Heavenly Genius - Chapter 32



presenting a bold front to conceal unpreparedness When the enemy is superior in numbers and your situation is such that you expect to be overrun at any moment, then drop all pretense of military preparedness, act calmly and taunt the enemy, so that the enemy will think you have a huge ambush hidden for them.

So they, one after another, crossed the river.

On the other side, the commanders visited Chao Zong. Nevertheless, the county of Kuangai did not wholly renounce the imperial family, and Chao Zong is also an imperial family. A prince is a prince. And from a sense of duty, and the point of view of logic, it was necessary to meet him. The commanders also knew that Chao Zong was not at all the man of the imperial house, and indeed not an enemy. Therefore, they even arranged a banquet in honor of the prince, only the prince tactfully refused. Be that as it may, he belongs to the imperial family.

However, all the same, the commanders sent a group of 10 people to escort the prince from the territory of Kuangai County.

Chao Zong did not reject this proposal. Of course, he understood that this group was not to accompany him but to keep under control. In that was the point. After all, the prince has 500 soldiers. If they want, they can easily break through several thousand-foot detachments of Kuangai County. The county governor must be careful. He should not be blamed for this.

This is how the troops marched, and a group of escorts marched behind.

Within the county of Quangai, a temple on the southern mountain was already nearby. And the day, when they were approaching the hill, had already come. Near the road was a hill, which was called a small southern mountain.

Shu Qing, turning her head, shouted: "Brother!"

Chao Zong became severe and raised his hand.

Immediately their group of detachments stopped.

Chao Zong became serious because Niu Yu Tao will leave them when he transmitted the letter. Here they are in front of the temple on the southern mountain.

Shu Qing, who had stopped with a straight back, bowed her head and looked at Niu Yu Tao:

"Mentor, don't you need to take the letter? The small south mountain here."

 "A! Here?"  "Niu Yu Tao pretended don't understand.

Chu Jie - responsible for the advance detachment pointed to the road leading to the mountain: "The monastery of the southern hill is just there!"

Niu Yu Tao nodded his head and, looking at Yuan Gan, said:

 "Monkey, there is a letter in your bag. You can take him to the temple!"

Yuan Gan silently nodded his head and left them. He made a circle around the detachment and pointed to one guard:

 "You will come with me!"

That guard's name was Su Jie Ren. As he saw that Yuan Gan was pointing at him, he was a little surprised. But Chao Zong nodded to him, and he immediately went after Yuan Gan.

"Be careful!" Lang Jo Ting looked at the standing Guan Te and winked.

Guang Te nodded a little and ordered the unit to go in one direction. And most of the 500 warriors dispersed and watched everything vigilantly.

In charge of the guards of Kuangai County, Chu Wu drove up and asked:

"Prince, what's the matter?"

Lan Jo Ting as he heard, laughed and instead of the prince answered:

"Nothing. Just sent a person with a letter. This should not take much time."

Chu Woo grunted and drove back, looking around on all sides ...

"Follow me!" Yuan Gan, climbing the hill, shouted and, turning off the road, drove into the woodland.

Su Jie Ren also drove into the dense forest, when he saw Yuan Gan, who stopped and looked around.

Su Jie Ren asked: "Brother Yuan, what happened? Don't you have to take the letter?"

"Get off!" Yuan Gan simply told him, and he got off the horse. He took out the clothes of Niu Yu Tao from his bag.

Su Jie Ren did not have time to come to his senses when Yuan Gan threw the clothes.

"Change your clothes!"

"Why?" Su Jie Ren asked without understanding.

Yuan Gan: "I say change clothes, what are you talking about rubbish!"

Su Jie Ren, in a hopeless situation, began to change clothes and changed clothes rather slowly.

Yuan Gan shouted: "Faster!

Hastily Su Jie Ren changed clothes, and Yuan Gan went up to him and began to cut his hair.

Su Jie Ren immediately walked away and asked warily: "What are you doing in the end?"

Yuan Gang indifferently answered: "Do not want, then go back to the prince and say that you do not wish to follow my instructions. Let the prince send someone who agrees to obey my orders."

Su Jie Ren had no choice.

After a while, Yuan Gan tonsured him, as did Niu Yu Tao. Su Jie Ren had the same ponytail. Yuan Gan took out a letter and laid it on Su Jie Tse Ren's chest.

"Everything is simple. Go to the temple and ask for an audience with the head of the temple. Give this letter only to him. Say also that you are the student of the sect of the highest purity Niu Yu Tao. The head of the sect asked you to convey this letter. After you give the letter, the most important thing is to know the situation in the temple well. Got it?"  "Yuan Gan said this to confuse Su Jie Ren.

After the instructions, two people again jumped on their horses and headed for the temple. When the location of the temple was already visible, Yuan Gan turned off the road and drove into the highlands. And Su Jie Ren went on alone. Yuan Gan, meanwhile, tied his horse well and hid among the trees. He climbed onto the crown of a tree and watched the temple from there. He just saw Su Jie Ren stop by the temple.

"Head, one man has arrived outside. He says that he is a student of the sect of the Highest purity Niu Yu Tao. The head of the sect ordered him to send us a letter."

Behind the living room, Yuan Fang and Song Yang Qing were drinking tea and talking, as at that moment, one student came up and reported to them.

Yuan Fang had not yet had time to say something, as Song Yang Qing stood up, and his eyes lit up.

"Really came!" - then he turned his head and said to Yuan Fang:

 Let him come in!"- then he gave Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo a sign so that they would hide for a while in another room. Song Yang Qing himself hid in another room and punched holes in the paper, which covered the window hole.

Yuan Fang nodded helplessly. He did not want to get involved in affairs within the sect. Therefore, only waving to his student, he said: "Let's come in!"

Very quickly looking around, Su Jie Ren entered. After courtesies with Yuan Fang, he took out a letter.

Song Yang Qing, who was in the next room, frowned. Of course, he could identify Niu Yu Tao, so he immediately realized that it was not Niu Yu Tao who came. He looked at Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo: "Exit and see what's outside!"

Two people left the house and were not even paying attention to Su Jie Ren.

Yuan Fang opened the letter and began to examine it. He looked left to right, then right to left, and so and so. But did not see anything. It was plain paper!

Coming Song Yang Qing also took the letter and examined Su Jie Ren. Then he looked at the letter, but also saw nothing ...

Outside, at the doors to the temple, Xiu Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo climbed the stairs back and forth and constantly looked around.

Yuan Gang also noticed them. He saw how one silhouette climbed the fence of the temple, then he jumped from the wall onto a tree and began to bounce back and forth on the treetops. He looked all the way around.

It was none other than Cheng Gui Shuo. It turned out that they had one from above, the other from below examined everything.

Yuan Gan was cursing to himself now. After all, the direction where Cheng Gui Shuo was moving was precisely the direction of Yuan Gan. And if Yuan Gang begins to move soon, then they will find him. Therefore, he could not move, hoping that Cheng Gui Shuo would not notice him.

Only he was not very lucky. The wind blew and shook the trees, which is why Cheng Gui Shuo immediately noticed Yuan Gan. He narrowed his eyes and, drawing his sword, rushed off at him.

Yuan Gan felt the cold and immediately jumped onto another tree.

*Jing* Cheng Gui Shuo cut the branches and the crown of the tree.

He stepped on a tree and raced among the trees, like a swallow flying among the raindrops. He was chasing Yuan Gan.

And Yuan Gan, jumping from that tree, instantly went down and on foot rushed down. He understood that he was in a critical situation now. And that guy is definitely a strong warrior.

Behind him, he heard Cheng Gui Shuo now galloping between the trees, and his speed was immediate.


  Cheng Gui Shuo released the palm of pure mystery, and this blow was directed at Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan sensed that he would not have time to hide from the blow and strained his back. He was shocked by the blow, and the blow pushed him why the distance between Cheng Gui Shuo and Yuan Gan increased.

Cheng Gui Shuo was surprised. He did not think that the enemy would be so strong and continued the pursuit. Yuan Gan constantly, with the help of trees, avoided the blows of Cheng Gui Shuo. And when Cheng Gui Shuo again overtook Yuan Gan, he did not repeat the mistakes and pulled out the sword. He fired the sword's qi at him.

Yuan Gan, with the help of a tree, dodged the blow of the sword. Moreover, he grabbed the tree and, making a revolution around it, began to attack Cheng Gui Shuo in response.

Cheng Gui Shuo did not think at all that Yuan Gan would be able to evade. Moreover, he did not know that Yuan Gan would also counterattack! And seeing Yuan Gan's fist, Cheng Gui Shuo also released his fist.

"Bang!" There was a roar.

Yuan Gan, losing control of himself, flew overturning. He was shaking all over.

Cheng Gui Shuo also was shaken and even stepped back a few steps. Only then could he stabilize. He was surprised that Yuan Gan had such a powerful brute force!

Yuan Gan thereby angered Cheng Gui Shuo. Cheng Gui Shuo is now chasing after Yuan Gan quite violently. Now he was not planning to keep Yuan Gang alive. He was going to kill him!