Heavenly Genius - Chapter 53


"Prefer death than leave alone?" - Nu Yu Tao became interested.

He did not know much about this world, but he did learn a little. The Buddhist religion is not very common here, and the founder of Buddhism here is not the Buddha Shakyamuni. It seems that Buddhism was developed here during the reign of the Wu kingdom. But then the times of military unrest had a significant influence on religion. After which, among hundreds of small temples, the religion of Buddha gradually began to decline. However, the temple on the southern mountain, it turns out, is a follower of the teachings of Buddha, and they have the strongly believing Bear.

If earlier, the Niu Yu Tao was interested in the werewolf, now for Niu Yu Tao more interesting this person. Therefore, he joyfully said:

"I'd probably better see this werewolf ... Grand Duchess comes back. You better relax!"

Shu Qing did not bother and pulled one record from her sleeve:

"I once read * records of wild animals *, and after watching the survey of monks, I found a bear from the list. I don't know if I discovered this correctly or not. Lord Tao can verify this himself! "She handed the record to him with two hands and left.

"Werewolf from the list of wildlife records?" "Nu Yu Tao froze. He went to the ledge and, under the light of the lamp, began to examine the interrogation of the monks. And after that, he handed over the interrogation materials to Yuan Gan and whispered:

"Bear with golden hair that you can't pierce with a knife. Is it the golden king of bears from the records of wild animals?"

Yuan Gan did not see the records of wild animals. He only understood the situation a little.

He removed the interrogation materials, and Niu Yu Tao only grinned slightly:

"This girl is careful and attentive. Come on, look at this Bear."

Two friends asked a bodyguard where the Buddhist monks were and immediately went there.

In one small courtyard, 20 monks were accommodated in two rooms. They slept tightly snuggled together. Bear Yuan Fang was also among them. There were also bodyguards in the small courtyard.

They were very tired of the long journey, so they all slept soundly. However, a werewolf - he is a werewolf. Niu Yu Tao, as soon as he entered the room, one could see how the seated Yuan Fang, who had laid his legs under him, immediately opened his eyes. He quickly crawled over to them and bowed, smiling out loud.

Niu Yu Tao examined him. Yuan Fang was not tall. He also had an odd appearance. The physique was a little thin. A gray beard hung down. And only his eyes looked spiritually. He already wore plain casual clothes, and a hat covered his bald head, but one could still see her around the edges of the hat.

Looking at the sleeping monks, Niu Yu Tao waved his hand, making it clear - do not disturb the rest. He called for an assistant to bring Yuan Fang out. As soon as they went out into the courtyard, they immediately went into one living room.

Niu Yu Tao immediately turned and smiling said to the incoming Yuan Fang:

 "Take off your clothes."

"A!??" Yuan Fang looked up and asked in surprise.

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand:

Don't be afraid, I just didn't see werewolves, and I want to broaden my horizons.

*There it is!* - Yuan Fang sighed in relief and began helplessly, slowly taking off his clothes. And immediately, it was possible to see on his body places of a werewolf's hair. He had not yet taken the form of a man.

 And two people walked around him and looked at him curiously. Niu Yu Tao even came up and pulled his fur back and forth, and that poor fellow had to endure.

He needs to stand it. Otherwise, you have to resist. But if he resists, then grave consequences will fall on the head of the monks of the monastery of the southern mountain.

Having walked around him several times, Niu Yu Tao suddenly winked at Yuan Gan, and one could see how he pulled out a dagger from under his feet.

A cold shine appeared in space.

"Shh" - there was the sound of metal friction against metal.

Indeed, his skin did not cut through, and the skin was impenetrable.

Yuan Fang got scared and turned around and immediately stepped back. He didn't even notice how a knife passed him.

Niu Yu Tao apparently was pleased and joyfully said: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Now take off the rest of the clothes, let's see."

Noting that Yuan Fang was still in doubt, Niu Yu Tao frowned.

Yuan Fang saw Niu Yu Tao strikes with Song Yang Qing and others and realized that he was definitely not an opponent of Niu Yu Tao. Therefore, he dutifully lowered his pants, remaining only in his underpants.

There was nothing for the Bear that he took off his clothes. Only by cultivating and transforming into a man, he began embarrassed like humans.

As soon as the clothes fell to the floor, Yuan Fang began to take in air. He seemed to feel freedom. All his limbs began to change and increase. Hair appeared on his head, and his face also began to change.

This modification process was rather disgusting, but Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan were not ordinary people. In the past life, they open how many crypts and how many corpses they did not see? Moreover, they even saw living corpses. On the contrary, they showed an interest in modification.

Yuan Gan, who usually stood with a stone expression, now showed curiosity.

Instantly one huge Bear with golden hair and but big like a black Himalayan bear was standing in front of two friends. Now he was three times higher. The underpants that were on his waist now stretched like a straw skirt. His appearance was frightening. Razor-sharp claws protruded from huge, muscular paws.

Rejoiced, two people began to go around him and examine him, admiring his golden hair.

And the Bear, with its black, lively eyes, could only watch them stare at him and wait until they see enough.

Not much time passed before Niu Yu Tao winked at Yuan Gan again. And he took out the dagger, again slashed several times on the wool. The knife did not cut through the wool. Then Yuan Gan suddenly struck from a different angle and broke through the defense, which made it possible to see blood. The dagger entered halfway.

"Ahhh ..." - the golden Bear roared and pleaded with a human speech:

"Lord, please release the monk!?"

Niu Yu Tao realized that his fur was really impenetrable. However, in leaking places, you can break the Bear. After that, he waved his hand, and joyfully said:

"I apologize. Apologize. Return to your previous appearance!"

The golden Bear immediately blew air and, like a ball, was blown away to its previous size. Having assumed a human form, he immediately took out a piece of tissue and began to dress the wound.

After completing, he put on clothes, a hat and only then got up. Although a sad expression could be seen on his face.

Niu Yu Tao, patting him on the shoulder, said:

"It's better for you not to stand, with your sick feet. Sit down, sit down."

Yuan Fang, after his words, took two steps back and sat on a chair. And Niu Yu Tao began to interrogate him carefully. In principle, Yuan Fang told everything in the same way as Song Yang Qing. He also embellished that he did all evil deeds for a good cause.

Niu Yu Tao listened to him and rejoiced. It doesn't matter - for the sake of the temple or its purposes, but he still pursued wealth, and the rest was just an excuse. He simply took and brightened up the definition of a bandit. Saying that he steals from the rich, giving to the poor is just rubbish. A little help to the local settlement, but does this cancel all your evil deeds? Such acts also influenced the affairs of the monastery.

"In two years, how much did you manage to earn?" Niu Yu Tao, sitting on a chair, asked, tapping a teapot of tea.

Yuan Fang shook his head: "Already no money."

Niu Yu Tao frowned and asked with a cold smile: "What are you afraid that I will take away what you've got?"

Yuan Fang shook his head:

"No, you misunderstood everything. The location of the monastery on the southern mountain is not so prosperous as to grow rich. Moreover, many people need to be fed. We still need to repair houses and rooms. We also occasionally help settlements. We still had several hundred golds, but the prince completely took them. He said that this is necessary for travel expenses!"

Niu Yu Tao smiled. It turns out that Chao Zong took everything?

"You are the werewolf. Are you really offended? The fact that you met us is to your happiness. Always walking and doing the robbery, sooner or later, you would stumble upon a spear or meet cultivators - exorcists. You better follow me. I will then give you a position in which you can walk freely."

Yuan Fang said sadly:

"Lord, you would let me go. I promise that I will head the temple on the southern mountain and will not do bad things. I still need to fulfill the desire of the head. Otherwise, I will go to hell!"

Niu Yu Tao said with a grin:

"This is easy to do. Follow me, and then you will build the largest temple in the heavens."

Yuan Fang turned his head in surprise and asked: "Is it true?"

Niu Yu Tao: "You only need to get the money, and you can build the most massive temple."

Yuan Fang felt that Niu Yu Tao was not a very reliable type, then he answered a little weakly:

"Not worth inconvenience to you. I'd better find a way to build the temple myself."

Niu Yu Tao chuckled coldly:

"Don't respect me? I will give you one last chance to think well. No need to make me angry!"

Yuan Fang immediately changed the face and firmly said:


"Now, listen to the instructions of the mentor." - Nu Yu Dao leaned towards Yuan Gang and said: "If this werewolf is not complaisant, then kill his monks!"

Yuan Gan nodded his head and looked askance at Yuan Fang.

And Yuan Fang trembled and, waving his hand, said:

"There will not be such, will not be. We are monks - honest people!"

Taking the werewolf, he will be able to study it gradually! Niu Yu Tao was now pleased:

"We already talk so much, but I don't know your name."

Yuan Fang stood up and clasped his hands and said: "Lower monk Yuan Fang."         

Niu Yu Tao answered in exasperation: "No, your real name!"

Yuan Fang immediately reacted and replied: "I have no name. Previously, the monks called me Xiao Jin .- (translated small gold)

"Xiao Jin?" Niu Yu Tao looked at him and then, pointing to Yuan Gan, said:

"He is the Monkey. Now we will call you the Bear!"

Yuan Fang stood up and immediately looked at Yuan Gan:

"Are you a monkey?" He looked as if he had not believed that Yuan Gan was also a beast