Heavenly Genius - Chapter 48


to give a peach and receive a plum in gratitude (arr. in value: to thank with a gift for a gift);


 The couple fell into silence. Chao Zong wants to marry their daughter, and his true motives can be clearly understood. He, one can already be said in his last breath, and they are his last hope. Only one of his daughters is already enough for him to lean well on her. Only is the daughter wants to marry him and whether they fit together? The only thing that attracts them is the one hundred thousandth army of ravens. If it really exists, then the imperial family will exert less pressure on them.

"You are the student of the Highest purity sect, and why should you go to the protection of Shan Chao Zong like that?"Came the indifferent voice of the leaning Bai Yao. 

Niu Yu Tao turned, looked at him, and answered impromptu:

"I have already been expelled from the sect of the Highest purity. And now nothing connects me with them!"

All the people in the hall were surprised. What, what, and he so merely talking about the expulsion from the sect is not worth it. So you insult your teachers. Is the killing of Song Yang Qing connected with this?

Bai Yao slowly said again: "Our sect of heavenly jade does not want to get into your affairs with the Song family." He hinted to him that they would not patronize.

Niu Yu Tao grinned obliviously. He still said in the monastery of the southern mountain that he would decide on his own with the Song family. And are he just arrived here without reason" He smiling said:

"The ruler forgot to mention. My teacher, Dong Guo Xao Ran, seemed to be helping Ning Wang process this army, and I was his last student. And in search of the hundred-thousandth army, my help may come in handy. If it weren't, then I would don't care about anything! "Niu Yu Tao calmly said.

Is he the student of Dong Guo Hao Ran? All the presents did not find words. Is this true or not? Nevertheless, the connections between Ning Wang and Dong Guo Hao Ran were excellent, and this is no secret.

Bai Yao closed his eyes and said nothing.

Feng Lin Bo said in surprise:

"Shan Chao Zong's current situation is not the best, and why are you following him?"

Niu Yu Tao calmly replied:

"I recognized the hero. I honor a worthy man!" He seemed to answer why Feng Ru Nan should marry him.

Feng Lin Bo looked at him smilingly and answered:

"I do know the young Shan Chao Zong. He is not a puny person, but inferior to his father. If not, he would not have been jailed. Did Luo Shao Fu's student, Lan Jo Ting, tell you about such a calculation? He sent you."

Luo Shao Fu is Lan Jo Ting's teacher, namely Ning Wang's most valuable person and his first adviser. If not for him, then Ning Wang would not have been able to hold out for so many years. The talents of Luo Shao Fu were known throughout the celestial Kingdom.

Niu Yu Tao was just a man who did not like to boast of his abilities in peacetime, and even more so in turbulent centuries. Therefore, he, not chasing cheap fame, immediately nodded his head:

"I don't dare to hide. This is the idea of ​​Lan Jo Ting!"

"Lan Jo Ting ... good teachers create good students!" Feng Lin Bo said with a sigh and, again looking at Niu Yu Tao, asked:

"Do you want to serve me?"

Nevertheless, he was not blind, and based on how Niu Yu Tao was ranting here, he realized that he had a sharp tongue and without a flaw. Obviously, he is also a talented person. ...

He also looked at Yuan Gan and noticed that Shan Chao Zong's subordinates are quite skilled. Niu Yu Tao with a sharp tongue, a great strategist Lan Jo Ting and Yuan Gan - a gifted person. Who knows, maybe Shan Chao Zong has some more talented people. Who knows, perhaps he can manage to lure these people to his side, and that's for good.

Niu Yu Tao smiling answered:

"The ruler and the prince will become one family, and then serving the prince will benefit the ruler. What is the difference now?" He spoke as if Shan Chao Zong had already married Feng Ru Nan.

Peng Yu Lan began to swear: "How long is your tongue!"

Niu Yu Tao smiling looked in her direction and, folding his hands again, said:

"Mistress praises me. However, I sincerely hope that one day, Ms. will become the mother of the princess!" He looked at Feng Lin Bo again.

* Princess * - this word back popped into Peng Yu Lan's head, which made her have complicated feelings.

"I still need to think about this matter!" Feng Lin Bo slowly answered.

At this point, Feng Ling Bo's attitude has already softened. Niu Yu Tao already understood that the matter was 90% settled. Only about such an important thing they still need to consult with the sect of heavenly jade.

Niu Yu Tao, understanding him, only reminded: "Still have to remind the ruler. The prince is in the monastery of the southern hill and awaits news. And here it was already so noisy that everyone found out about the meeting of the newlywed. I'm afraid that the people of the imperial house here are already informing the capital. And it seems that high-level cultivators followed us all the way. Now, if you don't rush, I'm afraid the prince will be in danger. You agree or not, you can decide later. I hope that you send people to the prince to protect him from danger!"

From such a reminder, Feng Ling Bo and Peng Yu Lan thought.

Peng Yu Lan: "And rightly so! Who asked you to make such a fuss?"

Niu Yu Tao smirked to himself. From the fact that he noisily notified everyone about the meeting of the newlywed, that is why they will not cause him and Shan Chao Zong damage. If he did everything quietly, then they would quietly imprison him.

However, he could only smile and oblivious to continue to remind: "The longer we wait, the sooner the dangers will quickly descend upon the prince!"

Feng Lin Bo looked at the newly returned older man and calmly said: "Show Nyan, take a few masters and go to the monastery on the southern hill. Give them support. The rest will come later!

Niu Yu Tao looked at the older man who attacked Yuan Gan, and remembered his name!

"Yes!" The older man answered, turned around, and left. However, when he went to the door, only raising his hand, it was not known where a great sword had flown from. The older man grabbed him, and the qi from his body began to change noticeably. As if now, there was no obedient old slave.

Niu Yu Tao narrowed his eyes. It looks like there are many cultivators in this palace of the county governor if this old cultivator is not at all simple.

However, he understood why this was so. If not for these powerful cultivators, then the people of the imperial court would have killed Feng Lin Bo.

 As soon as Shaw Nyan left the side door, 4 people in dark clothes appeared behind him. So 5 people mounted their horses and rode off.

When they left the gates of the city, they headed towards the southern mountain. They quickly rushed on horseback, that their clothes were fluttering from the wind.

Not much time passed before another 500 horsemen left the city and headed in the same direction.

And in front of 5 riders, bodyguards placed on the entire road quickly replaced each other and transmitted a message.

Not much time passed before another rider left the city. It was a bodyguard sent by Niu Yu Tao. Shan Chao Zong probably doesn't know anything at all about what happened in the city. Because of ignorance, he can spoil anything.

It was getting dark ...

In the central city of Kuangai County, ordinary people were discussing the engagement of Feng Ru Nan with Shan Chao Zong.

The ruler of the county has already sent news to the sect of heavenly jade and was awaiting their response.

A candle was burning in the library, and from its light, the shadow of Feng Lin Bo walking back and forth constantly flickered.

"Spouse, what do you think. The sect of Heavenly jade agrees?"

Seated on the side, Peng Yu Lan held a teacup: "Niu Yu Tao said reasonable things. And the sect of Heavenly jade must understand what a rare chance we have. And this case is entirely consistent with their secret desires. There should be no unforeseen incidents."

"I think so too. Only Ru Nan ..." - Feng Ling Bo did not have time to finish speaking as a subordinate came outside and handed over a secret letter. Feng Lin Bo opened the letter, grinned and said to his subordinate:

"Tell people in the capital, temporarily leave the capital, away from sin.

"Yes, sir! - that man nodded and left.

Peng Yu Lan got up and asked: "What is in the capital?"

"Wan Hen! Niu Yu Tao killed his son-in-law, what do you think now?" Feng Lin Bo handed her the secret letter.

Peng Yu Lan opened the letter and looked. There, Wan Hen asked Feng Ling Bo to seize Niu Yu Tao and transfer him to the capital. Then he will be in his debt.

Hundred-thousandth army or thanks to Wan Hen? For Feng Lin Bo, the choice was obvious. And Peng Yu Lan from Feng Lin Bo's answer understood that her husband had chosen: "And how do you answer Wan Hen?"

"The carriage meeting the bride and groom made such a big noise that Wan Hen in the capital will soon find out what was the matter. What other talks then?" - Feng Lin Bo waved his hand, and sighing continued:

"Ru Nan is already rather big. She had long had to get married. Only in the east she does not like men, in the west too, all over the world there is no suitable person for her. This has been bothering me for a long time. Especially with her bold expression who dares to look at her. Outwardly, she seems unshakable and strong, but inside she is also a woman. Talk to her, persuade her. You women agree well with each other. You are more patient and understand each other. Such persuading is not appropriate for her. But, on the other hand, it is better to let her marry Shan Chao Zong, who will then lean on us and watch how we will respond. Then the daughter will not tolerate insults. For this, we can be calm. Talk to her."

"Ahhh!" Peng Yu Lan sighed and nodded back. She, too, clearly understood everything, that if the sect of Heavenly jade decides, then the fate of her daughter will be determined.

She was primarily considering the formidable appearance of her daughter and her temper, who dares to marry her. Year after year, they postponed the wedding of his daughter, but now they understood that the marriage is urgent. Although they realized that this Niu Yu Tao was merely eloquent. However, if you look closely at everything, there is common sense in his words. If you give her away  Shan Chao Zong, then it certainly will not be bad for them. With his temperament and character, he will suit her. The benefits of Shan Chao Zong are visible from this alliance.

"I'll go see what this girl is doing." Peng Yu Lan said, sighing again. Everyone has a skeleton in the closet. (There are weaknesses)