Heavenly Genius - Chapter 54


Niu Yu Tao could not restrain himself and laugh.

Bear, it turns out, saw a soul mate in Yuan Gan. He believed that Yuan Gan is also a beast. And Yuan Gan with a stone expression on his face asked:

"I didn't see how bears die.

"Eh ..." - Yuan Fang was wary and cautiously asked: "How dies?"

Yuan Gan looked displeased at Niu Yu Tao:

 "He is a bull!" - (Niu in translation bull)

"Bull ..." Yuan Fang froze and looked at Niu Yu Tao: *Bull?*

Niu Yu Tao laughed and turned around.

Yuan Gan didn't pay attention to the puzzled Yuan Fang and also left. Having caught up with Niu Yu Tao, he asked:

"Lord Tao, he doesn't have any abilities. Why did you take him?"

In the past life, Lord Tao also recruited brothers as his assistants, especially those who attracted him with his abilities. The monkey has not once seen how he accepted students.

Niu Yu Tao grinned and said:

"You underestimate him. This werewolf is gifted. Only he has no experience and horizons. If Song Yang Qing had stayed longer in the monastery of the southern mountain, then, by a little carelessness, perhaps we would not have seen him.

Yuan Gan asked in surprise: "How do you know?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled:

"You need to look closely. His 20 monks could take the opportunity for a long time and escape. But they, risking their lives, nevertheless followed him. Recently, Song Yang Qing killed several monks and thus seemed to upset him. Before this, it means he had more people in subjection. But can a fool lead several dozen people? He is not bad. It just needs to be taught and morally taught and shown what is right and what is not. You see, in one sentence, we were already able to subordinate him. There will be time to teach him."

Yuan Gan was silent for a while. He thought and turned around and went back. At the exit of the living room, he just met Yuan Fang. Saying nothing, he brutally kicked him.

"Boom!" Yuan Fang flew back from a blow to the chest.

Yuan Gan as soon as he entered, he immediately began to beat him.

Yuan Fang's screams of pain were heard continuously in the room.

As soon as the groans of pain subsided, Yuan Gang came out with a stony expression, straightening his clothes and not paying attention to the surprised bodyguards.

A little later, Yuan Fang came out of the living room and was thoroughly beaten. His nose was bleeding. He did not understand why he was beaten so badly ...

The ruler's palace. Feng Lin Bo stood quietly in the garden with his hands behind his back. He calmly looked at the night sky and the moon, and on his face, there was an annoying expression. Thus, giving out a daughter is quite tricky.

Peng Yu Lan walked lightly and threw a cloak over him. Now, although it was spring, the nights were still quite cold. Her husband was not a cultivator, so he could not resist the cold. Not only her husband but her three children, too, were not cultivators. Their channels were not suitable for cultivation. Otherwise, with her position, they would long ago have become cultivators of the Heavenly jade sect. However, nothing can be done, the channels in people are very diverse, and very few people can be suitable for cultivation.

Feng Lin Bo turned his head and smiled slightly.

Peng Yu Lan also handed him the paper:

"The news came from my father. The Heavenly jade sect after the meeting approved the marriage. They were afraid that you would send a few people to Tsang Wu County, but Chao Zong had already arrived."

In a normal situation, the Heavenly jade sect cannot be in full force in Kuangai County. The Heavenly jade sect also has other possessions, so the Heavenly jade sect has left people here for protection. Some more were responsible for collecting miraculous herbs. In Kuangai County, ordinary people gathered herbs and then received money for it. After that, they transported everything to the sect of the Heavenly jade, and there the cultivators either used miraculous herbs for themselves or traded with them.

In fact, every dominant cultivator sect also does this. Miraculous herbs for cultivation are not always found. And if cultivators themselves will look for herbs and collect them, then the effectiveness of the sect will not be high. Besides, you still need to cultivate yourself. Therefore, large sects designate their territories and allow ordinary people to collect herbs, thereby they earn their bread.

Of course, the so-called sources of wonderful herbs still need to be replenished and paid for. It's just that no one will give you wonderful herbs?

Feng Lin Bo took the letter and looked under the moonlight its contents. After reading, he still thought and only then crumpled the paper in his palm.

He sighed and asked: "How is Ru Nan there? You need to persuade her!"

"Yeah." - Peng Yu Lan nodded a little.

Just at that time, their manager Show Nyan came. He greeted both.

Feng Lin Bo asked: "How did everything go?"

Show Nyan: "I already located them tomorrow they will come to greet you."

Feng Lin Bo nodded, and Peng Yu Lan asked warily:

"Shan Chao Zong, what kind of appearance?"

Show Nyan: Noble appearance and courageous!"

Peng Yu Lan calmed down a little but was immediately alarmed. If he is of noble appearance, then how will he take their daughter? Of course, he would not dare not to accept her daughter. Only she was afraid that Chao Zong would not treat her with love, why their daughter would tolerate resentment. And they will quietly harm each other.

Not much time passed before Peng Yu Lan entered her daughter's palace.

Inside the house, May, Lan, Zhu, and Chu did not leave Feng Ru Nan and made sure that nothing unexpected happened. And Feng Ru Nan, not removing her armor, was lying on the bed.

Peng Yu Lan signaled the four beauties to go out and sat on a wicker couch.

Before she even spoke, Feng Ru Nan said:

"Ma, you don't need to persuade me. I will not marry. No one will force me!"

Peng Yu Lan said in exasperation:

"I don't want you to get married this way, either. However, you are good or bad, but still a general. And do not you know that everywhere on the battlefield, you need to act based on the situation?"

Feng Ru Nan crouched and answered irritably:

"What situation? I take care of the sect of Heavenly jade. If anything, my grandfather will be able to intercede for me as well as I try to protect the Heavenly jade sect."

"Nonsense!" Peng Yu Lan slapped her daughter in the face. She suddenly got up and began to point the finger at her daughter: "In addition to the sect of Heavenly jade, there is also the county of Kuangai. Do you think about the calm of the county? Do you not know how many people want your grandfather's death? Among so many sects and schools, if you are not majestic, then another more majestic will devour you. And then what remains of the county of Quangai? Then your father, mother, brothers - all will perish. Do you want to see that?"

These were not empty words. Each sect owning its territories was connected by many chains. You have a vast area with resources, but you need help to protect and take care of this territory. Therefore, you need students who will defend this territory. How many students for protecting the territory can provide sect? This is not so real. Therefore, in order not to waste time, they select outstanding people from ordinary people who will be representatives of schools and sects. Then they are engaged in the affairs of cultivators.

For considerable resources, large territories are needed, and for vast areas, more students and prominent representatives are required. And a representative is a fragile part that is difficult to find and difficult to work with. If a representative is vulnerable, then competitors can simply smash him. Therefore, sects need to represent to him mentors - defenders. Everything is interconnected.

"Ru Nan, will you marry, well? "Peng Yu Lan slowly said:

"Do you want me to ask you on my knees?" Said this, mother went to Feng Ru Nan and was about to kneel.

Feng Ru Nan immediately stood up, holding her hand, and sobbed, she said

"Ma, you don't need that. Will I marry, well?"

The daughter and mother hugged and began to sob together.

"Ma, he will offend me. Will this Shan Chao Zong offend me?" Feng Ru Nan, in her arms from her mother, asked, sobbing.

Peng Yu Lan, patting Feng Ru Nan, said:

"Don't worry. Mom has already come up with everything. Father gave his tacit consent."

The next morning, Niu Yu Tao sat in his house and cultivated. Yuan Gan just went inside and reminded him:

"Lord Tao, those three have come and are asking you.

Niu Yu Tao immediately exhaled qi and opened his eyes. As for the three, he did not ask precisely who. If not Chao Zong and the rest, then who else could be?

Indeed, as soon as he left, he immediately saw Chao Zong and the others at the stairs. They bowed to him at the same time and said:

"Lord Tao!" They greeted rather respectfully.

Niu Yu Tao did not pay attention to their reverence. Yet he deserved it. However, he noticed black circles under the eyes of Chao Zong. It seems that the previous night he did not sleep at all. Therefore Niu Yu Tao grin a little and clasped his hands asked:

"I don't know what the prince wants to instruct about?"

Chao Zong smiling answered:

"We were just going to meet with Feng Lin Bo, so we wanted to invite Lord Tao too."

"That's it. I will not go. You go." - Niu Yu Tao smiling waved. He was not interested in going. Especially since he didn't want to go to shame, and along the way, he asked:

"What about 10 thousand gold?"

Chao Zong shook his head helplessly: "We don't know anyone here, so we can't find the money." Then he nodded to Lan Jo Ting, and Lan Jo Ting continued:

"Really, we have difficulties now, so we just have to ask Feng Lin Bo to postpone the money. And as soon as we get to Tsang Wu County, we will find the funds there."

"Hold off?" Niu Yu Tao looked at three people, and without finding words said:

"You three, What you have been doing all night? So are you going to go to them? Therefore, you really will get shame. And do not say that I did not warn you!


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