Heavenly Genius - Chapter 30




turning from the guest into the host

Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate. Infiltrate your target. Initially, pretend to be a guest to be accepted, but develop from inside and become the owner later.


Niu Yu Tao cleared his throat. He had the feeling that he would spit out his lungs.

Niu Yu Tao coughing pointed to himself and waved his hand, saying that he can not play musical instruments. So coughing he left.

So did he leave? Several people looked at each other and did not find words.

Shan Shu Qing was silent. She initially wanted to ask him to play guqin, but Niu Yu Tao did not give her a chance.

Looking at the silhouette of Niu Yu Tao, Yuan Gan twisted his mouth. He wanted to get the lord Tao in the wrong, but the lord Tao is the lord Tao. He will come out at any moment from any situation. Therefore, he, too, without saying anything, said goodbye to everyone, took the sword, and followed Niu Yu Tao.

Chao Zong and the rest only later realized that Niu Yu Tao under such an excuse had disappeared from them!

Looking at the spoiled food on the table that you don't eat, Lan Jo Ting shook his head and said:

 "The verse is perfect. But who composed it?!"

Chao Zong said in a cold tone: "What do you think, which of them is telling the truth?"

Shan Shu Qing gracefully walked to the railing and looked at the river:

"The boiling crests of the waves of a great river can wash away heroism ..." Forests and mountains are still here. Sits in front of flowers - sobers up, falls asleep under herbs - gets drunk. And so he whiled away his days, now drunker, then sober The flowers faded and opened. Both are cool poems. Perhaps they came from one person. However, he still wants to keep his distance with us. Brother, this man seems not going to stay with us. I'm afraid that sooner or later, he will leave us!"

Chao Zong was not happy either: "It's dangerous to go with us. For the sake of self-preservation, his actions are understandable."

Lan Jo Ting sighing said: "At least, we learned that they do not bear malicious thoughts against us!"

In the tent, Niu Yu Tao sat with his legs folded.

The curtain opened, and Yuan Gan entered.

He asked: "Is there anything to eat?"

"Fried, boiled, steamed is hard to find here. Wait, when the situation stabilizes, then we will solve this issue!" - Having said this, Niu Yu Tao looked askance at him and said irritably:

"Monkey, how can you take their side!"

"How can you say that?" Yuan Gan looked contemptuously at Niu Yu Tao. He did not even want to argue about this. He ostentatiously put his sword into the scabbard, turned and sat, placing his legs under him in front of Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Tao, the monastery on the southern mountain, is already close. Do you think that they will attack you there?"

Niu Yu Tao, too, threw off his anger. Yet they did not need to sort things out about what had happened, and he immediately said:

 "Tu Han hinted to me. And with that false letter, you can be 80% certain that there someone will try to kill me. Only who will attack me? Either a man of the sect of the highest purity or someone else who needs my death."

Yuan Gan asked: "What are you going to do?"

Niu Yu Tao:

 "First, we need to stay alive. I do not want to die here. Moreover, it is necessary to make the sect of the Highest purity consider me dead and let me go. Then I will have time to cultivate and increase my strength. And if they know that I'm alive, they won't let me go. Now with our strength, we will not be able to resist them. Therefore, it is best if the sect of the highest purity believes that I have died. The masters of the Highest purity are powerful, and the networks of the sect of the Highest purity are considerable. And here we are new people, and know little. Therefore we do not leave the prince. A prince is a prince. And the sect of the Highest purity will not dare to attack us with him!"

Two people have been working among themselves for many years, and here Yuan Gan seemed to understand what Niu Yu Tao wanted to say:

"Does Plum die instead of peach?"

Nu Yu Tao nodded his head: "So it is. Perhaps there will be two outcomes at the monastery of the southern mountain. If a man of the Highest purity sect attacks me, then he will define me by 80%. Then the plum method will not work instead of peach. And if this is not a person of the sect of the Highest purity, then just you can put a plum instead of a peach!"

Yuan Gan: "And more specifically?"

Niu Yu Tao: "It is necessary to find a person like me out of these 500 people and send him to the monastery on the southern mountain. If the killer does not recognize me, then he will be killed. And when Chao Zong seeks his man, then at that moment, we will leave them.

If there is a man of the highest purity, then he will not kill the messenger. And when you see that soldier come out alive, give the SOS signal. Shan Chao Zun people will notice this signal and will go to catch the intruder. And we will leave them at that moment. One way or another, accompanying the brother and sister is dangerous. When the fire lights up, you need to leave them immediately!

Yuan Gan nodded his head: "I know it! Then I'll do it, and you will calm Shan Chao Zong and others.

Niu Yu Tao sighed: "And what I wanted to do ??? And what you threw away ..."

Yuan Gan turned, lay on the felt, closed his eyes, and did not listen to him...

The next day, Yuan Gan got up and began to go around the tent. He took water so that Niu Yu Tao washed.

Behind the tent, Niu Yu Tao brushed his teeth and washed. And then he noticed that the riders were running back and forth. He immediately asked: "What happened?"

Yuan Gan: "They say they cut down trees to cross the river."

"Aaa" - Niu Yu Tao looked around and continued to wash. After washing, Niu Yu Tao walked around the camp and noticed on the shore of Chao Zong and others. They waved to him. Niu Yu Tao had no choice but to approach them.

"Prince, do you want to tie the rafts and cross the river?" Niu Yu Tao greeted them.

Lan Jo Ting smiling said: "Right! If there were only people, then okay. And there are so many horses here that it causes a little inconvenience."

Niu Yu Tao looked at the river and asked with curiosity:

"And there is no bridge? The bridge should be more convenient."

Lan Jo Ting:

"The mentor does not know. The ruler of Kuangai - Feng Lin Bo, supports the army and ignores the orders of the emperor. Therefore he controls all the ships. And he already burned the bridges to avoid a surprise attack. Therefore, we can only connect the rafts and so cross the river."

"Holds an army and does not obey the emperor?" Niu Yu Tao walked between them and looked at the opposite bank.

"A tiny chief of the county and dares to confront the imperial troops? Is this Feng Lin Bo strong?"

Chao Zong and Shu Qing looked at each other. They did not know, Niu Yu Tao does not know or pretends to be.

Lan Jo Ting smiling said: "One county against the whole empire certainly will not work. Only now, the imperial court is under pressure from enemy states, so internal unrest is now not welcome. And Feng Lin Bo has the power. He has cultivator sects that support him and another a large army. Especially a well-trained army. His eldest son, Feng Ru Yi, the second son of Feng Ru Jie, are brave warlords who know how to fight. Even his daughter Feng Ru Nan wears a bandage on his head and is not inferior to a man. The children of Feng Ling Bo overwhelmed the imperial army several times, so the imperial court was forced to retreat for some time. Kuangai County is also in a good location. The climate here is warm and humid. Everything is booming, and the population is undoubtedly increasing. Feng Ling Bo does not need anything here. So far, he can resist the imperial troops!"

*This boss can support his army and resist imperial troops. It seems that the turmoil in the kingdom of Yan is rather big!* - Niu Yu Tao thought and said in a whisper: "Feng Ru Nan ..."

He remembered one event when he just left the temple and was going on the raft to the sect of the highest purity. That girl is a warlord. She was just telling him to come to Kuangai County. And on her arrow with the tag, the inscription with the phoenix and the hieroglyph * Nan * was only engraved.

Hearing the whispers of Niu Yu Tao, Lan Jo Ting asked with interest:

 "Does the mentor seem to know Feng Ling Bo's daughter?"

"Khe-khe"- Niu Yu Tao smiled and shook his head.

As at this moment, there was happened a noise in the rear. Chao Zong immediately turned and shouted: "What's happening?"

Later, Niu Yu Tao saw how Yuan Gan was surrounded by a crowd of people, why immediately frowned.

Several people quickly went there. Ahead was the centurion Guan Te, and before him, all dispersed. Seeing Yuan Gan standing in front of his bodyguards, Chao Zong again asked: "What's happening?"

Yuan Gan stood still and did not move. He had a stone expression on his face. And another centurion Cheng Shu Lin, standing opposite him, pointing to Yuan Gan, growled:

"Prince! He said the guard of Yinyang and Wuli scum!"

Several people immediately stared at Yuan Gan. Shu Qing was surprised. Why did he say that?

Chao Zong: "Was Brother Yuan that?"

Yuan Gang indifferently answered: "I said that."

This response caused outrage among others, even Chao Zong frowned. Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing looked at each other.

And Niu Yu Tao shouted angrily: "Monkey, what are you talking about?"

Yuan Gang indifferently answered: "No nonsense. It's true. Who does not agree, can check!

The prince's two bodyguards immediately showed their zeal that they wanted to give a thrashing to this Yuan Gan.

Chao Zong waved his hand and looked at Yuan Gan. He had long looked at Yuan Gang and understood that this person had good faith in himself, and therefore had long wanted to experience it. And now, this moment just asked for it. So he shouted:

 "Good. Which of the brothers wants to test Brother Yuan !?"


"I will go!

"Prince, let me!"

Immediately a crowd of people volunteered to fight against Yuan Gan. As a result, Cheng Shu Lin crushed everyone with his voice and went to battle.