Heavenly Genius - Chapter 51

The regional city of Kuangai County. Outside the city, a moat was dug, and a suspension bridge was installed. In the daytime, the bridge is lowered, and then you can go into the city. And at night when it gets dark, the bridge is raised. And if people did not have time to go through it, then they can either spend the night in the city or spend the night in tents at the gates.
They say that during the reign of Wu kingdom, when the whole celestial kingdom was united, the bridge was lowered round the clock.
But now, when in the celestial kingdom, it's a hectic time, especially considering the situation in the county of Kuangai, at nightfall, the bridge is raised. There was also a small forest belt, where there was a guard outside the gate. They are responsible for lighting at the bottom of the city walls. At times, soldiers descended from the city walls into the cradle to watch the situation there.
Niu Yu Tao, to meet Chao Zong, just arrived with Bai Yao on the wall.
Seeing that Niu Yu Tao constantly looks around and looks at how the defense of the city is arranged, Bai Yao was wary. If he did not know that Niu Yu Tao is not a spy, then he would have thought that he was someone's scout. But few knew that Niu Yu Tao in the past, being an archaeologist, had a genuine interest in all sorts of ancient things, of which many did not reach his time.
Not only Niu Yu Tao, even Yuan Gan, who also followed Lord Tao, was infected by his professional interest.
When it was midnight, far away on the road, one could hear the clatter of hooves and see many lights that attracted the attention of the guards. Everyone on the city walls immediately looked that way.
Not much time passed before a thousand horsemen came closer, and Chao Zong and the rest could be seen. They saw that torches lit the city walls. Obviously, they were met. Also, under the lighting of torches, they saw the silhouette of Niu Yu Tao and forever following him like a shadow, the silent and constantly cold-blooded Yuan Gan.
Seeing them, many calmed down to themselves.
After the guard on the wall made an inspection and recognized everyone, they lowered the suspension bridge, allowing everyone to enter the city. As the group of people entered, the suspension bridge was raised again.
Inside the city, Chao Zong and the others finally met with Niu Yu Tao and said hello.
"Lord Tao!"
Hearing how Chao Zong and others turn to Niu Yu Tao, Bai Yao and Show Nyan were surprised.
Niu Yu Tao smiling said:
"Prince, the ruler has already freed one court for you, so that you temporarily live there. It's already dark. It will be possible to visit the ruler tomorrow." Said Niu Yu Tao, winking at them. Seeing the hints of Niu Yu Tao, everyone realized that now was not the time for conversation.
The riders again mounted their horses and, accompanied by the Show Nyan, headed for the palace. The palace turned out to be considerable. There was enough space to house 500 horsemen.
The Show Nyan with their guards as soon as they brought the guests, immediately bowed and left. After all, they have completed their task.
Chao Zong's bodyguards immediately began to search the yard. Not that they did not trust Feng Ling Bo, but just because it was necessary for security requirements.
Satisfied that there were no problems, they immediately appointed watchers and took turns to relax.
Chao Zong and others entered the main palace and ordered that no one is allowed to get close to the palace.
Niu Yu Tao immediately realized that they would now question him.
Indeed, as soon as they entered the living room, Chao Zong immediately began to question:
"Lord Tao, I heard that you agreed on my marriage with Feng Ru Nan. I don't know, is it true or not?"
Niu Yu Tao frankly nodded:
"If nothing happens, then it should be so. I think that Feng Lin Bo will not pull, and in a few days, the prince will be able to take the bride."
"Congratulations to the prince!" - making sure, Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing immediately began to congratulate the prince.
Chao Zong asked in a trembling voice:
"Lord Tao, about such a big deal, why didn't you consult with us?"
Niu Yu Tao replied again:
"Ah, this situation, we have not time for conversation. This Feng Ru Nan... It is hard to say that she is a beautiful girl. I hope the prince is not afraid of this? By the way, she is not the worst!"
Silent Yuan Gan understood lord Tao. He knew that he still did not trust the gang of Chao Zong, so why would he tell them about his plan. In no case should you give them a chance to put themselves sticks in the wheels? After all, if any of them opposes it, they can harm his plan and put them in a hopeless situation.
Chao Zong smiled bitterly. He understood that they still had a not very good relationship when they can fully trust each other. Therefore, he did not have the right to blame Niu Yu Tao now. Also, Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting seem to agree with the actions of Niu Yu Tao.
Lan Jo Ting asked after a little silence:
 "Lord Tao, is this wedding connected with the favor of the troops?"
 Niu Yu Tao joyfully replied:
"The prince will become Feng Lin Bo's son-in-law. Feng Lin Bo will certainly protect his son-in-law. This is a normal thing."
"Lord Tao, the prince, is in a hurry. You should not detain him here." Lan Jo Ting shook his head bitterly smiling and then asked doubtfully:
"Why did Feng Lin Bo agree to marry his daughter to the prince? And even more so, why would he send his troops to Tsang Wu County? After all, it's the same as going against the imperial house! Why should Feng Lin Bo look for trouble?"
Looking at people who were tired of the road and had not yet cleaned up, Niu Yu Tao did not hesitate and immediately said bluntly:
"Of course, not all so simple. There are conditions. And this condition is the hundred thousandth army of ravens that you will give to Feng Lin Bo!"
Ah!" Several people shouted. They knew that the 100,000th army simply did not exist. But how could one agree on something that does not exist?
Lan Jo Ting said excitedly:
"If there is nothing and not even a shadow from it, how did Feng Lin Bo agree?"
Niu Yu Tao replied counter:
"Who said no? Is not the current emperor looking for this army?"
Several people froze and still could not recover.
"Is it prevents to Feng Lin Bo from not believing in the existence of this army...?" 

 Niu Yu Tao told the whole logical chain, after which several people believed in the rationality of the existence of the hundred-thousandth army.
Three people as soon as they heard it, they could not object to anything. And they recognized why Feng Ling Bo did not even regret to give out the daughter for them.
Shu Qing cautiously asked: "So you can cheat temporarily, but not always. Then don't we bring ourselves in trouble?"
Niu Yu Tao said a little annoyingly:
Grand Duchess, are you call me a liar? Do you think I'm a cheater or a scammer?"
Shu Qing thought to herself: *Aren't you?*
However, she waved her hand and said: "Lord Tao, I didn't mean it."
Niu Yu Tao:
"I know the Grand Duchess. No need to explain it to me. Grand Duchess, this is not the lie, but a method. You saw how tramps and thieves work. When life forces them, they can do anything. And everyone has their wisdom. However, if you are not sure, then you should not do anything. You, in principle, have nothing to worry about. When time passes, and it will already be necessary to show the one hundred thousandth army, Feng Ru Nan will already become the wife of the prince. But will Feng Lin Bo really kill his son-in-law and make his daughter a widow?
Moreover, when we have our troops, we will already be able to settle well in place. We will already have a more significant maneuver for action. Moreover, when the soldiers appear, we can take care of them, and who knows, maybe they will be betrayed not to Feng Lin Bo, but us. And we will no longer seem suicide bombers, as now. Besides, Feng Ling Bo is just a puppet. In fact, you only need to be valuable to the sect of the Heavenly jade. It is only worth the prince to be useful to them. If I say that there is not even a hundred-thousandth army, what will they do then? Will they harm him if he is useful to them? The most important thing is how much the prince himself is useful and valuable. The hundred-thousandth army is only an appearance. Why can't the hundred-thousandth army suddenly disappear? You would now better care and think about how to make money to be ready for anything. And when there are troops, the wind will blow, it will rain or snow, we will have nothing to fear.
This time they understood his point of view. Although she was convoluted and meandering, however, everyone saw that it made sense. And from such thoughts, three people began firm faith in a brighter future.
"Lord Tao taught Shu Qing with his foresight!" Shu Qing folded her hands respectfully and bowed to him. Then she looked at the silent Yuan Gan and remembered how he once told her - * In your position, Lord Tao is much more valuable than me! *
Chao Zong looked with complicated feelings at Niu Yu Tao. He had respect for him!
Lan Jo Ting only smiled bitterly. Not surprisingly, he was able to swindle the daughter of Feng Lin Bo. This guy pointing to a corpse will convince you that he is alive!
"Nothing." Just clarified the real things. Okay. Prince, now we need to talk about current problems."Niu Yu Tao waved to Shu Qing and then coughed dryly, took out a paper from his sleeve. He handed it to Chao Zong.
This is a list of expenses. Only such the method I found for the implementation of the case."
Chao Zong looked at the paper and then, looking up, asked doubtfully:
"Did you borrow money from Feng Ru Nan?"
Niu Yu Tao nodded:
"Took 10 thousand. They also wanted us to return the interest, but I found an excuse. Therefore, we need only 10 thousand to return, and it will be enough."
"What is it?" Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing curiously took the paper and looked at what was there. And only then did they learn about the bet.