Heavenly Genius - Chapter 4




Calmly wait for the enemy to tire

The forces linking the enemy do not stem from open confrontation.


Luo Yuan Gun took a wooden board. One could see from Luo Yuan Gun's face that he was respectful of Tan Mu. Then sighing heavily, and looked at Tan Su Su and Su Po.

There is nothing to do about it. At this time, Tan Mu will not be affected by any pressure. We can say that even if all the students protest, it still will not lead to anything. He, guided by his powers as the head of the sect, before his death, named the heir. Who will oppose his will?

"Gentlemen, remember. After my death, you should not grieve and declare mourning. Otherwise, you will bring great misfortunes to the sect of the Highest purity!" - Tan Mu said the following order.

Many people looked at each other. Did they not understand what this means? Patriarchs were alarmed as if thinking of something.

After some time, when the students got out, only patriarchs, Tan Yi and Wei Duo, remained in the hall.

At this time, when the students got out, only patriarchs, Tan Yi and Wei Duo, remained in the hall.

 "Head You and Dong Guo Hao Ran and the students left, but now only you are back. What finally happened? Who hurt you?"

Tan Mu, holding tightly to the handrail, calmly said:

"I have a little strength left. If you have any doubts, then as soon as my brother-student returns and takes the place of the head, at this time, ask him.

Tan Su Su with a cold expression, said:

"Recently, news reached us that a specific Shan mirror appeared again from the outside. Has the head and Dong Guo Hao Ran fought with other people because of this mirror?"

Hearing about Shan's mirror, everyone immediately changed their faces and looked intently at Tan Mu.

The Shan mirror has an important role. Although now there are 7 strongest kingdoms, however, initially there was only one kingdom of Wu.

That time, the first cultivator Shan Sun, who roamed freely under the heavens, suddenly for no reason, decided to go into worldly affairs. Having given all his strength and united kingdoms, he founded the kingdom of Wu. He became an emperor and regularly suppressed the other cultivators. To avoid wars between cultivators and ordinary people, Shan Sun punched a hole in the sky, which led to the influx of spiritual qi from another dimension. As a result, it has become much easier for people to embark on the cultivator path.

Only Shan Sun had a wife named Lee Ge. She was the empress of the kingdom of Wu too. She, not forgetting the meaning of cultivation initially, that's why she closed a hole in the sky. As a result, the husband and wife disappeared without a trace.

 After the disappearance of the spouses, the great kingdom was divided into many kingdoms. And each vassal state began to fight among themselves. The chaos started, which continues to this day.

They say that Shan Sun created a set of magic artifacts, there were 8 of them. With their help, Shan Sun broke a hole in the sky, and Empress Lee Ge filled this hole with their help. After the split of the kingdom Wu, all these wonderful artifacts began to wander among the emerging small states. So, over time, the states absorbed each other, and as a result, 8 powerful kingdoms appeared. And all 8 magic artifacts were in every country. And the Shan mirror is the main magical artifact. It was the main part when breaking a hole in the sky, as well as filling it. We can say that the Shan mirror is the main magic artifact among 8. Therefore, it attracted so much attention that the kingdom of Qin, which possessed it, and which after was destroyed by other states. Only after the fall of the ruling dynasty of the Qin kingdom the mirror of Shan was disappeared.

But now there are legends that when Empress Lee Ge closed a hole in the sky, she still left a small gap. Why the source of spiritual qi was not completely cut, and this affected the increase in the number of cultivators, which led to unrest in the celestial. Someone thinks that it needs to collect all 8 magic artifacts and close the hole to the end and interrupt the source of spiritual qi. But many cultivators, don't want that. And the military adviser of the kingdom of Yan, Ning Wang Shan Jian Bo, was just one of these representatives.

From the sect of the Highest purity, many cultivators shared his opinion. For example: Dong Guo Hao Ran.

Just recently, there were rumors that the Shan mirror again appeared in the Kingdoms. And then, at that time, Tan Mu and Dong Guo Hao Ran, taking with them the disciples, left the sect. And now Tan Mu is back in that condition. It is hard to deny that this is not related to the Shan mirror.

How many cultivator sects are there in one kingdom? And the Shan mirror is that thing, because of which it is not just the sect, the state can be destroyed. And if the sect of the Highest purity is connected with this thing, will not people be worried? The times when the sect of the Highest purity was in its prime were long gone. Now the sect is in decline, and it will be difficult for it to withstand a storm.

Tan Mu slowly closed his eyes:

 - You thought a lot. Just a person of unknown origin suddenly attacked us.

Several people understood that Tan Mu did not want to talk. But how can you put pressure on a person who can at any moment move into another world?

That day, at dawn, a pair of eyes looked out through the slit of a quietly opening door. The door opened slowly, and Lord Tao now gradually pulled his foot out. And when the door opened, now it was already possible to see Lord Tao's silhouette. Lord Tao lowered his foot slowly, probing the surface of the earth with his fingers. He was afraid to make any sound. As soon as he gets out, he immediately began to inspect everything around the temple, keeping his eyes open.

It was already deep winter, outside, cold, and frost deprived the trees of the leaves. Instead of grass, lonely straws stuck in some places.

The temple stood on the side of a mountain, and stones were scattered around it. Therefore, it was possible to see everything around well. Having ascertained that there was no danger, Lord Tao relaxed and only now took out a mirror to look at his reflection.

Putting the mirror in his pocket, he saw a stream at the foot of the mountain. When he reached the stream, he jumped on one stone to look at his reflection in the water.

"Ah!" The lord Tao issued an exclamation.

Earlier in the temple, he still did not believe, but now he began to think differently. He now understood why the older man in the temple treated him as being too young. He now saw how youthful his appearance was now.

Slowly folding his legs on the stone, Lord Tao began to examine his appearance in the reflection of water.

Brrr ... His stomach rumbled.

It doesn't matter whether he has a young body or not, but he felt hunger. Therefore, Lord Tao began to look around for food.

And then beyond the mountain, he saw a cloud of smoke rising into the sky. There must have been a village there. Jumping over the stones of the stream, Lord Tao found one winding road.

Carefully going along the road, he reached one village. Hiding behind a large tree, he began to observe what was happening in the village.

And chaos reigned in the village. Women and children were bursting into tears, and the elderly were organizing all stuff.

Lord Tao noticed that his strange clothes were dirty. And on the canvas shoes stood out a hole in the thumb area. However, the same strange garments were worn by people from this village, so he hesitantly walked toward this village.

As soon as he entered the village, one woman with disheveled hair ran up to him and began to hug:

"Brother Tao, you're still alive." And I thought that you were killed by these scum - military looters ...

An hour later, Lord Tao realized that yesterday this village was robbed, and some people were even killed. And he appeared in the ruined temple because he was hiding there.

As soon as they put out the fire in the village, it was no longer possible to find anything edible. All food was carried away by military looters. All the remaining men began to search for food. The main task was to dig plant rhizomes and engage in fishing or hunt on wild animals to feed the village with food in this fierce winter. All the food that they managed to hide in some houses was still not enough to feed all the settlers. Only men could get food now, so they went to the mountains to get food. And women and older people tidied the village.

Somehow, among these men was * young * Lord Tao.

But now, he is not called the lord of Tao. In this village, everyone calls him Niu Yu Tao. (p.p. Yu Tao translated as - respectable husband) It is not known whether his fate is like this, or whether it was connected with his nickname Lord Tao.

However, since Niu Yu Tao, then Niu Yu Tao. Lord Tao somehow did not attach much importance to this. And so he became now Niu Yu Tao.

Regarding this miracle, although he was amazed, he nevertheless accepted it not without difficulty. He, as an archaeologist, saw and heard about many interesting things after the death of people. And in ancient times, many times, they spoke about the migration of the human soul. Someone blindly believed in this, but he was indifferent to this. However, now everything has changed, and he had to accept such a reality.

Lord Tao now decided that his name was Niu Yu Tao.

Young men were gathering food nearby. And further there, where reach food was more dangerous, there went only adult men.

Under the pretext of searching for food, Niu Yu Tao did not seek food but instead returned to the ruined temple.

In the temple, he wrapped a cloth around the body of the older man. Put the body on his back, and lowered it to the foot of the mountain. Then he got to the bank of the river, about which the older man spoke.

There he found a bamboo grove and, waving a knife, cut a bamboo. He found a dried vine and began to tie a raft of bamboo. In the end, not much time passed when Niu Yu Tao tied a full raft of three levels. Then, laying several branches of bamboo on the ground, he rolled the raft onto the water. Lord Tao was well versed in such matters from childhood. For him, such things were not a problem.

Then, having dealt with the raft, he transferred the body of the older man to the raft. He finds dried brushwood, stones near the shore, and a long bamboo - and threw all this onto the raft.

Waving a knife, he cut off the vine holding the raft and began to sail from the shore.

Lord Tao, supporting and managing the raft, sailed along the river near the shore.

Why didn't he stay in the village? Firstly, he did not have any feelings for this village. Pretending to be a fool, he asked them about some things about the world, but as it turned out, the villager's knowledge was not vast. But he got here in such a strange way. And he was curious about this world. He was especially curious about the experience of the inner strength that Dong Guo Hao Ran showed him. And what happens in the sect of the Highest purity. Even when he was lord Tao, he loved to plunder ancient tombs in search of sacred canons and ancient books. And in the sect of the Highest purity, there is something to learn.

Secondly, he is so young. This village is plundered continuously by looters. In such an environment, how can he develop? Therefore, he is alone and set off on his journey.

Moreover, if he lingers with them longer, he will be imbued with feelings for the villagers. And then it will be even more difficult for him to leave them.

Now, although they treated him well, he still needed to move on. And in the future, he will thank them for their kindness.

He took the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran for significant evidence of the sect of the Highest purity. It seemed to him that in this way, he would look more truthful.

Moreover, in such a frost, the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran may not decompose for a long time.