Heavenly Genius - Chapter 58


Tu Han sighed and said: "I'll try it."

Su Po said a little smile. "Your teacher, if you do not want to go out of the mountain, then you stay with him. Do not come back."

Tu Han froze: "And watch how they will destroy the sect? Will the student pay with black ingratitude?"

Su Po waved his hand and said:

"Who said that? Truth has a small truth and a great truth. Even if you and Wei Duo stay, when will the sect be attacked, will you be helped? The Song family will destroy everyone who belongs to the sect. Therefore, I sent Wei Duo to defend Niu Yu Tao. I had to use this method. Otherwise, you can't dissuade him like that. And you will be able to leave the sect and be more useful alive in the werewolf gorge than dead here. I persuade you to leave the sect. We hope for you and Wei Duo. If the sect will be destroyed, then you can find each other and recreate the sect.

Tu Han's face was twisted. He understood Su Po. The Song family made it clear that they already knew about the death of Song Yang Qing. They seemed to say that since you did not treat Song Yang Qing as a student, we will not treat you as a teacher. Now the Song family will not patronize the sect of the Highest Purity. And then the Song family will not even need to do anything, but simply spread the rumors that they are not connected with the sect of the Highest purity. And many will want to destroy the sect of the Highest Purity. Many people want to own these beautiful places.

Otherwise, the Song family would not have sent Cheng Gui Shuo openly.

Only Tu Han did not understand why the Song family had so notified the sect of the highest purity as if giving them time to prepare for the storm?

"The words of patriarch Luo make sense. Those who may be hiding, let them be hiding. "Tu Han answered languidly.

Su Po shook his head.

"He said what was on the heart. The sect of the highest purity needs to disperse. Without resources for cultivation, how can one be cultivated? How can one meditate? How many people want to stay in a sect where you cannot move forward? Those who can seek a place to hide, let them disappear. Someone buys some places, and there is nothing to blame for them. How can they remain in a sect where danger is lurking? Where can they just die? Everyone knows that.

To be honest. Who can protect the sect now? Brother Luo - no. I - no, sister Tan - no. Head Tan is no. These are all consequences of the fact that we did not follow the rules of our ancestors and did not choose the unfamiliar kid Niu Yu Tao. Then who could trust him? But the rules are the rules, and we violated them. We thought that against Tan Yi as the head of the sect, no one would be against. And now, if you look, you can understand that the head Tan Mu and Dong Guo Hao Ran defended the sect well. And they chose students well. They are the ones who could raise a sect ...



In one luxurious palace near the flower garden, Wan Hen stood. He picked up the vessel and angrily smashed it to the ground, causing the fragments of the vessel to still spin on the ground.

He was furious! He poisoned the message to Feng Lin Bo, but still has not received a response. However, he received other news. They say that Feng Ling Bo wants his daughter to be married to Shan Chao Zong! He initially did not dare to believe in it. However, later news began to diverge that Feng Ling Bo and Shan Chao Zong had determined the wedding day. How did Feng Lin Bo decide his daughter to marry for Shang Chao Zong?

And what does it mean? This means that Feng Lin Bo does not respect Wan Hen. This means that Feng Ling Bo will not be able to take Shan Chao Zong's person and hand him over to Wan Hen.

His daughter was at his house so far. He had not yet told her about the death of Song Yang Qing. All kept secret. However, he did not understand her. She cursed and complained about Song Yang Qing. But now she is most bored and wants to go back to the groom's house. And Wan Hen could not say about Song Yang Qing's death, he simply did not know how to tell her!

Calming down and looking at the fragments of the vessel next to the flower bed, Wan Hen shouted angrily:

"Lu Sheng Zhong!"

Not far from one roof, a young man in luxurious clothes came down. He looked very relaxed, and in his hands, he held a black folding fan. He quietly approached Wan Hen and said a little smile:

"Head, calmed down?"

That was Lu Sheng Zhong. He was one of Wan Hen's mentors.

Wan Hen looked at him. "Come down to business. Personally."

Lu Sheng Zhong knew what Wan Hen was talking about, and answered a little hesitantly:

Feng Lin Bo is already involved in this business. So the sect of Heavenly jade is also. I think I better not get in trouble.

Wan Hen said:

"It doesn't matter what methods you use, but I need Niu Yu Tao's head here. I want to look at his head!"

Lu Sheng Zhong smiled a bit helplessly: "I will do my best!" He agreed.

It was not difficult for him to kill Niu Yu Tao. Only he feared the consequences of the sect of Heavenly jade. Nevertheless, it turns out that he will go into their territory and kill the person who is under their protection. For him, it can't get away with it. And they can send after the supreme master of the cultivator to kill him.

Residence of the Song Family. In the park, inside the gazebo by the water.

 Song Jiu Min clasped his hands behind his back, looked at the chess in front of him. He thought.

And Liu Lu - a cultivator with gray hair came up behind and said quietly:

"Lu Sheng Zhong left the capital. Wan Heng must have instructed him to fix the problem.

Song Jiu Min did not answer and did not react at all, he looked at the chessboard and thought. Later he calmly replied:

I heard that Zi Yu in the sect Liuxian has a good time. That even the head of the sect is pleased with him?"

Zi Yu was the son of Liu Lu. Liu Lu smiling answered:

"Sect Liuxian is not because of me, they are nice to Zi Yu."

Song Jiu Min, as if suspecting that something had been said incorrectly: "The roof of Lu Sheng Zhong is weak. And perhaps he can not resist the sect of heavenly jade. Let Zi Yu take the students with him and go there. Let him observe the situation."

Liu Lu froze, but immediately replied: "Yes, sir!

And when he was about to leave, Song Chuan hastily approached here. He reported to Song Jiu Min:

"Father, a man has arrived from the palace of the adviser and asks to bring you to him.

Song Jiu Min immediately put down the chess piece on the board and, leaving all thoughts behind, hastily left the residence. He quickly got into the carriage. His bodyguards also followed him.

In the capital, noble yards occupied large tracts, and many lived in good conditions. And when they got to the residence of the Minister of Public Works, one could immediately notice the differences with the residence of a simple official. It was huge. Moreover, the adviser was engaged continuously in the essential affairs of the kingdom, so his palace was next to the imperial palace. So that he could come to the emperor at any moment.

As soon as the carriage stopped, Song Jiu Min immediately got out of it and climbed the stairs to the palace. The bodyguards who followed him did not dare move on. They could only watch him.

Inside the palace, quite a few people were quietly waiting in the hall. Someone brought a document for signature to one plump older man. Everyone was quietly waiting for the signature and were afraid to move.

"Advisor to public works!" Song Jiu Min, as he went in, immediately clasped his hands, bowed honorably.

Tong Mo calmly looked at him and continued to sign documents.

Song Jiu Min slowly stepped aside and stood up, folding his arms across his stomach. He calmly expected.

Not much time passed before another man came. He was a thin older man with gray hair and a jasper hairpin on his head. He had a soulful look and an aquiline nose. He entered freely and calmly. It was just the palace eunuch Ga Miao Shui. He greeted Tong Mo and then stood on the opposite side of Song Jiu Min. He stared at Song Jiu Min, which made Song Jiu Min uneasy.

After some time, Tong Mo finished signing the documents and handed them to an official standing on the other side. Then he waved his hand, making it clear that the rest of the waiting officials were leaving. Now they could talk.

"Feng Ling Bo and Shan Chao Zong will be related. Do you know? " - Tong Mo, looking at Song Jiu Min, asked.

Song Jiu Min respectfully answered: "I already know."

Tong Mo nodded to Ga Miao Shuyu, and he slowly went to the center and calmly said:

"His Majesty was very angry!"

Tong Mo again asked Song Jiu Min:

"What do you think?"

Song Jiu Min said uncertainly:

"In truth, I think that only Ning Wang's left thing could add courage to Feng Lin Bo to contact Shan Chao Zong. He chose to take the risk with him, and for this, he has a reason. I have no other thoughts."

There was silence in the hall. Everyone plunged into their thoughts, agreeing with Song Jiu Min.

Song Jiu Min sighed said:

"I always thought that Shan Chao Zong should not be let out of the capital. It's like letting a tiger go to the mountains. What was expected to happen happened."

Ga Miao Shui said in a cold tone:

"Great Song, do you think that His Highness made the wrong decision?"

"I don't dare!" Song Jiu Min bowed immediately.

Ga Miao Shui indifferently continued:

"What else does the Song family not dare? Didn't you say that the sect of the Highest Purity is under control? Why did they give mentor Shan Chao Zong? And what did your grandson do there?"