Heavenly Genius - Chapter 35



coordinating one stratagem with another

In important matters, one should use several stratagems applied simultaneously after another as in a chain of stratagems.

Keep different plans operating in an overall scheme;  however, in this manner if any one strategy fails, then the chain breaks, and the whole scheme fails.

A decisive and powerful palm rested on the chest of Xiu and Tian! There was a dull sound. The bones of Xiu Yi Tian broke, and one could see how he flew back with his feet to the top.


Fresh blood appeared on Xiu Yi Tian, which made everyone around them startled.

The fallen Xiu Yi Tian stood staggering, and blood flowed from his nose and mouth. He goggled at Niu Yu Tao. He did not expect that Niu Yu Tao could be like that. Xiu Yi Tian did not take Niu Yu Tao seriously, so he did not even defend himself.

Xiu Yi Tian greatly underestimated the enemy.

This scene amazed everyone, including Chao Zong and others. Apparently, Niu Yu Tao caused considerable damage to Xiu Yi Tian. Has Xiu Yi Tian really underestimated the enemy? Or was there a big difference in strength between them?

Niu Yu Tao dropped his hand and stood rather calmly. He did not even stagger, but in his heart, he was very interested. For the first time, he is testing the palm of the qian and a kun on someone. He was wondering what damage he had done to Xiu Yi Tian.

Cheng Gui Shuo and Song Yang Qing supported Xiu Yi Tian. They, looking at the bleeding Xiu Yi Tian, realized that Niu Yu Tao had inflicted a severe wound on him! At the same time, they were angry that Xiu Yi Tian had so underestimated Niu Yu Tao. Didn't he remember that there could still be protective amulets on Niu Yu Tao?

And Xiu Yi Tian could not speak now. Chaos reigned in his body now. The masculine energy of yang and the soft energy of yin completely lost harmony with each other. It was either cold or hot, and he could not suppress and stabilize them. He could not even open his mouth at that moment.

He now had an intense fear of Niu Yu Tao. Definitely, he does not cultivate methods of a sect of higher purity, because even the sutra of the heart of Highest purity is not so powerful!

Moreover, he simply could not warn two friends about this right now.

Song Yang Qing was also upset. He regretted that in those years, he passed on the cultivation methods to Niu Yu Tao. Apparently, all these years, Niu Yu Tao did not sit idle.

Cheng Gui Shuo was seized with rage, and he immediately released Xiu Yi Tian and stepped forward. He jumped up and drew his sword in the air. A strip of sword's qi flew to Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao, as before, stood motionless and looked at the attacking Cheng Gui Shuo. He hand held the sword that rested on the ground. He again fully leaned on his sword, then bounced upside down. He kicked the back of Cheng Gui Shuo's sword with one foot, repelling his blow, and kicked Cheng Gui Shuo in the palm of his hand, which he released on Niu Yu Tao. Therefore Cheng Gui Shuo stopped in the air. After making a second turnover, Niu Yu Tao kicked him again in the chest, after which Cheng Gui Shuo flew back. At this moment, everyone did not even have time to notice how all this happened. Cheng Gui Shuo flew back with his legs up.

Seeing something was wrong, Song Yang Qing also flew out. He flew up and, pushing in the air from the flying Cheng Gui Shuo, rose even higher. Song Yang Qing released the sword on Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao grabbed the sword and climbed up. The sheath of the sword still stood on the ground. A cold shine appeared. Niu Yu Tao somersaulted in the air and also fired up the sword. This strike was called Tayi's lightsaber!

Niu Yu Tao trained him in his previous life. Only on earth, it was difficult to deploy this technique.

Several bands of the sword under the sunbeam lit up. The attacker from above Song Yang Qing narrowed his eyes. He was scared of this attack. Indeed, several bands of the sword now flew at him, like the opened lotus petals. And which of these swords is genuine - one cannot predict. Now in front of him was not Niu Yu Tao, whom he was accustomed to seeing, and not the Niu Yu Tao, who consistently carried nonsense.

In the panic, after the attack of Niu Yu Tao, Song Yang Qing lost his arm. Niu Yu Tao cut off the hand of Song Yang Qing along with his sword. Niu Yu Tao continued the attack and, flying up to Song Yang Qing, somersaulted and fired a bloody ray. His two legs hit Song Yang Qing's chest.

The scabbard from the sword had not yet fallen to the ground, as Niu Yu Tao threw the sword, which instantly accurately put into the sheath, driving them firmly into the ground.

Cheng Gui Shuo fell to the ground, followed by Song Yang Qing.

And after a while, one silhouette quickly pared down - this Niu Yu Tao calmly landed and grabbed the sword.

No one saw blood on the sword, and this sword was already sheathed. This sword was called: A fiery heart and blood turned into jasper were depicted (t.t. translation of this, but only 4 characters)

Two severed legs of Song Yang Qing also fell from different sides.

Everyone fell silent. From the new scene, they didn't know what to say. He defeated Xu Yi Tian with his palm, defeated Chen Gui Shuo with his foot, and defeated Song Yang Qing with his sword. Everyone now clearly understood that they were mistaken about him.

And when the two legs of Song Yang Qing fell to the ground, only then did they pay attention to Song Yang Qing, who was lying on his last breathes. Everyone was just in shock. A cultivator - he is a cultivator, and a warrior cannot be compared with him!

Up to this point, a lot of people have underestimated Niu Yu Tao because of his age. Including Chao Zong, Shu Qing, Lan Jo Ting, and others. But now, with lightning speed, he defeated the three cultivators of the sect of the Highest purity. The hare will rise, and the hawk will fall. (as a hare rises, so the hawk falls [on it with a stone] (arr. in the meaning: a) quickly, instantly, with lightning speed; b) confidently; aptly)) They judged a person by appearance.)

Shame! Chao Zong now felt wild shame for the way he treated Niu Yu Tao all the time. And even when he threw out food, Chao Zong allowed himself to say bad words in the direction of Niu Yu Tao. It turns out that he is very poorly versed in people.

Niu Yu Tao again used his sword like a staff and stood calmly. And Yuan Gan, in the crowd, silently looked at Niu Yu Tao. He sighed: "Lord Tao became stronger than before!"

The crowd of monks with clubs was bewildered. Yuan Fang cursed to himself. Initially, he did not want to interfere in the affairs of essential cones, but why was he still drawn into this??? He will not be able to escape now.

Cheng Gui Shuo climbed the ground, holding his chest, and looked at the cut Sun Yang Qing. He turned pale and looked with fear at Niu Yu Tao.

Cheng Gui Shuo got up but fell again. Xiu Yi Tian nevertheless rose, but began to cough up blood and also sat down on the ground. However, coughing up blood, his chaos inside the body gradually stabilized.

Gradually, everyone began to come to their senses. Lan Jo Ting sighed. He did not know why Niu Yu Tao was indulgent towards these two and why he punished Sung Yan Qing. Doesn't he know who is behind him? Will, the Song family, let him go? The Song family can destroy a sect, and not only the sect of the Highest purity.

No one knew what Niu Yu Tao was thinking. And Niu Yu Tao just decided everything. Song Yang Qing was sent to kill him. And now they cannot walk under one sky. He did not know why Song Yang Qing was so cruel to him. Maybe because of the wedding with Tan Yi. However, he knew for sure that if he released him now, Song Yang Qing would continuously interfere with him and create danger. Niu Yu Tao already lives the second life and understands people, so in order not to incur the future, it is better to get rid of them right away!

He is the lord Tao! In the gangster society of a former life, he was a rather authoritative person. And he is not the one to good get along with. He had already seen a lot of blood in his lifetime!

Looking proudly at Song Yang Qing lying on the ground, Niu Yu Tao, holding the sword in his hands, walked slowly and calmly. He took the sword and slapped it in the face of Song Yang Qing:

"Hey, I said that I don't like to solve problems with blood. We would be divided peacefully, and everyone would be happy. And you forced me to use strength. What for? Or, do you think I'm scared of your Song family? For me, your Song family is just a bumpkin. Worthless!"

Chao Zong and others did not find words. The Song family is so rich and powerful, and he says they are a bumpkin?

Song Yang Qing, using force, raised his head. He difficulty smiled: "Brother, brother, this is my mistake. You, being the highest man, let me go. Will you let me go, well? What you demand - I will fulfill everything, just let me go!" -

Niu Yu Tao did not pay attention to him. He looked at Chao Zong:

"Prince, you can tell your subordinates to depart. I need to ask this bastard something important."

Chao Zong immediately raised his hand, and all the bodyguards began to move away.

Yuan Fang also began to retreat. He thought maybe at that moment he could escape. However, the indifferent voice of Niu Yu Tao immediately sounded:

"Did I tell you to leave?" Prince, take these people into custody too. Then, if their words do not coincide with the words of this bastard, therefore we will deal with them! "After that, he pointed to Xiu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo.

There was no need to talk much. The bodyguards jumped sharply and grabbed 20 monks with Yuan Fang. They did not even think to resist. Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Tian did not resist either. They have now learned how strong Niu Yu Tao is. And even more so with such injuries, can they leave?

When everyone left, Niu Yu Tao patted Song Yang Qing in the face with the sword:

"Say why you wanted to kill me?"

Song Yang Qing sadly said:

"Brother-classmate! I didn't want to kill you, but patriarch Tan hinted to me. I was forced to do so!

In principle, he almost did not lie, but only embellished to transfer responsibility to another.

"Patriarch Tan wanted to kill me?" "Niu Yu Tao froze. This older woman always mistreated him. For the first time, she almost killed him.

"I once entered the sect of the Highest purity. I was always in custody. I did nothing against the sect of the Highest purity. Why would she kill me?"

Shu Qing and others were amazed. Was he kept in custody all the time?

"The reason is simple. Patriarch Tan always wanted Tan Yi to become the head of the sect. But one day, you appeared, and Tan Yi could not become the head. Otherwise, with the help of you, someone could refute the position of Tan Yi ... - So Song Yang Qing began to tell a terrible secret.