Heavenly Genius - Chapter 25




stealing the beams and pillars and replacing them with rotten timbers

Disrupt the enemy's formations, interfere with their methods of operations, change the rules in which they are used to following, go contrary to their standard training.
 In this way you remove the supporting pillar, the common link that makes a group of men an effective fighting force.


The monkey certainly thought, only he had injuries:

"I thought. Only my wound was very severe, and only six months later, it was possible to heal it. Thanks to the villagers. And then I began to work on the ground to grow crops. Only when the crop arrived, did the robber soldiers come again. There is no difference between soldiers and robbers. Every time rob, as well as that time."

Niu Yu Tao understood the feelings of the monkey. He knew that the monkey left the individual unit, and they had a kind of code. If he hadn’t accidentally saved the monkey who was on the verge of death, the monkey would hardly have followed him. He saved the monkey and cured him. He is used to him, like the monkey. Therefore repaying the debt, the monkey was helping him. Over time, they already treated each other like brothers.

"Later, I went outside. I just did not find you. I thought that sooner or later you will return to the village. Because you are likely will repay the village somehow. I decided to stay in the village to help them avoid the village robbery. I started to train people. Moreover, my body was not so healthy. And in such a hectic and chaotic time, if you can't protect yourself, then you can be killed at any moment. And you won't understand how they killed you."

Niu Yu Tao nodded his head. He understood the monkey well.

"And you?" The monkey looked at Chao Zong and other people.

"It seems that the people who came with you are not very nice to you.

"Ha!" - Niu Yu Tao looked at them and, waving his hand, patted the monkey on the back: "Come on, I will introduce you."

When they approached, Niu Yu Tao introduced Chao Zong and others. But when he began to represent the Monkey:

“And this is my brother, his name is ...” he scratched his head and looked at the monkey:

“What's your name?” He just forgot the Monkey's name.

Lan Jo Ting and the others almost dropped. *This is your brother, and you do not know his name? And are you hugging him like that? Did the sect of the Highest purity send them that man?*

The Monkey looked around everyone and said: "Yuan Gan!"

"Right, Yuan Gan. I left the village a long time ago and already forgot the name." - Niu Yu Tao turned and said awkwardly: "I have a weak memory."

They believed him or not, unknow. But everyone carefully examined Yuan Gan. Especially his strong shoulders, arms ... Daggers also hung on him. Although he was wearing the clothes of a redneck, his temperament and especially his look was not like that of a simple peasant.

Typically, peasants at the sight of such an army immediately tremble with fear and behave very carefully. And this one! Prince? No, I have not heard. Chao Zong and the others looked at each other. Really from this village are all such gifted people.

From this, everyone became very curious about what kind of village which this person came from.

“Let your people not make noise. Otherwise, they should not be surprised by my rudeness!” Yuan Gang looked at Chao Zong and said in a cold tone.

The guard standing nearby was immediately angry and headed for Yuan Gan, but Chao Zong raised his hand and stopped him.

Yuan Gan looked contemptuously at that guard, turned and whistled towards the path. He stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

5 young people immediately ran from the side of the mountain village. When they approached him, they were cautious and looked at the soldiers.

Lan Jo Ting and the others, looking at them, looked at each other again. They are must be peasants.

“Brother Gan, is this?” At their head, a young man wanted to ask something.

Yuan Gan, pointing to Niu Yu Tao, said:

"Yes, Ban. Return to the village and say that Niu Yu Tao is back. I will not return to the village, I will go with him. You look after the village well. Nothing should happen."

He did not ask for the opinion of Niu Yu Tao, but already indicated that Niu Yu Tao was his master, and he would not return to the village!

Niu Yu Tao smiling nodded to the young people. He understood that Yuan Gan did not want outsiders to enter the village and learn about them.

“Niu Yu Tao?” - Da Ban looked at Niu Yu Tao in surprise and suddenly exclaimed:

"Yiya! Brother Tao is it you! How did you mature and become more magnificent? Just like a lord! If Brother Gan had not reminded me, I would not have recognized you. Brother Tao, I am Da Ban. You used to play with me often and often kicked us with kicks!"

And I, Meng Zi!

"Brother Tao, I'm the dog ..."

"I - Yes, Wang, brother of Tao. When you left, we searched for you by the whole village. Then outside's people came and found out about you. Someone else said that he saw you in the city ..."

Several young people surrounded Niu Yu Tao and began to question joyfully.

Did someone was finding out about him? Did someone from the village see him? Niu Yu Tao froze. And then he thought of something. Laughing, he began to point his finger at young people:

“Yes Ban, Meng Zi, dog ...” - One way or another, he looked to them.

"Aaa remembered Yes Ban. You once went to the river to fish with me, and as a result, you almost drowned yourself ...”

Even if this young guy alone does not recognize who will understand this turmoil.

Yuan Gan twisted his mouth and only now remembered that Lord Tao - this is Lord Tao!

And Da Ban nodded smilingly: "Yes! Yes!"

And he wondered to himself when it was they went fishing? And when did he almost drown?

“Brother Tao, will you not return to the village? Brother Gan says you will leave. Where are you going? ” Da Ban curiously asked and seemed to not pay attention to the words of Yuan Gan. After all, the village is still nearby.

Yuan Gan: "We will go see the world. Do not ask a lot of questions."

It seems that the authority of Yuan Gan among the young was quite high, that they immediately stopped asking anything.

Da Ban nevertheless, bowing his head slightly, asked: “Brother Gan, can we go too?”

Outside is dangerous. Stay here and train well. It is necessary to become more substantial than all. About the rest, we will already look at the circumstances. ” Yuan Gan replied. Then he turned to Niu Yu Tao and asked:

"Have money?"

Niu Yu Tao went to his horse and took out the bag of money from the package. There was just money in the package.

Yuan Gan walked over and, holding out his hand, took the bag. Throwing the bag in his hands, he heard coins rattling loudly. Along the way, he opened the bag and saw gold, silver coins, and coppers. There was a lot of money.

“Wow!” - A few young people have never seen so much money.

Yuan Gan tightened this bag and threw it to Da Ban:

"Give money to the elderly. Let them decide what to do. And tell them that although a lot of money, you can’t buy anything expensive. If you will spend money everywhere, in such a hectic time, you will only bring trouble to the village. Do you remember?"

Lan Jo Ting and others looked at each other and became even more interested in Yuan Gan.

Niu Yu Tao nodded approvingly too: "If you waste stupidly, then I’ll come back and demand the money back. I earned them with hard work and earned not for someone wasted them just like that."

Several people nodded their heads, and Da Ban, clapping his chest with his hand, said "Brother Tao, be calm. We know that making money is not easy. You got so much money for the village. You have a good heart. How can we just waste this money? I will say everything to the village clearly."

Niu Yu Tao nodded laughing: "Than good."

Yuan Gan waved his hand: "Ok, come back.

He spoke clearly, and several guys went back to the village. At one step they turned back three times and waved they hands continuously:

"Brother Gan, brother Tao, we will go. Get back early!"

Niu Yu Tao, too, waved his hand smiling, while Yuan Gan stood calmly and watched them go.

When they left, Yuan Gan turned to Niu Yu Tao: “Let’s do!”

Sitting on the horse, Lan Jo Ting smiling asked:

"Brother Yuan, can you control the horse?”

Niu Yu Tao turned and said, smiling:

"Not that a horse. He can control an airplane, a tank."

Airplane? Tank?

Lan Jo Ting and others began to look at each other with surprised looks. They seemed to be lost their mind and did not understand what was at stake. Everyone at first thought that they have misheard, but when one saw that it wasn't for them alone, they realized that it hadn't seemed to them.

"Airplane, tank — what is it?" Shan Shu Qing asked.

Yuan Gan remained indifferent and did not pay attention to them at all.

Niu Yu Tao now realized that he was blabbering, and smiling said:

"In the village, some things will not be interesting to you."

"Seems, we are limited in some things." Shan Shu Qing said regretfully and didn't ask anymore.

Lan Jo Ting looked towards the path and said annoyingly:

"The mentor, it turns out, does not want to return to his native village and does not even want to look at that it?"

Usually unloving to talk, Yuan Gan said:

"Every time the troops enter the village, the village suffers."

Several people heard him, then immediately frowned. Not because Yuan Gan spoke irritably, but because he was telling the truth. Throughout their journey, they often heard people like Yuan Gan.

But the guard, who was standing next to Chao Zun, was angry and scolded with a whip pointing to Yuan Gan:

"How dare! Prince ..."

Yuan Gan looked sideways at him, while Chao Zun signaled to the guard to shut up.

Noticing the tense atmosphere, Niu Yu Tao smiling hastily said:

"Here, it is important not to miss the time of the Grand Duke." "We don’t go, okay, we don’t go."

Chao Zong turned and said: "Give the horse to brother Yuan Gan!"

Chao Zun, at first glance, began to treat Yuan Gang well. The reason for this attitude was simple - Yuan Gan was seems like a hero. And his temperament was similar to the soldiers of the Guards of Yinyang and Wuli. He seemed closer to him than this Niu Yu Tao, who does not say a drop of a truthful word. He does not seem the right person.

Somebody quickly gave a horse to yuan Gan. Yuan Gan grabbed the reins and dexterously jumped onto the horse. Lan Jo Ting and others drew attention to the fact that Yuan Gan, not like an ordinary peasant, jumped onto a horse. He was like an experienced rider.

Chao Zong waved his hand, and the riders continued their campaign. And the closing detachment has replaced with the lead.