Heavenly Genius - Chapter 47



not know the height of the sky and the thickness of the earth; to be ignorant and arrogant


 He knew that at some points, resentment could be tolerated. For example, how now Feng Ru Nan rushed at him. Usually, Yuan Gan went out to protect him. And Yuan Gan politely acted. He simply defended and did not attack Feng Ru Nan. And this older man imperceptibly harmed Yuan Gan.

However, he exalted himself as an * old slave *. Obviously, he did all this for the sake of the young lady. But you need to understand, but Nu Yu Dao is not the one who can be hurt with impunity.

Speaking such threats to the older man, Niu Yu Tao had a reason. At least he could use the hundred thousand armies of ravens to make this older man immediately apologize to them. However, after thinking a little, Niu Yu Tao did not want to increase his problems now. Therefore, He decided to keep this account for himself!

After this event, Feng Ru Nan seemed to cool off a bit, but still shouted:

"Ma, I will not marry! If I marry, it's only for a man who picks up the sky with his head! And not for this, who pity for his life!"

Niu Yu Tao, of course, understood that she would be angry, and yet he went up to her and said in surprise:

"What do you mean, general? In this world, is there really a man who can support his head more strongly than my prince?"

From these words, the rest of the men in the audience simply could not find the words. And everyone understood that this was definitely not true.

Feng Lin Bo twisted his mouth. He whispered to himself: *Of course, you can praise Shan Chao Zong. But why to belittle others?*

Of course, Niu Yu Tao knew what others would think.

"Nonsense! - Feng Ru Nan rudely began to argue. She screamed, making Peng Yu Lan embarrassed about her daughter. Although Feng Ru Nan was the general, she was also the girl.

Niu Yu Tao did not attach much importance, because it was not for him to marry Feng Ru Nan. Opposite he shouted:

"Did the general see the prince? And how well does the general know the prince? If you haven't seen him, then why on earth are you calling so?

Feng Ru Nan:

"Ugh! So I also need to see him? Let him be away from me. So that my eyes could not see him. Otherwise, he will find death from my spear! And you, his hound dog..." She screamed.

Seeing that she had lost her temper, Niu Yu Tao did not at all argue with her. He roared, suppressing the cry of Feng Ru Nan:

"The general does not know the prince at all! Does the general know how it feels for several years to endure the hardships of prison? Especially when they torture you every day? A few years of torture ...?  Better death right away. Which husband will tolerate this? I know only one such. This is my prince!"

He lifted his thumb and said:

"He experienced many adversities and did not give up torture. He did not betray anybody. This is the true hero. Who can compare with him?!"

He turned back to Feng Ru Nan:

"The general, probably knows that the general of the city guard of the capital insulted the prince at the gate. Who just got out of prison. The prince really could not stand on his feet at that time. However, the prince still dared to defeat the general of the city guard with a sword! Ask ourselves a question. Who dare is in front of the eyes of the son of heaven, as if in front of the emperor to kill the general of the city guard? The general will dare?" - He said, especially loudly pointing to Feng Ru Nan.

Then, turning to everyone, he asked:

"Who among those present dares to do this? Who dares, get up. We will see!" - He looked closely at Feng Lin Bo:

"Ruler, dare you?"

From these words, Feng Lin Bo rolled his eyes. He also wanted to say that Chao Zong dared to do this because he knew that they would not kill him. However, Niu Yu Tao, without waiting until he answers, turned back to Feng Ru Nan and said:

"This is a hot man. This is a true husband propping up the sky with his head. And it's not that man, which you invented the imaginary. What is the use of an imaginary man when a true husband is in front of you? Whom you can just take. Why give up the real in favor of the imaginary?"

Feng Ru Nan did not know what to answer.

Niu Yu Tao again approached Peng Yu Lan:

"My prince is a glorious kind of man. His father, the great Ning Wang who shook the celestial Kingdom. Even the emperor was afraid of him. And now, even though the title of the Grand Duke was taken away from the prince, he is still the majestic prince and the son of Ning Wang. And for your daughter the best opportunity to marry him. In the celestial Kingdom, how many girls will dream of such glory? About becoming the princess? Any girl will agree purely because of this title!"

"Princess?" The thought slipped through Peng Yu Lan's head. She immediately looked toward Feng Lin Bo. And then she waved to the older man:

"Take her first!"

That older man immediately went outside, leading Feng Ru Nan. And Feng Ru Nan could only turn her head and shout:

"Ma, I won't come out! I will not marry! This is the scammer. He is the deceiver. Do not listen to him! Ma ... Niu Yu Tao still owes me. The cattle, you owe me..."

She was no longer visible, but her voice could still be heard. That is why Yuan Gan, with a stone expression, frowned slightly.

Peng Yu Lan looked at Niu Yu Tao in surprise and asked:

"What is the matter with money?"

From this question, Niu Yu Tao became embarrassed:

"We are familiar with your daughter. Even when I did not enter the sect of the  Highest purity. We saw her when I sailed on a raft on the river. Your daughter almost killed me with an arrow. And then she threw the tag and told me to find it in the county. So then, how to say ... In general, I am ashamed ... I needed funds. Therefore, I borrowed money from her. However, I will definitely return it later. I will!" - He specifically spoke dimly.

Peng Yu Lan heard the case on the river but did not hear anything about money. But how was this boy able to borrow money?

Feng Lin Bo interrupted:

"Okay, no need to talk about useless. Why do I need to give my daughter without the present?"

Having said this, one could understand that he already believed in the army of one hundred thousandths.

Niu Yu Tao pointed his finger on the street  and said:

"It is in  Tsan Wu County. That is why the prince returns there!"

Feng Lin Bo narrowed his eyes:

"Since the imperial house knows that it is there, then why is it waiting for him to take the army?"

Niu Yu Tao:

 "If it were so easy, he would die in prison. How could he survive to this day? This is not a small matter. Ning Wang reworked the army and hid it in a secret secluded place. Even the prince himself will find it challenging to find them."

Feng Lin Bo:

"Even it will be difficult for him to find him." Then I'll look for myself ..." - Before he could finish, Niu Yu Tao looked at him with a tight smile. And did not find words. The same man said that he would not dare to seek and show everyone that he has such the army.

Therefore, Feng Lin Bo immediately at a glance realized his misconduct, and changed his words:

"If I agree, my daughter to intermarry with him, and the riders will go to Tsan Wu. Then the imperial house should suspect that I know about the secret!"

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand:

"So what? In such a massive kingdom as Yan, how can they easily stretch their strength everywhere? Does the imperial house dare openly confront the ruler? If he had dared, then he should have been killing the county ruler long ago. Only they are afraid that external enemies will learn about the troubles and attack the country. Therefore, they do not dare to act openly. If the surrounding kingdoms find out that the turmoil has spread so much within the state. Then they are likely to release their predatory paws on us. The Kingdom of Yan will perish! And if the imperial house finds out that the ruler knows about the secret, then he will be even more afraid of you.

Conversely, for Kuangai this will only be a plus. Only the ruler should not hesitate in this matter. Need to be decisive!"

Feng Lin Bo began to scratch his beard and fell into thought.

And then came the voice of Peng Yu Lan:

"You said great things about Ning Wang's son. About the fact that he is the son of Ning Wang and all that. However, you are not saying that his father did not very like cultivators. And now, how can our Heavenly jade sect become related to his son?"

Niu Yu Tao turned and began to explain:

"Madam - the woman who wears a majestic headdress, and far from an ordinary woman. Do you think that Ning Wang is a fool? He has been battle-hardened for so long. And such a battle-hardened commander would just put himself at a disadvantage? Even if he thought so, in a simple situation, Ning Wang would definitely not have announced his opinion to everyone. Others do not know, but our prince knows everything perfectly. Mistress may also have clearly known that the former emperor treated Ning Wang well. And all the people in those years said that Ning Wang would become the future emperor 90%. But suddenly appeared a case, which pinned the whole world of cultivators against Ning Wang. And the former emperor was greatly influenced by all sides. I am afraid that the sect of Heavenly jade was among them. And then the former emperor suddenly dies, and in the will does point to the throne, not Ning Wang, but the current emperor. Everything is absolutely extraordinary. And only a fool does not guess what really happened."

He turned again and looked at several cultivators. Niu Yu Tao guessed that they were people of the Heavenly Jade sect, and also began to explain everything to them:

As the father thought, it is not a fact that the son will also think like this. You may not even bother about it. As soon as you accept the simple prince, then everyone outside will assume that the simple prince does not adhere to the same point as his father. It doesn't even matter if the rest will believe or not, the sect of Heavenly jade is here, and who dares to exert pressure on you. Therefore, these are empty fears. If the imperial palace dares, along with other sects, to begin to exert pressure on the heavenly jade sect, then you will have a hilt of one hundred thousand ravens. Does the imperial court dare to hit you? Madam fears are unfounded!" - Niu Yu Tao waved his sleeve as if that's all decided.

He turned again and went to Feng Lin Bo:

"Besides, in such a situation, you have one more benefit. If the ruler is worried about the presence of the hundred-thousandth army, then you can just figure it out.  If the emperor dares to send troops to the counties of Kuangai, and send all cultivator sects to exert pressure on the heavenly jade sect. And if it turns out that the hundred-thousandth army is a fiction, then the ruler can simply abandon the prince. Yes, you can even kill us. We won't say anything! However, if the emperor does not dare, then I do not need to talk further about the benefits..." - Having said this, Niu Yu Tao folded his hands together:

 "My prince sincerely wants to marry your daughter. I hope the ruler and mistress will contribute to this!"