Heavenly Genius - Chapter 41



From idle chatter, the back will not hurt; arr. easy to say hard to do


On the way, one post station was fenced, and inside, it was livestock feed. Not far from this station, one could see a rider who scooted headlong here. One man burst into the station and stopped immediately.

It was Cheng Gui Shuo. He quickly pulled out a wooden tablet and showed it to a petty official who was in charge of the post station. The petty official immediately pulled out a rested horse and handed it to Cheng Gui Shuo. Cheng Gui Shuo again galloped at full speed, not sparing the horse ...

Kuangai County. Along the same road, Niu Yu Tao, who led 8 bodyguards, did not drive quickly but did not drive slowly along the way. He was always thinking. On this road, they could not change horses, and their horses already needed to rest.

Chao Zong's bodyguards changed clothes and were already dressed like ordinary people. Some of the bodyguards of Niu Yu Tao left on the road, and some still followed him.

In front, one could already see the city walls. Yuan Gan raised his hand, and behind him, the two riders stopped. They jumped off the horses and, leading them away, disappeared into the mountain forest. The rest continued. When they reached the city gate, the guard immediately began to examine the bodyguards. However, when the bodyguards said they were Shang Chao Zong's people, they were directly allowed to pass without problems. Although Chao Zong was now in decline, he was nevertheless the magnificent son of Ning Wang. And in peacetime, there is no reason to scrutinize him or his people.

As soon as they got to the city, they noticed that the land of the county of Kuangai is quite luxurious and developed. At the beginning of the street, you could see a lot of people. Stores and shops stood in the forest. Everything was flourishing here - not like outside, where everything was destroyed or in poor condition. Niu Yu Tao rode a horse among people and continuously looked around. He assessed the situation.

Their group found one lovely inn. The yard employee ran out and immediately accepted them horses, and the bodyguards quickly rented their numbers.

As soon as they found out their numbers, the group gathered again. Yuan Gan told three people to go for a walk around the city and find out the situation. In contrast, other bodyguards will go to unwind.

"Yes, sir!" Three people answered immediately and returned to their rooms.

And Yuan Gan went with Niu Yu Tao to the street.

Two people roamed freely along the street and examined the shops. Niu Yu Tao went to one shop and looked at the silk:

 "Look ... What a job, delicate silk. Really good!"

The shopkeeper immediately rejoiced at these words. However, as soon as Niu Yu Tao found out the price of these products, he turned his head away and left. And the joy of the owner was in vain.

So they walked along the shops together. It doesn't matter - a jewelry store, a farmyard or something else, everywhere Niu Yu Tao pretended to be buying a thing, however, finding out the price, he left ...

Capital. Residence Song.

Song Jiu Min, in casual clothes, stood on the steps at the door. He met the guests. The person whom the supreme judge himself will meet will certainly not be simple.

Song Jiu Min stood freely. And in the corners of the courtyard, one could see the hiding masters guarding it.

After some time, a group of people appeared among the garden, and one healthy man with whiskers, a mustache, and a beard walked here with a magnificent gait. He seemed to be unhappy with something.

He was one of the four heads of the capital guard. His name is Wan Hen.  And although he was inferior in rank to Song Jiu Min, however, in his hands were several tens of thousands of soldiers, so no one dared to neglect him in the capital. In addition to all this, Wan Hen was also the father-in-law of Song Yang Qing, and behind him was a full girl with her head bowed. It was the wife of Song Yang Qing.

Song Shu and his wife were meeting at the gates with relatives and, smiling, led them to the palace. However, Wan Hen did not seem was noticing them. On the sides of it were 4 cultivator-masters who steadily looked around.

When they reached the courtyard, there Wan Hen, clutching his fist with one hand with the other, said:

"Subordinate salutes, the supreme judge!"

Song Jiu Min smiled a little with a stone expression and quickly went down and grabbed Wan Hen's hands:

 "All of us are from the same family, why such etiquette. Please inside!" After that, he led him inside.

Two people sat in the place of the owner and guest. Song Shu and the others only stood apart.

And Wan Liu Fang was bowing her head. She stood as if protected by her father.

The servant brought tea and signaled to the guest and the owner to drink tea. Song Jiu Min immediately asked: "What wind brought us the head of the capital guard?"


Wan Hen sharply and with a roar, dropped the cup on the table and spoke roughly: "If I had not come, then my daughter would not have seen life. My daughter, Wan Liu Fang, doesn't suit your Supreme Judge's family? I just came for my daughter's divorce!"

Song Jiu Ming asked in surprise: "Head, what does that mean? Liu Fang is a skilled and kind girl. Our family does not have time to get enough of her. What happened? Newlyweds have hot love. Which is divorce? Does the head want to separate the lovers?"

Wan Hen seemed to lose his temper: "The supreme judge is an intelligent person. Then it was you who asked to play the wedding. Your Song family wanted this marriage. She got married and? The chicken follows the rooster, and the bitch dog follows the dog. So they should have spent their days, and that is their business. I also did not pay attention to. But Song Yang Qing, this bastard crosses all borders!"


Wan Hen once again hit the table with his palm.

From one word, bastard, Song Shu twisted his mouth. If Song Yang Qing is a bastard, then he is a bastard too, then the whole Song family is bastards. From this, all the people in the Song family felt embarrassed.

"The head of the guard says serious words!" Song Jiu Min answered in a cold tone.

Wan Hen: "Not a drop! Song Yang Qing - this cattle invariably leads to wildlife. Where he spends time, I also know. We are all men. Some things can be understood. I am also a competent person, and I closed my eyes to some things, but everything has a limit. He is a family man and cannot spend his whole life like that. My daughter had not seen him for a long time. Even the silhouette did not see him. What you think? A month has passed. Does my daughter really deserve such an insult? If so, then let's clap our hands and spread our palms. Let's get the divorce!"

He spoke so loudly that even the roof jumped.

Song's people felt awkward. Looking at the behavior of Wan Hen, who always swears and claps his hands on the table, one could be surprised. In essence, no one allowed himself such action in the Song family. If there was a simple person, he would have been taught a long time ago. But here is another matter. After all, Wan Hen is not an ordinary person. Even Wan Liu Fang, this ordinary girl, received kind and polite treatment in the Song family. Even the grandmothers and aunts who were disgusted about her spoke politely and softly with her.

Song Jiu Min changed his face and looked in anger at Song Shu:

 "The fault of the father - do not raise children! Should I listen to this in front of the relative today? If this happens again, then I will break this wretch's legs ...

Wan Hen looked up as Song Jiu Min scolded Song Shu. Although he said that he wanted a divorce, in fact, he just wanted to put pressure on Song Shu.

After Song Jiu Min scolded Song Shu for a long time, he approached Wan Hen and said in a friendly tone:

 "Head, this is my carelessness. You do not worry. Since then, this will not happen again. Besides, a misunderstanding may have occurred in this matter. The head may not know something."

"A misunderstanding?" Wan Hen raised his eyebrows. He slowly got up and was about to leave. He initially thought he would come, and the Song family would ask for forgiveness. And then they will shake hands, and everybody will be satisfied. However, he did not think that this would all be called a misunderstanding? Therefore he got upset. *Does it seem that even the Wan family is not taken seriously?*

"Yes, my daughter shouldn't stay here anymore."

Song Jiu Ming raised his hand, stopping him, and approaching him in a whisper he said:

"A month ago, that person came out of prison. Then a report came from above so that Song Yang Qing would go to the sect of the Highest purity and do some business. The fact is that Song Yang Qing is not his own boss now. The head, I hope, can understand us!"

"Ah!" Wan Hen blinked his eyes and seemed to understand what was happening. He gradually calmed down.

Meanwhile, a caretaker behind the house appeared outside the door. He, looking at Song Chuan, said: "Master!"

Song Chuan quickly went out and saw that the caretaker's expression was not good, asked: "What happened?"

He answered in a whisper: "A misfortune happened with the young master of the third son." He took out a bundle and gave it to Song Chuan.

Song Chuan looked at the bundle once and was immediately puzzled. He went inside the living room and called on Song Jiu Min, who was talking with Wan Hen.

Song Jiu Min went up to him and took a bundle. Glancing at the bundle, he closed his eyes. The whole Song family saw that something terrible had happened. They expected Song Jiu Min will say.

When Song Jiu Min opened his eyes again, he looked towards Song Shu and his wife: "Daughter, take a walk with Liu Fang!"

Hu Gui Zhi went to Wang Liu Fang and took her arm. Wang Liu Fang looked at Wan Hen, and that Wan Hen looked at Song Jiu Min. He signaled that everything was in order.

As soon as they left, Song Jiu Min gave the letter to Wan Hen.

Wan Hen looked at it, then changed his face and immediately looked at Song Jiu Min: "Is it true?"

"If this were a lie, then we would not receive such news." Song Jiu Min calmly said.

Wan Hen sat on a chair. He seemed to be lost, and his thoughts wandered far. And behind him, the bodyguards exchanged glances. They did not know what to do.

"Third son, you need to prepare." - Song Jiu Min looked at his son:

"Trouble happened with Song Yang Qing. He died!"

 Song Shu froze and, not believing his father's words, ran to Wan Hen. He grabbed the bundle from his hands and quickly began to review, then moved away staggering back. Song Chuan ran up and grabbed him.