Heavenly Genius - Chapter 56

"Young prince greets father-in-law and mother-in-law!"

Having gathered in the drawing-room again, Chao Zong greeted Feng Lin Bo and Peng Yu Lan before everyone and presented the couple with a gift at the first meeting.

Standing on the side, Shu Qing quietly looked at all this. Only tears flowed from her eyes. It is good that the veil behind the hat covered her face, and no one could see that she was crying at that moment. She felt offended by her brother. If would be here parents now, would the brother begin to do so.? At the same time, she understood that it is a hard time for them. It was not easy for both of them. And although now she realized that this wedding was for the better, still she was crying.

A nearby stood smiling Lan Jo Ting. Although there was a smile on his face, he also felt sadness in his heart. Had Nin Wang been here, would it have come to that?

Feng Ling Bo and Peng Yu Lan sighed heavily. If Ning Wang's son had married their daughter in the old days ... Previously, they simply didn't dare to think of such a thing.

After observance of etiquette, now the Feng family gave Chao Zong a red envelope (where they put the money) and began to call him son-in-law. As for the red envelope, Lan Jo Ting has already discussed everything. Even if an ordinary subordinate is given one coin, then the prince will also be given everything accordingly. Therefore, the prince's subordinates rejoiced at this wedding.

Moreover, for Feng Lin Bo, it would be unprofitable to seem a greedy father-in-law. If so, then what will his subordinates say about him.

Moreover, Lan Jo Ting has already clearly described the picture that the prince is constrained in his means. It's good that they managed to rob a monastery on the southern mountain.

Feng Lin Bo possessed cash. And now, he began to relate differently to Chao Zong. After all, it is not the point now to swear among themselves, if they are already relatives.

And when Chao Zong was going away, Feng Lin Bo jokingly said:

"Dear son-in-law, these two days, you can have a good rest in the bridal room. You should not sell combatant horses anymore."

From these words, Chao Zong felt sweat on his forehead. He silently scolded Niu Yu Tao. It seems father-in-law and mother-in-law are not so vicious. Even Feng Lin Bo, knowing the financial difficulties of the prince, took all the wedding expenses on himself.

As soon as the group left the ruler's palace, the riders looked back at the ruler's palace. Chao Zong thought he was in the dream. After all, he could not think that from the moment he leaves the capital, such a thing will happen. A significant change!

The bodyguards were inspired. After all, everyone knew that Feng Ling Bo had his army. And the prince, taking his daughter as a wife, now provides himself with security. The Imperial House will no longer just attack him. How can bodyguards not rejoice now?

Shu Qing now thought of something else. She recalled the cultivator with the sword in his hand and the lazy young student under the peach tree who composed poems. From these thoughts, she involuntarily appeared a smile. Remembering the scene in the peach orchard, during this rough and troubled time, she had a sense of security.

Among the towering mountain range stood the palace of the Highest purity. The head and three patriarchs were sitting in it, legs crossed under themselves. Tan Yi sat above, and a little lower left to the right sat Luo Yuan Gun, Su Po, and Tan Su Su. Everyone passed among themselves a paper with news, which was brought by the king of the birds. Tan Yi was silent after watching the news, Luo Yuan Gun shook his head, Su Po remained serene, and Tan Su Su frowned.

Kuangai County news was spreading everywhere. And although the sect of the Highest Purity was now in decline, they still also learned about it.

Luo Yuan Gun nevertheless broke the silence and sighed slowly said:

"Feng Ling Bo still dared to marry his daughter for Shan Chao Zong. This is simply unthinkable! And the Heavenly jade sect? Without the consent of the sect, he would not have dared to do so. *What's happening?*

Tan Yi: "Now, in the kingdom of Yan, military unrest, and if it turned out to make such an agreement, then this indicates the abilities of Shan Chao Zong. So Feng Lin Bo will guarantee him safety. Otherwise, he would not dare to act so boldly. It looks like we underestimated Shan Chao Zong. A good father will have a good son!" Having said this, she looked at Tan Su Su.

Tan Su Su sighed.

"Tomorrow is another day. Maybe both of them get off the road. We did everything right, once we clearly drew the line between Ning Wang and the sect of the Highest purity. Otherwise, Shan Chao Zong, who had contacted Feng Lin Bo, who has his army, would have shown complete resistance to the imperial house and would have caused considerable trouble for us. Although the imperial house can not touch Feng Lin Bo, to crush our sect, they need only one word. And then we would suffer significant losses!

Tan Yi and Su Po said nothing. Only Luo Yuan Gun nodded a little:

"Sister says, right!"

At this time, one student quickly ran here, and in his hands, he held a report:

"The head, three patriarchs, the disciple Cheng Gui Shuo, asks for an audience. He wants to bring you important news!"

As soon as he said this, Tan Su Su shivered. Shan Chao Zong is already in Kungai County with Feng Ling Bo, and Niu Yu Tao should already be dead. But she didn't know precisely whether Song Yang Qing succeeded or not. Why did Cheng Gui Shuo come back?

"Don't you see that we are discussing? What's the big case? Let him go!" Tan Su Su Su angrily shouted, but her excitement could be noticed.

Only Luo Yuan Gun signaled the student to stop:

"Did he not go to the capital with Song Yang Qing? Why would he come back so fast? Most likely, something extraordinary happened. We should listen to him."

Tan Su Su could not find a reason to dissuade everyone, so she patiently shut up.

Tan Yi nodded her head:

"Let go in!

"Yes!" The reporting student answered and left.

Not much time passed before Cheng Gui Shuo hastily entered the palace. With a roar he knelt before them:

"The head, the three patriarchs, there was trouble. Brothers Song Yang Qing and Xiu Yi Tian are dead!"

"Ah!" The few people stood up. Xiu Yi Tian is not important, but Song Yang Qing, with the Song family behind him, is important. The Song Family is the last defense of the sect of the Highest Purity.

Tan Su Su angrily shouted:

"What nonsense? Do not talk nonsense!" - saying this, with an angry look, she warned Cheng Gui Shuo to shut up.

Only Cheng Gui Shuo did not pay attention to her and sadly continued to say:

"The student does not lie. Brother Song and brother Xiu were killed at the hands of Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao left me alive, so I could come back and report back to you about what happened.

Several people trembled, and Tan Su Su growled:

"Nonsense!" She waved her hand, and the powerful palm went toward Cheng Gui Shuo.

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po simultaneously released their palms to intercept her.

"Bang!" There was a roar.

Three palms collided at the same time, and a powerful wave of power spread in all directions. Cheng Gui Shuo, kneeling, flew back, sweat flowing all over his body.

He deliberately waited for the moment and reported to all of them so that Tan Su Su would not kill him as a witness. Only he did not think that this older woman would dare so brazenly at all to try to kill him.

He would not have dared to ignore her threats if the people of the Song family had not intercepted him along the way. They told him to do so. And with the support of the Song family, he has nothing to fear.

Tan Yi squeezed her lip and looked at the angry expression of Tan Su Su. Tan Yi knew a little what the matter was. Tan Su Su said she would deal with Niu Yu Tao, but she did not think that Tan Su Su would ask Song Yang Qing about this.

Luo Yuan Gun immediately stood in front of Cheng Gui Shuo. In the Sect of the Highest Purity, the student was not yet killed for the report, so he looked closely at Tan Su Su:

"The younger sister, why such a behavior? Isn't it better to listen to him completely?"

Tan Su Su: "He's obviously talking nonsense. Song Yang Qing went to the capital, Niu Yu Tao to Tsan Wu County, how can the two directions merge together? This man carries evil thoughts!"

Cheng Gui Shuo quickly cried out loudly: "Patriarch Tan, do you want to kill a witness?" He was so protecting himself.

As soon as he said this, Tan Su Su was furious: "Dare to rebel?!

Her body flickered again, she wanted to kill him. Only Su Po flashed and blocked her path. He said displeased:

"Let him finish. This will not be worse!"

Luo Yuan Gun also appeared on the side, and together they held back Tan Su Su:

"Younger sister, calm down. No need to act at random!" He clearly warned her.

Before the two patriarchs, Tan Su Su knew that she could not do anything, so she turned to Tan Yi and said with displeasure:

"Head, this scum wants to quarrel us. I ask the head Tan to deal with him!"

Luo Yuan Gun replied:

"Head, in this palace, the student of the sect of the Highest Purity has not even said anything, how can he already quarrel us? Nothing prevents listening to him. And without listening to the student, immediately kill, there is no common sense!"

Tan Su Su was staring at Tang Yi, but how would Tan Yi object to the two patriarchs?

The usually silent Su Po said displeasedly: "The younger sister has overstepped the mark today."

"Ah!" - Tan Su Su waved her sleeve and turned sharply to the side.

Luo Yuan Gun looked at Cheng Gui Shuo and said:

"Say what happened in the end?"

Feeling safe, Cheng Gui Shuo began to tell an already thought-out story:

"Brother Song Yang Qing did not go to the capital. He said so that under the pretext to leave the sect. Having received a hint from patriarch Tan, he decided to ambush Niu Yu Tao on his way to the monastery on the southern mountain ...

"Joke!" Tang Su Su said scornfully.