Heavenly Genius - Chapter 170


Ruan Shi stared at Shao Ping Bo's silhouette. Does this guy dare to threaten her so directly? Just ready to destroy the whole family?

When Shao Ping Bo left, only then did Shao Wu Bo and Shao Fu Bo approach her.

When they saw that their mother was not herself, they asked:

"MA, what's wrong with you?"

"The society of poets will have to be disbanded. We couldn't hide everything from him.

Shao Fu Bo asked: What did he say?

Ruan Shi burst into tears and shook her head:

"You're not like him, of course. And the letter to society didn't work. Children's songs didn't work. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to directly threaten me like this! Okay. As soon as I think that you are in mortal danger, it immediately becomes scary! she burst into hot tears, and her hands trembled.

The sons were devastated at the sight of their mother so heartbroken.

After hearing about the threat from Shao Ping Bo and looking at the crying mother, the armored Shao Fu Bo angrily said:

"Scum, I'll take him to his father and ask him!"

"Come back!" Shao Wu Bo pulled him: Since he knew about the society of poets, he probably already knows what's what. If you take him to your father, you'll get it from your father!

Shao Fu Bo pointed at the roaring mother. He was angry. Do they have to sit back like this? He didn't know where to vent all his anger…


Capital of the Yan Kingdom. The song family residence.

All the family members were silent and felt a lot of pressure on themselves.

Those who held power in their hands at one time, and then suddenly lost it, immediately feel powerless.

Ever since Wang Heng took his daughter, the wind has been blowing on the song family. Although it wasn't cold, everyone was shivering. In the old days, people used to come here all the time, but now it was quiet.

Even the guards and mentors were recalled by their sects. Fortunately, this was the capital, and Tong Mo did not allow others to make trouble for anyone right in the song family's residence yet.

For the same reason, sun Chuan was still in his official position. But he also felt that the attitude of his colleagues towards him had quickly changed. Everyone began to treat him coldly, and some even began to mock him.

After work, a frustrated sun Chuan returned to his father and met with a subordinate on the way. In normal times, he didn't pay attention to them. But this time, for some reason, he noticed him and, oddly enough, remembered his name. After all, this was one of those who did not leave the song family, Cheng GUI Shuo!

The two people talked smilingly and went together.

In the courtyard, Song Jiu Ming was sitting, while song Shu and Liu Lu were flanking each other.

Two people came up and greeted everyone. Song Jiu Ming, who takes even laughter seriously, looked at Cheng GUI Shuo in surprise and said with a sigh:

"Some have left, some have run away, and you are the only mentor left in the song family. You rarely see this! I didn't think that song Yang Qing would be able to meet a true friend. We don't have many people now. You must be having a hard time.

Cheng GUI Shuo was at a loss for words. He would have been happy to leave himself, but he was held here by a promise to Niu Yu Dao. And as long as there was no news from Niu Yu Dao, he didn't dare leave.

However, it was a good thing that Niu Yu Dao had left him a path to escape. If something happens here, at least he has a place to go, because the High purity sect won't accept him now.

"Dignitary's words are important to me. My fellow student brother treated me well during his lifetime. I will not forget his kindness, so where my uncle is, I will go. Cheng GUI Shuo, looking at sun Shu, said.

Sun Shu smiled contentedly. He believed that he had chosen a reliable person.

Song Ju-Ming nodded in admiration but inwardly chagrined. Indeed, a friend is known in trouble. There aren't many of them in this world!

He waved his hand at Liu Lu.

Liu Lu took out 10,000 gold notes and stuffed Cheng GUI Shuo into his pocket.

Cheng GUI Shuo had never seen so much money in his life. He chuckled bitterly to himself. I didn't think he'd get rich here yet. This song family is really rich. Unusually rich. However, he feigned modesty and said:

"You won't get a reward easily. - and defiantly tried to return the money.

Sun Shu shouted: What are you doing? Going against the will of a dignitary? Take it when you get it.

Seeing this situation, Cheng GUI Shuo humbly accepted the money back.

Song Jiu Ming said: From now on, you are not an outsider. Now you're like a relative of the song family. As soon as I get up, you won't have to experience any more difficulties!

As soon as he said it, as at this time the outside there was a man with a sealed letter.

Lu Lu spoke to the man and took the letter. He printed it out, then said to sun Ju-Ming:

"Sir, this is from the regional city of Beizhou.

Several people looked at Song Jiu Ming in surprise, and he frowned and asked:

"A letter from Shao Deng Yun?"

Lu Lu: not said. You will see. he handed him the letter.

Song Jiu Ming looked at the letter, thought for a moment, and then stood up briskly. He looked at them all and said:

- There is hope that I will recover!

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at him curiously. Ah sun Chuan asked:

"How's that?"

Song jiu ming replied: the letter says that Niu Yu Dao is in the Han Kingdom. In Beizhou, they learned that he was heading to the great snow mountain in the Palace of Ice and snow. He needs the red Yang fruit for Hai Ru Yue's sick son. Once we catch Niu Yu Dao, we can redeem ourselves. Then the master will have a reason to help me!

Sun Shu: PA, aren't they cheating?

Song jiu ming, looking at the letter, said:

"Since the man is from Beizhou, I don't think so. Especially in our situation, what's the point of them set us up? I was still wondering where this sucker got his power from. It turns out it's all about the red Yang fruit!

Sun Chuan said happily and at the same time incredulously:

"What do Beizhou want?"

Sun Ju-min: Beizhou is helping now. They just send charcoal during a snowfall. They probably want me to be useful to them later. I won't forget that!

Song Chuan: Taking Nude Yu Tao, Mr. then you will be able to help us?

Sun jiu ming: I've been with him for so many years, everyone knows that. If I don't redeem myself, at least I can eliminate the evil thoughts of others. And you can talk about my recovery later! Still, having hope is better than not having it!

Sun Chuan said through his teeth:

"This scumbag has already caused us so much trouble. I will personally go and deal with him. I'll take out all my hatred on him!

"What's the use of it?" Can you grab him? Has his cunning taught you a lesson yet? You don't need to move your body; you need to move your brain. There are a lot of people who can Flex their muscles for this job. Song jiu ming scolded him and then turned to Liu Lu: Contact the Liuxiang sect. Let them take Niu Yu Dao, then I can go up!

Sun Chuan pointed outside and said: Their people have already left. They operate with their noses in the wind. Why would they ask?

Song jiu ming cursed again:

- Is it necessary to show anger here? You won't give them anything, so why would they want to spend time with you? Do you want them to just work for you? Also, in such an environment, they do not want to find problems for themselves. You can understand them. Besides them, who will you ask? If you turn to others, not only will they not help, but they can use this information against us.

He turned his head and said to Liu Lu, " they are the ones who can get even with Niu Yu Dao. Also tell them that if I get up, I won't forget their help. This time you need to give all your strength. You can't miss it!

- Yes! "Liu Lu went to carry out the order.

Cheng GUI Shuo was standing at this moment with shining eyes...

an hour Later, Cheng GUI Shuo left the song family residence and went to a tavern that was nearby. He sat down at one table and ordered wine. After drinking a few glasses of wine when no one was paying attention, he handed a roll of paper to the employee who was wiping his Desk…


Completely beaten, with a blue nose and swollen cheeks, Shang Chao Zong was supported by people. Blood was running down his face. He was looking at the angry Feng Ru Nan at this moment.

There's nothing you can do; you can't wrap fire in the paper. Feng Ru Nan still found out the truth that the 100 thousandth army of ravens does not exist at all. And when she was talking to him, she broke down and used her hands. It seemed to make it easier for her to talk.

And Shang Chao Zong was still no match for her. Bai Yao was also standing nearby, only this time he didn't obstruct Feng Ru Nan. On the contrary, he did not even allow others to interfere with the couple's communication, and calmly watched the fight.

- Quickly check on the Princess. LAN RUO ting shouted to his subordinates.

Immediately, one of the bodyguards went after Feng Ru Nan.

Standing and initially looking at the fight, yuan Fang came over and started helping the Prince. He initially wanted to help, only he was hindered.

He checked the Prince and then turned to Shu Qing and said:

"The Prince is all right. There are no broken bones.

Shu Qing, who had just returned with medicine, started giving her brother medicine when a bodyguard came in and reported:

"Prince, the Princess took the men and left the city. She says she returned to Kangai!

"She's gone and let her go!" Let it never come back! Chao Zong shouted angrily. He had a split lip that made it painful for him to scream.

And the blood-wiping Shu Qing persuaded him:

"Brother, any girl in her place would be angry. You should have endured it! Tell them to bring her back.

Chao Zong slapped the tea table:

"No one follows her!"

LAN RUO ting waved his hand at Shu Qing:

"Princess, the Princess is angry now, and no one will bring her back. Let him go home and calm down. Then it will be possible to send people!

"Ah! Shu Qing sighed and shook her head.

At this time, another bodyguard arrived outside and reported something to LAN RUO ting.

LAN RUO ting then said:

- Prince, there is news from the capital. At the post stations of the 6 kingdoms, spies of the Yan Kingdom were discovered and captured. The Imperial House has suffered a lot of damage!

Yuan Fang, who was helping the Prince wipe away the blood, immediately chuckled when he heard the news.

Several people looked at him, and LAN RUO ting asked, " it Looks like the master already knows about this.