Heavenly Genius - Chapter 42



snake and rat in one nest; arr. bastards of the same litter, standing together at the same time


Song Chuan supported grief-stricken Sun Shu because Song Yang Qing was his only son.

"Head, our Song family has let you down!" Song Jiu Min bowed with a sigh and said idly.

Wan Hen was completely confused now. He also understood that this was not the fault of the Song family. You won't go against the imperial decree! However, the death of this asshole Song Yang Qing even was good for him. He already regretted that he had played this wedding, and all thought about how to get out of this situation.

The bodyguard standing behind him seemed to understand what was happening and asked in a cold tone: "Who dared?" In his voice, one could also hear the intention of the murder.

Hearing him, Wan Hen as if recovered and immediately, angrily asked:

 "This Niu Yu Tao, who is he, who dared to kill the son of the Song family? Is he tired of living?"

Supportive Song Shu Song Chuan clarified: "He is the student of Dong Guo Hao Ran."

"Dong Guo Hao Ran?" "Wan Hen knew this man. During the life of Ning Wang, among all cultivators, it was Dong Guo Hao Ran who spoke well with him. Dong Guo Hao Ran and in the capital was a famous person. No one dared to hurt him. Wan Hen, gritting his teeth, said:

 "It turns out to be a robber's apprentice. I will turn this student and his teacher to ash!

Song Chuan: "Dong Guo Hao Ran has already passed away."

"Died? " - Wan Hen did not know this because the sect of the Highest purity kept everything secret." Wan Hen again said viciously:

 "Ning Wang died, and the sect so daring. I will ram them!"

Song Jiu Min raised his hand and said: "The sect of the Highest purity must not be touched. Somebody looks at them from above. The head should not pay attention to this sect. Otherwise, you can incur trouble.

Wan Hen angrily said: "What can be done then? This happened. Judge tells me, I will do something!"

Song Jiu Min shook his head and made it clear that Wan Hen would not ask many questions:

"Head, better listen to me. It is inconvenient for me to talk about what happened. However, I can tell you that if you act recklessly, then from above, His Majesty may be angry. Then they will not forgive you either!"

Some things Song Ju Min can't say to Wan Hen. After all, the hundred-thousandth army of ravens is a serious matter. And this is possibly connected with the sect of the Highest purity. If Wan Hen does wrong things, then even if he has 10 goals, they'll be cut down!

"Are we really going to leave everything like that?!"

Song Jiu Min calmly answered: " The killer will pay with his life! First, just kill him, and then we'll see."

Wan Hen understood him. So Niu Yu Tao can be killed, but for the rest, the time will come. He spoke again with a stony expression on his face:

"This thing I take on."

Song Jiu Min strictly said: "He is now next to Shan Chao Zong, and Shan Chao Zong should not be touched yet."

Wan Hen:

Gracious sovereign, calm down. I will now tell Feng Lin Bo to grab this thief for me. Shan Chao Zong, I will not touch. Feng Lin Bo will only grab Niu Yu Tao for me and bring him to the capital, and there I will cut it myself into several thousand pieces!"

Regarding this, Song Jiu Min did not say anything, just giving tacit consent.

He knew that Feng Ling Bo, although opposed to the imperial house, did not completely go against the empire. And Wan Hen was such a high state man, for whom you can grab one small cultivator. Feng Lin Bo must respect Wan Hen in this matter. After all, Feng Lin Bo also has his own business in the capital, or rather his people. And if he refuses Wan Hen, then Wan Hen can cause him problems in the capital.

After receiving the tacit consent, Wan Hen again said:

 Gracious sovereign, Liu Fang, I will then take home for a period.

Song Jiu Min nodded his head: "It is right too! Song Yang Qing though dead, but it still Liu Fang's home. If the Wan family needs anything, and if the Song family can help, it will certainly help!" —This was a kind of guarantee to continue family ties.

Wan Hen nodded his head and, without even observing etiquette, turned, and left. There was a mess in his heart. He did not know how to tell his daughter about what had happened...

Song Chuan personally led him to the door, and when he returned, he saw the depressed Song Shu, who was sitting on the chair. He sighed. When the daughter-in-law learns about the death of her son, how long she will cry.

Standing Song Jiu, Min held his hands behind his back and looked at the door. He said in a cold tone:

 "Tan Su Su has lost fear. She knew that it was forbidden to send anyone to Shan Chao Zong, but still sent!"

Song Chuan replied: "Father, based on the latest news, Tan Su Su had still selfish intentions. She used Song Yang Qing for herself. Otherwise, we would have known for a long time that they sent the mentor to Shan Chao Zong. And it seems that Song Yang Qing had his calculations since he did not immediately report to us!"

Song Jiu Min nodded his head. He understood what Song Chuan wanted to say. Wan Hen did not know the situation in the Highest purity sect, but they knew very well. Song Yang Qing loved Tan Yi all these years and continuously wanted to marry her. Therefore, all these years, he remained in that outback. If not for the pressure of the Song family, he would not have left her

Looking at the drooping Song Shu, Song Jiu Ming said in a cold tone: "The sect of the Highest purity cannot be touched yet. However, this older woman, who always considers herself right, must also be not without sin. We need to keep track of her!"

"Got it!" Said Song Chuan.

Kuangai County.

Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan have already walked around the city and returned to the inn. The three bodyguards had already returned and were waiting for them at the door. As soon as they collided at the door, they immediately went into the rooms, and one bodyguard began to show on the map:

"Lord Tao, here is the governor of the county, and there is Feng Lin Bo's private residence. Guards are standing around him, so it is difficult for an ordinary person to get to him. The eldest son Feng Ru Yi led the troops in the eastern part of the county, capturing essential points. The second son of Feng Ru Jie led the soldiers and took crucial places on the western side of the county. Everything is under control. Daughter Feng Ru Nan led the troops in the city and, according to the news, does not live in the main palace, but spends most of the time on the eastern side of the town near the east gate. - The bodyguard pointed to one place near the east entrance.

Niu Yu Tao looked at the map, was silent for a while, and then asked: "Feng Lin Bo at home? Feng Ru Nan in the camp?"

The bodyguard replied:

"Heard that the governor of the county this morning conducted an inspection of the troops and returned to his palace. In the camp of the eastern part of the city, too, one saw how Feng Ru Nan conducted training of troops."

"The case is urgent. Raise all the brothers." - Niu Yu Tao signaled Yuan Gan.

Very quickly, the group of riders rode out. They rented one wagon along the way.

In the eastern part of the city were empty houses. It looks like it was a military garrison. Outside, it was fenced with a net, and soldiers stood guard around. Ordinary people could not get closer here.

Niu Yu Tao, with the group, drove up to the guard.

"Excuse me. Can you tell General Feng that an old friend of Niu Yu Tao has arrived to visit her? "Niu Yu Tao went down from his horse and smilingly said the guard. He believed that Feng Ru Nan must still remember him.

Looking at Niu Yu Tao and his entourage, it was possible to determine that these were not ordinary people. Therefore, that guard immediately sent a man to convey the words of Niu Yu Tao.

Not much time passed before they were allowed to pass. However, horses were forbidden to enter the garrison. They also were searched again for weapons. Niu Yu Tao gave his sword to the guard and entered the garrison with Yuan Gan, while the rest of the bodyguards remained outside.

One guard led them to a military site. One could see a bunch of soldiers holding swords and weapons while training.

There was one warrior on the stage. He was tall and held a spear firmly. At that moment, he watched the troops train.

One soldier came up to him and whispered something, that warrior turned his head and looked at Niu Yu Tao with Yuan Gan.

As soon as he turned his head, Niu Yu Tao froze. If it weren't for the girl's distinctive features, Niu Yu Tao would have thought that she was a healthy man.

This girl was healthier than an ordinary man. She had a commanding posture. The back of a tiger and the loin of a bear. This is not a girl who continually looks in the mirror and smears with ointments and creams. She had thick eyebrows, and her temperament was belligerent, but at the same time elegant.

Niu Yu Tao still doubted whether he saw that commander on the raft. When this girl gave him trouble, then he did not see her well. If she had not a clear voice, then he would have thought that this was a man.

The girl waved her hand, and the training soldiers stopped training. They started to leave the square in a run, which gradually became quieter.

Seeing the soldier off, the girl now turned completely and, suddenly, raising her hand, released a spear at Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao only smiled slightly but did not move. And when the spear was about to reach him, suddenly one hand grabbed the spear tightly.

Yuan Gan threw the spear on his other hand and tossed it 20 meters.


 A long spear crossed 20 meters and pierced the flagpole, which was 10 meters high. This technique showed the ability of Yuan Gan. This is both strength and accuracy. Therefore the girl's eyes did sparkle. She looked at Yuan Gan. Feng Ru Nan was an experienced person and had already seen cultivators. But Yuan Gan was not a cultivator, because when he used force, qi did not come from him. And this is evident when the clothes begin to shake. And she did not believe that such a young Yuan Gan could already reach such a level of cultivation that even when using qi, his clothes would not tremble. Then it means one thing - it was a brute force!

The attack of Yuan Gan did not go unnoticed. Immediately 4 silhouettes flashed and appeared around Feng Ru Nan. They were in dark robes, and swords stuck behind them. They all looked with cold eyes on two friends. Niu Yu Tao noted with interest that these were cultivators. And two of them seemed stronger than him.

Who can cultivators guard if not Feng Ru Nan?

The girl went to the edge of the stage and looked down at Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan:

 "And which of you is Niu Yu Tao?" She examined their faces, and in the end, her gaze fixed on Niu Yu Tao. She seemed to understand who is Niu Yu Tao.