Heavenly Genius - Chapter 23



befriending the distant enemy while attacking a nearby enemy

It is known that nations that border each other become enemies while nations separated by distance and obstacles make better allies.

When you are the strongest in one field, your greatest threat is from the second strongest in your field, not the strongest from another field.


The last student of Mr. Dong Guo? - Shan Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting froze and looked at each other.

Although they had doubts, they were well-mannered and folded their hands, they welcomed:

 Thank you for your help."

And after observing the rules of etiquette, Lan Jo Ting said directly:

"I ask you to forgive some Lan for being rude, but Mr. Dong Guo and I are old friends. We saw each other many times, and by the way, I know many of Mr. Dong Guo's students. But I've heard about the student of Nu Yu Dao for the first time."

For Niu Yu Tao, this question was not a surprise. As soon as Tan Yi called him a stranger, a brother-classmate, he realized that tan Yi did not want others to know his past. So he said smiling:

"Some things are awkward to tell. I do not like to lie, and when the right time comes up, I will tell you."

Lan Jo Ting looked at Shan Shu Qing. He knew that this girl was far from a brainless girl. Only he did not know why Shan Shu Qing brought one person.

However, without saying a word, the group continued on its way. Niu Yu Tao felt that they treated him thoroughly without enthusiasm. When they set off, he was surrounded.

Shan Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting almost unraveled the plan of the sect of the Highest purity. The sect of the Highest purity simply wanted to get rid of them. Only Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting had doubts about Niu Yu Tao - would he throw any surprises? Therefore, for precaution, they surrounded him.

On the way, the group stretched out, and Niu Yu Tao was left behind. Shan Chao Zong seized the opportunity and rode up to Shu Qing:

 "Shu Qing, this time, the sect of the Highest purity was able to cleanse your face?"

Shan Shu Qing was silent for a while and then said:

 "Brother, really not necessary. Mr. Dong Guo spoke correctly. B this troubled time, beauty is not good for us. And in our situation, if I am a beauty, I will attract attention. If I'm a little uglier, then this is for the best!"

From these words, Lan Jo Ting shook his head. What girl doesn't want to be beautiful?

Shan Chao Zong said in a grim voice:

"You have to get married sooner or later. You will not be with such a face all the time!

Shan Shu Qing:

Brother, I am not a plant, and I also want feelings, children. But we were born at such a time, and the situation forces us to fling away the swords. What is it up to the wedding now? And brother does not need to pay attention to my birthmark. Ordinary people will not pay attention to me, but I am a pearl covered in dust. And when I meet a worthy person who can see me, then I will sweep away the dirt. In the meantime, you just need to wait patiently and do not rush things forcibly! "Said Shu Qing in a melodious voice.

Though her words made sense, Chao Zong sighed gloomily. His cheeks tightened, and in his heart, he complained. Ordinary girls at the age of 16-17 are already getting married, having children. And because of his stupid, he went to prison for several years. And now his sister is about 20 years old, and she walks in old maids. Another birthmark with the current situation of the Shan family, who will now look at her. During his lifetime, his father repeatedly said that they should take care of his sister ...

They rode fast, then slowly and at times gave the horses a rest, stopping at some sections.

Toward evening, the group stopped at a pass near the shore. Someone brought water, someone housed the troops, someone made a fire, someone guarded the horses, someone set a patrol.

So near the coast, they lit many bonfires.

Niu Yu Tao, who sat on a stone, took out his provisions and, thinking over the words of Tu Han, threw the provisions into the river.

Sitting nearby, Chao Zong looked after Niu Yu Tao and noticed his antics.

He could not stand it displeasedly said: "Such good food and throws it like that.


In a turbulent, unstable time, when ordinary people are starving, this guy throws away good food. He probably used to eat luxuriously..."

Sitting next to Lan Jo Ting kindled a flame and, hearing Chao Zong, smiling pushed it with a branch. Then he ordered the man to treat Niu Yu Tao with an excellent hot meal. Niu Yu Tao also heard that Chao Zong was dissatisfied with his act. However, he did not attach any importance to this. And when a person treated him to hot food, he immediately rejoiced. What matters more than reinforcing the stomach?

Chao Zong later looked at Lan Jo Ting:

"Mister, did I say something wrong?"

Lan Jo Ting smiled:

 "Previously, I was still afraid that there would be problems with this person. Now I realized that the sect of the Highest purity is not very happy with him. Just sent him to us. Now I believe more that he is the student of Mr. Dong Guo."

Chao Zong whispered: "Is it?"

Lan Jo Ting:

"The young lord did not notice that Niu Yu Tao had been asking us for food and bad food all day, compared to the food he had. And he just threw away that provision. Is that logical? Moreover, he was sent with us. Henceforth, one does not need to guard him much. Soon we will understand him."

Shan Chao Zong turned his head and looked at the cheerful Niu Yu Tao, who was eating with the soldiers and thought a little.

Shan Shu Qing washed and brushed her teeth by the river and now is back. She sat beside her brother. Shu Qing took off her bamboo hat, and the evening wind blew her beautiful hair, which fell on her shoulders. When she sat down on a folding stool, Lan Jo Ting asked:

"The Grand Duchess is smart and wise. The princess did not see that this young man has no cultivation. Why did she bring him with her?"

Shan Shu Qing straightened her hair with her hand and said:

 "Brother, Mr. Lan, I understand you. How to say. First, something is better than nothing. Secondly, it seems to me that this guy is not simple. In any case, when the time comes, we will need each person."

Hearing her, Lan Jo Ting asked with interest:

 "Grand Duchess, why is this man not simple?"

Shan Shu Qing was sitting on a stool, and under the dim fire of a bonfire, one could see her beautiful features. Only there was a feeling that she was wearing the beautiful mask. She lost in thought, said:

 "Tan Yi now the head of the sect. Any student of the sect from an older or younger generation treats her very respectfully. Niu Yu Tao is the same, although he also respects her respectfully, it feels like he only shows it outwardly. But he looks at her as an equal. An even stranger thing is Tang Yi's attitude towards him. I noticed that in front of him, she was, as if strong on the outside, but weak on the inside. You could say she feels timid in front of him. Intentionally or not intentionally, she avoids his direct gaze."

"Timid?" Chao Zong asked in surprise.

Shan Shu Qing:

"Brother, do not forget, I am also a woman. And I instinctively understand some of the reactions of women."

 Lan Jo Ting said in surprise:

"Tan Yi is the head of the sect of the Highest purity, and this person is very young. How can Tan Yi feel timid in front of him?"

Shu Qing shook her head.

"Mr., I am also surprised at this. At first, I thought it seemed to me. But fortunately, behind the bamboo hat, I am not very noticeable. And then I was repeatedly convinced of this. Tan Yi shy in front of him.

Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting looked at each other and, lose temper, turned their heads to look at Niu Yu Tao, who was drinking soup and gnawing bread. He sat carefreely and laughed, talking with other soldiers. He behaved utterly relaxed.

""In the peach village, in the peach hut, there was a peach celestial. He belonged to peaches and changed floliage for tea and alcohol ... Shang Shu Chin began to read the verse, then frowned and remembered its continuation. And remembering continued:

Sits in front of flowers - sobers up, falls asleep under herbs - gets drunk. And so he whiled away his days, now drunker, then sober The flowers faded and opened. But getting lost in peach hops, it was not necessary to bend your back when you ride a horse, or like a rich man to breathe the dust from carriages. Peach blossoms are the reason for the hermit's quiet life. It is better to be a hermit than a rich man and enjoy peace. Others will laugh at me, and I will know that they do not understand. Without seeing the hero, without flowers, without alcohol, I will plow the fields! ...

She was a smart girl, and at first glance, she could remember everything by ear. Thanks to this, she stood out from the crowd. Niu Yu Tao only read this verse once. She heard at least once but still remembered from beginning to end.

After reading the verse, she raised her head and looked at both people.

Shan Chao Zong coughing asked:

"Shu Qing, is this your new verse? Sits in front of flowers - sobers up, falls asleep under herbs - gets drunk...Good verse. It only talks about measured life. Shu Qing, are you waiting for such a life?"

Shu Qing shook her head and looked at the reaction of Lan Jo Ting.

Jo Ting fell into thought and then slowly said:

"I once visited Mr. Dong Guo's modest housing." In front of his yard, there is a millennial peach tree. It doesn't matter whether it's winter, spring, summer, or autumn - this tree always blooms, and the flowers never fade. Such a fantastic case leaves a lasting impression in the heart. Did the princess create this verse when she saw Niu Yu Tao?"

Shu Qing shook her head again:

"It's not me who composed the verse. This verse is Niu Yu Tao's verse. When I followed Tan Yi to the peach spring, I saw Niu Yu Tao lazily lying under a peach tree. He slept. Looking at his young face and that he is sleeping like this, I have already decided that he will not suit us and will only interfere. I was about to pick up the sword and leave, but at this time, he reached for his hand. Who thought that he, without preparation, dreaming in a dream, would tell such a verse. Then I felt that in verse, he mentions himself as a talented celestial. I decided to look at him again, and when I noticed Tan Yi's relationship with him, I realized that he was not straightforward and would probably be useful. When he found out that he needed to go down with us, he did not seem to be intensely burning with desire. It is not known what Tan Yi told him, but in the end, he agreed to follow us. And when he left the sect, there was no official farewell. Only one student accompanied him, and that was it. One could understand his position."

"M!" Lan Jo Ting scratched his beard and looked with enthusiasm at Niu Yu Tao:

 "So in verse, he mentions to himself. Let me think ... This man has outstanding and temperament. Moreover, he behaves so freely and can compose such verses. More interesting than the former students of the sect of the Highest purity. As the occasion presents itself, I want to test it and find out how talented he is ...