Heavenly Genius - Chapter 26




reviling/abusing the locust tree while pointing to the mulberry

To discipline, control, or warn others whose status or position excludes them from direct confrontation; use analogy and innuendo. Without directly naming names, those accused cannot retaliate without revealing their complicity.


Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan had just met and hadn't talked much yet, so they rode behind and talked freely with each other.

Ahead of Shan Chao Zong heard Shu Qing whispering to herself * an airplane, a tank ... *

He turned around, looked at two friends from behind, and involuntarily grinned, said: "They don't want to talk, but Shu Qing did remember their's strange words. Then why didn't you ask?"

Under the bamboo hat, he did not see Shu Qing's reaction.

"They don't want to talk, but it seems to me that Niu Yu Tao is not the kind of person who will speak nonsense." And he just simply doesn't say anything at all. Even if he would say, I have a feeling that even if he starts to explain, then for him, it will be a waste of time. Are some things not worthy of our attention, or are we not worthy of their attention? Yuan Gan's particularly scornful look.

Chao Zong waved his hand said:

"Shu Qing, you contradict yourself. I don't understand you."

Shan Shu Qing: "I don't understand it clearly either. Such a strange feeling, as if they did not want to tell us, because even if they did, we would not understand. As if they are from high society and even much higher than us."

Chao Zong sighed. "Maybe he thinks that he is the mentor, and there are things that we - mere mortals do not understand."

"Possible!" - Shu Qing answered quietly and, turning her head, asked:

"Mr. Lan, why did he first agree to take us to the village, but then sharply refused?"

Lan Jo Ting: "Possibly to protect the village. This Yuan Gan probably really doesn't want the village to come into contact with us.

Chao Zong: "Everyone now knows this place, is it complicated to come to this village. What if we visit it?"

Lan Jo Ting: "Prince, have you not seen? The mountain has a village, and this village is not accessible. Most likely, it is secretly guarded. If only a group approaches the village, a whistle sounds, and the whole village is ready to confront the enemies. Most likely, they were robbed continuously by government troops.

The troops galloped along the path."

Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan rode behind, and each told what happened to him over the years. They were so glad to meet that they did not even pay attention to the pillars of dust.

Before Yuan Gan, Niu Yu Tao did not hide anything. From the moment he woke up in the ruined temple, and until he passed their village, he laid out everything. And he also spoke about the technique of qian and kun of the bronze mirror.

"Lord Tao, then this sect of the Highest purity wants to harm you?"

Niu Yu Tao sighing answered: "On 80-90%. Yet Tu Han did not kill me and, on the contrary, warned me. And where I hurt them, I do not know. And why they pulled up to this point."

Yuan Gan: "In the sect of the Highest purity, it was easy to kill you, why did they pull up to this point?"

Niu Yu Tao: "I don't understand that, either."

Yuan Gan: "Lord Tao, how are you going to deal with this case?"

Niu Yu Tao:

"It seems unsafe to stay with these people. As soon as we get to the temple of the southern mountain, then the sect of the Highest purity will consider that I have died. And then it will already be possible to consider that the threat on their part has been eliminated. Heaven and earth are immense. With our abilities, we can go anywhere."

After the two people discussed everything, Niu Yu Tao began to teach Yuan Gang cultivation so that he could protect himself during this troubled time. It is only a pity that those cultivation methods could not be taken from the sect of the Highest purity. Because in words it was inconvenient to teach cultivation. It is good that Yuan Gang wandered and traveled a lot all these years, and the Xuanzhuan style was not difficult for him.

All the way, lost in thought, Yuan Gan suddenly said:

 "The world of cultivators intervenes in the world of ordinary people and even embroiled each state in the internecine struggle. It's hard for me to understand."

Niu Yu Tao smiled:

"Some things are hard to understand. For the limited, it's even harder to find meaning in complicated situations. But something difficult to understand does not mean that they are meaningless. Read the Investiture of the Gods? During the battles of the Shan Dynasty, how many cultivators took part there? Such as Taigong Wang Luishang, Nejia can be said to have messed up the world of mere mortals. And our situation seems to be the same as it describes * The Investiture of the Gods*. ((-The Investiture of the Gods (The Creation of the Gods, also known by its Chinese names Fengshen Yanyi (Chinese: 封神演义; pinyin: Fēngshén Yǎnyì; literally: 'Investiture of Gods Dramatization of Doctrines') and Fengshen Bang,[a] is a 16th-century Chinese novel and one of the major vernacular Chinese works in the gods-and-demons (shenmo) genre written during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644).)  (Taigong Wang Luishan (Military adviser and general under Zhou Wen-wang 周文王 and Zhou Wu-wan, is considered the founder of Chinese military science and the author of the treatise - Six military strategies.

Yuan Gan didn't find words. He said:

 Lord Tao, according to your words, are there really people in this world who can fly?

Niu Yu Tao holding the reins grinned:

 "Such celestials need to see for yourself. If we just talk about the ability to fly, then there are such. However, as I understand it, there are not many such people in this world. Those who really cultivate are already at the highest level. And all who are lower than them only fulfill the desires of the higher. And in ordinary life, they do not show their face."

"Are there really flying celestials?" Yuan Gan shook his head. Although this was told to him by the one whom he believed, still, he did not understand. He answered:

"This is not scientific!"

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand:

 "Scientific. Only you did not touch the essence."

Yuan Gan asked in surprise:

 "Scientific? Where is science there?"

Niu Yu Tao thought a little. He thought about how to explain to the friend and then said:

"I used to be like you and did not believe in immortals and deities. However, after spending 5 years in the sect of the Highest purity, I understood something. Look!"

 He gave the sign to Yuan Gang and raised his palm. Air circulation appeared above his palm, and the dust that reached them also circulated over his palm. And when everything was scattered, he again asked:

 "See what I just did?"

Yuan Gan:

"This, Lord Tao, you've done this before. This is all your qigong technique. - Yuan Gan knew that in the previous life, Lord Tao was enlightened."

Niu Yu Tao nodded:

 "Qigong, for sure. But where did this power come from? Can you explain?"

Yuan Gan shook his head. He could not have guessed before. He only knew that it was qigong.

Nu Yu Tao said:

 "When you practice the breathing technique, in the depths of the body, all the organs open, and you can feel that the body is beginning to absorb something from the world hidden from the eyes. According to Taoist teaching, this is nothing but the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. So I wandered in the dark and held the same opinion. But when I got here, I compared something, and it seems I understood what this spiritual qi of heaven and earth is."

Yuan Gan at first was calm, but lose temper and asked curiously:

 "And what is it?"

Niu Yu Tao:

"If you use scientific language, then this substance can be called dark matter. Have you heard about dark matter?"

Yuan Gan as if scared:

 "You are talking about a substance that is smaller than an electron and a photon, which is difficult to catch and examine. Scientists over him are constantly breaking their heads. Are you talking about it?"

Nu Yu Tao nodded his head:

 "Right, I understood something about this. The so-called spiritual qi is precisely dark matter. The so-called spirits and ghosts are not alien to you. They seem to be there, and they seem to be gone. But in some canons of the Highest purity sect, I read that they still exist. I think that spirits and ghosts are the accumulation of dark energy. After the death of a person, his thoughts and consciousness are preserved in dark matter and forms the so-called ghost. In principle, you and I most likely also formed like this. And the difference between us and ghosts is only in our ability to think. The universe is vast, and there are many things that people do not understand. But this does not mean that these things do not exist. We just don't understand them yet."

Yuan Gan did not find words.

"You don't need to look at me like that. Nothing is surprising here. If I say it right, then all this inner and magical power is nothing but the ability to control dark energy, and how much internal energy you can control. That's all. " Niu Yu Tao smiled a little and, waving his hand, pushed away from the stream of dust.

"I also found here that the spiritual qi of this world is much more powerful and more than ours. That is, it turns out, there is much more dark matter here. I have checked this many times. Even the speed of cultivation here is much higher than ours. As it turned out, this is because there is more spiritual qi. Accordingly, there are also more cultivators here. Then the founder of Wu Empire - Emperor Shan Sung broke a hole in the sky. But what happened then - I don't know for sure. By the way, did you train Qigong? "

Yuan Gan nodded his head:

 "After getting injured, I immediately began to train Qigong and other self-defense techniques."

Niu Yu Tao said with interest:

 "The true qigong technique involves breathing exercises, and if you were doing this, you also had to absorb spiritual qi or dark matter. And if I'm right, then your cultivation should now be much better than before.

Yuan Gan did not find words. That's right, as Lord Tao said. Previously, he did not understand why he had such progress. But now he seems to have understood everything.

Niu Yu Tao smiling said: "I cultivated the Qian and Kun technique - this is a good technique. Then I will check your body and see if it is suitable for cultivation or not. If suitable, then you also cultivate the technique."

Yuan Gan shook his head:

"I have no interest in meditation. For me, something more real is better."

Niu Yu Tao:

"Don't be dumb. This world is not like the past. Is it bad to be keen to protect yourself? Achieve longevity and be invariably young?"

Yuan Gan shook his head:

 You are wasting time to sit? What is the point of prolonging life? Movement is life!

Monkey, I tell you ..."

"Lord Tao, do not persuade. I'm not like you to understand the mysterious. This is not interesting to me. I like an active life more. You have to understand."

"Ahhh, I won't persuade you." Niu Yu Tao sighed and again said reproachingly: "However, you train qigong well. I think your qigong is not simple. Previously, the things that we found should contain the keys to cultivation. Then I do not know what happened in ancient times, but spiritual qi became weaker. Time passed, and sensation and susceptibility to spiritual qi became worse. And the effect on cultivation was already not the same in our world. But here otherwise, you will have to understand when the time comes."

Yuan Gan only grunted and after a while of silence asked:

 "Lord Tao, what do you plan to do next?"

Niu Yu Tao looked around and said with a laugh:

"As the saying goes: * If you here, then settle down *. I will tell the world only one word!"

*One word?* Yuan Gang did not understand and asked:

"What word?"

"Hello!" "Niu Yu Tao spoke and, waving his whip, galloped forward.

"Hello?" - Yuan Gan was amazed and then, too, looking around, waved his whip, and chased after him.