Heavenly Genius - Chapter 36




decamping being the best; running away as the best choice

If it becomes obvious that your current course of action will lead to defeat, then retreat and regroup. When your side is losing, there are only three choices remaining: surrender, compromise, or escape.


As soon as the secret was revealed, Niu Yu Tao was utterly shocked!

The head of the sect? Niu Yu Tao never dreamed that when Dong Guo Hao Ran makes him his disciple, this will lead him to the position of head of the sect ???

It was hard to believe this secret.

Much incomprehensible to Niu Yu Tao has now become clear. All the fog had now cleared, and everything became apparent.

He eventually understood why Tan Su Su tried to kill him at first glance, without even giving him a chance to explain anything.

He now understood why he was put in custody at the peach spring and was not allowed to talk to anyone. They simply did not want him to know something, to know his position. They hid the laws of the sect from him. Otherwise, the sect of the Highest purity could not put pressure on him.

In the end, he realized why he was suddenly called to his house and asked about the desire to become the head of the sect. Of course, he, knowing nothing about what awaits him, will give up his right to be the head of the sect.

In the end, he realized why he was suddenly married to Tan Yi. Thus, making the position of Tan Yi, as the head of the sect impeccable. And all this is the work of that older woman. Not wrong, it was she did.

He now understood why he was not given resources for cultivation. They were afraid that he would rise in cultivation and would be a danger to Tan Yi.

And now he understood why a sect of the Highest purity wants to kill him. A lot of people live in the sect, but who dares to kill him in the sect? If anything happens to him in the sect, then the position of Tan Yi will become precarious. And if you take him to Chao Zong, whose situation is rather critical, no one will be surprised if Niu Yu Tao will die with him.

Niu Yu Tao also understood that Tan Su Su was not profitable to dirty her hands, so she sent Song Yang Qing. Many students saw the position of a sect of the Highest purity. And not the fact that someone will start using all the events with Niu Yu Tao against Tan Yi. Therefore, it is best to get rid of Niu Yu Tao once and for all.

"Haha! Pity and funny ..". - Niu Yu Tao shook his head and laughed. They played with him like that, and that's what happened.

He did not know that by right, the position of the head of the sect belongs to him. Dong Guo Hao Ran ordered him to give the bronze mirror to the head of the sect of the Highest purity Tan Mu. But Tan Mu is not, and now he was to become the head. If the sect of the Highest purity did as it should: appointed its head, overlaid the resources for cultivation. He would simply cultivate and define the sect of the Highest purity like his family. Then he would make every effort to protect the sect of the Highest purity in this world. But why did a high-purity sect do this?

Yuan Gan was silent, but he knew what Niu Yu Tao had said before. He also did not think that so many secrets lie here.

Shu Qing, whose face was hidden under the bamboo hat, sympathized with Niu Yu Tao. When she first saw him in the peach spring, she also thought that he was a bummer who had been lying under trees for days on end. It turns out that he was just kept in custody all the time, that they were not even allowed to go down the mountain.

Chao Zong also did not think that he was facing the potential head of the sect of the Highest purity. However, this status was taken from him. And now they want to get rid of him on the road!

Lan Jo Ting sighing said:

"However, I know a little about the laws of the sect of the Highest purity, and some laws are created to prevent internal unrest in the sect." The head of the sect must appoint his follower. Thus, he excludes the possibility of a struggle of influential people of the sect. Such as, for example, patriarchs. And the patriarchs do not have the right to become the head of the sect! This is an immutable law!

Generally speaking, the three people were somehow convinced that Niu Yu Tao is a truly accepted student of Dong Guo Hao Ran.

"Brother, do not pay attention to me. Do not pay attention to me. I was really forced ... Save me!" - Song Yang Qing lay and entirely attributed all responsibility to others. Not only his legs and arm were cut off, but he also had a severe wound inside his body. The bleeding did not stop, and he became paler and paler. Therefore, he continuously cried out for salvation.

Several people looked at Niu Yu Tao. What will he do? Although it is already clear that after today's incident, the Song family will not let go of Niu Yu Tao. Song Yang Qing, even if he survives, will remain disabled, and this family will not forgive. What can Niu Yu Tao give them so that they can let him go after that !?

Niu Yu Tao did not pay attention to Song Yang Qing. He, leaning on his sword, turned back.

Yuan Gang strolled over and, crouching over Song Yang Qing, lifted him to support him. Song Yang Qing thought they wanted to save him. He gratefully looked at Yuan Gan and even wanted to say thanks, but Yuan Gan suddenly pulled the dagger from his knee. A cold shimmer flickered, and Song Yang Qing's neck was cut. Yuan Gan still, clutching the head of Song Yang Qing with both hands, turned it around. As a result, Song Yang Qing's face was turned back.

Chao Zong and the rest did not find words. Did they really dare to kill the son of the Song family? Do they really not know what consequences await them? Hostage Song Yang Qing would be more profitable for them!

However, several people noticed that Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan seems did not to be the first time to do such things. Yuan Gan understood Niu Yu Tao without words.

A blood-stained dagger, Yuan Gan, wiped Song Yang Qing's clothes and then put back into the sheath that was attached to his thigh.

Standing back, Niu Yu Tao sighing again said:

"Examine the other two."

Yuan Gan nodded silently and turned to enter the temple. He said bodyguards that they should bring Xiu Yi Tian with Cheng Gui Shuo.

"A tree wants of rest, but the wind does not stop!" Niu Yu Tao said disappointedly and went up to the mountain, inspecting everything. His gaze was pretty serious.

Three people were looking at each other from behind. Why does it seem to them that Niu Yu Tao's development does not fit his age at all? He looks such a mature, much-seen man. Moreover, he has his bodyguard. Three people were not fools. And the sect of the highest purity, most likely, does not guess about its strength. Otherwise, they would only send Song Yang Qing and the rest? Niu Yu Tao spent several years in custody in the sect of the Highest purity. And the sect of the highest purity, seeing a small part, and never recognized the real power of Niu Yu Tao.

Chao Zong, Lan Jo Ting, and others also went to the monastery. They ordered their soldiers to tackle the dead brothers.

As for the fact that the cause of the brothers' death was Niu Yu Tao - out of respect for Mr. Dong Guo, they did not investigate this matter. Moreover, even if they begin to investigate this matter, will they succeed with the skills of Niu Yu Tao? For now, they need to postpone this case and then talk.

A sunset illuminated the earth. A playful wind shook Shu Qing's hat. She slowly approached Niu Yu Tao, caught his shoulder, and asked:

 Does the mentor want to return to the sect of the Highest purity and take his own?"

Niu Yu Tao knew what she was talking about. Is it not about the place of the head of the sect. He, leaning on his sword, grinned and said:

"Not necessary. This is already in the past. Why should I go back?"

Shu Qing was surprised: "Don't you come back? And so leave the position of the head of the sect? Is it because of Tan Yi?"

Niu Yu Tao shrugged and said: "This is not related to Tan Yi. There was the case, but why do I need it. Especially when it became clear. Tan Su Su, although the patriarch, she could not go against the laws of the sect without the tacit consent of others. Since the sect of the Highest purity does not want to see the head in me and is not glad to me, why should I show the same to them then? Why create difficulties for them and yourself?"

Shu Qing did not know whether it seemed to her or not, but it appears that Niu Yu Tao was upset: "The mentor is generous, but what about Tan Yi? She is, after all, your wife!" -

"Is it important? Everyone didn't want to see me! Everything is in the past! "Niu Yu Tao spoke as if laughing at himself.

Shu Qing wanted to say something else but said nothing. Then she still wanted to ask if he would leave them or not, but she also did not dare.

Not much time passed before Yuan Gan returned. He looked at Shu Qing and stood next to Niu Yu Tao. He did not say anything.

Shu Qing realized that two people wanted to talk privately and tactfully found a reason to move away.

As soon as Shu Qing was gone, Yuan Gan whispered to Niu Yu Tao in a whisper: "Lord Tao, those two people are much more persistent than Song Yang Qing. They all speak except for matters connected with the sect of the Highest purity. It takes time to talk to them."

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand: "Ok, let them go. Let them come back."

Yuan Gan recalled: "The power behind the Song family is great, so could it be better to kill the witnesses?" He did not want to say this to Shu Qing.

Niu Yu Tao understood him. If you let these two people go, the Song family will definitely find out what happened. They will seek Niu Yu Tao to take revenge. He shook his head slightly:

"So many people saw, then you need to kill everyone. Besides, three people came from the sect of the Highest purity. And the Song family itself most likely does not know what happened. Therefore, Tan Su Su will probably find a way to fool them. Bring them. I need to talk to them."

Seeing the determination of Niu Yu Tao, Yuan Gan did not say anything else. He returned to the temple and brought Xiu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo.

Seeing the corpse of Song Yang Qing, cold filled their hearts. They were scared and could not calm down.

And Niu Yu Tao turned and calmly said: "I will ask you to return to the sect of the Highest purity and transmit my message. The sect of the Highest purity does so poorly. Out of respect for the teacher, I will not do anything. However, since then, nothing connects me with the sect of the Highest purity! I cut off relations with the sect. And let them be calm. I am not interested in the position of the head of the sect. I will not come back to take this position. I hope that the sect of the highest purity will no longer bother me. Otherwise, I'll tell everyone. And everyone will judge the affairs of the sect of the Highest purity!

He waved his hand: "Let them go!"