Heavenly Genius - Chapter 17



giving the enemy something to induce him to lose more valuable things

Bait someone by making him believe he gains something or just make him react to it ("toss out a brick") and obtain something useful from him in return ("get a jade gem").


After talking a little, Song Chuan left the room and shouted: "Song Shu!"

Very quickly, a man came up here who looked like Song Chuan. This was the father of Song Yang Qing - Song Shu.

He went inside, talked a little, and quickly went back.

As soon as he returned to his house, he immediately said to the servant who met him:

"Let Qing Yang come to me."

The servant awkwardly answered:

 "The young gentleman is not at home. He went out to see friends."

The servant himself did not know where Song Yang Qing went.

"Quickly find him and let him come to me!" Song Shu answered immediately.

The servant only could to bow and leave.

Standing by the candlelight, Song Shu looked at the light of the fire. His face was gloomy. It was not clear what he was thinking now.

About an hour passed when he heard hasty steps. Turning his head, he saw Song Yang Qing, who hurriedly approached: "Dad, was looking for me?"

Since Tan Yi got married, the sect of the Highest purity for Song Yang Qing no longer exerted any attraction on him. Therefore, not much time passed before he returned to the capital.

Song Shu looked at his son's cheeks and saw a blush on them. He was immediately angry and began to curse:

""From morning till night, you only know how to walk. Fan Er regularly comes running to me and complains. Is everything more relevant to you than cultivation?"

Fan Er is the wife of Song Yang Qing. Not much time passed when after his arrival in the capital, he was immediately found a wife.

Song Yang Qing bowed his head and said quietly:

"She's ugly. I initially did not want to marry her. You insisted and forced me."

"Where is she ugly. Maybe a little full? "Song Shu stared out and scolded his son.

"I am warning you. In the hands of her father, an army of several tens of thousands of soldiers, and still behind him are cultivator sects. Good or bad, you will respect her. Otherwise, you will anger your father, and you know the consequences!"

"Got it. Got it. I understood." - Song Yang Qing answered miserably and then asked again: "Dad, so why did you call me?"

Song Shu calmed down a bit and said displeasedly: "You, pack up and go to the sect of the Highest purity ..."

"A!" Song Yang Qing raised his head and said in exasperation:

"I will not go! In this desolate, devastated place, where just are weak-minded, I won't go. I don't understand why we are in contact with them right now. And why did you go to become their student? It is just to find trouble for yourself."

Song Shu was silent for a while and then slowly said:

"Once so, it would not hurt you to know something. Initially, Ning Wang Shan Jian Bo had an invincible army. He shocked everyone and was the only main heir to the throne. He was the founder of the state of the great Yan, and the founder of the sect of Highest purity was glorious as a mentor to the founder of the country. Therefore, the sect of the Highest purity with the reigning house should have been on good terms, and Shan Jian Bo's relations with the sect of the Highest purity were good. That's why your grandfather sent me to the sect of the Highest purity. In case Shan Jian Bo becomes emperor. Only who knew that the emperor would suddenly die, and in the will unexpectedly indicate the current emperor. After that, the situation of Shan Jian Bo began to fall sharply and reached the present."

Song Yang Qing suddenly changed the face and whispered:

"Grandfather is an insidious and two-faced person. It turns out that he has long been playing on two sides ..."

Song Shu angrily asked: "What did you say?"

"Nothing, nothing!" Song Yang Qing immediately waved his hand:

 Then we need to keep a distance with the sect of the Highest purity. Why should I go there?"

Song Shu said excitedly: "Tomorrow, Shan Chao Zong is released from prison!"

Song Yang Qing said in surprise:

"I know that. But what does this have to do with my trip to the sect of the Highest purity?"

Song Shu: "The royal court made a decision - to expel Shan Chao Zong from the capital to the lands granted to him. On the way, he is likely to want to drop into the sect of the Highest purity. You must go to the sect of the Highest purity and warn the sect so that they do not send an escort to Shan Chao Zong!"

Song Yang Qing said a little smiling:

"Is it a big deal? Why not just send them an email? Moreover, the protection of the sect is now unimportant. Even if you did not warn them, They would still not dare to send people to him."

Song Shu stared at him.

"What are you talking about! The sect of the highest purity since the founding of the state is closely connected with the imperial court. And Shan Jian Bo, it seems, was not only closely associated with Dong Guo Hao Ran. Tan Mu's sudden decision to transfer the place of the head to Dong Guo Hao Ran also mattered. The sect of the Highest purity has not yet fully revealed itself, and what is on their mind is still unclear. And now other sects will not dare to send an escort to Shan Chao Zong. If someone sends people, it is the sect of the Highest purity. You will not only go to the sect to warn the patriarchs but also monitor the situation. Getting out of Shan Chao Zong's prison will make waves among the dregs, so you will need to follow the fluctuations in the sect. And if something happens, then immediately report to me. This is your grandfather's wish."

Song Yang Qing sadly said:

"Why so much trouble? The sect of the Highest purity is in decline, which cannot even recover. Even if they send people to Shan Chao Zong, will this change anything? Will any waves from it? Shan Chao Zun has no military power. Grandfather is too worried. Is it not better to immediately destroy the sect of Highest purity?"

Song Shu said in a cold tone:

"And the dead centipede is standing. Moreover, Ning Wang is a person who had power over the state forces. Your grandfather, of course, thought it over thoroughly. Your business is not to worry, but to do. I warn you, and these are not toys. If something happens, then your grandfather will not forgive you!" (The centipede and the dead stand on their feet (lit. even having lost strength and power, the once-powerful person/family still has influence))

Song Yang Qing felt a cold sweat come from behind him. He was most afraid of his grandfather ...

The sky grew brighter in the morning dawn. Outside the heavenly prison stood one horse-drawn carriage, next to which stood a groom.

One intelligent middle-aged man walked around the carriage. One could see his well-combed beard and mustache. He was wearing a long black robe and a mask on his face and blue armor. Exquisite qi emanated from him, and his gaze was directed to the prison gates.

As soon as the first ray of the morning sun appeared in the sky, the Heavenly prison revived. Movements began inside the prison, and one could hear the sound of a chain dragging along the ground.

The groom and that middle-aged man immediately turned their heads.

After some time, the gates of the heavenly prison opened, and from there, the jailers pushed one young man in shackles on his arms and legs. He was tall, but barefoot, thin, dressed in rags. He was so skinny that his bones be covered in leather. Only despite such a disastrous state, a light burned in his eyes, his will to fight had not yet extinguished, and he stood with his back stretched out straight.

This man was the youngest son of the deceased Minister of Military Affairs Ning Wang of the kingdom of Yan, Shan Jian Bo's son - Shan Chao Zong!

Seeing him, the groom and the middle-aged man immediately went to meet him. Only the jailers stopped them.

Shan Chao Zong also stopped, and one man came up to remove the shackles from him. After that, one jailer came up to him with a book and red stamp paint. Shang Chao Zong dipped a finger in the paint and left his seal in the book. Then that jailer, clasped his hands and laughing, said:

 "Congratulations to the prince, now you have received freedom."

Shan Chao Zong squinted at him, but said nothing, and went forward.

As soon as he moved away from the jailers. The groom and the middle-aged man immediately began to greet him. Still, because of the excitement, they did not say anything.

Shan Chao Zong nodded to the groom and then, smiling, said to the middle-aged man:

"Thank you for your courtesy, Mr. Lan."

The middle-aged man was called Lan Jo Ting. He was a relative of Shan Chao Zong's mother, or rather, her younger cousin. Because by nature, he was a smart person, he was taken to school, one of Shan Jian Bo's henchmen, where he began to study military affairs. And 5 years ago, his teacher and other close associates of Shan Jian Bo have died. And now, Lan Jo Ting held the position of teacher.

Lan Jo Ting did not say anything. He only looked at the arms and legs where the shackles had recently been put on. In these places, the skin was festering - this is the result of extended wearing chains. Therefore, now from Shan Chao, Zong carried pus. These years, he was abused.

"Is that how they should treat the prince ?!" He said with trembling lips:

"Help the prince get into the carriage!"

The groom came to one side, and they wanted to support him on the sides.

"Not necessary. I can go! "Shan Chao Zong pushed them away. He did not want them to help him climb, and he ascended to the carriage.

Lan Jo Ting climbed after him.

The carriage quietly drove along the street of the capital. At this time, a carrier pigeon flew out of prison. And at this time, Lang Jo Ting examined the wounds of Shan Chao Zun, and when he finished, he immediately said:

"-I need to find a quiet place and wash the wounds to heal your body."

"Not necessary. I endured so much. I can tolerate a little more. "Shan Chao Zong, saying this, pulled the curtain and looked at the situation outside the carriage. He saw that they were not going to the royal residence.

Lan Jo Ting explained

 "Your Highness. The prince should not remain in the capital. It is ordered to immediately go to Tsan Wu County, to the lands granted to you."

"I know. In prison, I heard." - Having lowered the curtains, Shan Chao Zong asked:

"Did you find out the cause of the death of my father?"

Lan Jo Ting shook his head:

"This case is very suspicious. It is not clear what happened. We looked for the reason, but as if all the threads were broken. There is nothing to prove."

Shan Chao Zong was silent for a while and then asked again:

"How is Shu Qing During his lifetime, the father always told the brothers to protect Shu Qing."

Shu Qing is Shan Chao Zong's sister and Shan Jian Bo's only daughter. Initially, Shan Chao Zong had two older brothers. The older brother died on the battlefield a long time ago, and the middle one died a few years ago with his mother in an accident. Now only their brother and sister remained from their family. 3 years ago, one person molested to Shu Qing. Shan Chao Zong defended her in a mess and killed the molester. Only at that time, someone raised a big scandal and distorted the truth. As a result, Shan Chao Zong was imprisoned, removed from his post, deprived of the title of prince, and demoted to junwang. And when he was in prison, they forbade anyone to visit him.

Lang Jo Ting said with satisfaction:

"Calm down, prince. Princess is in a safe place now. You can see her soon."

Shan Chao Zong nodded his head and sighed in relief. Then he frowned again and asked:

"In prison, one person constantly interrogated me. He told me to give out the location of 100 thousand ravens from my father. I do not know what the matter is. Mister, can you tell me what is the matter?"

Lan Jo Tan sighed and said:

 "This is my cunning plan. Only because of this, the prince had to suffer."