Heavenly Genius - Chapter 2



Surround Wei to help Zhao (combat method of distracting the enemy's forces by striking his rear)


In such a situation, Lord Tao realized that the matter was terrible. It turns out that some mechanism is also hidden in this statue, and it came into action.

Following the chain, the bronze mirror began to slip from the hands of Lord Tao. Lord Tao had not yet had time to jump off the statue's shoulder when a roar was heard below. This rumble was much louder and more potent than the previous one that everything around began to shake.

Lord Dao, who almost fell out of the statue, whipped up a flash of light around everything. He understood that such a situation like this would not lead to anything good.

Something began to fall. Having illuminated the top of the dome with a lantern, Lord Tao discovered that the dome started to diverge at the seams.

 — Monkey, the dome is about to collapse. Go away faster! - Lord Tao shouted to another young man, and he was already jumping from the statue.

But luck failed him, and one massive block of stone, falling from above, crushed him.

The stone pressed him hard against the floor so that blood flowed from his mouth. He raised his head and dimly saw the silhouette of a young man flashing on the road, and after that, darkness descended upon him. His consciousness gradually went out ...

Chaos reigned in his head. He felt pain as if his head wanted to split. Opening his eyes slowly, he noticed a shadow from the light.

Looking around, one could see the light source. It was a torch hanging on a wall. It seems like he was in an ancient temple. It is not known where he was, but the monkey, apparently saving him, brought here.

He still felt pain from fell the stone. Remembering the weight of the rock, we can say that staying alive after falling such a massive boulder on you is a great success.

Lord Tao was an experienced man and knew that if a person was subjected to high pressure, it is better less move. He did not feel pain. Perhaps this is due to a failure of the nervous system.

* First, you need to try moving your fingers. All ten fingers move!

Now palms. ... No problem too!

And hands. Forearms, hips ... Everything works!

Legs moving? Move too !!! *

And in joy, Lord Tao pulled his hands down. He wanted, leaning to get up and check the condition of his body when suddenly a smiling face of an old man appeared before him. A hairpin stuck out on his hair, and his clothes were ancient.

 — Little brother, are you awake? Apparently I, the old man, are quite lucky - The old man, smiling, said. He went up to him and, supporting him by the shoulders, helped to raise

Lord Tao, with the help of the old man, got up and wanted to take protective measures, but found that he could not release any force. As if it were the result of a severe wound. However, curled up and sitting down, he again found that he did not have any scars on his body. Only at the back of the head was aching pain felt.

Looking around the situation in the ruined temple, Lord Tao looked at the old man's face and asked him:

— You...This....?

However, when he was saying a few words, he noticed that his voice seemed to have lost strength. As if a voice suffered a severe wound too. Dry coughing, he continued to ask:

 — Where are we?

– You? - The old man was surprised and then laughed:

— Young people still observe manners. Okay, so be it. I like people with such manners. I don't know this place specifically. And I, too, didn't have the strength to figure out the situation here. However, I know that this hill is located in the kingdom of Yan, county of Purple clouds.

"The Kingdom of Yan, county of Purple clouds?" - Lord Tao froze. Did he not know where it is?

He involuntarily looked again at the older man. He found that the chest and stomach of the older man were entirely in blood. Even the smell of blood could be sensed, but the older man's eyes were bright. Inside his eyes could see spiritual strength and purity:

— I don't know what your name is?

The older man, smiling, said:

 — My name? I am Dong Guo Hao Ran, a student of the Higher Purity sect.

Lord Tao froze again. He heard the older man but did not understand what he was talking about. However, the older man was dressed in ancient robes and spoke the ancient Chinese language. Can't this man be the actor kidding him? After all, actors can and do wear ancient clothes, but they talk on putonghua. (T.T. The norm of the Chinese language in China).  Lord Tao hesitated and, turning his head, shouted:

— Monkey!

— Monkey!

The old man was surprised and then laughed:

— I just got here and did not see any monkeys. Are they live near this mountain?

Realizing that the monkey did not respond, Lord Tao doubted even more. But the one who was able to transfer it from an ancient crypt is definitely a no ordinary person. And he politely asked:

  • I don't know where the respected is from?

The older man smiled and said:

 — The sect of the Highest purity.

Lord Tao smiled :

 Dear, no argue round and round. Speak directly.

— Good. - The older man nodded his head:

— I was seriously injured, and I have little time left. You may not understand me, but you must remember everything well. The sect of the Highest purity is located here, in the county of Purple clouds. And from here to there about 300 li. Near the foot of the mountain, there is a river. If you swim downstream along with it, then when you glide past the waterfall, in that beautiful place, there will be the sect of the Highest purity. Remember well?

Having finished speaking, the older man sat up, legs crossed, and laid one palm on his chest. He twisted his palm across his chest.

Lord Tao’s face changed. He found that he could not move. Invisible power bound him. He soared in the air and didn't touch the ground. He felt fear in his heart. He didn't think that there are still such powerful masters in the world. We can say that he could not even imagine such a level. He considered himself among the underground world - the best master. And now he realized that he was like a sparkle emanating from a pearl, which wanted to compare with the rays of the moon.  As the ancients said, beyond the clouds, there are still clouds. There is always someone better than you. Heck, the ancients didn't cheat!

The older man suddenly struck his chest with his palm, which made him cough up blood. However, his blood began to accumulate in a bloody ball that floated in the air.

As soon as the ball formed, the older man stuck his fingers into the ball and began to mix the ball. Very quickly, the ball spun, and bloody spells appeared inside it. As soon as the bloody spells appeared, they began to surround Lord Tao.

Such a fantastic picture appeared in front of him, which made Lord Tao feel a thrill in his heart. Even in a dream, he did not see such a level of control of internal forces.

The more bloody spells appeared, the smaller the bloody ball became. And when the ball was exhausted, 36 blood spells revolved around the lord of Tao.

The older man flew up to Lord Tao and waved his hand. At that moment, Lord Tao began to rotate left and right and up and down.

The older man began to beat out with his palms over bloody spells, which, concentrating in the fierce rays with high speed, began to plunge into the acupuncture points of the vital channels of Lord Tao.

From the realization that some things are immersed in the body of Lord Tao, his body immediately covered with sweat. And with his whole body, he felt pain. The older man waved his hand, and Lord Tao stopped in mid-air. He tucked his legs up, soared across from the older man. Lord Tao was looking at the older man like a wooden rooster.

The older man with a serious expression and the same time with a smile was about to say. However, the light in his eyes gradually darkened, and his voice sounded weak:

 — I, using the secret technique of the sect of the Highest purity, created 36 protective amulets from my cultivation. And they will protect you from evil, and illuminate your path. That should be enough for you to get to the sect of the Highest purity. I am seriously injured, and I have little time left. Now I will not be able to return to the sect of the Highest purity. The opportunity to meet my younger brother here is my happiness. That is the happiness of the sect of the Highest purity. The fact that the younger brother met me is also, the younger brother's happiness. We are destined to become a student and teacher. And being my student, you will be much stronger than the masters from the villages of this mountainous area I don't think you want to give up this fate. Go to the sect of the Highest purity and say that you are my disciple. I immersed in your body an amulet proving that you are my student. They will believe.

Lord Tao's eyes flickered. He was digesting the older man's words.

The older man took a bronze mirror from his bosom and handed it to him:

—Because of this thing, I sacrificed my life." This thing must be given to the head of the sect of higher purity Tan Mu. He is my brother and fellow practitioner. Just remember, in no case, give this thing to anyone else. Only to my brother Tan Mu. Do you remember?

Lord Tao nodded his head and, holding out his hand, took a bronze mirror. Only when he looked at this mirror did his heart pound. He was astounded. This...This is the same bronze mirror that he wanted to take from the statue of Guang-Yin!!! It is not clear exactly whether or not it. He did not have much time to sift through the mirror, but it is very similar to that mirror.

He raised his head, looked at the older man, and only the supernatural light that flickered in the older man's eyes allowed him to believe in this mirror.

He wanted to ask the older man something else, but as soon as he opened his mouth, the older man had already closed his eyes. And his face smiled with a peaceful smile. He quietly, calmly descended to the ground and fell on the lord of Tao.

— Older!

 — Older! - Lord Tao shouted, but the older man didn't answer. Then he shook his hand, but the older man still did not respond.


Having determined that the older man had died, Lord Tao wondered if he was joking with him. But then he pretends to be too good if he has not died. No, dead!

Slowly lowering the body and laying it on the floor, he looked at the mirror, which was in his hands. And then he noticed that he was dressed in clothes of ancient times. And his two palms, as if they were not his. He touched his face and felt his face change. Painfully! There was a comb on his head!

Unable to stand, he examined everything around. And then the sound came

* car! *

 Similar to the cry of a raven.

Lord Tao immediately went to the door to see where he was. Opening the door and stepping out, he saw a staircase leading down.

Outside, the moon shone brightly in the sky, winter stars twinkled in the night sky, and a crow sat on a large tree. The crow attracted the attention of Lord Tao. It seemed that it was a simple crow. But if you look closely, you could see a red beam in her eyes. The crow looked intently at the bronze mirror in his hands.

From the sight of a bronze mirror, the crow's eyes flashed, and, with flapping wings, it turned into black fog, and then acquired the appearance of a man. And craw's wings seemed to become swords.

Lord Tao did not foresee such a dangerous situation. Seeing unusual things, he was frightened and out of habit began to evade. Only his body did not seem to keep up with his reaction. The glint of the approaching sword flickered in his eyes, and he instinctively put out his hand. Only at that moment did he feel how warm energy began to flow through his forearm and arm. And, turning into a bloody mascot, he tightly collided with a man who turned from the crow.


There was a thunder of lightning, and a bloody amulet turned the crow man into ashes. And the bloody amulet itself disappeared.

With a wave of his hands, Lord Tao stood in a stupor for some time and suddenly remembered the older man's last words.

Damn it! It's dangerous outside!

Lord Tao immediately ran back in and closed the door on the lock. He ran into the room and put out the candle.