Heavenly Genius - Chapter 44



taking in his hand the saber does not decide where to put it (arr. in value: be indecisive, hesitate)


 At the entrance to the camp, when 6 bodyguards saw Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan and wanted to approach them, they were blocked the way.

Two people came out, and Niu Yu Tao waved his hand: "Cart here!

The bodyguards immediately rolled up the cart. Yuan Gan put the heavy box inside and, looking at Niu Yu Tao, asked:

"Isn't it dangerous for you to stay here?"

Niu Yu Tao: "If only everything worked out for you, everything would be fine with me."

One bodyguard asked curiously: "Lord Tao, will you not go?"

Yuan Gan turned his head and shouted: "Don't talk bullshit, let's go!" - and he jumped onto the horse.

Niu Yu Tao, looking at him, said: "Need to be quick, and with noise!"

Yuan Gan nodded and understood him. He waved his hand, and immediately several people left.

The bodyguard Chu, who reached the hedge, saw that the carriage was already ready. It looks like this guy already knew he was taking money here!

Niu Yu Tao turned, saw her, and smiled slightly, then, walking past her, he went inside the camp.

Chu looked at him and then headed for Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan immediately turned around the corner. Around the corner, he ordered some bodyguards to climb into the wagon and ordered the other two to guard outside.

Inside the wagon, Yuan Gan opened the box, and immediately the coppers dazzled him with their brilliance. The bodyguards stared. It turns out that they pulled out so much money from the camp? Lord Tao is a competent person!

Yuan Gan divided the money into bags and gave it to the 4th bodyguards. He ordered them to go to some places and buy things. He and Niu Yu Tao already knew the locations and prices of things. Then, after shopping, he pointed to one place where they should meet.

He said that they would not only complete the task but also quickly complete everything.

Separating 4 people in two, they went their separate ways, without knowing why they were doing this.

And Yuan Gan, with the remaining two bodyguards and with more than half the money went on.

Chu, following them, saw the group split into three, and yet decided to follow Yuan Gan. Yet he seemed to be in charge of them.

However, she did not let go of the other two groups. Seeing several warriors in one store, she ordered them to follow Chao Zong's bodyguards. Those, knowing the position of Chu, immediately obeyed.

Yuan Gan went into the first shop and bought the highest quality silk there. After he paid for the silk, he demanded that the seller deliver the goods to the specified place at a specific time. That seller was very pleased and did not dare to let Yuan Gan down. He assured him that there could be no mistake, he would do everything. After that, Yuan Gan calmed down.

As soon as he left the store, he immediately stopped at the second store and bought fine jewelry there under the same conditions.

Yuan Gan was spending money all the way. Money flowed like a river.

Chu followed him and did not understand what he wants to achieve this? As a result, Yuan Gan joined one theater troupe and went under the tune of artists. They went after him. It is not known where they went.

When they reached the city center, Chu noticed that it was very lively here. Everywhere there were carriages, domestic animals, rams of cows, birds. The divided three groups of people reached Yuan Gan. Also, the store owners sent people with goods to him. Silks, precious items - all this was loaded into the carriage. The store staff helped load the purchases into the carriage. Everything else was decorated with beautiful red silk. Yuan Gan ordered, and bodyguards also began to decorate everything.

And people on the street did not understand what was happening. They crowded and looked at the carriage. A lot of people admired and said: "This is whose bride is getting married?"

Everyone was surprised, and Chu herself was surprised. Was it like they betrayed the bride, or conversely, they met the bride?

Also, bodyguards did not understand what was happening. What did Lord Tao and Yuan Gan conceive?

All people saw how 6 bodyguards began to surround the carriage. Ahead of the standing rider shouted from behind the theater troupe: " Live atmosphere!"

There was a rumble of drums, which is why on both sides of the wagon, many people began to pay attention to them.

Yuan Gan waved his hand and leading the carriage. And the crowd of people went after him. Everyone was wondering which family was so lucky.

So Chu was also among the crowd. And when the carriage reached the specified address, all people froze. After all, it was the palace of the governor of the county!

Around the palace of the governor of the county, there was just a wasteland, and picket fences were placed against the cavalry. The guard stood around. And as soon as the guard heard a noise, they immediately took out weapons, ready for anything. However, as soon as they saw the holiday carriage, they froze in place. They did not know what was going on.

A group of guards went beyond the stockade and blocked the wedding procession. At the head of one guard shouted: "Who are you?"

Seated with a straight posture, Yuan Gan distinctly said:

 "Simple Duke Shan Chao Zong arrived to meet the bride - the daughter of the governor of the county Feng Ru Nan!"

* Simple * is the unspoken title of Chao Zong. Since he was imprisoned, the title of Grand Duke was stripped of him and demoted to the granted Duke or simple Prince. And adding the word "simple," one could understand the attitude of the imperial court towards it.

As soon as he said this, everyone around immediately made a noise.

"Meet the newlywed general?"

6 bodyguards were dumbfounded. Does the Prince marry the general?

The whole crowd was amazed. Someone was bewildered, someone in amazement shouted * bravo *. Maybe for some people * the simple Prince * doesn't sound so attractive, but for the ordinary people who don't really know who Shan Chao Zong is, just mentioning the Prince is enough to make them ecstatic. Which Prince will marry General Feng!

The guard who blocked the path also froze. They looked at each other. *What's happening?* Why didn't they hear that? Such a big deal and the governor of the county prepared nothing?

The chief guard kept his eyes full, and Yuan Gan went down from the horse and  politely said: "Please notify the ruler of the meeting of the bride!"

The chief guard understood that such a high-profile case was not for him to decide. Therefore, he asked Yuan Gan to wait a bit and went to report.

Yuan Gan slowly looked at the crowd surrounding him and politely thanked for their congratulations and shouts * Bravo! *

It can't be helped Chao Zong received little fame from his father Ning Wang, so it is possible that even Feng Lin Bo did not see him. Therefore, Feng Lin Bo is to dignify him with his attention.

In the palace of the ruler, turmoil began. Someone ran to the door and spied on the delegation, meeting the newlywed with gifts. Someone climbed the wall and also looked at the carriage.

Not much time passed before the guard returned and invited Yuan Gan inside. However, other bodyguards were not allowed into the house.

Chu emerged from the crowd and followed them. Others cannot go inside, but she had no problems with the entrance. But she needed to find out what was going on for the general.

A lot of people gathered around the palace of the ruler. There were both women and men. Everyone was continually talking to each other.

There were only a few people inside the main hall. One thin and tall man with a short beard walked back and forth. It was immediately possible to determine from him that he was an outstanding, powerful, and influential person. Only now, he was puzzled. Another tall woman in a multi-colored robe sat a little higher. In her hands, she held a list of wedding gifts. It was just the wife of Feng Lin Bo, Peng Yu Lan.

There are a lot of good things on the list, at least 10 thousand gold will cost. He is worthy of the title of Prince. Threw 10 thousand from one time! "Peng Yu Lan grinned.

As soon as Yuan Gan entered, he was immediately seized from two sides. However, he did not resist.

With their hands tied behind their backs, Yuan Gan was led into the main hall, but he was not worried or afraid.

You could immediately see that he was not a simple person. At first glance, Feng Lin Bo noticed his courage and spirit, but spoke in a cold tone:

 "Who are you? How did you dare to impersonate a simple prince?"

Yuan Gan calmly answered: "The subordinate of Prince Yuan Gan really arrived to meet the bride. I'm not pretending!"

Yuan Gan? Feng Lin Bo looked at him. According to the data, Chao Zong does have a man named Yuan Gan.

Even if you are Shan Chao Zong's man. Why would your Prince want to marry your daughter to him? Does a high-ranking imperial family not even know wedding etiquette?

Yuan Gan: "This is the consequence of the situation. However, the Prince's gifts are sincere!"

"Joke!" Peng Yu Lan threw the gift list in Yuan Gan's face and growled: "And with these things do your prince want to marry my daughter?"

Yuan Gan replied:

"Madam, this is only part of the gifts, to the joy of the common people. There is still a gift that I have hidden in my bosom. Regarding this gift, the governor of the county and the madam will be delighted!"

The couple looked at each other, and Feng Lin Bo signaled to the guard. One guard went to Yuan Gan and untied his hands. Yuan Gan immediately reached into his bosom and gave the list of other gifts to Feng Lin Bo.

As soon as he opened the list, he was immediately surprised. He wondered very strongly. He closed the list and handed it to his wife.

Peng Yu Lan was surprised at. What kind of gift can surprise her husband? She held out her hand and took the list. Then opened it, and also looked at the contents. Her eyes narrowed immediately. She instantly closed the list, afraid that someone else would see it.

They then looked suspiciously at Yuan Gan. Feng Lin Bo shouted:

 "What a fuss, chase them away!"

Outside the gate, the guards immediately dispersed the ordinary people, which made the palace quieter.

Feng Lin Bo, looking at Yuan Gan, asked: "Is it true?"

Yuan Gan: "I'm not the main ambassador and did not see the contents of the gift, and I don't understand what its meaning is. The chief ambassador must know."

Feng Lin Bo narrowed his eyes: "You want to meet the bride, but why not even the main ambassador arrived. Have you decided to break etiquette so much?"

Yuan Gan: "Not that the chief ambassador did not want to come. It's just that now, because of financial difficulties, they are keeping him in the Feng Ru Nan camp. I'm afraid that if the money is not returned on time, then he may lose his life."