Heavenly Genius - Chapter 6



Making an uproar in the east, attack in the west

Confuse the enemy. Here is an opportune moment for a surprise attack.


Go to Kuangai County to look for you? This thought only sat for a moment in Niu Yu Tao's head, because he already felt only cold feelings for them. He did not feel sympathy for government troops.

With gritted teeth, when he saw that they had indeed left, Niu Yu Tao only then with difficulty climbed onto the raft.

However, the water was better. As soon as he got out, a frosty wind immediately blew.

He was cold and hungry. He thought to jump back into the water because it was warmer there. Only he knew that he would jump into the water and be like a frog boiling in warm water - he would not notice how he would freeze completely. (to boil a frog in warm water (so that it doesn't see how it boils; if you throw the frog into hot water, it will jump out), about the hidden achievement of the goal)

Niu Yu Tao wanted to light a bonfire and dry clothes. But he noticed that the brushwood was wet. It can't be helped

He saw the fried fish lying on the raft and rushed to it. He grabbed her with ossified hands and began to bite eagerly. He needs to replenish the energy somehow. However, Niu Yu Tao still felt cold. He looked around and looked for signs of people. Maybe somewhere smoke rises into the sky. Only there was nothing.

From exhaustion and cold, he wanted to sleep. However, Niu Yu Tao clearly understood that he should not sleep. After all, if he falls asleep, he will not wake up anymore.

Niu Yu Tao thought maybe he could go ashore. Only he was already so frozen that he was not the master of his body. He might just drown. He gradually lost in thought.

Suddenly he thought that he was in a dream, and there he leaned his back against the hot stove.  And he woke again.

From such a dream, he abruptly stood up and was numb. Throughout his body, he felt a hot stream of air.

All the cold on his body began to fade. The hot stream of air from the back started to disperse across all limbs, expelling all the cold.

Now he felt not the frost but the heat.

Regarding this miracle, he was a little surprised, but then he remembered that the bloody amulets of Dong Guo Xao Ran had just impressed him in the back, in his acupuncture points. From such a miracle, he, even more, wanted to see the sect of the Highest purity and ask for help in the search for immortality.

It was hard to withstand the heat. He thought with his breath to direct this hot flow of qi, only in his body, there was no basis for controlling true qi inside the body. He could not control it.

He did not even know whether his body was suitable for cultivation or not. Not all people can cultivate. Not every person's body can endure qi. Most people cannot cultivate. The reason for this is the different physical constitution of a person. And to temper the qi in the body, you need the right internal channels of the body. And the inner channels of the body are different for each person. Even the main internal channels are different. Like trees, branches grow in different ways, forming relatively similar trees in shape. The identical tree you will not find after all. So people have different internal channels, which indicates a different perception of cultivation. In some people, even the heart is on the other side of the chest.

However, it cannot be said that people with a weak body for cultivation will not be able to cultivate. They may try to cultivate relatively easy methods. Like breathing exercises to extend your years of life. Only much more complicated methods will be more difficult for them to cultivate.

As a result, without the ability to suppress this hot stream, Niu Yu Tao inhaled cold water with his nose, which caused the hot flow to cool. And with his nose, he let off steam. Only his body was still burning and even reddened.

When tidying up on a raft, Niu Yu Tao noticed the arrow of a girl on whom was a small sign. It was a maroon sign. On one side,  has a phoenix drawn and, on the other side, a hieroglyph

'男' Nan (male), Xiaozhuang style.

"Siaochzhuan ...." (p.Qin; now used in seals)) Looking at this plate, Niu Yu Tao spoke quietly. A sparkle appeared in his eyes.

Are these people using Xiaozhuan? By his profession, he was well acquainted with such a style and could easily read it.

It turns out that in this world, they speak Chinese and write in Xiaozhuan? What world did he end up in? Or in what part of the world is chaos reigning now? He could not answer this question yet.

Already appeared mountainous terrain, and the river became winding, and the flow rate increased. Therefore the raft began to push and toss in all directions. From pitching, Niu Yu Tao came to his senses and immediately reached for a device for fishing. Nevertheless, the road ahead is a long one, and most likely, this device will still come in handy. Together with the strong current, a cold wind blew from all sides, now and then raising the hem of clothes and blowing the body of Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao took bamboo and confidently rule the raft. On his face was an expression of calm and composure. After all, he had a wealth of experience.

Having passed the dangerous places and twists, again, the course of the river became calm and quiet. Niu Yu Tao was very tired. He grabbed the remaining fish and began to eat. He sailing, already bright full moon appeared over a mountain stream. From both sides of the shores, screams and roars of animals were heard from time to time ...

The morning sun rose on the horizon.

Hot qi in the body of Niu Yu Tao has cooled down during this time, that he began to feel the cold again. He found one spot on the shore and pinned to it After wandering along the coast, Niu Yu Tao found brushwood of dry trees. Rubbing a tree with a drill, he made a fire, and after he made a fire, he went to bed at that place.

And when he woke up, he set off again.

In this harsh winter, the sun during the day and the moon at night illuminated his path.

So with a wooden oar, Niu Yu Tao struggled with the ferocity of nature.


 After a few days, the river water was quiet.

After a few days, the river water was quiet. However, the flow rate has become extremely fast. Niu Yu Tao realized that there is a waterfall ahead. Indeed, not much time passed before could hear the sound of a waterfall in the distance. As Dong Guo Hao Ran said.

Having examined everything around, he saw a beautiful mountainous and wooded area. That must be what it is. Niu Yu Tao immediately began to row with all his might to the shore. And as soon as he came ashore, he quickly pulled off the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran. His raft sailed on, then fell off a cliff and disappeared.

He pulled a long knife from his belt and cut the vine and brushwood. So he built temporary stretchers and put Dong Guo Hao Rana in them. Then he took the vine, threw a noose around his shoulders, and tied it to a stretcher. So he was going to carry it.

It was hard to carry Dong Guo Hao Ran, but Niu Yu Tao moved, overcoming difficulties. However, as soon as he climbed a cliff, it was no longer possible to carry on Dong Guo Hao Ran's stretcher. Dropping the stretcher, Niu Yu Tao leaned against one big tree. He was already exhausted and could no longer go on. He took out one bamboo and, putting it to his mouth, shouted: "Are the sect of the Highest purity here?"

Shouting several times and not seeing any reaction, Niu Yu Tao was going to relax. And only he was going to rest when he suddenly heard the sound of hissing. Niu Yu Tao felt a burning pain on his forehead. He immediately got up, drew his sword, and looked around.


 There was a burning pain in his forehead again. Niu Yu Tao raised his head and looked up. It is not known when one young man managed to appear there. He stood on top of a tree and, looking from top to bottom, proudly asked:

 "You boy, where did you come from? And why are you screaming?"

Niu Yu Tao's eyes flashed. He happily asked: "Is this the sect of the Highest purity?"

The young man asked: "How do you know about the sect of the Highest purity?"

As soon as Niu Yu Tao heard that he had come to the right place. He threw back the knife, quickly ran to the stretcher and began to open the covered Dong Guo Hao Ran's body. Pointing to his face, he said:

 "Do you know him? Dong Guo Hao Ran told me to find you."

That young man looked at him, immediately turned pale, and instantly went downstairs. Making sure that it was Dong Guo Hao Ran, he fired a singing arrow into the sky (t.t. an arrow with a whistle). Then a bright light spread in the sky as if a fireball had exploded.

Not much time passed when more than 10 people ran down here on the crowns of trees and then went down to the bottom. Niu Yu Tao stared. How skilled they are in their skills.

All who came identified Dong Guo Hao Ran and the last one said: "Faster report to the sect!"

Immediately one man disappeared into the forest. The rest began to stare at Niu Yu Tao. They looked at him predatory like tigers, but no one asked questions.

Not much time passed before the sounds "shshushushushshvyshsh" were heard. These are still people coming down from the sky. Luo Yuan Gun, Su Po, Tan Su Su, Tan Yi, and Wei Duo also arrived. Several dozen people arrived. The entire of the sect of the Highest purity came here in full force.

After everyone recognized Dong Guo Hao Ran, they began to examine Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao also began to look at everyone in response, and his gaze lingered on Tan Yi. This girl was gorgeous, like a sky resident. But for him, she was so far only beauty, and he further began to consider the rest of them. Judging by their reaction, the position of Dong Guo Hao Ran in the sect was not low.

After Luo Yuan Gun examined the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran, he asked Niu Yu Tao: "Brother, did you bring him?"

Niu Yu Tao nodded his head: "Yes."

Luo Yuan Gun nodded his head: "Thank you. Can you tell me more?"

"I'm from a village near a broken monastery 300 li from here. When marauding soldiers attacked our village, I was hiding in a monastery.

 Niu Yu Tao outlined what happened. Only he kept silent about the bronze mirror. Dong Guo Hao Ran warned him to talk about the mirror just in front of Tan Mu.

Only when he said that Dong Guo Hao Ran took him as a disciple, many students of the sect of higher purity changed in their faces. And Tan Su Su, like a cat stepped on her tail, began to swear:

"How can you be a Dong Guo Hao Ran's student? Yes, fail me on the spot, if I do not punish you for nonsense!"

She not only cursed but really released her hand. The mighty ferocious qi headed toward Niu Yu Tao.

"Younger sister!" Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po shouted but did not have time to detain her. They did not think that Tan Su Su Su would suddenly want to attack.

Someone understood the plan of Tan Su Su Su. Tang Mu has already perished, and Dong Guo Hao Ran has taken the place of the head!

Niu Yu Dao was shocked. He, too, was able to see how powerful Tan Su Su was. After all, he, also, was a little engaged in internal strength and clearly understood what a monstrous power was hidden in this palm. Palm Tan Su Su has not yet reached him, and he already could not breathe.

Now the palm was approaching him. Not that now, when he is exhausted and weak, and even when he was full of strength, he still could not evade this blow. Cursing everything to himself, he did not think that having passed such a difficult path, he would be killed like this in the sect of the Highest purity. Especially when he brought the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran, expressing his sincerity.

In fact, Dong Guo Hao Ran did not ask to bring his body here. As soon as he will come to the sect and talk about everything. The sect itself would later find the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran. Only Niu Yu Dao himself wanted to show sincerity, having gone through all the difficulties of the way.