Heavenly Genius - Chapter 59


From these words, Song Jiu Min became uneasy. The fact that the sect of the Highest purity gave mentor Shan Chao Zong is one thing. But the fact that Song Yang Qing is here is another. He did not know that news of him would leak out quickly.

Tong Mo said:

"Evnuh Shui, these are all petty matters. Young people quarreled over the girl - you can understand it. Moreover, they have already paid the price. Let's think about how to solve the pressing problem."

From these words, Song Jiu Min felt cold inside. Has the Advisor even found out about such details? How did he find out? Song Jiu Min realized that the possibilities of the eyes and ears of the adviser are much more extensive. With this speech, the adviser on one side defended him. On the other hand, he warned him that it was not worth doing something behind the adviser!

Ga Miao Shui also wanted to ask Song Jiu Ming about this case, but since Tong Mo protects them so much, he did not insist.

"Feng Ling Bo already knows, there is no need for the sect of the Highest purity. So that they do not communicate again with Shan Chao Zong, everything must be decided with them ultimately!" Tong Mo said indifferently.

"Yes, sir!" Song Jiu Min bowed.

He, for this purpose, sent Cheng Gui Shuo to warn Tan Su Su. Nevertheless, he did not want to destroy the sect himself.  And now, when it became clear about Shan Chao Zong and Feng Lin Bo, the sect of the Highest purity has lost its value ...

Kuangai County.

 Here the festive atmosphere was up to standard. People walked along all the streets and announced the wedding day of Prince Shan Chao Zong and Feng Ru Nan. Business people came and gave gifts or decorations to Feng Ru Nan. They wanted to please Feng Lin Bo. Of course, their efforts did not go unrequited. Feng Lin Bo halved their tax this year, which is why everyone was delighted and praised his ruler.

Of course, an imperial house agreement is needed to reduce taxes. Only the imperial house did not interfere in their affairs. Somehow or another, Feng Lin Bo has already decided that he will not give taxes to the imperial court.  Feng Lin Bo pointed out difficulties, it was his reason. So both sides pulled, not breaking off relations entirely.

Shan Chao Zong stopped in the palace, where he arrived. The ruler also allocated money for this place to decorate the house of the daughter's husband.

Today is the holiday. The ruler of the house, Show Nyan, was most involved in the business. He walked and watched the decoration of everything here and there. In the palace of the ruler, he had already prepared everything. Then he headed to the palace of Shan Chao Zong. Where something hung crookedly, he immediately directed people to eliminate everything. Feng Ling Bo only has one daughter, and she is forced to marry. Can he even show a terrible wedding?

After all the preparations, Show Nyan again met with Lan Jo Ting, and they agreed on other wedding matters. He also conveyed congratulations from Feng Ru Yi and Feng Ru Ze. He hoped that the other side would not be angry and take such a compliment to heart.

To this, Lan Jo Ting did not pay attention. After all, the brothers defend the borders and lead the troops. And who knows if the imperial house would dare to act rashly. On the contrary, they strengthened their troops.

After Show Nyan left, Lan Jo Ting passed his words to Shan Chao Zong. And he nodded, although his thoughts were not here. He should get married in an hour, for the first time in his life. Therefore, he was tense. What worried him the most was that he hadn't seen Feng Ru Nan. They say that she was like a man, especially her character. Niu Yu Tao - well done, planted a pig for him. Only, on the other hand, Niu Yu Tao behaves as if the prince still has to thank him for this continually. Although the prince understood that even Niu Yu Tao had so deceived him, he did it all for his good.

Only thanks to his deception did the prince look differently at the disciples of the sect of the Highest purity.

Niu Yu Tao, leading three people, appeared in front of Shan Chao Zong and others. He was followed by Yuan Gan and the whole battered, bruised Yuan Fang.

Chao Zong and the others noticed that more and more bruises appeared on Yuan Fang every day. It was not difficult to guess who beat him. They were constantly perplexed when this bear made a false move in front of Niu Yu Tao. Why did Yuan Gan hit the bear every day?

It was clear that Niu Yu Tao was behind it. Would Yuan Gan do anything without a hint of Niu Yu Tao? And Niu Yu Tao, in turn, was a man who is hard to figure out. You will never know what he is thinking. He consistently behaves politely, showing decency and manners, why the bear began to reach for him.

"Prince, today is an idle day for you!" Niu Yu Tao came in and spoke joyfully.

Somehow gathering his thoughts, Chao Zong said helplessly:

"Lord Tao, stop joking with the prince."

They had already spent so many days together, and both had already recognized each other a lot.

"The prince didn't seem to rest yesterday?" Niu Yu Tao looked intently at the prince's face and saw that he again had black circles under his eyes, which were covered with powder. All these days, the prince could not sleep.

Lan Jo Ting grinned bitterly:

"The man marries for the first time. He can be understood."

Shu Qing smiled under the hat and again looked at Niu Yu Tao. She saw him holding his sword tight as if he was afraid to part with it.

She certainly knew this sword. After all, she carried it to him. Once upon a time, Mr. Dong Guo passed it on to her father as a symbol of duty and appreciation. And now, Niu Yu Tao wears it.

"Lord Tao, you wait a little while, and let's go together." Chao Zong invited him to the wedding.

Niu Yu Tao knew that he had done a lot for this marriage, but did not want to go there. Therefore, waving his hand, he said:

"I will not go. It will be necessary to keep an eye on everyone." He bowed and pointed to Yuan Fang.

"A bear has no social status. Perhaps because of this, then he will have problems. Mr. Lan, I would like to ask you to speak with Feng Lin Bo. Maybe they can give a position for the bear so that he can then go outside and travel.

The whole bruised Yuan Fang smiled and thought to himself that this man is still good.

*Bear?* Three people were surprised. That monkey, then the bull (p.p. Niu in translation means bull), now also a bear has appeared. Their organization is strange.

Lan Jo Ting nodded his head:

"Then I will find the manager of the Show Nyan. There should be no problem with that."

It was not difficult for them to come up with a position for Yuan Fang. Niu Yu Tao waved his hand, telling Yuan Fang to go, and then said to the prince:

"Prince, I don't know whether to tell you or not?"

Chao Zong immediately said: "Don't be shy."

Niu Yu Tao: "Today, during the wedding night, you will need to do everything sincerely and believably. Be sure to take Feng Ru Nan."

All were adults and understood what he was talking about.

Shu Qing, being a girl, immediately blushed. She was disgusted by the thoughts of Niu Yu Tao, and Chao Zong was embarrassed. He wanted to ask Niu Yu Tao: *What's your business?*

Lan Jo Ting sighing said:

"Lord Tao, this is a private matter. It's indecent to talk about this." He hinted that Niu Yu Tao must know his place.

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand: "Don't need to think a lot. I am telling the truth. This girl will have a big difference between whether she has a connection or not with the prince. Prince, if you want to take people from Feng Lin Bo, then you need to take Feng Ru Nan. Without it, it will not work. And the faster, the better."

Several people were silent. Although it was an exciting topic, however, the words of Niu Yu Tao made sense. Feng Lin Bo forces Feng Ru Nan to go to Tsang Wu County, and Feng Ru Nan will most likely command the army. And of course, they will still be following Feng Ru Nan. If something goes wrong, especially when they don't find a hundred-thousandth army, then everything will be complicated. The business with Feng Ru Nan is quite essential.

At that moment, a man came and broke off an awkward moment. He announced the time of the meeting of the newlywed. Shu Qing and Chao Zong came forward, and Lan Jo Ting was a little delayed. He went to Lord Tao:

"Lord Tao, this business bothers me. During these days, I noticed that Feng Ru Nan is a hot girl and does not feel sympathy for the prince. I'm afraid it will be difficult for him."

Niu Yu Tao said in a whisper:

"This bothers me too. In the bridal room, he will have an occasion. Otherwise, after tonight, I believe that Feng Ru Nan will not want to sleep in the same room as the prince. Therefore, today it will be necessary to seize the moment! The prince will need to take Feng Ru Nan!"

Lan Jo Ting smiled bitterly. When would he think that such things would be seriously discussed? He shook his head: "Do not the prince need to use force in this case?"

Niu Yu Tao coughed:

"There will be candles during the wedding night. The prince marries Feng Ru Nan, what is wrong here? And if anyone sees, then what will he say? These are the rules. There is nothing to blame for this prince!"

"Ah!" Lan Jo Ting sighed and nodded.

When he left, the remaining Yuan Gan came up and said:

"In a military camp, when a spear flew to Lord Tao..."

Niu Yu Tao knew that Yuan Gan just didn't say anything for the hell of it, so he turned and asked:


Yuan Gan: "Feng Ru Nan is powerful. As I believe, the prince is unlikely to be her adversary."

Niu Yu Tao understood him. Then the prince may be beaten tonight, and this cannot be allowed. Therefore he said:

"You need to find methods to weaken her, make her softer, and more flexible."

Yuan Gan, as he heard him, stared.

"No need to force me to do such vile things."

Niu Yu Tao also looked at him:

"Such questionable things, and I do not." Even when he was in the underworld. "I didn't say that you do it. The one who does this, look among the people of the monastery of the southern mountains. They have a lot of experience in such matters."