Heavenly Genius - Chapter 43



the apple does not fall far from the apple tree; what a father is, so is a son


Niu Yu Tao folded his hands: "Stripped of talent, Niu Yu Tao welcomes General Feng!"

That girl was Feng Ru Nan. She frowned and asked:

 "Old friend? When did you and I become friends?"

Niu Yu Tao smiling said:

"Can the general remember how in the county of Purple clouds she shot arrows at me when I was on the raft? Some Niu well remembered the general who almost hit me with the arrow and did not leave me to freeze in the ice river."

Feng Ru Nan's mouth was twisted. She also remembered this moment well. Even if they had not told her about Shan Chao Zong, she would still have remembered Niu Yu Tao. After she sent him the tablet and drove off, only then she remembered that the water in the river was icy, and Niu Yu Tao could just freeze. She also wanted to send people back. However, remembering how fast the current was, she immediately changed her mind. They would not have caught up with him. After some time, a man of the sect of the Highest purity with her tablet arrived at her and asked about Niu Yu Tao. She then recognized his name, and that Niu Yu Tao entered into the sect of the Highest purity. Only Niu Yu Tao did not know about it.

And recently, she heard that the sect of the Highest purity sent Shan Chao Zong to her student named Niu Yu Tao. She immediately remembered who it was. Later, she heard that Niu Yu Tao defeated Song Yang Qing and two students of the Highest purity sect in one. She was shocked that Niu Yu Tao spent only a few years in the sect of the Highest purity, but had already become so strong? Therefore, she threw the spear at him. She wanted to know how strong he was. Only Yuan Gan prevented her.

"It turns out you are!" Feng Ru Nan grinned contemptuously and asked: *What?* Are you thinking of revenge on me?"

Niu Yu Tao:

"I will not dare. Today, the prince instructed me to come and make purchases in the regional city. So I remembered an old friend, and decided to visit."

Feng Ru Nan: "Just for the sake of it?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled unnaturally:

"Of course, there is still a small trifle in which I hope the general to help me."

Feng Ru Nan grin:

 "Why on earth will I help you?"

However, she cheerfully asked:

"And what help is required from me?

Niu Yu Tao rubbed his hands and said apologetically:

"I want to ask the general to lend me money. I do not know if it will be convenient for the general?"

"Money?" Feng Ru Nan was surprised and asked: "And how much?"

Niu Yu Tao joyfully raised his finger and said:

"A little. Only 10 thousand gold!"

Feng Ru Nan changed in the face: * What kind of jokes are these? So just said about 10 thousand gold? * For her, such a sum is not to say that it was large, but you cannot call it small either. And her relationship with Niu Yu Tao is not so good that she borrowed him so much money. Moreover, Niu Yu Tao was in the same gang as Shan Chao Zong. Therefore, she immediately answered without ceremony:

"It's hard for me now with finances. The mentor would be better off looking for someone else." Someone guide the visitor!

Immediately one girl in dark clothes flashed and extended her hand and said: "Please!"

Niu Yu Tao raised his hand, thereby showing to wait, and freely said: "General, can you name the conditions under which you are ready to issue such an amount?"

Seeing that the general was not going to talk with him, Niu Yu Tao immediately realized that he needed to attract Feng Ru Nan with something, so he added:

"For one hour, give me 10 thousand gold, and in an hour, I will return your 10 thousand gold!" Having said this, he raised his finger again.

*10 thousand gold for one hour?* Feng Ru Nan wondered what he would do with the money in an hour. Therefore, she said in a cold tone: "Why on earth should I believe you. You take the money and run away. Then with whom should I take money?"

Although she said so, in reality, even if Niu Yu Tao wants to run away in her possessions, he still cannot.

Niu Yu Tao patted his chest and said:

 "I will not run away. I will stay here for one hour. If I don't return the money to the general, then do what you want with me. You can kill me!"

Feng Ru Nan dismissively said:

"And what is your life for me? Soon, the Song family will take your little life sooner or later. " She already knew that Niu Yu Tao had killed Song Yang Qing.

Niu Yu Tao burst out laughing and said: "My worthless life will be difficult for the Song family to take. However, since the general believes this, I will bet with the general. If I don't return 10 thousand gold coins in an hour, then I will have to present 100 thousand gold coins! I keep my word!

100 thousand gold? This is what amount. Several girls in black looked at each other.

Feng Ru Nan got a little excited. 100 thousand - even for the people of Kuangai County can have a good impact. However, she still scornfully said:

"You came to borrow 10 thousand gold, but how then will you repay 100 thousand?"

Niu Yu Tao: "Even if I don't get 100 thousand gold, I can still get a thing worth 100 thousand. If the general does not believe me, then he may believe this thing."

He took out a tablet with a stamp and threw it to the girl in black. Before he left the mountain, he took the plaque from the prince with his position. With this tablet, he could give orders to bodyguards.

The girl in black passed the tablet to Feng Ru Nan. She carefully examined the board and determined that the board was indeed genuine. It was the imperial seal, which can not be faked. If you say that this board does not cost money, then really it will not cost money. But if you say that it costs money, then indeed it will cost money. The important thing is that it points to its master.

Regarding Shan Chao Zong, we can say that he really has no money now. However, if we talk about the reputation of Shan Chao Zong, then there are no questions. And this tablet may mean nothing to someone, but to Shan Chao Zong, it meant a lot.

Holding this sign, Feng Ru Nan calmed down. She knew that Chao Zong would pay his debts. Therefore, she indifferently asked: "What bet?"

Niu Yu Tao: "Give me a loan for an hour of 10 thousand gold, and within an hour, I will give them back to you. And this tablet will be with you as a guarantee.

Feng Ru Nan's eyes sparkled, and holding a tablet in her hands, she said:

"I ask you what bet?"

Niu Yu Tao cursed to himself: * This girl has a big appetite, she wants to earn 100 thousand gold. *

He actually came up with the bet to get her attention. Therefore, he unnaturally smiling said: "Maybe there is no need for a bet?"

Feng Ru Nan raised her eyebrows. "Have you decided to play games with me?"

"I don't dare. Good good. We'll bet!" Niu Yu Tao folded his arms and, recognizing defeat, said: "10 thousand gold for one hour. If I return the money on time, I will calmly leave the general's camp. If I win, then the money of 10 thousand will undoubtedly remain with the general. If I lose, then 100 thousand gold will already owe to the general. How do you look at it?"

Feng Ru Nan thought to herself, and it seemed to her that there was something dubious. Her eyes flashed, and she smirked and said:

"I still want to change the terms of the bet. I will give you 10 thousand gold per hour. If you return the money on time within an hour, you can safely leave the camp. If you lose, then you will owe me 100 thousand. Also, you and he will belong to me..." - saying this, she pointed her chin at Yuan Gan: "If you do not return the money on time. He will also obey my orders. What do you think?"

Niu Yu Tao almost laugh: *This girl doesn't want to leave herself insulted and wants to cash in on me badly.*

He said bitterly: "General, in these conditions, I really benefit from what?

Feng Ru Nan looked at him intently.

"I give you 10 thousand, where there is no profit? Or do you want to trick me? Or maybe you're not sure that you can return the money in an hour? If so, then you mean to fool me?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled bitterly: "How can I trick you into money?  I remain a hostage."

Feng Ru Nan sighed. "If you return the money in an hour, then what are you afraid of? Are you playing or not?" She grabbed at the hilt of the sword that hung on her belt, hinting that she might be angry.

Niu Yu Tao smiled bitterly: "Good good. "I'm playing!"

Feng Ru Nan looked at Yuan Gan: "Hey, big guy. Do you agree?"

Yuan Gan nodded his head.

Feng Ru Nan then waved her hand: "Bring 10 thousand gold!"

Very quickly, several people brought one heavy crate. When this box was opened, then inside was a pile of gold coins. They put one empty box nearby and began to transfer coins to another box. In fact, they counted so that there was no error in the amount.

As soon as they found out that there were no errors, Feng Ru Nan waved her hand:

 "Bring 4 scientist's treasure. We will prescribe the conditions of the bet!"

Immediately, one person brought stationery, and there they described the conditions of the bet. Feng Ru Nan, Niu Yu Tao, and Yuan Gan left their signatures on it, and each side took one copy.

As soon as the process was over, one could see how Yuan Gan squatted down and, taking the box that several people had brought before, threw it on his shoulder. Looking at this action, a sparkle reappeared in Feng Ru Nan's eyes. She looked approvingly at the strength of this big man: * This is really a future general! *

"General, I take him to the gate. Just tell him a few words." - Niu Yu Tao said Feng Ru Nan. Nevertheless, he had already signed an agreement that he would be the hostage.

Feng Ru Nan generously waved her hand. She was not afraid that Niu Yu Tao would run away. Is it possible on her territory?

As soon as the two friends moved away, Niu Yu Tao, looking back, said to Yuan Gan:

 "This evil girl has a pretty big appetite. She will make problems for us in this bet anyway. Nothing, then I'll see how she will cry!"

Yuan Gan: "Lord Tao, having taught her a lesson, are you not afraid that she will hate you all her life?"

Niu Yu Tao laughed: "I just help her. Isn't it obvious? Monkey, by the way. This girl with her physique suits you well!"

"What  is wrong with your taste!" Yuan Gan looked at him contemptuously and again said: "But if she agrees, then I will not mind!"

"Eeee ... - Niu Yu Tao grinned: "Okay. Let's forget. This rampant horse, not everyone can go around. And my brother and I are unlikely to be lucky enough to experience it. Better leave it to a more successful person!"

On stage, Feng Ru Nan watched two friends and said:

 "Set surveillance. Let's see how they want to make so much money. Prevent an escape. Close all the gates from the city! Also, you need to prepare well! If they return the money at the appointed time, then arrange for them barriers. They must not be returned money on time. I will win this bet. I want both money and people!"

Around her 4 girls, whose names were May, Lan, Zhu, and Chu, upon hearing the laughter of Feng Ru Nan, realized that the general was planning something unkind.

 Zhu and Chu nodded and were about to leave.