Heavenly Genius - Chapter 33



sowing discord among the enemy

Undermine your enemy's ability to fight by secretly causing discord between him and his friends, allies, advisors, family, commanders, soldiers, and population.

While he is preoccupied settling internal disputes, his ability to attack or defend is compromised. In space, Cheng Gui Shuo changed the position of the sword and began to fight back with it, causing sparks to fly from the sword.

5-6 arrows flew to Cheng Gui Shuo. Then one could see more than a hundred people who suddenly started shooting at him.

It was Guang Te who headed them. Before this, Lan Jo Ting gave Guang Te a sign to check Yuan Gang's campaign. But who knew that here Yuan Gan would face such a danger. A prince liked Yuan Gan, so they could not let him die.

Thanks to this timely attack, Yuan Gan escaped death.

Cheng Gui Shuo fell and did not have time to take cover, as again, a line of arrows attacked him in huge numbers. A few dozen arrows flew on Cheng Gui Shuo. He understood that he could not fight back with a sword, so he deployed magical protective power.

A few dozen arrows hardened in space. Some arrows were was flying near Cheng Gui Shuo, some further. From the use of magical power, Cheng Gui Shuo was covered in a cold sweat.

Due to the arrows taking away the magical power of Cheng Gui Shuo, the next arrows could fly closer to him why the distance of the arrows to him was different. And the last arrows were undoubtedly closer to Cheng Gui Shuo.

However, this was only the beginning. Guang Te waved his hand, and another wave of arrows flew at Cheng Gui Shuo.

Cheng Gui Shuo could not resist so many arrows, because he is only the cultivator of the level of Lian Qi. So he waved his hand, threw off the arrows in front of him, and immediately disappeared behind one tree. Many arrows hit the tree and shook it. Many arrows flew near the tree.

Cheng Gui Shuo was under pressure, and Yuan Gan hid in a crowd of people. Under the protection of the group, Yuan Gan will be challenging to catch.

Guang Te looked at Yuan Gan and, making sure everything was okay with him, asked:

"What happened?"

Yuan Gang indifferently answered: "Don't clear."

Seeing Yuan Gan alone, Guang Te quickly asked: "Where is Sun Jie Ren?"

Yuan Gan looked at the mountain: "Inside the monastery!"

Guang Te did not speak much and immediately waved his hand and said: "To the top!"

And they all went to the monastery.

Yuan Gan grabbed Guang Te by the hand and said: "Most likely, there is not one cultivator. Dangerously!"

Guang Te replied: Guards Yinyang and Wuli do not leave their brothers in trouble!"

Yuan Gang froze a little. He looked at him with mixed feelings.

Guang Te did not think much and again said to everyone: "Let's go!"

The detachment headed up to the side where Cheng Gui Shuo was hiding.

Yuan Gan looked down. Everything went according to plan. Only then he looked up at the receding units. He froze, traces of a struggle with himself appeared on his face. And in the end, he did not run down but run toward the top. He took zhanmadao from one soldier and accelerated up to the front units.

And when the detachment was already approaching Cheng Gui Shuo, one person suddenly jumped down from a tree. This was precisely Xu Yi Tian. He jumped right into the crowd. A sword flashed, and he immediately cut 5-6 soldiers. The confusion began in the squad.

Xiu Yi Tian fought in the crowd, and the soldiers did not dare to shoot him, fearing to injure their own. They drew their swords and began to attack him. But were the soldiers opposed to the cultivator?

Seeing the brothers falling from the sword, Guang Te yelled angrily: "Launch a singing arrow!"

Yuan Gan turned his head and saw Cheng Gui Shuo realizing something, too, began to go out.

Yuan Gan madly attacked him.


Two swords clashed, and Cheng Gui Shuo again felt the power of brute force Yuan Gan. His sword shook, and his hand went numb. And with Yuan Gan, on the contrary, there was nothing. He rushed madly at Cheng Gui Shuo, waving his sword. And Cheng Gui Shuo began to recede from him. Cheng Gui Shuo occasionally let out the palm of pure mystery, and spatial power attacked Yuan Gan. Yuan Gan stepped back a bit from this attack, stabilized, and again rushed to Cheng Gui Shuo.

Several singing arrows shot up into the sky and began to explode in turn.

Near the postal tract, standing Chao Zong and others immediately saw a red explosion appear in one place. Then a few more explosions appeared. It was a signal for help!

It doesn't matter whether Chao Zong or Shu Qing - all at once on horseback headed towards the signal. Several hundred riders headed for the mountain.

Niu Yu Tao frowned.: *What? Why did you receive a signal for help?

Everything went wrong as they conceived with the monkey.* He was worried that something had happened to the monkey, and therefore, too, headlong galloped up.

The sentinel counties of Kuangai were also surprised, and looking at how Chao Zong headed up. They even went after him.

"Let's see what happened!"

10 riders also headed up.

Inside the monastery on the southern hill, they also heard a signal for help, and just talking, Sun Jie Ren saw the signal. Su Jie Ren wondered and wanted to get the sword and run out to help.

Only in Song Yang Qing immediately fired a blow - the palm of pure mystery into Su Jie Ren's back. So Sun Jie Ren falls to the ground?

"Take him into custody!" Song Yang Qing said Yuan Fang, and he jumped onto the roof of the house to look outside.

Amid a dense forest, he saw Cheng Gui Shuo in a problematic situation, and Xu Yi Tian just released his the palm of pure mystery and threw back a few people. Then he picked up one sword and attacked Yuan Gan from the back.

"Look out!" - Guang Te warned Yuan Gan, and himself blocked the path of Xiu Yi Tian. Only his sword clearly could not stand up to Xiu Yi Tian. There was a dull sound, blood spurted, and the sword of Xu Yi Tian ended up in Guang Te's chest.

Yuan Gan reacted and angrily attacked Xiu Yi Tian. Xiu Yi Tian dodged, then instantly climbed onto the crown of a tree and shouted:

"Let's go!"

Cheng Gui Shuo also disappeared instantly.

Arrows flew in their direction. Only in a dense forest arrow were ineffective. Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo, hiding behind tree trunks, jumped over tree crowns.

A crowd of people scared them off with arrows. And then someone fell to Guan Te, who was lying on the ground: "Grand! Prince…!"

The crowd of warriors saw Guang Tie stretch out the bloody hand and point to the nearby Yuan Gan. He looked hopefully at the silent Yuan Gan.

The crowd of warriors looked at Yuan Gan, and two people gave way to Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan walked over and took Guang Te by the bloodied hand.

Guang Te grabbed his hand with force and, applying force, said: "Brother Yuan, stay, stt ... stay with him ..."

Yuan Gan was silent and looked calmly at him until Guan Te's voice died down. So Guang Te did not receive the expected response.

Under the sad glances of the warriors, Yuan Gan, leaning on his sword, slowly stood up. And immediately, other warriors approached the Guan Te!

Outside the monastery on the southern hill, Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Tian just flew up to the gate. They encountered Song Yang Qing there. He only saw the bloodied Xiu Yi Tian.


Xiu Yi Tian shook his head: "Did not see Niu Yu Tao. There we encountered well-trained warriors. It looks like Shan Chao Zong's bodyguards!"

"The boy is cunning. Does he think that Shan Chao Zong will protect him?" Song Yang Qing grinned.

At that moment, there was a clatter of hoofs.

Cheng Gui Shuo said a little excitedly:

"Brother, this must be the rest of the Shang Chao Zong warriors. Maybe we should hide?"

Song Yang Qing, turning his head, shouted: "And why be afraid? What will Shan Chao Zong do to us?"

Cheng Gui Shuo said uncertainly: "Shan Chao Zong is still a prince. And it's not good if we fight with him. If anyone finds out, won't that bring a problem?"

" Who said you need to fight him? I am not going to fight him. Is the prince no longer in his prime? "Song Yang Qing said contemptuously and added with a cold grin: "Then let Shan Chao Zong give me Niu Yu Tao!"

Xiu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo looked at each other and thought about it. With the current strength of Chao Zong, can he do anything to them?

"Collect all the monks. "Collect all the monks.


The werewolf must not have escaped!" Song Yang Qing said again, and he began to descend the stairs freely. He went down like a respectable high-ranking official.

Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Tian quickly entered the temple and gathered all the people.

Several hundred people climbed to the side of the mountain and merged with the people of Guang Te. Chao Zong, who jumped off his horse, immediately ran into the forest and stopped in front of the body of Guang Te. He also saw dozens of dead soldiers.

Around the riders took all precautions.

Niu Yu Tao later arrived. He just saw the silently standing Yuan Gan, which is why he immediately calmed down. Only he did not understand why Yuan Gan did not leave them according to the agreed plan

Chao Zong was gloomy. He asked angrily: "What happened?"

"Prince, we came here to examine the situation. I just saw how Brother Yuan underwent an unexpected attack. So we started saving him ..." - one bodyguard told everything in detail.

Hearing everything, Niu Yu Tao frowned and stared at the silent Yuan Gan.

Su Jie Ren is possibly still in the temple. Chao Zong looked at Yuan Gang's face and then at Niu Yu Tao. Then he waved his hand said:

"We go up the mountain!"