Heavenly Genius - Chapter 31




using seductive women to corrupt the enemy

Send your enemy beautiful women to cause discord within his camp. This strategy can work on three levels. First, the ruler becomes so enamoured with the beauty that he neglects his duties and allows his vigilance to wane. Second, other males at court will begin to display aggressive behaviour that inflames minor differences hindering co-operation and destroying morale.

Third, other females at court, motivated by jealousy and envy, begin to plot intrigues, further exacerbating the situation.

Yuan Gan stood and did not move. It was as if he didn't give a damn who would come out against him.

Niu Yu Tao shouted: "Monkey, stop. This is not the place for your fun!"

"I'm not having fun. If I lose, I will accept punishment from the prince." Yuan Gan promised.

Shan Chao Zong imperceptibly rejoiced. He just wanted to take Yuan Gang into his subordinates. Near the village, he noticed the operational abilities of Yuan Gan. Yuan Gan was able to lead ordinary village people and train them to resist the robbery of bandits. Isn't that the best proof of his abilities?

Yuan Gan looked at Cheng Shu Lin standing in front of him and said: "What will happen if you lose?"

Cheng Shu Lin replied: "If I lose, I will do what you want!"

Yuan Gang indifferently answered: "You are a soldier of the prince. Are your words worth something?"

Cheng Shu Lin looked helplessly at Chao Zong.

Chao Zong laughed: "Okay!"

Yuan Gang looked at him and said: "I don't matter who; the main thing is that I have an errand man all the way. I don't know how the prince looks at it?"

Chao Zong waved his hand: "Good!

Niu Yu Tao shouted again: "Monkey, don't talk nonsense!"

However, the Monkey did not listen to him.

All on the eve of the fight enthusiastically approached. The campaign was dull, and now it has just become interesting. Many began to retreat, organizing a circle. They brought two horses, and the bodyguards presented zhanmadao. (zhanmadao (sword dissecting a horse))

Cheng Shu Lin climbed onto his horse, took zhanmadao, and rode off one way.

Niu Yu Tao did not back down. As soon as the horses were brought up and the sword was brought, he went to Yuan Gang and scolded said:

"You are blind! - and added in a whisper:

 "Can you do that? Why rattle abilities?!"

Yuan Gan also whispered back: "In the village near the temple, I fought off robbers for several years. Also, you spoke correctly about qigong. Here, the progress in cultivation is excellent!

Hearing this, Niu Yu Tao calmed down. Be that as it may, there will be no sense if he still will say something. So he turned around and went to Chao Zong and the others.

In the distance, Cheng Shu Lin waved his sword and provoked Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gang looked at him, then climbed onto his horse and hit the horse with his sword, instantly rushed towards Cheng Shu Ling.

Then Yuan Gan turned sharply and threw his sword in the direction of the prince.

-Jin. - the sword pierced the ground in front of the prince.

Many people looked at each other with bewildered looks. What is that supposed to mean? Is he going to fight with his bare hands against Cheng Shu Lin? If so, then Cheng Shu Lin immediately wins. After all, a sword in the hands of a rider becomes a rather powerful and dangerous force. How not to be afraid of a rider with the sword!

Chao Zong gazed after Yuan Gan. Yuan Gan aroused his admiration more and more. He liked the character of Yuan Gan.

And Niu Yu Tao, taking his sword, looked quite calm. He was interested to see how strong Yuan Gan became.

Under the curious glances, Yuan Gang rode all the way to Cheng Shu Ling. He suddenly raised his hand, clenched his fist, and extended his thumb, showed it down!

Although only Niu Yu Tao understood and knew this sign among all, the rest of the people were not stupid and guessed that this sign clearly did not praise Chen Shu Ling

Cheng Shu Lin grinned at the actions of Yuan Gang, but inside he burned with anger. This madman dared to go against him without weapons ?!


Cheng Shu Lin hit the horse with his sword and immediately rushed to Yuan Gan. The horse's hooves moved so fast that it seemed to fly above the ground. The rider and the horse merged.

Yuan Gan stood like a mountain. He began to strain his lowered arms, his whole body also began to twist, so that one could hear a crunch. He gazed steadily at the horse, which raced at him. Then Yuan Gan suddenly, like a cheetah, jumped to meet the enemy!

A lot of people were surprised. Is he crazy?

Seeing the distraught Yuan Gan galloping at him, Cheng Shu Lin took his sword and turned it over with its backside. The prince seems to like Yuan Gan, so he did not want to kill him. One time to teach him will be enough.

Having made the maneuver, Cheng Shu Lin swung and attacked with the sword of Yuan Gan. Only Yuan Gan dodged down to the left side of the horse. He seemed to have stuck to the horse's hooves, and at the moment when Cheng Shu Lin's horse slipped to his left, Yuan Gan grabbed the horse's hoof.


Cheng Shu Lin's horse neighing, as if a lasso had been thrown at him, and immediately capsized.

Cheng Shu Lin, sitting on it, also instantly flew from the saddle.

"Aaa," -  many guards exclaimed.

Cheng Shu Lin had not yet had time to get up, as Yuan Gang, who had slipped past him, abruptly stopped his horse, turned around and rushed back to Cheng Shu Lin.

Cheng Shu Lin was an experienced soldier and immediately stood up. He was going to confront him on foot, standing on the ground. Just before he got up, he heard a scream.

"Look out!"

He just turned his head as Yuan Gan was already slipping past him and pushed him with his foot in the back.

* Wham * - Cheng Shu Lin flew off again from the blow.

 He flew 2 Zhang and only then fell to the ground, and his sword also flew off. (Zhang = 3.3 m)

Yuan Gan, at that moment, just jumped off his horse and kicked Cheng Shu Ling's sword with his foot. He continued to walk on Cheng Shu Lin.

Chao Zong, seeing the situation, shouted: "Give up!"

Tipped over twice - it's already possible to say lost. Cheng Shu Lin was already bleeding. The blood was bleeding from his nose and mouth. He shook his head and wanted to keep fighting. Only when he raised his head, he did feel something cold on his neck. It seemed to him that two people were standing in front of him. But it turned out that this one Yuan Gan stood and held the sword on his neck!


 Cheng Shu Lin sighed languidly, lay down on the ground, and smiled bitterly.

Yuan Gan threw back his sword and, without saying anything, with a stony expression on his face, went back. His body was healthy and free. No one influenced him.

Niu Yu Tao smiled a little. It turns out that Yuan Gan really advanced his qigong quite well since he was able to grab a horse's hoof with his hand.

"A true commander!" Chao Zong spoke in a whisper and looked with admiration at Yuan Gan. He looked at him as the original beauty. As he understood, such a person possesses not only martial arts. Also, he can behave himself after the battle. And restrained emotions mean a lot.

Standing next to Guan Te looked at the prince and saw that the prince was delighted with Yuan Gan. Guan Te smiled bitterly at that.

Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting could not stand it and look at each other. What does a real general mean? During the battle, getting one right commander is much more critical than a mentor-defender. Mentors, by nature, appear, but a real commander is challenging to find. If you search, you won't find it. They can appear only due to luck, and they cannot be begged from others. Nobody will give you such!

The bodyguards on the left and right could not say anything. With bare hands, grab a galloping horse by the hooves and make him stumble? Yes, anyone in his place would have already been trampled to death by a horse. And Yuan Gan could. How mighty is his power!

Previously, many were angry at Yuan Gan. They thought he was just boasting. But now it became clear that the guards of Wuli and Yinyang are nothing for him!

A group of people ran to the fallen horse and began its inspection. "Do you need medical attention?" Someone ran to Cheng Shu Lin and helped him up. In troubled times, horses are an expensive resource.

Yuan Gan went up to Chao Zong and looked into his eyes. And then, ignoring Chao Zong's enthusiastic gaze, he immediately stood behind Niu Yu Tao.

However, Niu Yu Tao smiling said, "Just measured their strength and nothing more. Prince, there's nothing to pay for."

He only reminded Chao Zong, who, looking at Yuan Gan, said:

"I keep my word. Brother Yuan can choose anyone out of 500 bodyguards!"

Yuan Gan indifferently said: "When the time comes, I will say!"

"Nonsense!" - Niu Yu Tao spoke displeasedly, and then, clasping his hands, he said, smiling to the prince: "Prince, you are busy. We will not bother you!"

After that, he grabbed the Yuan Gan and walked away from everyone's attention.

Chao Zong, seeing them off, only sighed:

 "Such an outstanding commander. He did not go into the world of glory but went with him. Really pitty! - Chao Zong would be ready to take a group of people and exchange them for Yuan Gan. Only now he does not have anything to negotiate with Niu Yu Tao.

Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting also exchanged a sigh. They thoroughly understood the mood of Chao Zong. Now Chao Zong lacks horse riders, commanders, and mentors. All he lacks. And Niu Yu Tao still decided to leave them. Only they do not know when they will leave them!

Two days later, most of the rafts were ready. They sent a small number of people to go to the opposite shore, find out the situation, and report to Kuangai County about their movement to avoid misunderstanding.

As soon as they got permission, they immediately blindfolded the horses and pulled them to the rafts.