Heavenly Genius - Chapter 24




attacking the enemy by passing through a common neighbor

Borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy.  Once the enemy is defeated,  use those resources to turn on the ally that lent you them in the first place.

Night, rest time.

Niu Yu Tao watched some riders take precautionary measures. 500 people occupied an area of ​​several li, and now something unexpected should not happen in this territory. After the guards were well placed, Niu Yu Tao only calmed down.

A small gap appeared inside one tent. From there, Lan Jo Ting spied on Niu Yu Tao. He smiled and said in a whisper: "Interesting…"

Taking a walk, Niu Yu Tao returned to his tent. He touched for the sealed letter that he was given, and wanted to see it in the light of the fire burning from the outside. He drew his sword and carefully opened the sealed letter. Only the blots that were written in the letter, he did not understand at all.

Having once again looked at the letter under the fire, he eventually sniffed at the paper, licked it, but felt nothing. There were even no hidden signs. So this letter is false?

"The head of the monastery of the southern hill of Kuangai County ... It seems that old Tu did not just warn me. The sect of the Highest purity, I am no longer there, but there are still stinks of their actions. They really want to hurt the respected ..." Niu Yu Tao spoke to himself and then frowned. It means he did not fully recognize his position in the sect of Highest purity, and why he is so bothering them.

After a little thought, he again carefully laid the letter back ...

On the second day, when the dawn had just begun to take power, the riders had already eaten and were preparing for departure.

Someone was collecting tents, someone was feeding horses. Only no one touched Niu Yu Tao. Some people could do everything. It looks like these guys have been trained for a long time.

The horsemen were set off. Niu Yu Tao noticed that he was now treated differently. No one else crowded him around.

He galloped from behind and, realizing that he was not being held, Niu Yu Tao scooted forward and caught up with Shan Chao Zong and others.

Three people looked at him, and Niu Yu Tao immediately found a reason to talk.

"Prince, with your position, you have only 500 people?"

Chao Zong: "The rank of a prince or duke without any official duties may have protection in the amount of 500 people."

"M!" There it is. "Niu Yu Tao nodded.

He only wanted to find a topic for conversation and go with them. Otherwise, when you drive behind, you end up swallowing dust from the galloping people ahead - and this is not comme il faut.

Lan Jo Ting suddenly smiled and asked:

 "Sorry for the short views of some Lan. I dare to ask, is the mentor having other talents?

"Uh ..." "Niu Yu Tao immediately realized that this was due to the verses at the peach source, and then he looked at Shan Shu Qing. But he can't saw anything behind the hat - it was just a waste of time. In the end, he replied: "Yes, I was talking about all sorts of nonsense."

From such an answer, Lan Jo Ting did not find words. He then asked Niu Yu Tao about the situation of the sect of the Highest purity. But even though Niu Yu Tao lived for several years in the sect, he does not know anything about the sect.

He answered truthfully, only none of the three people believed him.

Having traveled half a day, they crossed the mountains, drove through the desert, and eventually reached the river again. Looking at the landscapes along the river, Niu Yu Tao lost in thought.

And when he saw on the opposite shore three healthy old trees, he realized that he knew this area. Here 5 years ago, he was heading to the sect of the Highest purity. So the village from where Niu Yu Tao is nearby.

If you go with the flow, you get to the sect. And now there should be a small path ahead.

"Prince, is it possible to stop for a short time on the way?"

As soon as he asked, the prince raised his hand, and the riders, restraining the reins, stopped the horses.

"Does the mentor have a case?"

Niu Yu Tao, pointing with a whip to the path, said: "To speak confidentially, prince. There is one village, and it was in that place that I was born. When I was little, I left the village. And now I miss them and would like to visit the village for a while. Prince, I will not take much time. Is it possible to take a break?"

Chao Zong looked at Lan Jo Ting as if asking for advice.

Lan Jo Ting looked around and said with a laugh:

 "If so. Prince, why don't we look together at the place where such talents are born?"

Chao Zong realized that Lang Jo Ting offered to know the past of Niu Yu Tao, and immediately replied: "It is right too!

Niu Yu Tao understood what they were talking about, and reluctantly said:

"An ordinary village by the mountain. Prince, you will most likely not like this place."

Let's go! "Chao Zong pointed to the path, and a group of horsemen scouts set off along the way. And the others slowly galloped after them.

The road passed through wooded areas. Who knows, maybe there will be an ambush on both sides, where warriors will be able to fire them with a bow or other weapons. Niu Yu Tao looked at that group. It must have been not ordinary soldiers, but the most battle-hardened soldiers.

pu, pu, pu ... pu.

Suddenly the cries of birds rang out. Niu Yu Tao as if struck by lightning. He looked towards the cry of birds, and his eyes widened.

"Prince, this is not like the cries of birds." - one of the guards reported.

Chao Zong immediately gave a sign to hold the horses and seriously began to look around.

Some riders jumped to the prince and others, blocking and defending them. Some riders surrounded Niu Yu Tao and even pointed bows and arrows at him. They looked predatoryly at him, suggesting that it was he who had led them into a trap. If something happens, he won't get out of here alive.

Piu, piu... piu...piu...

Again in the distance, there was the cry of birds.

Niu Yu Tao seemed excited, and looking around, he folded his lips and blew 3 times:

Piu, piu... piu...

A deathly silence reigned around, and after a while, two sounds were heard: Piu, piu....

The eyes of Niu Yu Tao sparkled, and he, no longer paying attention to the danger surrounding him, shouted angrily: "Get away!"

Lan Jo Ting silently signaled to the people to let him go.

Niu Yu Tao immediately jumped forward and stopped: Piuiuiuiu.... He gave a lingering sound.

And remaining in place, he began to walk around and look around.

Not much time passed before a young man came out of the forest. He was tall, healthy, and just stood under a tree on the side of a mountain. He, with his eyes wide, looked at Niu Yu Tao and as if he did not pay attention to bows and arrows.

Niu Yu Tao regularly examined him intently. Two people stood there. And behind those standing, Chao Zong and others found this situation very strange.

The tall young man was very excited. Finally, he said with trembling lips: "Tao ... Lord Tao, is that you?"

Long ago, Niu Yu Tao did not hear this name!  Because this his blood did boil!.

Niu Yu Tao clenched his fists and involuntarily removed his hand, which wanted to point to him. He also said excitedly: "Monkey!"

Like * Monkey * completely knocked out a young man, and he, not paying attention to the thorny bushes, falling ran out onto the road.

Niu Yu Tao also jumped off his horse and ran to him. Two people ran to each other and hugged tightly. Lan Jo Ting and others were wondering.

Lan Jo Ting and others were wondering. However, they realized that this Niu Yu Tao, who usually remains calm and behaves quite freely, at that moment lost control of himself because he saw an old friend.

But the surrounding guards did not lose their vigilance and surrounded them. They did not know who this man was, who imitated the cries of birds. Who knows, maybe he gave any hostile signals, and Niu Yu Tao knows these signals.

The rest was hard to understand how the two friends felt. They in this world felt so lonely. How could others understand their loneliness?

And after a while, two people pushed off and began to examine each other.

He saw the muscular physique of the monkey, which is now head and shoulders taller than Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao laughed. After all, because of this, the monkey was called the monkey, that he was thin and not healthy.

The monkey had already come to his senses and also looked calm and measured, but did not understand why Niu Yu Tao was laughing.

"Lord Tao, why are you laughing?"The monkey asked.

"Didn't you notice that your body has changed?"

The monkey seemed to understand what Niu Yu Tao was talking about and also smiled. He also found this fact amusing. But now he is a big man.

Niu Yu Tao asked in surprise: "How did you come? I saw you hiding along the road."

The monkey answered: " I could not."

Niu Yu Tao was amazed: "How so?"

The monkey: "The whole temple collapsed, and in the end, I could not escape from the collapse."

Niu Yu Tao understood how cruel it was.

"Did you also appear near the village temple?"

The monkey nodded. "Are you Niu Yu Tao?"

Niu Yu Tao: How do you know that?"

The monkey: "When I woke up, I noticed an arrow in myself. The village was recently attacked, and I needed to heal the wounds. But I heard that a guy named Niu Yu Tao became kind of weird. He, like a moron, came to the village and asked strange questions and also lost his memory. And when you left the village, no one knew where you were headed. Then I guessed that Niu Yu Tao must be you. Only I had severe wounds, and I could not find you. Yes, and I did not know where to look for you."

Shan Chao Zong and others looked here, but we're far enough to hear their conversation.

Niu Yu Tao was silent for a while and then nodding put his hands on his shoulder:

 "I always thought you were saved, but I didn't know that you were here either. Otherwise, I would not leave the village alone."

The monkey answered with just one word: "I know it!"

That was enough for Niu Yu Tao.

He laid his hands behind his back and, inspecting the area, sighing said:

"It is good that I walked here, went into the village, and owed a debt to the people of the village. Otherwise, how and when I would meet with you. Yes, with your skills, how could you stay in this village for a long time? Did you go out? Watched this world? Which beauty's heart did you already break?