Heavenly Genius - Chapter 38




 by nine chances of dying, only one is to stay alive (arr. in the meaning: subject to mortal danger, great risk; almost certain death; miraculously stay alive; save from certain death)


In such conditions, you have to be content only with what you have. But you will not demand what people cannot get.

Having pulled out a knife, Niu Yu Tao was about to cut the meat, as at that moment, a beautiful silhouette appeared in the doorway. If this is not Shu Qing, then who can be?

Not seeing the Monkey, namely this girl, Niu Yu Tao found it quite interesting! He smiled slightly and laid down a knife on the table, thereby showing that she was sitting down.

Shu Qing came up in small steps and sat across from Niu Yu Tao:

 "I troubled lord Tao. Excuse me!"

* Lord Tao? * Niu Yu Tao was surprised. Besides the Monkey, no one calls him that in this world. He answered smilingly:

"Nothing, nothing. I just don't have an appetite."

Shan Shu Qing: "Subordinates do not cook well?"

*Of course, subordinates do not cook well!* However, Niu Yu Tao was too lazy to discuss this now. He shook his head:

"Today's incident affected my appetite. The prince and princess should not blame themselves!"

Shu Qing was silent for a while and slowly said: "The deceased is dead, and the living needs to live and replace the dead, to be better. Everyone needs to look forward, and there is no need to immerse yourself in sadness and longing."

Two people came from far away, so Niu Yu Tao immediately smiling asked:

 "Why did the princess become interested in some Niu? Just talk?"

Shu Qing directly answered: "Does Lord Tao want to leave us?"

Niu Yu Tao answered with a blurry smile: "Think so."

Shu Qing straightened up, chest extended, and spoke earnestly: "Shu Qing, this time came with the hope that Lord Tao will be able to stay and help us!"

Niu Yu Tao narrowed his eyes and answered, smiling:

 "I'm just the little Lian Qi cultivator. I'm afraid I do not have the skill to help you. You would look for a more robust cultivator."

Shan Shu Qing: "In secret, Lord Tao. It is not that we are impolite brothers and sisters. It's's just that our situation has now reached such a level that our future is volatile, and we are in danger at every step. No one wants to accompany us. Everywhere, everyone hid like snakes and scorpions. Yes, and we cannot protect ourselves. However, in all situations, if a person is capable, we fight for him and do our best for his sake. From the small, accumulates, and from the collected grains of sand, we receive a pagoda, and I believe that in one day, we will all succeed. Besides, you are a student of Mr. Dong Guo!"

 Niu Yu Tao replied:

"I don't know exactly what kind of relationship you had with the teacher, so this does not concern me. Moreover, they sent me to you only because a suitable excuse was found, no more. No need to just talk this. Tell me, bluntly, why should I stay and help you?"

Shan Shu Qing:

"Lord Tao, if you help us, we will try to provide all the resources for cultivation to lord Tao!

Niu Yu Tao frowned and said slowly:

 "You cannot protect yourself, how can you provide me resources?"


Shu Qing:

Shan Shu Qing: "Therefore, we need to work together. We offer cooperation, not obedience! Moreover, Lord Tao was guilty of the Song family, and only because Lord Tao is the student of the sect of the highest purity will it be difficult for you to find resources for cultivation. And for us - brother and sister, although there is nothing to offer the lord Tao so far, if we find at least one inch of resources, then we will immediately give this inch to the lord Tao. Lord Tao will help us, and we will do our best to help Lord Tao with resources!"

Niu Yu Tao took a knife from the table and began to twirl it. Then he said:

 "Okay, here and there seems to be no difference. So we decide!"

"M?" Shu Qing did not understand and asked doubtfully: "Lord Tao, what do you mean?"

Niu Yu Tao replied indifferently: "I agree to stay!"

"Eh ..." - Shu Qing froze. It was hard to believe. Did he agree so quickly? She prepared to sit for a long time and convince him, came up with various arguments, but it turned out - nothing was needed.

She again doubtfully asked: "That's for sure?"

Niu Yu Tao looked at her intently and asked:

"Is it possible that some Niu in the eyes of the princess throws words to the wind?"

Shu Qing did not know the limit of her joy. She quickly got up, and her dress accentuated her graceful figure. She said excitedly: "Lord Tao, wait a bit. I will call my brother, and he will express his gratitude to you!"

"Thanks, just do not do this. You have nothing to give me. Why lead the empty talk. First, let me finish." - He thumbed along the blade of the knife and gazed intently into the princess's eyes: "I will stay, but I have conditions. You can't let the Monkey go to the front line of in battles, and you cannot use the Monkey as a weapon. Otherwise - do not be surprised!" -

He threw out the knife and stuck it in the meat.

Shu Qing froze. Is it not for this that the brother wanted to keep Yuan Gan? If you do not look at the military things, then really Niu Yu Tao is better for them.

She doubted and counted everything. The choice was small. Do not agree, they will immediately leave, and nothing will remain. And agree, then at least they will have two people. In their current situation, more people are already good. And their presence is better than their absence. Therefore, Shu Qing nodded in the end:

"Good. I agree, Lord Tao. My brother warrants too!"

Niu Yu Tao nodded: "Then it's decided!"

Two people on etiquette said goodbye, and Shu Qing left for joy. She was still worried that he would refuse to stay, but again, he stayed. Shu Qing did not think that she would succeed so quickly.

As soon as Shu Qing was gone, after a while, silent, Yuan Gan appeared in the doorway.

Niu Yu Tao sat down with his legs crossed and began meditating. Across from him stood untouched food. Yuan Gan sat across from him:

 "I just saw the princess come out. What happened?"

Niu Yu Tao calmly replied:

 "What else could happen? This ugly girl repulsed my appetite. What else could it be? Sure, I didn't have love with her? She still hopes that we could help them ... I agreed to stay!"

Yuan Gan nodded his head slightly and said: "It's my fault…"

Before he could finish, Niu Yu Tao interrupted him:

"It's not related to you. She offered me something that made it hard for me to refuse. All the cultivation resources that they get will be provided to me."

Yuan Gan: "Lord Tao, today I have been guilty. I said something that was not worth mentioning. Sorry."

He knew that some things would not escape the eyes of Niu Yu Tao. Both of them understood each other well. Lord Tao just stayed because of him.

Niu Yu Tao slowly answered: "Why to say sorry. We are two in this world, and in this world, we are brothers. For all your actions here, I am responsible!"

Yuan Gan was silent and strained his cheekbones.

Niu Yu Tao held out his hand and tapped the table. He said irritably:

"Look, what is it? A pile of rice. Is it possible to eat this? Every day is the same. Nothing, then we'll come up with something."

Yuan Gan was silent and, reaching out his hand, began to cut meat evenly with the knife. He slightly skillfully cut meat.

Niu Yu Tao took out his chopsticks and began to eat meat.

As soon as Yuan Gan cut part of the piece of meat, he put down the knife and took a more significant portion of meat with his bare hands and began to eat too.

So, two people silently dined. And as soon as they finished, Yuan Gan cleaned everything. After the meal, Niu Yu Tao stretched lazily and, leaning on his sword, stood up:

 "Let's go. Having eaten, now you need to take a walk!"

It was dark outside. Lanterns hung in the courtyard under the roofs of houses. Some were burning and shone well. Some didn't. Having walked around the courtyard, Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan reached the prince's court. One person reported to the prince about the arrival of the guests, and Lan Jo Ting, Chao Zong, and Shu Qing went out to meet them.

"Lord Tao!" Lan Jo Ting immediately greeted them. Only from the lips of the elder Lan Jo Ting about the young Niu Yu Tao did this sound strange.

Niu Yu Tao squinted at Shu Qing. Obviously, she's already told everything.

If so, he decided to speak directly:

"I was constantly under arrest in the sect of the Highest purity and did not know the situation outside. What is the state of affairs of the gentlemen? Maps of the area, etc. - I need to know everything. Especially the area of ​​Tsan Wu County!"

Before this, Niu Yu Tao was not going to go with Chao Zong, so he was not interested in Tsan Wu County. But now he could not ignore all these nuances. 

Standing next to Yuan Gan and so seriously speaking Niu Yu Tao really got down to business. After all, before he only carried some nonsense. Obviously, he has now officially joined their ranks.

Several people looked at each other. They seemed to be impressed by him. Typically, the mentor is only responsible for the safety of the object or performs the duties of a simple warrior. But now Niu Yu Tao asked for maps and wanted to learn about geographically relevant objects - it was strange.

However, Chao Zong nodded. "Good. Lord Tao, please inside." - He, pointing with his hand to the house, invited him to come in.

As soon as the group of people entered, someone quickly brought cards. They brought a small map of Tsan Wu County and a large map of the entire Yan kingdom.

As soon as the cards were revealed, Niu Yu Tao raised his hand: "Do not hurry. First, you need to find out the situation. I hope the prince tells the truth."

Several people exchanged glances, and Chao Zong nodded. "Lord Tao, say what's on your mind!"

Niu Yu Tao frowned.: "Can you not go to Tsang Wu County?"

Several people understood what he meant, but Lan Jo Ting replied:

"Lord Tao does not know everything. If we step back from the route, then there must be spies of the imperial court immediately reported to them. And then the imperial court will send troops, which we can not at all resist. Such a risk is beyond our reach!"

Niu Yu Tao sighed: "Why would they even let you go from the capital? Is there really anything special in Tsan Wu County? Maybe this is a mobile cage for the prince? Why they sent you there?"

Several people did not know how to answer.

According to their reaction, Niu Yu Tao realized that there is something: "Going with you is like playing with fire. And my brother and I have only one life. And we do not want to spend it on the unknown. Either tell the truth, or we will leave!"

"Brother, Mr. Lan!" Shu Qing suddenly nodded to both.

Chao Zong nodded slightly, too, and Lan Jo Ting sighed and smiled bitterly:  "Initially, the imperial court found a reason to imprison the prince and kill him. Therefore, I realized what a threat loomed over the prince, began to spread rumors ..."