Heavenly Genius - Chapter 169


Shao Deng Yong only had a daughter and a son, and the concubine had two sons. Of course, they will have a confrontation.

And where Shao Deng Yun will bow his head. Which of the children will he look at?

He knew his son well. Who knows a son better than a father? If something happens to Shao Deng Yun, then the concubine with the sons and the daughter with the eldest will confront each other. A concubine with sons is not exactly an opponent of the eldest son.

Therefore, Shao Deng Yun regretted taking a concubine back then. Now it's causing trouble.

Shao Ping Bo approached and bowed to greet his father:


Shao Deng Yun, with his back turned, replied,

" it was a difficult trip to the capital this time.

Shao Ping Bo: The Capital greedily looks at Beizhou. Someone was bothering us. Fortunately, I did my best to resolve all these issues. Material aid should be transported across the river in a few days. I've already arranged for everything to be distributed.

Shao Deng Yun: even natural disasters have found us. Heaven punishes me.

Shao Ping Bo: Father is too hard on himself. No one can foresee natural disasters. The water is already running out, and the areas can be cleaned up soon. We need to gather all the refugees and make a common effort to clear the damaged areas and clogged channels. And then in six months, we can restore our strength.

Shao Dan Young: All Right. Permission granted!

Shao Ping Bo folded his hands and continued:

- This time, the floods exposed our weaknesses in the irrigation system. The son suggests sending people in all directions to come up with a plan to collect water. So that they build and update the irrigation system, create reservoirs and channels for water regulation. So that the next time there are floods, we can reduce the consequences of the disaster promptly. In the next flood, we better form swamps and lakes. And when all the engineering work is done, our Beizhou will change in a few years!

Shao Deng Yue: it's easy to Say. Such work will require large expenditures, finances, and human resources. Where do we get all this from?

Shao Ping Bo: If you start working everywhere at once, of course, it will be very difficult. We can't do it. But if you start the reconstruction step by step - first choose fertile land, then you will be able to move on. We need to encourage rich homes to gather workers and start rebuilding. And those who complete the work will receive these lands as a reward. This way we will avoid unnecessary waste. We can even attract rich homes from other areas. If you permit them to cultivate the land, they will begin to take care of it themselves. They will grow grain, and it will all be sold in Beizhou.

Shao Deng Yun grabbed the railing with both hands and said to him:

"And you thought that you would leave no choice to the common people." How can common people be worthy rivals to rich families? It turns out that rich families will take over the land of ordinary people.

Shao Ping Bo: this is a complex measure. Something will still have to be sacrificed. These are simple people; they only care about each other. And it is unlikely that they will only think about their home and their benefits. And there are many of them. And you can't do much work with loose sand. Therefore, we need people who organize all this. Rich families will provide everything for the land if they see their benefits. They will quickly put the land in order and begin to sow them, getting a good harvest. It is possible to gradually improve the breadbaskets of our region at the expense of forces from other regions and human resources.

- As soon as all this work is completed, we will have even more grain. We will be able to supply grain to all sides, and then more people will come to us. In this troubled age, where everyone is starving, we will have enough food and land to grow crops on. Of course, people will come to us from all sides, and then our population will increase. The population will increase. Commerce will also increase. Human resources will also Supplement military resources. In a few years, Beizhou will become a rich area, and our Shao family will be the base of the area!

- Of course, first, you need to get out of this impasse. Solve the current complex issues.

Shao Deng Yun: You will first take a closer look at this issue.

- Yes! Shao Ping Bo agreed. He took a piece of paper from his sleeve and held it up to his father with both hands:


Shao Deng Yun turned his head and slowly turned around. He took the paper, looked at it, and read:

- The Prince of Bajo, the Prince of Bajo… I read that. Who did this?

"Nu Yu Dao! When I was returning from the capital, I met him... " Shao Ping Bo told his father what had happened in General terms.

Shao Deng Yun, twisting this piece of paper, said: Cruel. He wants to sow enmity between father and son.

Shao Ping Bo: Father is wise.

"If you get Beizhou, how are you going to deal with your brothers and stepmother?" Shao Deng Yun suddenly asked.

Shao Ping Bo was surprised. He looked at his father intently. He knew what his father was asking, but he didn't dare answer.

My father became a General from a small pawn, and now he also owns his region and army. Although Shao Deng Yun seems uncouth, most of the army's command staff are loyal to him. No one will betray him. And whoever is supported by the majority of the army will be supported by mount Dachan.

- The father scares his son with these words. Shao Ping Bo replied.

Shao Deng Yun held a piece of paper in his hands: I know what you're worried about. Calm down. This little thing can't stop us. Today I will tell you. You are my eldest son, and it doesn't matter how or who is as capable as you are, you will still get everything. A tiny coward won't come between father and son. I will support you even more so that they will not doubt you. Do what you need to do. No need to be afraid.

"Thank you for your trust, father. Shao Ping Bo answered honestly.

Shao Deng Yun: But I want to know, what will you do with your brothers and stepmother?

Shao Ping Bo: my Stepmother is also my mother, and Wu Bo and Fu Bo are also my brothers. Of course, …

Only Shao Deng Yun interrupted in a raised tone: I didn't ask what was on your mind. Don't play with me. It won't work!

There was silence. Shao Ping Bo didn't know what to say. It looks like my father felt something out.

Standing at the side, Yang Shuang was afraid to even breathe. He didn't think that Shao Deng Yun would suddenly bring up this topic. He felt uneasy and began to move away.

Shao Deng Yun looked at him sideways:

"Did I tell you to leave?"

Yang Shuang froze, bowed his head, and stopped.

Shao Pin Bo, what could I say? He paused for a moment and then answered:

"When my father bonded with my stepmother, she became my mother and my brothers were born…

"I told you, tell the truth!" Shao Deng Yun interrupted again.

Shao Ping Bo didn't know what to say in front of his powerful father.

"What can I tell you? If you say good, you don't believe it; if you say bad, you won't accept it?

" Shao Deng Yun sighed:

"Promise me that you will give them a livelihood!"

When he said that. Shao Ping Bo understood. His father wants him to be honest.

Shao Ping Bo plucked up his courage and said:

"Father wants the truth?" Then I'll tell you!

- Some obstacles need to be solved without delay. Otherwise, someone will start stirring up trouble, and no one needs it. It won't do anyone any good! I'll take them out of power and put them somewhere to live a quiet, rich life.

"I hope those are true words!" Shao Deng Yun nodded, then after a moment of silence, he waved his hand helplessly:

"Go do your business."

After descending from the tower, Shao Ping Bo entered the control room.

Everyone who was there immediately stood up and cheered:

"Senior young master!

Wu Bo and Fu Bo also greeted politely: Brother!

"How's your stepmother?" Shao Ping Bo asked indifferently.

Wu Bo replied: Good!

- You mind your own business. I'll check on her! – Ping Shao Bo said and walked out.

He reached the courtyard and told the servants to report him.

It wasn't long before a woman came out to him in person. It was Shao Ping Bo's stepmother. She said smiling:

"The eldest young master has come.

- Greetings stepmother! Shao Ping Bo respectfully said: is your stepmother, all right?

- Good! Long-time no see. Did I hear you just got back from the capital? Tired? Ruan Shi held out her hand, inviting him to join her:

"Let's go inside and sit."

Shao Ping Bo accepted her invitation. He was a little wary. He hasn't married yet, but Ruan Shi has ordered Shao Ping Bo to live separately. She didn't want him hanging around her father.

Ruan Shi ordered a bowl of broth to be brought to him:

"I just made this."

- Not worth it. Shao Ping Bo was afraid of her. When had she ever been so welcoming to him? He waved them away.

Ruan Shi smiled:

"Eldest son, you are over 30 years old. You're already big, even your hopeless brothers already have children. You should find someone for yourself, too. Let me introduce you to a girl from one of the noble families?

- Good! Shao Ping Bo agreed and changed the subject:

"Stepmother, Liu er-this girl doesn't need to be dismissed. Don't let her go too much.

Ruan Shi said with a smile: I'm not letting Anything go. She just goes to teach Shi, Chi, GE, fu. Is that a bad thing?

Shao Ping Bo said sternly:

- Stepmother, I came to you with a serious conversation. I only have one little sister. So, it would be better if nothing happened to her. I promised my mother I'd take care of her. If something happens to her, the brothers ' lives are in my hands. I have a business to attend to. – after saying this, he folded his hands, turned, and walked away.