Heavenly Genius - Chapter 50



To take that teapot that does not boil (according to the parable of the owner of the teahouse, who discouraged the non-paying visitor, making tea with cold water); arr. touch on a forbidden topic;  in the house of the hanged man talk about the rope


 Chao Zong almost lost his temper in anger.

Indeed, he gave his people the mentor, but why did the mentor do so. And where did the bodyguards look when they saw what Niu Yu Tao was doing. If it can be tolerated, then what can not be tolerated??? Why didn't Niu Yu Tao even hint the prince about it?

That bodyguard seemed to understand that the prince did not know about this venture.

Lan Jo Ting silently signaled that bodyguard to leave, and then slowly said:

"Prince, please calm down. It seems it's better for us. we can borrow troops!"

Shu Qing also nodded her head. "Brother, mister Lan says right. Most likely, the wedding does not interfere with the borrowing of troops but instead helps our cause. Also, Niu Yu Tao said before leaving that perhaps his brother would have to endure some offense!"

Chao Zong calmed down a little and, thinking a little and said sadly:

"Feng Ru Nan is one of the generals of Feng Lin Bo. Is it possible to pass her off for me? And will they give us troops? Do you think this is possible?"

The rest was also felt strange. For the sake of the troops, Chao Zong will marry Feng Ru Nan. Feng Lin Bo is not an idiot, not to understand this. Especially knowing the situation of Chao Zong, will he give out the daughter for him? It's impossible. He has many reasons against this wedding.

Shu Qing softly whispered:

"In truth, Feng Ling Bo cannot help brother so simply. Indeed, even the manager of their affairs came here. It must be real.

Yes, even if it is unrealistic, Chao Zong clearly understood that this was not a joke. Therefore, gritting his teeth, he asked:

"Have you seen Feng Ru Nan? They say it is folded soundly and stronger than men. I don't know if this is true or not?"

Lan Jo Ting smiled slowly, and Shu Qing said in a slight voice:

"Brother, is this the most important?

"... "- Chao Zong froze and said, explaining: "I don't mean that. I think Feng Lin Bo will not give her to me."

At that moment, Chao Zong cursed to himself. He blamed himself for saying such things in front of his sister. After all, she had problems with her appearance.

What is the use of fortune-telling? Therefore, several people, without thinking twice, decided to go and find out what happened.

The riders gathered and, after the sacrifices, along with Show Nyan, went to the regional city.

Chao Zong was sad all the way. Indeed, the appearance of Feng Ru Nan was quite specific. Of course, when choosing a wife who does not want a charming and elegant girl for himself. However, he understood that in his position, it would be difficult to find someone who agrees to marry him. Now he no longer has the right to choose. Now the most important thing for him is to secure the future for everyone, and his life is not so important.

Having calmed down, he thought more precise and, on the contrary, hoped that everything would work out. He hoped that Niu Yu Tao could fulfill his promise. And then he will already marry Feng Ru Nan, even if he has to sacrifice himself!

The clatter of hooves was spreading everywhere, and Shu Qing occasionally looked at her upset brother.

She understood his condition but did not console and persuade him because she perfectly knew their current situation. After all, now they both have no choice. Now it was not only the brother and sister's business. Now they are responsible for many more people who followed them. Now it is not a matter of honor and dishonor of one person that their brother will marry Feng Ru Nan or not. Even if Feng Ling Bo wants to take Shu Qing as a concubine, she will immediately agree. Only her expression scares people.

Accompanying them, Show Nyan occasionally glanced back. He noticed how 20 monks followed them. Their bald patches covered felt hats, and they held in their hand's various canonical books. Why are they?

Halfway to the city, 500 Quangai riders came out to meet them. Now their troops have doubled, which now seemed to be a very impressive escort.

Show Nyan also noticed that along the way, some people came out of the forest and joined the detachment of Chao Zong. It seems Chao Zong prepared a quick means of communication.

It was already getting dark. Feng Ling Bo received a notice that somewhere in an hour, Chao Zong and the others would arrive in the city. Having learned about this, Niu Yu Tao decided to go to the gate to meet the prince. He also needed to talk with them face to face, not in front of Feng Lin Bo. If the prince does not agree with marriage, then Niu Yu Tao can come up with something. But talking about is not necessary here, where many cultivators are on guard.

Feng Lin Bo did not stop Niu Yu Tao from going to meet the prince because he did not see anything suspicious about it.

After receiving permission, Niu Yu Tao left with Yuan Gan. However, on the way, they saw a group of people who blocked their path. And it was none other than Peng Yu Lan.

"Greetings, Madam!" Niu Yu Tao said joyfully.

"You shouldn't talk in vain. Take a look." Peng Yu Lan took out the paper and handed it to her subordinate, who handed it to Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao took the paper and then looked under the light of the lamp its contents. From the contents, sweat came out on his forehead. Because the terms of the bet and its signatures were indicated in this paper, also Feng Ru Nan and Yuan Gan. There was no need to think long. This is Feng Ru Nan told her mother everything. He also hoped that Feng Ru Nan would not talk about such the thing. But he did not think that this girl was not afraid to lose face!

Yuan Gan, too, looking askance at this paper, recognized it.

Niu Yu Tao, twisting his mouth, said: "Your daughter is still moody!"

Feng Ru Nan took everything and told her mom. Now, Niu Yu Tao tried to shift her attention somehow.

And Peng Yu Lan, holding an agreement on their bet in her hands, asked in a cold tone:

"I saw shameless, but I have not seen so shameless yet. And how dare you do this!"

After she learned about everything from her daughter, she was seized with anger. Not only did they deceive the daughter, and yet they give out like that. Yes, they also bought gifts for her with her own money. How could such abominable types exist on earth? They insulted not only Feng Ru Nan but also her.

Feng Ling Bo also found out about this bet. Only he asked everyone to forget about it. Indeed, compared with the benefits of kinship - 10 thousand mean nothing. Only Peng Yu Lan could not calm down yet and still wanted to restore justice for her daughter.

Niu Yu Tao sighed heavily:

"Mistress, there really was nothing to do. You know the position of the prince. Well, he could not marry your daughter without a gift. There was nothing to do, so Mr. Lan went to extreme measures!"

Before that, he said that the plan belonged to Lan Jo Ting. So now he thought since he started to blame everything on Lan Jo Ting, now he needs to entirely blame everything on Lan Jo Ting.

Peng Yu Lan only answered in a cold tone:

"I don't care whose plan was Mr. Lan or you. But I already found those who signed up for the bet. I need 10 thousand gold, which indicated in the bet..." - then she pointed to Yuan Gan: "When are you going to give it to me?"

If we talk about money, then Niu Yu Tao could still blame everything on Chao Zong, but he certainly won't give up Yuan Gan.

"Mistress, how do you have the audacity to say such a thing?"

"A???" - Peng Yu Lan grinned viciously and, waving a contract, replied:

"Where am I arrogant? Is there really where the terms are written in black and white, is there a hoax?"

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand, and respectfully said:

"That's right. That is not the question. Only if we really talk about the conditions of the bet, I did not lose the bet at all. Who said that I wouldn't return the money in an hour? The main question is that the hour has not passed yet, but the people of the ruler came and brought me to the palace. If your daughter is conspiring with the ruler, then there is no chance of winning us. Anyone can confirm this!"

So he was going to make excuses in front of Feng Ru Nan, but who knew that he would have to tell all this to her mother.

Peng Yu Lan gritted her teeth a little and thought to herself: *Really there is the logic in this.*

Then she waved her hand and said with an evil smile: "Okay, we won't talk about that. Well, what about 10 thousand? Maybe you found an excuse and about them?"

Niu Yu Tao immediately nodded his head: "Nooo. Why would I? I will return the money, I will surely return!"

Peng Yu Lan asked: "When?"

Niu Yu Tao resolutely answered: "As soon as the prince returns, I will immediately return it!" - He couldn't say that he will not return the money.

"Good! I'll wait. And just try to trick me!" Peng Yu Lan spoke in danger, turned around, and left. She was distraught and offended. When leaving, she was still thinking about how to get even with this stinky Lan Jo Ting. Maybe extend the bet and see how they will get out? She can tell everyone in Kuangai County not to borrow money for Chao Zong. Then she can watch how they will fuss!

As soon as she left, holding the contract, Bai Yao leaned over and said in a cold tone:

"I heard you want to go to the gate and meet the prince. The ruler told me to accompany you."

Since the Song family has already begun to act, there is nothing to be done. They need to be careful. Niu Yu Tao is the only student of Dong Guo Hao Ran. And maybe he knows how to find a hundred-thousandth army of ravens.

Niu Yu Tao, seeing the gaze of Bai Yao, only could smilingly say: "Poor thing is not proud. I made the elder laugh."

Bai Yao, shaking his head, replied: "No shame, no conscience!"

"Ah, it's all, Lan Jo Ting!" - Niu Yu Tao only smiled bitterly, and the group went to the gate.