Heavenly Genius - Chapter 5



Rob in a fire

If the enemy has suffered considerable damage, seize the opportunity - take the benefit for yourself.


The raft sailed from a small river and fell into a large river. Niu Yu Tao drove the float and sailed freely along the river. He headed to where Dong Guo Hao Ran had pointed him before his death. Dong Guo Hao Ran should have no reason to deceive him.

Sitting on the raft and using the prepared brushwood, he laid it out on a stone and, taking out one giant reed, began to produce fire, drilling it on a rock among the brushwood. As a result, a light appeared on the stone. Niu Yu Tao fanned the fire and threw brushwood there. Then he put bamboo to the fire. Steam began to come from bamboo. And as soon as the bamboo had dried sufficiently and became elastic, Niu Yu Tao cut the bamboo into small pieces and even split it. Then he took out the threads which he had obtained from the village and, using the lines, began to tie up bamboo chips. As soon as he was convinced that the bunch of bamboo chips was strong enough, Niu Yu Tao tied a chip with well-split bamboo on both sides. Again, from his bosom, he pulled out a sturdy stalk, Niu Yu Tao cut it into small pieces, but so that it could be bent. He bent the trunks so that their edges joined together. He began to bind them so that the stems could not straighten quickly. Then he pulled an armful of grain from his pocket. He collected this grain on the way from the village. It was the marauders who scattered it when they left the village. He took the grains and stuffed them inside the stems. So in this way, he made much more than 10 ingenious mechanisms.

After he threw the yarn into the water and tied one end to the raft. Resigned to the fate of the catch, Niu Yu Tao no longer paid attention to its mechanism. He took a bamboo pipe and scooped up some water from the river. He took water in his mouth and, having waited until the cold water warms in his mouth, only then drank. After that, Niu Yu Tao boarded a raft and admired the scenery on different shores.

It is not known how much time has passed, how suddenly there was a feeling as if someone was pulling a raft underwater. Niu Yu Tao immediately rejoiced but did not move. Not much time passed before the movement stopped.

Niu Yu Tao pulled back bamboo chips and saw in it a fish of 2-3 jin. (t.t. 1 jin = 0.5 kg). The gills of the fish were uncovered from a stretched stem, and now it seemed half-dead.

Do not underestimate such a rustic mechanism. To breathe underwater, fish use gills. However, if it's gills are spread wide, then the fish can also drown in water. That's why the fish quickly ran out of oxygen, and the fish died. When, unlike the hook fishing system, the fish is still long alive.

Of course, this system has a drawback. Such a mechanism cannot catch big fish.

It is what it is. We have to be content with what is at hand. And in the village, the conditions were just limited.

Having got the fish, he put the grain inside the stem, bent it again, lightly tied it up, and threw it into the water back. He has already ground the remaining grains well, so the probability of a good catch should already be higher.

Niu Yu Tao took a half-dead fish, torn her belly, cleaned, and washed it. He joyfully pulled it on a stick and began to fry on both sides. Once it turned out to catch fish, it means that the ecological environment here is pretty good. When chaos and disorder reign in the world, he safely sailing on a raft. The main thing is safety.

Frying the fish and biting off only a few pieces, Niu Yu Tao felt movement again. Obviously, he caught another fish.

However, at the same time, far on the shore, one could see how one black wagon drove rapidly along the road. And the riders chased after it, who eventually quickly caught up with it. On both sides, the riders pulled their bows toward the wagon. And when they fired arrows, there were screams of pain. The wagon stopped.

At this time, the raft sailing past them, and Niu Yu Tao was slowly eating his fish. Niu Yu Tao saw with his own eyes how several corpses fell from the cart. But one man did not seem to die. This man fell to his knees and asked for mercy. Only one rider approached him, reaching a sword and pierced the unfortunate.

Such a brutal murder in broad daylight was already too much for Niu Yu Tao. Such a brutal murder in broad daylight was already too much for Niu Yu Tao. And now he certainly didn't have a feeling of sympathy for them

The commander of the pursuers, in turn, also noticed Niu Yu Tao on the raft. He was curious about how he was fishing on a raft.

Niu Yu Tao, yes, also realized that he was noticed. And he, immediately pretending to be a reliable peasant, pulled a bamboo pin behind the raft and took out a fish.

That commander turned out to be a girl. She found it interesting and said to the standing of behind her helpers:

"In the harsh winter season in ragged winter clothes, he still found a way to fill his belly. This young man is resourceful. If you train him, you can get the right talent." The girl said.

And her subordinates realized that she wanted to take this young man into the army, and immediately shouted towards the raft:

 "Young man! Quickly gets to the beach. We need to ask you." - Said one subordinate, trying to trick Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao, of course, did not want to come to him and pretended not to hear them. He continues to eat fried fish.

— Sue!

One arrow pierced the raft, swinging it. It just landed in a jump from Niu Yu Tao. As soon as the float bent over, this arrow would hit Niu Yu Tao.

Raising his head angrily and looking at the shooter, Niu Yu Tao saw the commander removing her bow, shouted:

"Young man, sail to us!" Came a clear voice. It sounded sweet and melodic. Niu Yu Tao only now realized that it was a girl. In these troubled times, because the soldiers wore armor, it was difficult to distinguish who is in front of you, a woman, or a man.

Niu Yu Tao immediately got angry and showed the girl the middle finger:


The girl did not understand what the gesture of Niu Yu Tao means, but thanks to his commentary on the gesture, she realized that Niu Yu Tao did not praise her at all. A simple resident dares to be rude to her and government troops. This is pretty interesting. That why she smiled a cold smile.

And her more than 10 subordinates immediately pulled their bows and prepared to shoot.

"Shit!" Niu Yu Tao shouted in amazement. He forgot in a fit of anger about their bows. Otherwise, he certainly would not begin to swear at them. Niu Yu Tao immediately jumped into the icy water.

-Sue, sue ... more than 10 arrows hit the place where Niu Yu Tao had stood before. Several arrows fell into the burning brushwood on the stone and turned it over. Therefore the whole raft began to flare up.

Eeee. The girl was surprised by the reaction of Niu Yu Tao.

An ordinary person would have long been lost in such a situation. But, Niu Yu Tao immediately began to evade quickly. Indeed, if you grab him, you can grow from him a unique talent. And she would like such a subordinate.

The commander raised hand, thereby indicating that subordinates cease-fire. She told everyone to follow the raft.

Grabbing under the edge of the raft underwater, Niu Yu Tao stuck his head out. He saw that the raft was starting to flare up. He immediately began to draw water and extinguish the flaming fire. The main thing is that the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran does not flare-up. Otherwise, how can he come to the sect of the Highest purity?

However, he saw the riders following him along the coast. Obviously, the opponents are not going to let him go. Therefore, Niu Yu Tao began to row with his feet and pull the raft to the other side.

The girl, seeing his maneuver, took out a bow and shot.

Niu Yu Tao saw the arrow swiftly cross the river and pierce one tree so that the tree trembled. What a skillful archer! The width of the river reached 60-70 meters. With this shot, the girl made him understand that if he landed on the other side, she would also not be able to escape from them.

Niu Yu Tao can try to let Dong Guo Hao Ran's body drown in the river and to try to escape to the other side. Anyway, you can't stay in ice water for a long time if you want to be alive. Will he only be able to escape?

The girl was smiling at Niu Yu Tao. She seemed to tell him with her smile * how long can you hold out in the icy water? *.

Moreover, she ordered her subordinates to stretch along the coast so that they would guard the beach, in case Niu Yu Tao wants to hide and escape underwater.

From the cold, Niu Yu Tao banged his teeth and lose temper shouted to the girl: "General, the ordinary man with you, had neither enmity nor hatred. Why are you attacking like this?"

The girl replied: "Neither enmity nor hatred? And who did you scold?"

 Niu Yu Tao did not know what to answer, and in the end, said again: "You are the highest person, and you can forgive the low mannered man. Okay?"

The girl immediately answered: "Not okay!"

Niu Yu Tao said: "Then what should I do?"

Girl: "Very simple. Become my subordinate, become my soldier!"

So cruel. You are most likely fooling me and want to kill me. Niu Yu Tao did not dare to believe them and will not allow him to be captured by deception. If so, he immediately shouted without ceremony:

 "Become your soldier uninteresting, but what if your husband?"

The girl showed a cold smile: "You still dare to be obstinate. Let's see how much time you hold out in the water!"

She pulled the bow again.

Niu Yu Tao took a deep breath and hid under the raft.

After a while, he emerged again. Only arrows were pointed at him, so he had to dive under the raft back.

And after several times, Niu Yu Tao realized that his opponents were amusing themselves with him. If he does not hide, then there is a 90% chance that they will shoot him. However, he began to doubt the words of Dong Guo Hao Ran. Why don't his protective amulets protect him? Unless he gets to the sect of the Highest purity, they should not defend him?

He should not let open the brushwood lying on the raft. Because under the brushwood, the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran. Fortunately, there are no hopeless situations. And while he was thinking about how to find a way out of the case, an impassable road appeared on the other side. Horses were finding it harder to ride further. And the river, on the contrary, began to meander. Obviously, they reached the highlands. And the course of the river accelerated.

One of the girls' assistants rode up to her and muttered something. The girl, frowning, looked ahead of the mountainous terrain. Then she took out a wooden plaque, tied it to an arrow, and fired an arrow to the raft.

"Boy, listen to me well. Today, I was having fun with you. However, you are talented. Chaos reigns outside, and it is difficult to survive in our time. If you understand, then you can take this sign, come to Kuangai County and find the local authorities. There you will see me. I guarantee that you will live well-fed and happy. Who knows, maybe you can achieve heights. You should learn to distinguish between good and evil! After what she said, she turned the horse and headed back with the detachment.