Heavenly Genius - Chapter 46


not possessing high morality, try to convict a noble person in indecent actions; evaluate a noble husband from the point of view of a scoundrel.


 Niu Yu Tao said in amazement: "Everything is here, does the ruler really not see?"

Feng Lin Bo indifferently said: "Less fool my head. Where is the present? If you just get it, then I'll think about whether to give my daughter to the prince."

Did not Niu Yu Tao understand the hidden meaning of these words? As soon as he gets things, they will forget about them!

"Not to think, but to give. Your daughter ... my prince, wants to marry her!"

Feng Lin Bo even smiled coldly: "How dare you say so! Came to my home, and still indicates not to think, but to marry?"

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand toward the door and roared: "It is only necessary for the ruler to go outside and say that a simple prince, having in his hands a 100 thousandth army of ravens, will give it to you like that. They will immediately arrive for free. Only you can also bring danger to yourself!"

Inside, people were immediately amazed. One hundred thousandth army? Does Shan Chao Zong own a hundred-thousandth army of ravens? Some were even scared. Was it really that gift?

Feng Lin Bo slyly looked at Niu Yu Tao. What does he mean by that? However, he does not dare to announce to everyone that he will be given a hundred-thousandth army.

Niu Yu Tao turned and asked: "Will the ruler dare? I dare to ask whether the ruler will do so?"

Feng Lin Bo shirking said: "If you don't give me what you indicated, don't dream of leaving Quangai County!"

Niu Yu Tao contemptuously waved his hand, and calmly answered: "Would the prince really let me go, like this, without preparation? Even if we don't leave Kuangai County, so what? As soon as the ruler begins to act rashly, everyone will learn about the army of one hundred thousandths. And then what will become of this piece of land? Not that the kingdom of Yan, most likely the kingdom of Zhao, will pass through Qingshan County and destroy the county of Quangai. I'm afraid then, the governor of the region will not hold anything. What courageous gentlemen will just stand by and look at the mighty ruler of the county?"

Feng Lin Bo understood that Niu Yu Tao knew that he would not dare. He was already considering whether to arrest Shan Chao Zong? Feng Lin Bo said in a grim tone: "If you don't give the gift to me, why would I give you my daughter?"

Niu Yu Tao calmly replied: "About the expensive gift, I will say bluntly. I will not lie to the ruler. The prince does not yet have this army."

"WHAT?"  Peng Yu Lan's eyes widened. Are they making a joke with her daughter? She was angry now, and shouted: "They came without the gift, and still dare to play with us?"

Niu Yu Tao folded his hands and made it clear that they would calm down:

"For now - it means temporarily! Sooner or later, he will have this army."

Feng Lin Bo, with a smile, said:

 "Master to speak! Did you dare to attach that which is not, to my daughter's wedding present! Think of us like idiots? I'll see what you still thought up!"  Feng Lin Bo was already angrily looking at them.

"Master, to speak? - Niu Yu Tao was surprised. And firmly in response, he asked the question:

"Does the ruler consider us fools? Ning Wang died, and why did they suddenly start to plot against the prince? With the ears and eyes of the ruler, you must know the true reason! They are afraid of the experienced power of Ning Wang. Therefore, they decided to mow the grass completely! Just didn't you wonder why the prince was kept in prison for so many years but wasn't killed? Have their hearts become kind? And why was the prince suddenly released? Is it because of kinship? Did the ruler really not think about all this?"

As soon as he spoke, everyone in the audience began to think. Peng Yu Lan was silent. Feng Lin Bo was constantly fiddling with a beard.

Yuan Gan stood calmly and looked at the eloquent Niu Yu Tao. Now he was not at all worried about their adventure.

Niu Yu Tao took two steps and went to Peng Yu Lan. He pointed to the door, and said distressedly:

 "Not because the imperial house did not want to kill. And not because they had a good heart. Moreover, the imperial house did not think about blood ties. Because he knew about the surviving hundred-thousandth army of the former Ning Wang. Thanks to the hundred-thousandth army of ravens!"

He still walked quickly to Feng Lin Bo and said:

"The prince can quickly get this army. He knows that if he can only get this army, then it is certain death! Over the years he spent in prison, he was interrogated every day about the troops. Only the prince did not tell! (t.t. because he did not know). However, the sky is fair. The emperor himself has done business by himself and is now paying off. He cleared the old veterans, and now he has achieved a precarious position within the country. Why appeared independent counties like yours. Why are neighboring states looking at us predatory? One old enemy, as the kingdom of Han, is already enough. The emperor even gave the princesses to neighboring kingdoms to support at least some peace! And why did the emperor let the prince go?  Because he wants the hundred-thousandth army! The prince himself understands that if he thoughtlessly acts, he will make a simple gift to the emperor! The emperor is trying to bring him to his last breath. Then he will release a hundred-thousandth army. Only the prince does not want to play to the emperor's tune. Therefore, he offered the army to the ruler and did not want the military to go to the emperor! Why does the prince want to marry the daughter of the ruler? Because your daughter is the pearl in the palm of your hand. And after he gives you the army, you will not dare to kill him. And a strong bridge will be built between you. Are these causes and effects not visible? I don't know why the ruler doubts so much? Does he think that the prince just wants to trick you? If so, then this does not seem absurd to you! The motives of the prince are pure and sincere. What is there to doubt!?"

Niu Yu Tao's words put pressure on listeners. He excited everyone that few people wanted to object to him.

There was silence inside. Many fell into thoughts. They have not yet come to their senses from what was said, how noise was heard outside:

 "Bastard! I'll kill you!"

Everyone immediately looked outside when they saw Feng Ru Nan in armor, who, holding the spear, ran in with the intention of killing. And the rest of her wars, of course, did not dare to commit atrocities inside the ruler's palace. Only Feng Ru Nan could behave like this here.

Feng Ru Nan, without saying anything, went straight to Niu Yu Tao. He borrowed money from her, and with the same money, he bought wedding gifts to take her to the prince as a wife. So low, no one has insulted her yet! Especially when he received money from her by deception. Now, if she does not kill him, then she will not calm down!

Holding the spear, she was already aiming at Niu Yu Tao, and the rest did not attach any importance to this as if.

Feng Ling Bo and Peng Yu Lang wanted to see how robust Niu Yu Tao is.

Only Yuan Gan did not allow them to be content with the skills of Niu Yu Tao. He quickly blocked the path to Niu Yu Tao. He grabbed the spear tightly with his hands.

"Ahhh ..." Feng Ru Nan screamed madly, and with both hands clasped the spear, she wanted to push further. Her face even turned red.

Yes, Yuan Gan only held her and looked askance. As if evaluating how much more force she could make.

Everyone around looked at Yuan Gan in surprise. After all, Feng Ru Nan has been studying military art since childhood. And few of the husbands can compare with her in power. Besides, she is naturally healthy. However, Yuan Gan so easily restrains her. After all, he is not a cultivator. And such strong men are now rare!

Niu Yu Tao was surprised too. Yuan Gan was able to resist Cheng Gui Shuo and now holds Feng Ru Nan. His qigong has made good progress.

Feng Lin Bo's eyes flashed. He had already decided to himself that this guy is one of the brave military leaders who could become famous during the war. The glory that goes about Ning Wang is still not inflated. If he has such subordinates... No wonder everyone praises the guards of Yinyang and Wuli!

However, he was informed that Yuan Gan was not one of these guards.

Seeing that her daughter could not get to Niu Yu Tao, Peng Yu Lan turned and nodded her head.

An older man was standing on her side, with gray hair, he flashed to Yuan Gan. And slapped his hand on the spear. Therefore did Yuan Gang's hands tremble, and he, unable to bear the strength, began to retreat!

And the older man, meanwhile, took the spear from Feng Ru Nan and pressed her shoulder. He was holding her in place.

Niu Yu Tao also began to act. He supported the body of Yuan Gan. And he felt that Yuan Gan had qi seething inside. And with it, he walked two steps, only then stopped.

Niu Yu Tao turned his head and looked at the older man. The older man apparently wanted to teach Yuan Gan a lesson. It seemed that he beat Yuan Gan lightly, but in fact, his cotton contained a force that could kill a simple person. Niu Yu Tao looked at him viciously:

"The older man, are you tired of living?"

Such an evil tone immediately attracted the attention of all.

That older man also looked at Yuan Gan in surprise. Although he did not put all his strength into the palm of his hand, Yuan Gan should cough up blood. Who would have thought that Yuan Gan would endure this strike? Usually, people pump their bodies and muscles. However, did Yuan Gan also pump the insides?

Yuan Gan caught his breath a little, relaxed his hands, and gradually everything stabilized in his body. He whispered to Niu Yu Tao: "Lord Tao, all is well!"

Niu Yu Tao immediately smiled and looking good-naturedly at the older man said: "Older man, I'll remember that palm. Later, when the opportunity comes up, I will let you experience my palm!"

That older man also bowed good-naturedly:

"The old slave will wait."

"Good!" - Niu Yu Tao joyfully nodded to him. As if nothing was between them.