Heavenly Genius - Chapter 45


to demolish mountains and overturn the seas


(arr. in the meaning: all-devastating; irresistible, victorious)

 The couple looked at each other. Does the daughter already know about matchmaking?

Peng Yu Lan immediately asked: "Who is the main ambassador? Lan Jo Ting?"

Yuan Gan: "Mentor-protector of the prince, Niu Yu Tao!"

"Niu Yu Tao?" The couple looked at each other.

Then Feng Lin Bo, frowning, said: "Parasite!"

And it is not known about whom he spoke, to his daughter or Niu Yu Tao.

Peng Yu Lan immediately looked back and waved her hand. "Bai Yao, take two people. We will see what is there and bring that person. And let the girl not make some noise."

Behind her was a man. He, with folded arms on his chest, drew his sword, nodded, and get out of the hall. It's did not say that he was old, but he had silver-gray hair. As soon as he left the main hall, he called out two people and immediately fly up on the roof.

Three people left the palace of the ruler and headed towards the camp on the roofs. They moved gracefully, like swallows. Few people on the street could notice that people were moving on top of the roof. Not much time passed before three people jumped from the roof and stopped in front of the camp. They walked in broad strides.

Even though no one stopped them, Bai Yao took out one tablet and showed it in passing.

So they went to the central tent and without notice and entered inside. Bai Yao was afraid that the general, as soon as he found out about their arrival, would immediately kill the chief ambassador. And when he went inside, he saw Feng Ru Nan standing with his back in armor, which held one hand behind his back and looked at the map.

"General ..." the guard ran in and awkwardly notified Feng Ru Nan. He was ashamed that he did not report promptly.

Feng Ru Nan once turned, then froze. Waving the guard to leave, she asked in surprise: "Uncle Bai, why did you come?"

Bai Yao asked: "Did you grab Niu Yu Tao?"

Feng Ru Nan froze and nodded. "Yes! What is it?"

Bai Yao looked around and asked: "Where is he?"

Feng Ru Nan: "In the adjacent tent behind him..."

Without waiting for her to answer, Bai Yao turned his head and left. He looked around and saw one tent nearby. Ignoring the guard, he went inside, and the guard did not dare to block his path. Bai Yao as soon as he entered, he saw that Niu Yu Tao was sitting freely at the table and drinking tea. And standing in dark clothes with a sword behind her back, Lan calmly watched him.

"Uncle!" - another girl named May clasped her hands, greeted Bai Yao.

Bai Yao did not pay attention to her and, looking at Niu Yu Tao, asked: "Are you Niu Yu Tao?"

Niu Yu Tao answered with a blurry smile: Niu Yu Tao slowly stood up and responded with a slight smile: " Yes, I am. The humble servant does not know what he owes?"

At that time, Feng Ru Nan came in and just saw a strange scene. Bai Yao held out his hand to Niu Yu Tao and said: "Follow me."

Niu Yu Tao, not paying attention to who came after him, nodded his head in agreement. "Good!

"Wait!" Feng Ru Nan shouted: "Uncle Bai, he can't leave. I have a business for him.

Bai Yao calmly answered: "Your mom wants to see him. Your business can wait.

Niu Yu Tao smiled a little, it seems that Yuan Gan did everything right. He still did not worry about the abilities of Yuan Gan.

Feng Ru Nan seized with convulsions. She nevertheless said: "No, he owes me money. He can't get out."

Could the question of money be more important than the conversation with your mother?" Bai Yao frowned at her and said: "Later talk about money."

Feng Ru Nan: "Uncle Bai, I have a bet with him, he can't leave now."

Niu Yu Tao suddenly sighing said: "General, I do not avoid my debts."

After these words, Bai Yao turned again to Niu Yu Tao and said: "Follow me!"

Niu Yu Tao folded his arms and followed him, and when he passed by Feng Ru Nan, he smiled slightly.

Feng Ru Nan wanted to lose her temper, but she did not dare to argue Bai Yao. She just left the tent and shouted: "Niu Yu Tao, just try to hide!"

Niu Yu Tao only turned to her and waved his hand smiling. He looked pleased

"Laughing? Let's see how you will cry later!" Feng Ru Nan spoke, gritting her teeth. She only wanted to give the order to go to the palace of the ruler, only at that time Chu had returned.

Feng Ru Nan, as soon as she saw her, immediately asked: "What happened?"

Chu's mood was strange. She said with a bit, bitter smile: "That Yuan Gan with people bought things and gifts and went to the ruler's house for woo.

"Woo?" Feng Ru Nan was surprised. "Who acts as a matchmaker?"

Chu put her hand over her mouth and said, explaining: " Not that he the matchmaker himself. He came to woo for Shan Chao Zong."

"To woo for Shan Chao Zong?" - Feng Ru Nan was surprised: "To woo for Shan Chao Zong's sister? Why do I not know about such a high-profile case?"

Chu could not find the words. Then she nevertheless gathered and said:

"General, they woo you! ... Yuan Gan bought gifts and went to woo you for Shan Chao Zong!"

Feng Ru Nan froze. Everything seemed to stop in her head. Then she shook her head: "What are you saying? How can Shan Chao Zong marry me?"

Behind her, May and Lan obviously did not believe what they heard.

Chu still answered: "General, that's true. Yuan Gan, in front of all the people, shouted about it. Most likely, now the whole city is talking about this. I saw and heard it by myself.  This cannot be a mistake."

Feng Ru Nan involuntarily sensed something was amiss. She consoled herself: "Even if this is true, parents will not agree. They will not give me away for suicide bomber Chao Zong. It's impossible!"

Chu shook her head. "I do not know this. Yuan Gan personally spoke with the county governor and lady. I don't know what they were talking about. However, they seem to be consulting now."

"Impossible!" Feng Ru Nan firmly denied, and now she only understood why Niu Yu Tao decided to argue with her. And that she would not let him go within an hour, he did not worry, because he knew that they would send him to her house. And she certainly will not resist them. Perhaps he will not want to repay the debt.

Thinking of 10 thousand gold, she immediately asked: "Where is the borrowed money? Did you manage to rob them back?!"

Chu froze. Indeed, from the matchmaking, she forgot about the money. However, she immediately said:

 "I'm afraid that now you will not return the money. Yuan Gan bought wedding gifts on them and already delivered them to the ruler's palace!"

Feng Ru Nan sighed. "WHAT! I bought those gifts with my money..."

Chu was silent. She just nodded.

May said distressedly: "What shameless!"

Lan gritted her teeth and said: "I saw crooks, but such?!"

Several girls already disgusted Niu Yu Tao.

"Ahh!" Feng Ru Nan sighed and covered her face with her hands. She has now lost her temper. She wanted to deceive them. She wanted both money and people. However, in the end, she herself was hooked!

Then Feng Ru Nan stamped her foot and said: "Collect people and follow me. We will kill the crook!"

Very quickly, the riders gathered and went outside. Feng Ru Nan really got angry and was ready to bring chaos.

Chu did not understand why Feng Ru Nan was so angry. Is it necessary to block the way for Niu Yu Tao now?

Niu Yu Tao calmly followed Bai Yao, and so they got to the main hall.

As soon as he entered the room, Feng Lin Bo and others immediately began to examine him and found that he was very young.

According to news from the temple on the southern mountain, that young man defeated Song Yang Qing and the rest. But it was hard to imagine with the appearance of Niu Yu Tao.

Bai Yao walked and stood behind Peng Yu Lan, leaning.

Niu Yu Tao, in turn, looked at the others, and his gaze rested a little on Peng Yu Lan. No wonder Feng Ru Nan has such a strong.

Then he saw Yuan Gan with his hands tied. He, not paying attention to others, asked: "Is everything good?"

Yuan Gan nodded his head. He came and is already good.

First, Niu Yu Tao in front of everyone untied Yuan Gang's hands. And only after Yuan Gan freed himself, he looked at Feng Lin Bo and clasped his hands, said: "Niu Yu Tao welcomes the head of the region and mistress!

Feng Lin Bo calmly asked: "Are you the main matchmaker ambassador for Shan Chao Zong?"

"Exactly!" Niu Yu Tao answered and added: "Just not match the bride, but meet the bride. My prince is in a hurry. He needs to do everything quickly."

"Did I agree to give my daughter away?" Feng Lin Bo was angry, but he restrained himself and picked up the list and asked: "Do you know about the most important gift?"

Niu Yu Tao looked around and realized that in addition to the spouses, there were several more cultivators. Therefore he said: "Is it convenient to talk here?"

Peng Yu Lan said: "Don't worry, all the reliable people here. Say it on your mind."

These few cultivators are her fellow practitioners from the heavenly jade sect, and they need to know some things. Otherwise, the couple could not have been masters here.

 Niu Yu Tao only nodded and said: "The prince first consulted with me, so of course, I know."

Feng Lin Bo once again looked through the list and asked: "How do I know that this thing is real?"

Niu Yu Tao grinned: "Real or not, the ruler himself will be able to determine."

Feng Lin Bo: "Nonsense! How can I determine?"