Heavenly Genius - Chapter 20




muddling the water to catch the fish; fishing in troubled waters

Create confusion and use this confusion to further your own goals.


Tan Yi said that this princess so suddenly appeared before him.

Niu Yu Tao thought to himself: * Looks like Ning Wang and Dong Guo Xao Ran had a good relationship! Was Dong Guo Hao Ran a mentor to Ning Wang? *

Tan Yi, pointing to Niu Yu Tao, introduced him:

"Great princess, this is Niu Yu Tao. The teacher accepted him as a student before his death, and now he is the last student of Dong Guo Hao Ran!"

Shan Shu Qing bowed again and politely said: "Hello, Mentor!

Niu Yu Tao also folded his hands respectfully and said: "The great princess is too kind."

Himself looked at Tan Yi. He did not understand why she brought the Grand Duchess.

"Brother-classmate, you won't talk to the guests at the door?" "Tan Yi said.

Brother-classmate? "Nu Yu Dao frowned and cursed silently. * she used to address me like husband *. And now, in front of strangers, she calls him a brother-student. *What does that mean? I am talented and respected. Allowed the old cow to eat young grass, and you still relate to this, as if I should be in the seventh heaven? * (the item old cow is young grass - figuratively about relations with a big difference in age)

He could not say out loud. At this time, he hastily extended his hand and invited them:

 "Forgive my disrespectfulness. Come in!"

After several people entered, Tan Yi looked around here and said:

 "Great princess. This is the teacher's residence during his lifetime, and now his last student lives here." "Ah!

Clean and elegant. Good place! "Shan Shu Qing nodded approvingly.

They walked around the yard and sat in one pavilion. Shan Shu Qing took out one drawer and laid it next to her.

Tan Yi winked at Tu Han. Tu Han brought tea and poured it into cups, then left.

Two girls drank tea and talked, while Niu Yu Tao sat next to them and was silent. He did not understand the situation of the sect of the Highest purity and did not want to talk, disturbing them.

Only who would have thought that Tan Yi, laying aside a cup of tea, would say:

 "Brother-classmate, the Grand Duchess was looking for you."

"Me?" Niu Yu Tao pointed to his nose.

Shan Shu Qing pulled out and put a wooden box on the table and opened it. In this box lay one long sword.

Niu Yu Tao did not understand what this means. He looked inquiringly at Tan Yi, with a glance asking * is this for me? *

Tan Yi calmly said:

"This sword belonged to the uncle-teacher." When Ning Wang showed mercy to the sect of the Highest purity, the teacher brought this sword to Ning Wang and said that if he ever needed services that he could do, he would payback for the mercy shown to him and the sect! Today, the Grand Duchess came with the sword. Only the uncle-teacher has already died, and his promise is transferred to brother-classmate!

Niu Yu Tao felt something was wrong. Is it good? Only he understood that now he has no right to say something. He tried to ask:

"And how to fulfill the promise?"

Tan Yi calmly answered:

"The Grand princess and the young prince are going on a campaign, and they lack the protection of the students."

It sounds simple, but Niu Yu Tao was not an idiot. Some other young prince appeared here, and such high-ranking people must be accompanied. Even in a hectic time? And why did the Grand Duchess herself personally come to ask him for a favor? Most likely, there is something else.

He looked at Shan Shu Qing and realizing that he could not refuse, replied:

"This ... "Niu Yu Tao hesitantly said:

"I will go. I just don't know if I am suitable for this?"

Tan Yi got up and said:

"Brother-classmate comes."

Niu Yu Tao, taking courage, went after her.

They entered the main hall and reached one room." Tan Yi suddenly turned and, looking directly at him. She said:

 "Our sect of the Highest purity is a great sect. And we are true to our word. We never regret keeping our promise. The teacher then made the promise to people, and if now we do not keep the promise, then everyone will taunt us. How can I allow this? Now there is no uncle-teacher. Who now has to fulfill the teacher's promise? What do you think?"

Niu Yu Tao replied: "They need a guard mentor. If I go, will anything change from this? Do you think I look like a mentor?"

Tan Yi replied: "What is their situation? Do you think they are missing only you? In a sect, how many students want to accompany them. They came only because of the promise of the uncle-teacher. What do you say?"

Niu Yu Tao bulged his eyes, and calmly said: "And you can not go?"

As soon as he said this, Tan Yi spun around and could not look him in the eye:

 "If you do not go, then break the promise of the sect. Then you will, according to the laws of the sect, be severely punished!"

Niu Yu Tao smiled bitterly and said:

"It seems like I have no choice. Okay, I will fulfill the promise of the teacher!"

As soon as he agreed, Tan Yi immediately, without saying anything, turned and left.

As soon as they returned to the courtyard, Niu Yu Tao took the sword and agreed to fulfill his promise. In the face of two girls, he took the sword by the hilt and pulled it out of its sheath.

Jin ...

As soon as he drew his sword, a cold brilliance began to illuminate everything around. The sword has engraved patterns that prompting the killing. Niu Yu Tao loses temper and said approvingly: "Good sword."

Closer to the hilt, 4 hieroglyphs '碧血丹心' * a fiery heart and blood turned into jasper were depicted. * It was a powerful statement.

Tan Yi said a few words, and then they were about to leave.

Shan Shu Qing folded her arms and thanked: "Thank you, mentor!"

Niu Yu Tao returned the sword back to its scabbard and looking at her said:

"The Grand Duchess is not suitable to hide completely..."

He did not have time to finish to the end, as Tan Yi cut him short, shouting a little: "Do not be rude!"

"Nothing!" Shan Shu Qing calmly answered. She extended her hand and removed the veil hiding her face.

Niu Yu Tao hoped to see something else. But who knew that when he sees her face, he will twist his mouth and almost jump up in fright.

The voice is melodic, graceful figure - it seemed that beauty was hiding behind the veil. But who knew that most of the princess's face would be covered with a black spot. She had an ugly face. Now, Niu Yu Tao understood why the princess wore the hat with the veil that hides.

Tan Yi looked displeased at Niu Yu Tao and seemed to say with a look.


*Now satisfied? *

"I'm so ugly that I scared the mentor." Shan Shu Qing spoke apologetically and hid her face again.

Niu Yu Tao felt awkward and clasped his hands and said:

"That some Nude is too rude. Do not blame me, princess."

"Okay!" Tan Yi interrupted the courtesies of both.

"Now it's already dark - this is not the right time to go. Pack your things, and tomorrow morning you will accompany the gentlemen."

"Got it." Niu Yu Tao nodded his head.

Tan Yi pointed with her hand to Shan Shu Qing to exit, and they left.

Niu Yu Tao led them to the door, where Tu Han was waiting for them outside. After a while, it again became deserted.

And peach flowers still flew in the spring wind. Niu Yu Tao went to the peach tree and sat under it. He drew his sword and, without applying force, began to rake them on the ground.

* jin *

It was clear that this sword was very sharp. Niu Yu Tao was surprised. First that bronze mirror, now this precious sword. It seems that the masters in this world far exceed his imagination.

He examined the sword, but his thoughts were not here. He thought that he would finally be able to leave the sect. And his joy knew no bounds. Only clearly understood that there was still some kind of hidden threat. He did not know whether it was fortunate or unfortunate.

Nevertheless, he did not know the current provisions of the sect of the Highest purity.

The sun was setting in the west, and the peach tree was washing through its beautiful rays. Niu Yu Tao calmly lay under a tree, and it was not clear what he was thinking about ...

Quiet place in the palace. Tan Su Su was sitting with her eyes closed on the prayer rug. Tan Yi quietly opened the door and slowly walked up to Tang Su Su. She respectfully welcomed: "Patriarch!

Tan Su Su asked: "The head, is everything done well?

Tan Yi nodded but did not say anything.

Tan Su Su: The head does not think that I am acting too much?"

Tan Yi:

 "I think that the sect should pay Ning Wang for those years, by itself. Why blame everything on Dong Guo Hao Ran's shoulders?"

Tan Su Su:

"Isn't he a student of the sect? Moreover, in those years, Dong Guo Hao Ran gave away the sword. And now, Ning Wang's daughter has encountered difficulties. Since the teacher cannot fulfill the promise, the student must satisfy it. This is the law of heaven."

Tan Yi looked down and sighed said:

"Brother and sister are not idiots, and Niu Yu Tao has no abilities. Sooner or later, they will realize that they were fooled. And we fooled them."

Tan Su Su:

 "So what? "If they are really smart, they should not have come to us. There was no need to ask for complicated things. They came without asking and asking for the fulfillment of the promise. We gave them a man. The promise is fulfilled. What else?"

Tan Yi: "Only doing so, we send Niu Yu Tao to certain death.

Tan Su Su slowly stood up and looked intently into her eyes:

 "Head, Do you have feelings for him? The head must understand one thing. On your shoulders is the revival of our sect. We - the few older adults have their hopes in you. You cannot forget about a great goal because of love relationships!"

Tan Yi shook her head:

"The patriarch thought a lot. We are only external husband and wife, but we only saw each other face to face. What is it, love? I just think that in doing so, can we be considered the famous sect?"

Tan Su Su, like a cat that was stepped on its tail, shouted:

"That's all Dong Guo Hao Ran's to blame. He knew what Ning Wang's actions were leading to, and that all cultivators were against Ning Wang's motives. And sooner or later, he will find death, and Dong Guo Hao Ran dared to keep in touch with Ning Wang. Then the brother wanted to make the head out of Dong Guo Hao Ran, but it was good that several brothers talked him out. And really, everything was done well. Where is Ning Wang now? Do you think those people will let go of the sect of the Highest purity? Can the sect of the Highest purity then withstand their onslaught? If they all come, then a disaster awaits our sect. You are the head of the sect and must know all the consequences!"

Tan Yi calmly said: "The patriarch seems to have forgotten. He is my official husband, and once he seems to him, the news will go away. And a sect of the highest purity will also be involved. What is the difference then?"

Tan Su Su lost her temper. But she again accepted a calm expression and said in a cold tone:

"Girl. You can not worry about this. I've already arranged everything. A lot of time has passed. Your position is now approved. Now you can not be afraid of any consequences!"

Tan Yi immediately scared. She understood what was hidden behind her grandmother's words. She stared at Tan Su Su...