Heavenly Genius - Chapter 57


After Cheng Gui Shu continued:

"As Brother Song said before descending from the mountain, the men of Tan Su Su had to give a letter to Niu Yu Tao. And this letter Niu Yu Tao had to give to the monastery on the southern hill. That's why we drove the horses at full speed and, having reached the monastery, waited for Niu Yu Tao. Only he, similarly, already knew about the ambush and, therefore, instead, he sent the usual bodyguard of Shan Chao Zong. As soon as we captured the bodyguard, we also had to face the bodyguards of Shan Chao Zong and himself. As a result, Song Yang Qing took out a tablet from the Supreme Court, and Shan Chao Zong was forced to give Niu Yu Tao. Only who knew that Niu Yu Tao would be a skilled cultivator. His technique and power are incomprehensible. It far exceeds our imagination ...

"Is it incomprehensible?" Luo Yuan Gun interrupted. He frowned. "Do you say that the power of Niu Yu Tao is incomprehensible?

Not only he, but everyone else was surprised at the words of Cheng Gui Shuo. Even Tan Su Su. She did not believe what she heard.

Cheng Gui Shuo continued nodding:

"The student is telling the truth. Real, the power of Niu Yu Tao is incomprehensible. The three of us fought against him. He threw back Xiu Yi Tian with one palm and inflicted the severe wound on him, from which he coughed up blood. After Xiu Yi Tian, I drew my sword and began to attack him. Niu Yu Tao, without using the sword, just kicked me back, also inflicting a severe wound on me. Right after me, he was attacked by Song Yang Qing. He also attacked Niu Yu Tao with the sword. This time, Niu Yu Tao drew his sword and at once cut off the leg and two hands of Song Yang Qing! So we all ended up on earth. We were not his opponents at all."

Quite frightened Luo Yuan Gun asked:

"How is this possible?"

Cheng Gui Shuo, fearing that they would not believe him and worrying about his life, began to explain:

"Patriarch Luo, the student is telling the truth. From the beginning, we came up with measures against the protective amulets of Niu Yu Tao, only who knew that even the three of us could not be worthy rivals to him. We didn't even succeed in finding out his strength!"

Tan Su Su burst out laughing.

"Brothers, how can you believe this nonsense? Even if Niu Yu Tao had been hiding in the peach spring and secretly cultivated all these years, he still would not be able to achieve such results in cultivation. What is there to listen to?"

Cheng Gui Shuo put two hands on his chest:

"If a student is lying, then let me be struck by lightning and thunder. By the way, the student was able to discern that Niu Yu Tao did not seem to use the methods of the Highest purity sect. His sword technique was so perfect, but not at all like our methods!"

Tan Su Su chuckled coldly: "And you came up with it now?"

Luo Yuan Gun raised his hand, letting her know that she was interfering, and asked Cheng Gui Shuo: "What happened next?"

Cheng Gui Shuo:

"He, after he defeated us with Xiu Yi Tyan and crippled Song Yang Qing, ordered people to take us to the monastery and interrogate there. We did not give anything, no matter how we were interrogated. And when we were released, we no longer saw Song Yang Qing. It looks like he already killed him. Then, they also killed brother Xiu Yi Tian.

Luo Yuan Gun: Did you say that Niu Yu Tao relayed the message?"

Cheng Gui Shuo nodded his head: "He told me to send the message, so I was able to return to the sect. He said that because of all the acts of the sect of the Highest Purity, he would not make a fuss out of respect for Uncle Dong Guo's teacher. He will not seek revenge. However, from this moment on, he severs all relations with the sect of the Highest Purity! He also said that he was not interested in the position of head of the sect. He hopes that the sect of the Highest Purity will not seek him and bring him problems. Otherwise, he will tell everything to everyone, and the whole world will condemn the sect of the Highest purity. I suspect that Brother Song Yang Qing said something that was not worth mentioning."

After his story, everyone fell silent. Tan Su Su was trembling in convulsions. Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po were tense. They did not think that Niu Yu Tao would still learn about the secret and would now be armed against them.

Tan Yi lowered her head. She had many different feelings in her soul. She was especially felt, like when you steal things that do not belong to you from someone. Now how will Niu Yu Tao look at her? When he has known that she married him for the position of the head of the sect. How can he then look at her?

No one can accept this. And the fact that Niu Yu Tao is not going to take everything into account speaks of his generosity.

"Ahh!" Su Po sighed heavily. And everyone understood what Su Po felt.

Luo Yuan Gun coldly looked at Tan Su Su.

"Younger sister, didn't say that Shan Shu Qing arrived in the sect for the student of Dong Guo Xao Ran? Is it true?"

Tan Su Su grinned: "Brothers, why believe this invention?

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po saw that she did not want to say anything, they immediately understood everything. No more evidence is needed. Otherwise, she did not need to kill Cheng Gui Shuo as a witness. And you can prove anything. Everyone already understood why Tan Su Su did all this.

Luo Yuan Gun looked at Cheng Gui Shuo and asked:

Is there anything else?

Cheng Gui Shuo shook his head: "Just this."

Luo Yuan Gun closed his eyes, sighed, and said: "Then go to the capital and report on the tragedy to the Song family!"

 "Yes, patriarch!" Cheng Gui Shuo stood up and ran back.

No-one stopped him. At this point, many people already knew what had happened, so it makes no sense to kill him. And Cheng Gui Shuo would not dare to come here alone and tell everything without support behind him. Apparently, the Song family sent him to say to them what had happened. Cheng Gui Shuo has long been the man of the Song family, much less was with Song Yang Qing before his death. Therefore, he is no longer relevant to them. And killing him is like hitting the Song family. Luo Yuan Gun also understood that letting him go to the capital would mean that he would not return. Will there only be a benefit if he staying here? After all, he has already become the man of the Song family. Are they need extra eyes and ears of the Song family in the sect.

And when Cheng Gui Shuo had already reached the door, Su Po's voice suddenly sounded:

"Cheng Gui Shuo, earth, and sky everywhere have their strength. Remember well that you are the student of the sect of the Highest purity. No matter where fate brings you, it is better never to harm the sect of the Highest purity!"

Cheng Gui Shuo turned and bowed said:

"The student remembered well and will never forget!" Then he immediately left.

As soon as the palace became quiet, Luo Yuan Gun opened his eyes and glared at Tan Su Su:

"Are you gone crazy?"

At this time, Tan Su Soo already recognized everything:

"I did all this for the sake of the Highest Purity. If you keep him alive, who will benefit from it? Who knows, suddenly then someone will be able to use it to bring chaos to our sect! Otherwise, the consequences can be substantial!"

Luo Yuan Gun slowly approached her:

"For the sect? Do not you understand that it was they who sent him to report to us? The Song family made it clear that they already know what you have done. And after that, they already made it clear that they did not owe anything to the sect of the Highest purity. The son of Song Shu, his only son, was killed by your grace. Do you think the Song family will leave it all just like that? You have brought great misfortune to the sect of the Highest Purity!"

Tan Su Su was puzzled and suddenly shouted:

"I didn't think that would happen. Who knew that this scum could not do such a small thing!"

"Bah!" Luo Yuan Gun slapped her.

Tan Su Su stepped back two steps and looking at him intently said:

"How dare you…"

Luo Yuan Gun, having interrupted her, said: "I punished you instead of our teachers!"

Tan Su Su wanted to say something but said nothing. She pursed her lips and was puzzled.

Luo Yuan Gun turned to Tan Yi:

"Head, you will need to leave the sect of the Highest Purity and find a place where you can hide for a while. Sooner or later, trouble will fall on the sect. Then, perhaps it will be possible to preserve the techniques and foundations of the sect! Then you will need to wait for the right moment to continue the sect!"

He folded his arms and then left.

Tan Su Su screamed after him: "It's impossible. This is the sect of the Highest purity, which lasts from generation to generation. You can't just drop everything here!"

However, Su Po also turned and calmly leave her.

In the palace remained Tan Yi, who was silent all this time, and Tan Su Su, who was trembling with her whole body ...

Behind the mountain towered many stone peaks. On the slope of one stone mountain, there was a cave where Wei Duo, who was punished, was squatting. He always complained about everything.

Tu Han stood nearby and looked into the distance. Su Po slowly told him what had happened.

After he told everything, Wei Duo annoyedly said:

"Laa .... .Laaaa .... law is not .... not ... indestructible. Law .... Laws ... Laws if ... Viol .... Violated ... Violated ... That will be .... There will be trouble!"

 Su Po nodded.

"Only all the students in the sect did not want the unknown young Niu Yu Tao to become the head of the sect. Then you could not do anything alone, and now Niu Yu Tao seems to be in danger. Do you want to protect him?"

Wei Duo immediately got up and nodded: "The student wants to!"

Su Po nodded approvingly.

"Good! Protect the student. I will help you hide. In half an hour, there will be no people on the northern mountain in the gorge. You can leave from there. There is already prepared a parcel with food and everything you need!"

"Got it!" Wei Duo folded his arms and immediately started to run away.

When Su Po and Tu Han left the stone cave, Wei Duo was no longer visible.

Tu Han, looking at Su Po, said:

"Patriarch, the sect of the Highest Purity, did things against Niu Yu Tao. I don't think Wei Duo will like Niu Yu Tao.

Su Po: "It doesn't matter how Niu Yu Tao thinks. Now in an unforeseen situation for the sect, Wei Duo - this kind and fair person, as soon as trouble happens in the sect, will not stand aside but will engage in mortal combat. When others are looking for different reasons to go away and save their lives, I do not want such a good person to have died."

Su Po turned to Tu Han: "You go too. We need to quickly contact the teacher, who is in the werewolf gorge. As soon as disaster strikes in the sect of Highest Purity, only he can help the sect!"

"This ..." - Tu Han said a little doubtfully: "The teacher has already been expelled by the sect. It will probably be difficult for him to get out of the mountain."

Su Po: "He saw how Tan Yi grows. It is unlikely that he wants her to be in trouble. In general, it will not work, just tell him. When the sect is in trouble, the choice will be his!"