Heavenly Genius - Chapter 3




Kill with a borrowed knife (arr. in the meaning: do dirty work with the other's hands)


The frost of a cold winter could not turn flowing water into ice, so you could hear a waterfall falling from the mountains.

Stars and the moon hung from the sky. A rider on a horse raced along the river. Hot steam came from the horse. There was a black cape on the rider. He rode along the river towards the mountain forest.

The horseman raced among the mountain forest, he waved his hand, take out one pale beam, which illuminated the road ahead. The beam that illuminated the way turned out to be a butterfly that fluttered its wings. This butterfly was called * little moon * because it shone like a bit of moon. She wore armor and had a bone spike inside the wings. During the day, this beam did not seem unusual, but at night the lighting of the butterfly seemed soft and warm. She lit everything at a distance of 2 Zhang. (T.T. 1 Zhang = 3.3 m). The speed of the butterfly was the same as that of the horse.

When the butterfly flapped its wings back, the area of the illuminated spot in the front was reduced, because the light was mainly emitted from the wings of the butterfly.

So the butterfly regularly flew forward, illuminating the path.

Suddenly, another butterfly flew ahead, which blocked the rider's path.

The horseman stopped and called for his butterfly, and a small moon flickered under the horseman's cloak. The black horseman raised his face, and one could see the face of the older man with a long gray beard. In his eyes, it was can saw spirit light.    He threw a wooden sign forward.

A silhouette lurking on a tree grabbed a wooden plaque and, after looking, returned it. And his butterfly hid in the dark.

So the rider continued on his way, and the little moon again began to illuminate the road in the mountain forest.

The moon and stars mysteriously shone in the sky. In a beautiful place, in a mountainous wooded area, among the cliffs, could see the palace illuminated by lights. It was the residence of the sect of the Highest purity.

That horseman, having got here, jumped from the horse. When he took off his hood, one could see his noble face. This was precisely the head of the sect of the Highest Purity, Tan Mu.

One student respectfully greeted him:

— Head!

Tan Mu, without saying anything, threw him the reins of a horse, and he quickly went along the cliff. Rotating hieroglyphics flew up to him and built a staircase up. After taking a few steps, Tan Mu ascended to a palace soaring in the air near the top of the cliff and continued to move on.

Near the house with curved corners of the roof, there was one beauty. Her veil-covered hair fell over her shoulders. Her eyebrows were like a leaf of a weeping willow. Her eyes looked like the eyes of a phoenix. Her bright eyes were like black jade. She also had a beautiful nose and lips like a cherry - all this made her sexy, like an opened lotus. White delicate skin, like delicate porcelain, sublime lush breasts, a graceful figure, and a tight-fitting gray skirt gave it an attractive and, at the same time, cold beauty. The temperament of the celestial woman emanated from her.

It was the daughter of Tan Mu - Tan Yi. She stood here alone and admired the moon.

Suddenly she discovered the light of a butterfly. Although Tan Mu, climbing the peak of the cliff, removed the butterfly, Tan Yi still noticed its rays.

Turning her head, Tan Yi saw her father climbing the stairs. She immediately went to meet him and asked curiously:

 - Father, are you back alone? What about the brothers?

Well, who knew that the silhouette of Tan Mu would stagger, and he would stumble and fall to the ground. He was coughing up blood.

Tan Yi got scared. Indeed, this should not be the case with the cultivation of the father. She immediately rushed to him and began to support him.

And only approaching her father, she smelled blood. When she touched him to support, she noticed that his clothes were wet and sticky. Under the light of the lamps of the houses and the light of the butterfly, she saw that it was blood. Tan Yi fearfully asked:

 — Father, are you injured?

Tan Mu waved his hand a little and signaled so that she would not make a fuss.

It was already a cold winter, and in the mountains, it was even colder. But inside houses where a cast-iron stove for making pills burns, a person can warm up well by observing a blazing fire. From the fire, all the heat disperses into every space of the house. And when, opening the door, you go inside the house, you can immediately feel the gentle warmth of the home.

Supporting her father, Tan Yi entered the house and, with an anxious look, was about to examine her father's wound.

Only her father stopped her and said in a grim voice:

— Now call three elders and all students. I have to say something meaningful!

Tan Yi worriedly answered:

— Father, your wound...

Tan Mu interrupted her:

—Go faster, faster!

Tan Yi, biting her lips, and with tears in her eyes, as if she understood something, turned around and quickly ran away.

It was not a long time before a lot of students came running in the first place. Seeing Tan Mu, they all trembled with fear. Under good lighting, they noticed that he was seriously injured.

The students immediately ran to examine his wounds, mainly his senior student, Wei Duo. He said with great concern:

 — Teaches ... teacher ... you ...  where did you get the wound ... why is such a severe injury... the student ... the student will heal you! — Wei Duo was born a stutter, so he always said that.

Tan Mu waved his hand, making it clear that they would move away and not pay attention to it. Only Wei Duo fell to his knees and did not get up.

Tan Mu closed his eyes as if he no longer had the strength to speak with them.

A little later, three patriarchs of the sect of the Highest purity came. Two men and one woman came in at the door, shoulder to shoulder.

The patriarchs were Luo Yuan Gong, Su Po, and Tan Su Su. All of them were already old. This was the older generation of the sect. Once they were also the leaders of the sect, and when Tan Mu took the place of the head, the older generation resigned.

At least three people were psychologically preparing themselves before coming. Still, when the three entered the house, they were seriously afraid. They all quickly went to inspect Tan Mu.

After three people examined him, they were alarmed in earnest. After all, they understood the reason why Tan Mu refused to be treated. The wound was so heavy that now it cannot be cured. All his insides were damaged, and only thanks to true qi was he still alive.

Three people understood why he had so hastily called everyone here.

— Who did this? - Tan Su Su angrily asked him. After all, she was the aunt of Tan Mu. She called him into the sect and made a lot of effort so that he took the place of the head of the sect. And now, with her nephew, something had happened, so why could she don't be angry?

Tan Mu slowly said:

— Let's wait until everyone gets together!

They had to wait for a little while everyone gathered.

Tan Yi returned and already called several dozen disciples of the sect of the Highest purity. In the house, everyone became by hierarchical order.

After that, Tan Mu, holding on to the handrails of the chair, sat right down and, using force, clearly said:

— Because of my wound, I can no longer remain the head of a higher purity sect. Today, everyone listens to my order. You will all be witnesses. I officially transfer my place as head to brother-student of Dong Guo Hao Ran. Everyone heard my request. No one will deceive anyone. There are rules, and they must not be violated. The offender will be severely punished!

The crowd of disciples only looked at each other in confusion, and the three patriarchs were quite frightened. Transfer the place to Dong Guo Hao Ran?

According to the rules of the sect of Highest purity, the head may appoint the next leader of the sect from among students of the inner circle. If something happens to the head, he must choose the next head from his students. Only if a leader does not have its students can he choose a new head from among other students in his inner circle.

Dong Guo Hao Ran is a fellow practitioner of Tan Mu and also a student of the inner circle sect. And he could be chosen as the head. Only he for Tan Mu came from a different line of students, and besides, there were other reasons not to appoint him head.

Tan Su Su could not stand it and said earnestly:

I'm asking the head to think again. Dong Guo Hao Ran has been talking with Shang Jian Bo for a long time, and Shang Jian Bo is continuously dreaming of uniting the Celestial Empire. Therefore, uncles persuaded them, brother, in those years to transfer the place of the head to you, and not to Dong Guo Hao Ran. And today you want to move this place to him again? If this happens, then Dong Guo Hao Ran will bring harm to the sect, and the current incident will seem only really joke!

Tan Mu calmly replied:

— On the way here, I found out that Shang Jian Bo passed away. Therefore, the matter with Shang Jian Bo has already in the past.

* Shang Jian Bo passed away? * Shang Jian Bo is the brother of the emperor of the kingdom of Yan. He is a military adviser to the Yan kingdom. Such a person endowed with power, how could he have died? Why are they still not aware of such news?

However, Tan Su Su continued with her head held high talk:

— I do not agree!

Tan Mu squinted at her and asked:

— Why? Do you want to go against the laws of the sect?

Tan Su Su:

— I never went against the laws of the sect. But according to the rules of the sect of the Highest purity, the head of the sect appoints the next chapter from his line of disciples. And only if there are no students, he could nominate head from the students of the inner circle. You want to appoint a student from another line as the head. What are your reasons for this?

Tan Mu closed his eyes and sighed answered:

This time, when I left with my students, only I managed to return.

Everyone was silent. When they saw the wounded Tan Mu, they only guessed about the fate of other students. But now they are fully convinced that the other students are dead. But finally, happened?

Tan Su Su, again pointing to Wei Duo, said:

— Wei Duo is your central student, why not put him in charge?"

Tan Mu said indifferently:

Wei Duo is a sincere and generous person. But the place of the head of the sect is not suitable for him. This is too much responsibility.

This time no one opposed. Wei Duo was stutter, and such the head of the sect may be disadvantageous for the sect.

Tan Su Su again pointed to Tan Yi:

— Tan Yi? The sect does not say that a woman cannot be the head of a sect

Tan Mu:

— Tan Yi is my daughter. And the sect of the Highest purity is not my personal property. Can I, because of selfish feelings, transfer the place of the head to my relatives?

Tan Su Su, in a raised tone, said:

 — In the name of the common good, you can appoint your relative. Who dares not to obey?

Tan Mu calmly replied:

— Not befitting!

Tan Su Su angrily asked him:

Tell me, in the end, why do you want to transfer your place to Dong Guo Hao Ran? Is there another reason for this?

Tan Mu suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her. He strictly said:

 — Patriarchs of the sect of the Highest purity sect no longer pay attention to the laws of the sect?

 — ... Tan Su Su couldn't find the words. She didn't think that her nephew would talk such to her in front of all the students. Without respect will said her.

— I already decided! - Tan Mu took out a wooden tablet and handed it to the nearby patriarch Luo Yuan Gong:

 — Apprentice-brother Dong Guo Hao Ran is not here. According to the laws of the sect, I give this tablet to the patriarchs for storage. And when the brother returns, he can officially lead the sect. All students of the sect of the Highest purity sect are witnesses. Mistakes should not be!