Heavenly Genius - Chapter 49


there are no whole eggs in an upturned nest (arr. in the meaning: in a big catastrophe, nothing can survive)


 After the spouse left, Feng Ling Bo pondered a little more and then said with the wave of his hand: "Here!"

One subordinate came in. Feng Lin Bo pointed him to the letter lying on the table and said: "Take the letter to Niu Yu Tao."

"Yes, sir!" The subordinate immediately took the letter and left.

Niu Yu Tao was temporarily placed in the courtyard under supervision.

Under the light of the lamp, he looked at the contents of the letter several times. Wan Hen? Who is Wan Hen himself he did not know? However, in the capital, apart from the Song family, he no longer harms anyone. It's not hard to guess who wants to hurt him.

But it is not essential. The Song family would sooner or later begin to intrigue him, and this is not surprising. But he was wondering why Feng Lin Bo showed him this letter. With what intent? And of course, he hardly thought to threaten him with this letter.

"There must be a Song family already know. Tan Su Su couldn't fool the Song family. This old woman, carrying a heavy stone, eventually dropped it on her leg!" - Niu Yu Tao handed the letter to Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan looked at the letter and asked: "Who is Wan Hen?"

Niu Yu Tao shook his head a little: "I do not know. He must be associated with the Song family. And since he can talk with Feng Lin Bo in such a tone, his position must be not simple. Therefore, it will not be challenging to find out who he is."

Yuan Gan was silent for a while, apparently doubted, but still asked: "If the Song family will settle accounts with the sect of the Highest purity, can this not harm Tan Yi?"

Niu Yu Tao lifted his eyelids: "Is it important?"

He silently took the letter and brought it to the candles, burning it ...

In the mountains, the nights seemed lonely. In bamboo houses, on the roofs of which a white flag fluttered, came the faint sounds of the melody of a stringed musical instrument. Shu Qing sat by the lit fire and played a sad melody in honor of the victims.

Shan Chao Zong stood next to her and looked at the silver moon. His thoughts went far into memories, in the days of past prosperity, bliss, and glory. And how all this instantly disappeared. How he spent several years in prison, as if in a bad dream.

All this abruptly changed with him. And now he, like a dog without a master, is in the balance of death. But who for all Chao Zong hated the most was just himself. He hated himself for his helplessness because he was not so far-sighted and dared to behave stupidly.

In front of him stood the little sister who was very smart, kind and gentle, intelligent, and understanding. She knows the four subjects of the scientist (qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting) and has also profoundly mastered Shi, Ci, Ge, and Fu. (Shi, Ci, Ge, Fu (four genres of poetic works, the primary forms of Chinese poetry and rhythmic prose)).

Moreover, from such life, she became brave and hardened. And this elegant, refined pearl must carry the sword behind its back, wander with men on horseback around the world. Yes, she even manages, enduring all the hardships, hardships, and console his older brother. Such a girl for a man can say a storehouse of treasures. And now he was ashamed in front of his sister and parents in heaven because of his helplessness.

Also, how many bodyguards surround him! These are all seasoned warriors. Without even knowing the future, without knowing the ultimate goal, they abandoned everything, their families, and a calm lifestyle, only to follow him. And now he was afraid that he might not live up to their hopes. He does not know what will happen next. He only has to move on!

Only his future is unknown. Niu Yu Tao, who seems implausible, is gone. And it is not clear what he will do yet.

So, every night, looking at the night sky, Chao Zong deep down hoped that dawn would soon come ...

The night passed, and at dawn, Chao Zong, leaning on a chair, sleeping in a thatched hut. Suddenly, the quick stomp of a man was heard. Waking up, he immediately grabbed the knife but saw his man.

One bodyguard, clasped hands, said:

"Prince, several people arrived outside the temple. They are supposed to be people of Kuangai County. The mentor sent them."

Niu Yu Tao sent? Chao Zong immediately woke up. So fast, news had already arrived from Niu Yu Tao.

He immediately got up and shook his legs. Apparently, during the night, he laid back his legs, that even for a moment, he really could not stand on his feet.

Not much time passed before Chao Zong, Lan Jo Ting, Shu Qing, at the head of a crowd of people, came out and headed up the mountain.

The reason they stayed overnight near the graves was simple. As Niu Yu Tao said, you need to pretend that you pay tribute to the dead.

Show Nyan was at the head of four people, and when he saw that Chao Zong and the others were going up the mountain, he was a little surprised to himself. There are rooms, but why spend the night outside?

Shu Qing is a girl, and in the old days, she was mainly at home, so she could not know Shaw Nanny. Shan Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting looked at each other. They have seen the Show Nyan many times. During the life of Ning Wang and when he had his power over the whole kingdom of Yan, every time he drove past Kuangai County, representatives from Feng Lin Bo with gifts regularly came. And one of these representatives was Show Nyan.

Two people were surprised when they saw Feng Lin Bo's confidant.

Seeing that the owners had come, Show Nyan, folding his hands with a sword together, said:

"The old servant salutes the prince, mister Lan, and greeted the great princess."

Shu Qing nodded to him, and Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting folded their hands and greeted him too. Then Lan Jo Ting said smilingly: "Brother Show, how old, how many winters you have not seen, and you are still elegant!

Show Nyan raised his head. "Mr. Lan praises me."

Lan Jo Ting: "Did Brother Show was sent by Niu Yu Tao?"

Show Nyan: "I was ordered to guard the prince ...", having said this, he doubted a little: Is it not the prince who sent Nu Yu Dao to the ruler?"

"Eh ... sent, sent. I just don't know what's happening with Niu Yu Tao now? "Lan Jo Ting nodded his head smiling. He spoke dimly. The circumstances forced him to do so. Who knows what Niu Yu Tao was talking with Feng Lin Bo, and what conclusion they came to. No matter how bad or good.

Here they doubted whether Feng Lin Bo could lend them troops or not. But looking at the Show Nyan, one can say that this is already real. Does Feng Ling Bo really dare to get involved in such things? And as evil, from Niu Yu Tao, the news has not yet arrived. They do not even know what to say and do not dare to ask anything. Otherwise, they can betray itself.

"Niu Yu Tao now in the ruler 's home, waiting for the prince. It is dangerous here in the mountains, and danger is hiding everywhere, so the old servant has arrived to accompany you to the ruler. The riders will arrive soon to provide you protection."Show Nyan waved his hand, inviting them.

Chao Zong and the rest simply did not know what to say. Lan Jo Ting was just beginning to think about how to get out of the situation, when suddenly at the foot of the mountain they saw a messenger from Niu Yu Tao.

They immediately asked Show Nyan to wait on the sidelines, and they went to ask the messenger.

"Is there any news from the mentor?"

The bodyguard nodded his head and said: "The mentor said that the matter has already been almost 90% resolved. He asks the prince to return with the people of Kuangai to the regional city. He is uncomfortable while returning!"

Is 90% ready? Three people looked at each other excitedly. They can lend troops. Oh, my God! Can Niu Yu Tao really do it!

Shu Qing's eyes sparkled. Chao Zong clenched his fist in excitement. Amid the impenetrable darkness, the light of hope finally appeared.

And Lan Jo Ting asked: "Is everything good with a mentor? Has nothing happened?"

Bodyguard: Everything is fine with the mentor, and the matchmaking is successful!"

"Uhhh ..." Lan Jo Ting froze. He was thinking about what he heard.

"The matchmaking?" - Chao Zong asked again: "What kind of matchmaking?"

Shu Qing was also amazed. What kind of matchmaking is it about?

"Doesn't the prince marry the daughter of the ruler of Quangai?" The bodyguard asked in surprise. He thought that Niu Yu Tao had discussed all his actions with the prince. And judging by their reaction, everything seems to be wrong.

Shan Chao Zong, pointing to himself, again asked: "Will I marry the daughter of Feng Lin Bo?"

The bodyguard nodded, dumbfounded. He said: "Is it not?"

Chao Zong asked again: "Did the mentor say that?"

Bodyguard: "The mentor did it. He sent magnificent gifts to the Feng family and announced to the whole people that the prince would marry Feng Lin Bo's daughter.

Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting looked at each other. These things seem to be getting out of their control.

Chao Zong again, not believing his ears, asked:

"What daughter will I marry?"

The bodyguard, realizing that perhaps a big problem was brewing, said uncertainly:

"Prince, does Feng Ling Bo have several daughters?" "Of course ... of course ..." - He told how he and the bodyguards were standing by the carriage and saw how Feng Ru Nan passed furiously between them. After they saw her, they all sympathized with the prince.

"Feng Ru Nan? Will I marry Feng Ru Nan?" Chao Zong's eyes widened. Why did the loan troops grow into marriage? He said slowly: "Is it possible? You said that the case is 90% settled."

The bodyguard was silent, but still slowly nodded his head.

Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting could not understand. Marry Feng Ru Nan? Why did Feng Lin Bo decide to give his daughter for the prince?

Lan Jo Ting, looking at the bodyguard, said: "Tell me all the details. What did you do?"

"As soon as we arrived in the regional city, we immediately stopped in one inn. The mentor immediately ordered us to go for a walk around the city and find out the situation ..."- the bodyguard began to tell everything about how they went to the military camp. And then, Niu Yu Tao came out with a massive box of gold. How then, he and Yuan Gan bought precious gifts. As Yuan Gan screamed joyfully about the prince's marriage to Feng Ru Nan and more.

Three people as they heard this, then a little-understood the course of action. However, they did not understand why Feng Lin Bo agreed. And will he lend them, troops?

"Nonsense!" Chao Zong spoke angrily. His face now turned red, then turned pale.