Heavenly Genius - Chapter 28




removing the ladder after the enemy has climbed up the roof With baits and deceptions, lure your enemy into treacherous terrain. Then cut off his lines of communication and avenue of escape. To save himself, he must fight both your own forces and the elements of nature.

 After the conversation, Yuan Fang departed, not wanting to disturb them. Song Yang Qing sent to accompany him to Xiu Yi Tian. In fact, he sent him to custody. So Yuan Fang can't run away and does not spoil their plan. Until they do what Song Yang Qing conceived, he must keep this monastery in his hands.

As soon as Yuan Fang left, Song Yang Qing could not restrain himself it and laugh:

 "This bear is funny."

Cheng Gui Shuo came up to him and, blinking his eyes, asked:

"Bear, metal wool that even a sword cannot cut! Brother, aren't you overwhelmed?"

Song Yang Qing narrowed his eyes and said, nodding:

"He as soon as he took off his clothes and showed his hair like wool, I immediately saw in him the golden king of the bear. Thanks to their wool, they are famous for their high defenses. They are quite rare creatures. However, we met him here. It seems that this bear has not yet met with cultivators. Otherwise, it would have been discovered a long time ago. Take your time. We'll talk about him later. Now we first need to complete our business."

Cheng Gui Shuo grunted. This bear is still lucky. If he had wholly reincarnated as a man, they would have stabbed him.

Later, Cheng Gui Shuo and Song Yang Qing began to inspect the monastery of the southern mountains

After they left the sect of the highest purity, they did not stop on the way to get to the monastery early and prepare everything. On the way, they changed horses at postal stations ...

The moon shone brightly on the great river, and many tents stood along the banks of the river. The waves of the river seethed under the moonlight.

On the riverbank, there was also one slightly destroyed pavilion. Chao Zong sat in it and looked at the river, lit by the moon.

Lan Jo Ting passed by and slowly walked into the pavilion.

"I can't sleep." "Is something bothering the prince?"

 Chao Zong sighed.

"Although I look confident, I still understand my situation well. Without an upscale mentor-protector nearby, can I get to the lands I have been granted? As soon as we go through Kuangai County, Tsan Wu County will be nearby. And the closer we are to him, the more I worry."

Lan Jo Ting comforting said:

"Prince, calm down. Until we get the hundred-thousandth army of ravens, we should not face any threat. However, I am more worried if something has prepared the imperial house in the granted lands themselves?" -

Chao Zong turned his head:

"I think, in the current circumstances, should we even go to Tsan Wu County?"

Lan Jo Ting became severe and, waving his hand, said:

"Prince, in no case should you retreat. The emperor's spies are everywhere along the way. And if we deviate a little from the path, an army will be sent to us to kill us. Also, your subordinates were in the capital. And when you were released, why they gathered and took you. Don't they have a reason? During his lifetime, the former sovereign prepared Tsan Wu County for your family. And now, Tsan Wu County will be your last hope. Moreover, we are now out of resources. We can't just give up!"

Chao Zong was silent for a while and then said:

"I hope I can thank the brothers who have sworn allegiance to me!"

At this time, one of the warriors named Guang Te brought with him a lame gray-haired older man. Two people one after another entered the pavilion, and Guang Te, clasped his hands, reported:

"Prince, the 5th uncle, has arrived.

That older man politely dropped to one knee and said in a trembling voice:

"A low man visits the young prince ... no, he visits the prince!"

"Uncle Fang, get up quickly!" Chao Zong quickly ran up and, supporting the lame older man, helped him up.

This older man used to be the bodyguard of Ning Wang Shan Jian Bo. But after one battle, he was injured and returned to his homeland, and now lives in these places.

As soon as he got up, Lan Jo Ting asked:

"Fang Ping, we sent a man in advance to ask you to prepare a crossing across the river. All is ready?"

Fang Ping shook his head bashfully.

"Low man helpless. He was only able to prepare several rafts and nothing more."

Lan Jo Ting frowned.

"A few dozens people in a few days were able to prepare only a few rafts?" In those days, Ning Wang Shan Jian Bo specially laid off many warriors and placed them here. Just in case of an emergency.

Fan Ping sighed answered:

"Mr. Lan, there are things that cannot be predicted. After the conference of the army, the ruler of Kuangai County, Feng Lin Bo, began clashes with imperial troops, and their battles touched the surrounding villages. Many men were taken into their troops. As a result, half of several dozen died, and the other half were taken into custody by Feng Lin Bo. Whether they are alive now or not is unclear. Only the low man remained because Feng Lin Bo did not like the lame one. Therefore, everything I could, I did."

Lan Jo Ting was silent.

"That's how it is! Uncle Fang, don't think much, it's not your fault." - Shan Chao Zong consoled the older man and looked at the river and said:

"If my memory doesn't fail me, there is a bridge upstream, and there you can just cross over it. We just need to go a little roundabout."

Lan Jo Ting grinned bitterly:

"Prince does not know everything. Feng Lin Bo fought several times with the imperial forces and prepared for a surprise attack. Therefore, all the ships along the river under his control, not to mention the burnt bridges. If we go, we will lose a lot of time, and all for nothing. Moreover, we do not have a few days. It's better to tie the rafts!"

Chao Zong thought for a moment and then decided:

"Then, at dawn, we will collect rafts!"

After the decision, Guan Te took Fang Ping to rest. Later came Shan Shu Qing in a bamboo hat and with guqin. People with wooden crates for food came for her. (guqin (plucked instrument, in ancient times five-stringed, subsequently seven-stringed))

Looking at it all, Chao Zong smiling involuntarily asked:

"Shu Qing, are you in a good mood?"

Shu Qing shook her head.

"Brother, the two gentlemen do not want to share their thoughts with us. And here is such a beautiful landscape, maybe we'll invite them and skip a few cups. Shu Qing wants to play guqing. Maybe I can please your hearts a little."

Chao Zong said a little doubtfully:

"Do you want to play guqin for them? Grand Duchess want to do this? Shu Qing, don't you value them too high?"

Shu Qing replied:

"Brother, this is a simple courtesy, there is nothing indecent here. Even if they are not sages, are we also in what position now? Is it excessive respect? We simply provide excellent hospitality, and there is nothing shameful in this. And if they are competent, then wouldn't it be better to establish a good relationship with them? Brother, in our situation, there is nothing wrong if we have more friends and fewer enemies. Even if they do not become friends with us, then they will not be enemies. Then we sit together and will disperse. What do you say to that?"

Lan Jo Ting sighed to himself. This princess is incomparably smart. She has the aspirations of a great man, it is only a pity that she was born the girl!

"It turns out I got the instruction!" Shan Chao Zong folded his arms and sincerely accepted the sister's instructions, which is why Shu Qing smiled.

Chao Zong also smiled and signaled Lan Jo Ting to invite them.

Only who knew that Shu Qing would say:

"Better we call them together. It will be much friendlier."

Chao Zong: "It is right too.


Shu Qing left guqin and ordered the soldiers to layout drinks, and only then she went with all her friends.

Three people, when they approached the tent of Niu Yu Tao, the forward Chao Zong suddenly stopped. He felt something under his foot.

However, he did not only have time to react to the fact that he touched below, as a silhouette tumbled out of the tent and suddenly blocked his path. Yuan Gang fiercely looked at him, and in his hands was a dagger.

Shu Qing and Lang Jo Ting, seeing that Chao Zong had stopped, also stopped. And only then they noticed that Chao Zong touched the silk thread.

They looked at each other. It turns out that they secretly set up such an ingenious mechanism here. As soon as people get closer here, inside the tent, they will already know about them. Only before how many times did they come to Niu Yu Tao, did not notice this. And now suddenly, Yuan Gang found out about their arrival. It's not difficult to guess whose hands it is.

Chao Zong began to look at Yuan Gan with even greater interest. How many subordinates he had, but no one noticed how Yuan Gan installed such a cunning mechanism here.

Seeing them, Yuan Gan with the same fierce as his face tone asked:

"What do you need?"

Chao Zong asked:

"All the way, we constantly rushed forward, and today is such good weather, and on the river bank the beautiful view at this wonderful time of the year. So we decided to invite the guard-mentor and brother Yuan Gan for dinner.

Yuan Gan answered in a cold tone: "Not worth it. The mentor is already sleeping!"

Three people were surprised, they already thought that they had received the refusing. But who knew that suddenly from the tent came the voice of Niu Yu Tao:

"Is there a night snack?"

The curtain of the tent rose, and from there appeared the head of Niu Yu Tao. He shook the hair off his shoulder and, looking at the three and smiling, asked:

"Have you something to eat?"

"Night ... snack? M, there is. There ... near the shore. Please, the mentor!"- Chao Zong's hand invited Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao looked toward the riverbank and said, Yuan Gan:

"Are you hungry, no? If you are not hungry, then go to sleep." - and after what was said, he turned to Chao Zong and politely said:

"Thank you for the courtesy." "Please!"

Several people turned and walked, while Yuan Gan returned to the tent.

Chao Zong and others thought that Yuan Gang really went to sleep. However, Yuan Gan quickly left the tent and followed them. And he had the sword, it was the sword of Niu Yu Tao. Yuan Gan walked silently and constantly looked around.

And when they reached the pavilion, Niu Yu Tao freely went inside and, leaning on the railing, looked at the bright moon:

"A gorgeous landscape!"

"Mentor, please sit down!" Chao Zong enthusiastically invited him.

Niu Yu Tao smiling took his place. Lan Jo Ting sat nearby, and Yuan Gan, without giving any importance, with the sword in his hands stood for Niu Yu Tao.

"Brother Yuan Gan, please!" Chao Zong invited Yuan Gan with his hand.

Yuan Gan answered in a cold tone: "Not hungry!"

He answered so disrespectfully that he put the prince in an awkward position.

However, Niu Yu Tao, defusing the situation, said:

"He's always like that. Mulish. He adheres to worldly wisdom - not to communicate with people. I don't know how many times I taught him, but all to no avail. Prince, please do not pay attention to him.