niu Yu Dao had gone to the ice and snow Palace, so he could not send the people of Dachang mountain there. The attitude of mount Dachan is important to him now. If it turns out that he sent people there in vain, they may think that he is not managing people well, and they will treat him worse.

After dealing with children's songs, he should be much more careful.

Shao San Sheng: by the Way, about the song family. We have the information you need to know the eldest young master. One of the commanders of the Yan Kingdom's capital, Wang Heng, took his daughter from the song family, and the song family permitted them to remarry. Wang Heng has publicly stated this. It looks like there's something wrong with the song family.

Shao Ping Bo was surprised. He thought for a moment, then said,

" Sun Ju - Ming is Tong Mo's confidant. Wang Heng decided to break off relations with him. It looks like there's a big change going on in the Imperial house right now. I don't know if this is related to sun Lung's death or not. Let our people see it.

- Yes! Shao San Sheng answered and asked again:

"Can the song family know about the Niu Yu Dao case?" After all, the Yan Kingdom wanted to capture him.

Ping Shao Bo shook his head: the point of the post stations, I have carefully studied. The spies of the Yan Kingdom were very circumspect and could not arouse suspicion from outsiders. Niu Yu Dao must have found out somehow. Maybe someone told him. No matter. The song family probably knows more about this. It's hard to say.

- Well. Shao San Sheng nodded his head.

- Also, choose your guards carefully. Shao Ping Bo added.

It can't be helped. It doesn't matter if it's the Yan Kingdom or the Han Kingdom, they will now closely monitor his actions. They don't like this area with independent troops.

He was a little uncomfortable with the fact that Niu Yu Dao had put pressure on him from all sides with a single wave of his hand. And he could only give chase to Niu Yu Dao.

- Yes! Shao San Sheng nodded. When he saw that Shang Ping Bo no longer had any orders, he immediately reminded:

"Senior young master, you should wash your face. Don't keep the ruler waiting for so long.

Shao Ping Bo came to his senses and left the hall, and immediately went to wash his face.

When he went to the bathroom, he immediately stripped naked and went to the shower. After that, he jumped into a warm bath.

The maids came and brought him clothes.

After the maids left, a girl in a long dress came to see him.

The girl was kept in the hands of the guqin. There was also a zither on the table. She went to the table, sat down beside it, and began to play. Elegant, slow chimes began to flow through the room.

A girl with high curls at her temples and a beautiful open forehead could outshine the moon and put flowers to shame. She giggled and stared at the vague silhouette bathing in the pool.

The girl's name was Su Zhao. She was a cousin of Shao Ping Bo and could be said to be the only cultivator in the family.

Shao Ping Bo opened his eyes, turned his head, and looked at the vague silhouette. He said smiling:

"Sister Zhao, when did you get back?

" the zither Sounds stopped, and the girl stood up and said sweetly:

"I've only just returned to the Han realm when I heard some funny songs about you. So I came straight to Beizhou. What's happening?

Shao Ping Bo splashed water on himself:

"Do You Know Nu Yu Dao?" Who killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom... " he immediately told her the whole story?

Su Zhao walked around the room and said:

"This Nu Yu Dao is treacherous!

Shao Ping Bo: Don't worry. You direct your forces to the realms of Qi and Wei. Beizhou needs them. We don't have enough forces and finances yet. When the effects of the drought and flood are over in Beizhou, when we are rich, then we can start working. Sister Zhao, the future of Beizhou depends on you.

Su Zhao: I Know, I have ears. I constantly try for the common cause and do not relax. Calm down.

After the water treatment, Shao Ping Bo went to another room and sat down in front of the nightstand. Su Zhao kicked out the maid and personally started brushing it.

"Long time no see." Let's not talk about state Affairs, let's talk about personal matters. Su Zhao said with a giggle.

Shao Ping Bo: Later. Now I need to report everything to my father.

Su Zhao paused for a moment and then said with a sigh:

"Will you marry me?"

Shao Ping Bo: is there any need to doubt it?

Su Zhao: Good. Tell me the exact time.

Shao Ping Bo furrowed his brows: Are you kidding? If I take you as my wife, then with your position, how will you go to the Qi realm? Have you forgotten about your aunt and uncle?

's revenge? I see you liked TA tan Yi!

Shao Ping Bo sighed again: Tang Yi is a married girl. And you know why I'm courting her. Should I explain the value of Zhao Xiong GE to you

again? She stopped brushing her hair:

"I understand. I'm just not sure. When I've done all the dirty things, will you still take a dirty person like me?

Shao Ping Bo raised his hand and grabbed her tender, affectionate hand. He looked at her in the mirror and said:

"The one I've always wanted to marry is you. Sister Zhao, don't worry. I will not have another wife beside you.

Su Zhao sighed: I Would Like to!

The Palace of the Governor of Bajo.

Shao Ping Bo, who had been washed, quickly went inside. The steward of the Palace, Yang Shuang, quickly came out to meet him and went with him to the ruler.

As the two people were talking, a young, beautiful girl slipped out of the garden. She was very similar to Shao Ping Bo. After all, she was Shao Ping Bo's sister-Shao Liu er.

As soon as she saw her brother, she went out obediently, according to etiquette, to meet him. It was obvious that she was a little afraid of her brother.

- Brother! Shao Liu er bent down and folded her hands. Then she quickly straightened up and wanted to leave.

- Stop! Shao Ping Bo said in a cold tone.

Shao Liu er froze in place and said a little cowardly:

"Does your brother have instructions?"

the Steward of the house, Yang Shuang, smiled. All sisters are afraid of their brothers.

Shao Ping Bo looked at her with a cold gaze: I Heard that you recently took up poetry and constantly spend time with some strange gang. Aren't you acting like a decent girl?

Shuo Liu er: Brother, you say unpleasant things. It is simply Shi, CI, GE, fu (four genres of poetry, the main forms of Chinese poetry and rhythmic prose). Where do I spend my time with dishonest people?

Shao Ping Bo: You can eat with them and have common enemies? Do you know what time it is? In Beizhou, the common people are starving, and you spend your days and nights in pubs. What will the common people think of us then?

Shao Liu er: brother, do You want us to behave more modestly?

Shao Ping Bo approached her and asked in a low voice: are You saying that you will continue to communicate with them?

Shao Liu er replied in a whisper: Brother, are they bad? Shi, Tsy, GE, fu are written about high moral qualities and they will be easier to develop with people of the same views.

Shao Ping Bo: the same views? Stupid, limited girl. If you weren't the ruler's daughter, do you think they'd keep you company? Day after day, it's nice to hear people praise you. Isn't it? Now every day humbly read books, practice calligraphy, and learn what is useful. And don't do anything stupid!

Shao Liu er: my Stepmother permitted me to go.

Shao Ping Bo narrowed his eyes: I Heard you got close to Tang Xiang Yang from the society of poets. Bring him to see me sometime!

Shao Liu er was a little scared: Brother, they are all my friends. Don't harm them!

Shao Ping Bo: I'm telling you. Your parents will distribute your marriage bonds. Don't do anything stupid. If you don't want to hurt him, then watch yourself! with that, he turned and left.

Yang Shuang shook his head and followed.

Shao Liu er was left with reddened eyes and looked resentfully at her brother's silhouette.


Hall of administration of the ruler's Palace.

Shao Wu Bo, the second son of the ruler, was just conferring with the officials, and the third son of Shao Fu Bo was standing at the window and looking out wistfully. He had a leaf in his mouth. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes, moved away from the window, and approached Shao Wu Bo.

He told him: The second brother. Come.

All the people immediately looked at the doors and saw Shao Ping Bo walking. Only, he didn't go inside but walked past with Yang Shuang.

Seeing that he didn't come in, Shao Fu Bo sighed and said:

- False ruler Yun and true ruler Bo.

Shao Wu Bo elbowed him, telling him to shut his mouth.

There was a tower next to the control room. There, on the top floor, was a solidly built Shao Deng Yun. He was looking down at a suitable son. Now he was looking at his son with complicated eyes.

Recalling the years when NAing Wang was still alive, it was his son who persuaded Him to apply to move to the border and become a border garrison. Then Ning Wang died, and all the veterans of Ning Wang were purged. But under the persuasions of his son, he betrayed the country and let in a hostile Kingdom, while becoming a vassal Prince.

He was doubtful then, too. After all, Shao Deng Yun was originally a simple centurion, but because of Ning Wang's generosity, he became a General. At that time, he doubted that the hostile realm would not treat him well.

Then he discovered that many things were well taken care of by his son.

After that, he realized that from the very beginning, his son had treated Ning WAN badly. And it was all for this day?

The son didn't look like him, but more like that smart girl - his mother, who had died in childbirth long ago.

He had already received news about the songs and wasn't worried about *Bo Ping Shao*. He only wished now that he had taken another wife who had borne him two more sons. After all, the eldest son is smart and most suitable for the role of heir. If he gets power, will he then release his brothers?