Heavenly Genius - Chapter 18




capturing the ringleader first to capture all the followers

If the enemy's army is strong but is allied to the commander only by money, superstition or threats, then take aim at the leader.

If the commander falls, the rest of the army will disperse or come over to your side.


"You?" - Shan Chao Zong was surprised: "What happened?"

Lan Jo Ting smiled bitterly:

"When the prince was sent to prison, I realized that the situation is worse than ever. Regularly someone harmed the prince and led him to destruction. In the palace, that person fears the military power of the former ruler and also concerns the disappearance of the powerful state of the former ruler. Knowing what he was afraid of, I started to spread rumors that the former ruler had chosen 100 thousand souls of faithful soldiers who had fallen in battle and secretly processed them into * Ravens *.

Shan Chao Zong was amazed and understood. He grinned:

"Initially, I thought that they did not kill me because of family feelings. It turns out that this is the ghost of a 100,000th army of ravens who did not let them kill me. And my release is most likely also associated with this army. What is the state of the country now?"

Lan Jo Ting nodded.

"The prince is smart. If we talk about the main thing, then over the years, His Majesty began to cleanse the whole country from the people of the former sovereign, so the army became unstable. In the north, General Shao Deng Yong, in a fit of anger, completely opened the city and let the large troops of the kingdom of Han into the north of the country. As a result, the imperial court had to spend huge sums to expel the troops of the kingdom of Han. However, many lands were lost in the war with the old enemy. That is why all the kingdoms around began to look at us predatorly. Therefore, His Majesty has to send his princesses and relatives to them to draw them to his side. Only after that, the situation stabilized a little. However, during the time of internal unrest, many military leaders gradually began to increase their power and use the troops at their discretion. They stopped listening to orders, thereby plunging the country into turmoil!"


 Shan Chao Zong punched the carriage, and a fierce expression appeared on his face:

"Sending princesses and relatives is a shame! Does Shao Deng Yong dare to rebel? He deserves to die!

Lan Jo Ting was silent. Did he know what to answer? How can bring discord between relatives, what did that person from the palace do? Shao Dan Yong had to do so. He simply had no choice

Shan Chao Zong when calmed down, sighing said:

I understand that they released me because of the unstable situation in the country. And with the help of the hundred thousand armies of ravens, they want to stabilize the situation. And the goal of my release is to find the raven general. If they don't catch him, they won't let me go!"

Lan Jo Ting: "Now is not the time to think about it. You, prince, first need to leave the capital safely. If you do not go the capital now, then perhaps you will no longer have that chance ...

At sunrise, daytime noise began to envelop the capital. Shops opened, the streets became more lively. In simple carriages traveling around the road, it was not known who was sitting.

As soon as the carriage approached the eastern gate of the city, some people began to inspect it. Around the carriage crowded people. There were both pedestrians and those on horseback.

One general in charge of security went to the back of the carriage and tapped on it:

"Get out for verification."

Lang Jo Ting first wanted to help support Shan Chao Zong, but he refused. He went out himself, despite the wounds on his arms and legs.

They both looked around. People mainly surrounded them.

"Wao, this is Shan Chao Zong - the little prince!" The general in charge of the guard suddenly laughed. He, pushing the ordinary people, came closer:

"Little prince, why are you wearing such rags?"

Shan Chao Zong gave him a sharp look. He was royal blood and was considered a Grand Duke, only now he has been reduced to Junwan. However, he is still the prince, but this man, calling him the little prince, obviously wants to have fun with him.

Lan Jo Ting folded his arms and said, smiling: "General, please. The prince is about to leave the city."

The general grinned:

"We are ordered to search all those who leave! The little prince in broad daylight killed a common man and still walking boldly. And we, pure servants, must observe the law in comparison with the little prince."

He waved his hand: "Search!"

A crowd of soldiers approached Shan Chao Zong and began to check him insanely. They tore apart the torn clothes even more. They almost tore the things on the ass to the end.

This was done on purpose to offend the prince.

But Shan Chao Zong stood like a cliff. He strained his cheekbones and allowed them to go through him.

Lan Jo Ting only sighed to himself. It seems that the prince has been subjected to such tortures and grins many times over the years. It seems his temperament has radically changed. Otherwise, would he kill a man in broad daylight?

But the stableman trembled, anger appeared in his eyes. He wanted to stop them, but Lan Jo Ting blocked his path with his hand and shook his head.

And the ordinary people, having heard the words of the general that Shan Chao Zong killed a common man in broad daylight, did not intercede for Shan Chao Zong. Many rejoiced at someone else's misfortune and even clapped their hands.

They could not even think that everything could be set like this. But in reality, it was completely different.

On the upper levels of the tower, one man stood on the dark side and calmly watched this scene. He felt how ordinary people are now condemning Shan Chao Zun.

On other sides of the window stood one man. He was looking at the scene below. And it was none other than Song Jiu Min.

The other man was thin with a gray head and beard. A jade hairpin stuck in his hair. He looked neat, calm, and his eyes were gentle.

The person who can make Song Jiu Min come here will not be simple. It was Ga Miao Shui. Although his name was a little strange, he was close to the emperor.  . Many know him as grandfather Shui.

"Does that make sense?" Song Jiu Ming asked.

Ga Miao Shui calmly replied:

"You can slightly disgrace him so that he remembers well and takes out Shan Jian Bo's trump card earlier."

Song Jiu Min understood him.

Finally, the sad scene ended, and already Shan Chao Zong climbed into the carriage again. They went out of town. As soon as they drove out of the city a little, at that time, one man ran out of the gate and shouted:

 "Stop them faster. Stop that carriage! Someone stole my carriage!"

And as if trained guards outside immediately stopped the carriage.

Someone, cursing with suitable obscenities, stood in front of the carriage, and the pseudo-owner ran to the wagon, grabbed the reins, and shouted tearfully:

"This is my carriage.| This is my carriage! General, judge us!"

The already familiar general in charge of security arrived and said:


Sitting in the carriage, Shan Chao Zong grinned:

 "It seems that they want to deprive the respected and the carriage. Do you want me to walk to my lands? Tao Sin, give the signal!"

The so-called Tao Sin - this is the groom.

"Wait!" Lan Jo Ting folded his arms and said:

 "Prince, please be patient a bit!"

Shan Chao Zong got out of the carriage and went on the shafts (shafts I. 1. one of two poles, reinforced with ends on the front axle of the cart, connecting to the arc and serving to harness the horse.). Although Shan Chao Zong was in torn clothes, he stood proudly with a straight back.

The general in charge of the guard shouted:

 "Little prince. You better get down to we clarify the circumstances!"

Shan Chao Zong strictly said:


It is not known when the groom Tao Sin took the horn from a bull horn and, putting it to his mouth and puffing his cheeks, blew it into it.

"Uuu.uuu..uuuu ..." There was a muffled sound.

Around the guard, soldiers froze, and the general was surprised. "Signal?!"

Further, the guard on the city walls also changed in the face.

From a distance, there was a roar, which was gradually approaching.

Standing on the upper levels of Song Jiu Min and Ga Miao Shui towers frowned. They opened to the end of the window and saw how two detachments of troops rushed here right and left. One unit was in black and white robes and the other group in gray. There wasn't a lot, about 200 people. But from each came a powerful qi.

Song Jiu Ming narrowed his eyes and muttered:

 "Guard Yinyang! Guard Wuli!"

The previous emperor once presented 4 groups of warriors of Yin, Yang, Wu, Li for combat merit of Shan Jian Bo. Only Shan Jian Bo disbanded and united them into two guards of Yinyang and Wuli.

The 5000th Guard of Yinyang and the 5000th Guard of Wuli were under the command of Shan Jian Bo. They were powerful and brave soldiers. But once in a decisive battle, the then emperor fell into a trap. Shan Jian Bo then led two detachments to save the emperor. The 100,000th army of the kingdom of Han surrounded the emperor. Shan Jian Bo, with the 10,000th guard, began to break through the environment and save the emperor, in which he succeeded. Then the two guards became famous throughout the world. All were afraid of these guards.

However, now, little is left of the two guards. Only a few hundred people.

Two detachments merged and with a club of dust were rapidly approaching. And the guards on the walls of the gate were scared:

"Guard Yinyang! Guard Wuli!"

"Little Prince, do you want to rebel?" The general standing on the other side. He was scared.

Only Shan Chao Zong, who stood on the shafts, did not pay attention to him at all. He looked proudly at the approaching guards.

And the groom Tao Sin, looking at the rapidly rushing cavalry. He lost temper. His eyes turned red, and tears flowed from them. He began to blow again.


At the head was a girl in light clothes. On her head was a conical bamboo hat. In her hands, she held a sword, which she extended forward.

500 horsemen immediately changed their location, and under the bright rays of the sun appeared the brilliance of swords. They took out the swords of zhanmaodao. (zhanmadao (sword dissecting a horse))

Upstairs, Ga Miao Shui, looking at the guard, frowned. And the garrison troops did not dare to resist. They retreated in fear.

The man who blocked the carriage has already released the reins and was running away.

500 riders, as soon as they reached the carriage, immediately stopped. They moved like lightning and stood like a mountain!

"Brother!" The girl as soon as she drove up to the carriage, she spoke in a trembling voice. It was Shan Chao Zong's sister - Shan Shu Qing. She did not think that her brother, with the back of a tiger and the small of the back of a bear, was so emaciated. She imagined how much adversity he had to experience. Therefore it was possible to see the tears pouring from under a bamboo hat.