Heavenly Genius - Chapter 52

The fact that Niu Yu Tao argued for 10 thousand golds did not attract their attention much. The fact that Niu Yu Tao argued for 10 thousand golds did not attract their attention much.

Three people began to think and did not dare to think further. Are all these gifts for the bride bought with the money of Feng Ru Nan herself?

Everyone looked intently at Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao answered with a blurry smile:

"Why are you looking at me like that? I tried here to do something, rushed for the prince, and you do not want to return the money?"

"It's not about the money." Chao Zong carefully asked: "Lord Tao, why did you borrow money?"

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand:

"For what? Of course for gift shopping! Prince, be calm. I didn't add anything to expenses. All that I bought, the bodyguards saw clearly."

Three people did not find words. They did not know what to say. They cannot accept such an appointment for borrowed money.

*Do you want to say that you borrowed money from Feng Ru Nan, bought gifts for the Feng Ru Nan family, that's all for to give Feng Ru Nan to the prince? This is already too much. We are undoubtedly poor, but not enough to lose our face!*

They could be understood. Although Ning Wang died, and they were left without a livelihood, however, even so, such illegal acts should not be done.

Chao Zong's eyes flushed. He almost fainted. For the sake of a common cause, he is ready to marry Feng Ru Nan. But to marry her in such a way as she will then look at him!

Chao Zong almost crying, said sadly:

"Lord Dao, since you were going to marry her to me, why did you lend her money for gifts?"

Niu Yu Tao said in surprise:

"I needed 10 thousand gold, but you said that you can't give them to me now. And where do I get 10 thousand gold?"

Chao Zong also sadly said:

"But why was it borrowed from her!"

Niu Yu Tao, his eyes wide, said: "Prince, you are well done too. I am a new person here. The only person I know is Feng Ru Nan. All over Kuangai, from whom can I then borrow money. And who will take the money to a stranger?

Moreover, 10 thousand gold is a rather significant sum. Furthermore, who among the rich will just borrow money to us. It would be possible to rob rich people, but we arrived in Kuangai to solve things, and not create problems. And who knows who is behind rich families. Whom we can inadvertently hurt? It was still necessary to solve everything quickly. After all, Feng Li Bo is a very busy person. He is the ruler of the county. Today is here, but tomorrow may not be. And then our business will drag out. And now we do not have such luxury to conduct business slowly and measuredly!

Several people could not say anything in response. However, with what face do they go tomorrow to Feng Lin Bo?

Chao Zong said helplessly:

"If we under the pretext of the hundred-thousandth army, they forced them to give out the daughter, then he could already do without gifts. Feng Ling Bo, in this situation, would not look at gifts." - Most of all, Chao Zong was uncomfortable in front of Feng Ling Bo.

Niu Yu Tao continued in surprise:

"Prince, Feng Lin Bo knows what position you are in. Moreover, will he meet with you? Does he need this? And how long will I have to wait for him? Especially on the issues of issuing you to his daughter whether he will meet with such a small fry, like me. How will he then learn about the army of one hundred thousandths? Don't I tell everyone about the 100,000th army? I need to tell such things personally.

Moreover, if you didn't make a fuss, Feng Lin Bo could then pull back for a very long time. And now, time is running out for him. Especially when we are on its territory. If he wants, he can catch us and do with us what he wants. And now everyone knows the situation, and Feng Ling Bo does not dare to act boldly. Prince, I'm trying for you here, but you cannot return the money for me?"

 Niu Yu Tao waved his hand as if this case was no longer his concern.

"I ..." - Chao Zong did not know what to answer. If you think about it, then really everything that Niu Yu Tao did not do, he did everything for him. He had nothing to say in return.

Shu Qing said in a soft voice:

"Brother, Lord Tao, gave all his strength for the cause. We will figure out this debt, how to return it!"

Lang Jo Ting grinned bitterly, Chao Zong had no choice but to nod his head at all this. The main thing was that Niu Yu Tao really did all this for the sake of the prince. And to whom, if not him, to repay the debt.

"The Grand Duchess is talented!" Niu Yu Tao raised his thumb and showed Shu Qing.

Shu Qing bowed to him:

"Lord Tao put his whole soul, thank you."

"Not worth it, no problem. No problem." Niu Yu Tao joyfully waved and added again:

"However, there is one thing that you will not like to hear about."

Three people immediately stared at him. *What else did this little guy do???*

They no longer knew what to think. Shu Qing said in a soft and gentle voice:

"Say what on your mind!"

Niu Yu Tao answered a little awkwardly:

"Our things are already going well ... I will not go in a roundabout way. I will only say that for all these matters, I do not take responsibility!"

Three people were surprised again. Everybody was frightened. What else happened!

Shu Qing inquiringly asked:

"I don't know ... Lord Tao, what does he want to say?"

Niu Yu Tao nodded at Lan Jo Ting and asked:

"Mr. Lan, are you the student of Luo Shao Fu?"

Lan Jo Ting froze:

"Luo Shao Fu is really my teacher." He began to worry to himself. *Is this little boy, also disturb my dead teacher?*

"So, it's true!" Niu Yu Tao sighed.

"Just I heard it from Feng Lin Bo. Feng Lin Bo admired your teacher and asked me. Is it you had all come up about the marriage? And I am young, not yet fully developed, how can I take on such a plan. Therefore, I said that you came up with it all. So Feng Lin Bo immediately began to praise you. He said that a good teacher creates good students. Therefore, we need to discuss everything so as not to ruin anything."

Lan Jo Ting said nothing. He thought a little and then asked doubtfully:

"There is no need to take any responsibility for this. Moreover, Feng Lin Bo, on the contrary, admires the plan. Why do you need to shift your merit to me?"

"Yes? Okay. It's just that I'm not a fan of praising my abilities, so I hope that the gentleman will understand me! "Niu Yu Tao spoke and, lowering his head and scratching his nose, quietly added:

"By the way, the matter of borrowing money from Feng Ru Nan was also Mr.'s venture. I hope that the master will take responsibility for her too!"

"Ah!" Lan Jo Ting turned pale with fear. He, with his eyes wide, stared at Niu Yu Tao: "That you flattered me and then, in joy, wanted to transfer all responsibility to me?"

Chao Zong and Shu Qing did not know what to say. They understood why this young man boldly did what he wanted. After all, he did all things here, and another will be responsible for him. In this condition, who else will be afraid to do anything!

Lan Jo Ting, hearing all this, was perplexed: * How could Dong Guo Hao Ran, such a cultured and outstanding person, take such a disciple to himself on the verge of death? *

Yuan Gan knew Lord Tao well and stood quietly beside him. He did not attach any importance to this.

Lan Jo Ting also did not know whether to cry or laugh. In the end, he nodded his head. After all, the main thing is that Niu Yu Tao has already done and settled such a big deal. And if he refuses now, then it will be unfair to Niu Yu Tao.

However, he was anxious. Tomorrow, when he goes to the Feng family, how they will look at him. And how can he look into their eyes?

Niu Yu Tao smiled in relief and conferred with them about tomorrow's ceremony. They discussed specific cases.

The representative from them will be Lan Jo Ting. After all, if Chao Zong woos, then this is not appropriate for him. Sister Shu Qing also does not fit, because she is unmarried. Therefore, Lan Jo Ting is best suited for this role. Niu Yu Tao also did not want to speak. After all, he has already done a lot. He builds the bridges between them, showed the road, and made it. Let them go by themselves. If they cannot pass the way themselves, then they will not differ from pigs for slaughter. Then he'd better leave them.

So he looked around in search of a place to rest and went out. Let them already think byself.

"Lord Tao, I will accompany you!" Shu Qing went out to personally conduct him.

Niu Yu Tao, however, did not interfere with her and spoke freely to her. Something, but he already felt sympathy for this ugly and rational girl. Therefore, smiling, he asked:

"Hat interferes with the lighting of lanterns, is everything visible? Do not fall?"

Shu Qing answered in a warm voice:

"I'm used to it."

Although she already answered freely, in the depths of her soul, an unpleasant feeling arose. Therefore Niu Yu Tao became a little uncomfortable, and he changed the subject for conversation:

"I used to see a crowd of monks, why did they bring them?"

Shu Qing, walking nearby, said in a gentle voice:

Lord Tao, before leaving us, ordered us to leave the bear to look at him. So we wanted to take him with us. But he declined and did not want to leave the temple. After all, if he leaves, then his brothers may be killed, or they will disperse. And then he will not fulfill his promise to the teacher, which he made on the verge of death. Therefore, he was not going to leave at all. Even under the pain of death, he did not leave the temple. So we had to take all the people with us so that they would not scatter. But now Lord Tao can look at him.