Heavenly Genius - Chapter 60


After the conversation, Yuan Gan, without answering anything, turned and left.

Niu Yu Tao only watched Yuan Gan and said: "This werewolf will probably no longer be able to tolerate beatings."

In the small courtyard, a bunch of monks did not sleep and support the monks' lifestyle. They read canonical books and swept the ground. Although it was not necessary to clean the land, however, they did it for themselves.

As soon as Yuan Gan arrived, they all froze at once, like clay roosters. It doesn't matter what they do, they all immediately abandoned their classes. They looked at Yuan Gan, like on a fox entering a chicken coop. It was never possible to read Yuan Gan's face whether he was glad or not. He can say nothing and strike.

These days they saw him beating Yuan Fang. Each time he hit the head. And today he seems to want to beat the head again?  Does he want to beat him twice?

Hearing Yuan Fang also came out. He only did not want to meet Yuan Gan, but he could not do not meet him. Didn't he beat him today?

He was terrified of him. However, bracing himself, he bowed:

"Lord Yuan, what will be the instructions?" He spoke like the head of the monks, but his battered physiognomy was not at all like the head of the monks.

He even began to call him, as well as Niu Yu Tao. After all, twice calling him a monkey, he was twice beaten by Yuan Gan.

"Come in." Yuan Gan entered the room where there were no people. In the same room, he beat him for the first time.

Yuan Fang was scared. He did not want to go in. However, Yuan Gan did not like to repeat anything, so he was even more afraid of perpetrating a blunder in front of him. Therefore, clenching his fists, he nevertheless entered the room. And the door closed behind him.

The monks in the yard looked at each other and listened. Someone began to sort out the rosary in his hand and pray for the chapter. Although the head was the werewolf, even for a monster, it is challenging to endure beatings twice.

Then they noticed that the prayers seemed to work. After all, there was no sound of beatings.

However, soon one could hear the surprised voice of Yuan Fang:

"Lord Yuan, I will not do such things."

"What did you say? I did not hear. You will repeat it."

"This is ... lord Yuan, I really do not have these things! A ..."

All the monks again felt goosebumps. They heard the sounds of blows again. Boom. Bam. Bam ... - and sometimes mournful cries of Yuan Fang.

"Lord Yuan, do not need the knife, do not need the knife. You can kill the man."

"Are you a man?"

"Lord Yuan, there is! I have!"

"Do you fool me?"

"I swear to heaven there. Indeed there is.

"Do you?"

"Lean on me, Lord Yuan. If I don't, I will come to you for confession!"

Silence returned to the room, and occasionally one could hear a whisper. Later, Yuan Gan came out as if nothing had happened and left.

When Yuan Gan left, all the monks quickly rushed inside. They saw the battered Yuan Fang. His nose was bleeding. Two monks supported him and put him on a nearby chair.

"The head suffers resentment for us!"

"Nothing!" Yuan Fang looked at the blood from his nose and said in a trembling voice:

"This Monkey is too offend others. Good thing, it's temporary. Sooner or later, I will remove his skin and tear his muscles ..."

There was a roar outside.


Therefore Yuan Fang immediately jumped up and was very scared.

All the monks also trembled with fear. They thought that Yuan Gang was back. But then one monk said: "Only the broom has fallen. Nothing wrong."

-Fuuuuh, - all sighed in relief.

Yuan Fang folded his arms: "Buddha Amitabha, evil thoughts appeared in the heart. I'm sorry Buddha, I'm sorry!"

"Buddha Amitabha!" All the monks folded their hands and spoke.

Yuan Fang dropped his hands and, glancing at everyone, waved his hand so that everyone would come closer.

"There is an important matter that must be done. Otherwise, the Monkey will again look for problems for us ..."

On the main street, Shan Chao Zong rode a decorated large horse. Bodyguards rode from two sides of him and threw coppers from the wallet into the crowd. The people rejoiced and in response shouted  *bravo*

The ruler's palace was also noisy. Many guests and all essential figures of Kuangai County gathered here. Ordinary rich people of the city should not go in. They should only make a banquet outside in honor of the holidays.

In addition to the garrisons set up, which were on opposite sides of the county, all the important people arrived here.

The horsemen finally arrived at the newlyweds' palace.

All men and women.All men and women. Everyone shouted at him: "Congratulations to the prince!"

Chao Zong looked in different directions and smiled. It doesn't matter if he knew them or not.

And when he reached an important place, his tension had already subsided. Nevertheless, from childhood, he revolved in the circle of the aristocracy.

When he reached the palace, then one man took him to the newlyweds' house. It was there that he first saw Feng Ru Nan. However, behind the red veil, he could not make out her face.

However, Chao Zong could make out her physique. The physique of Feng Ru Nan was as healthy as a man. However, what surprised him the most was that she seemed to be even taller than him. Maybe it's because of the wedding headdress. But Chao Zong in itself was a healthy physique and tall. Is she really taller than him?

It is good that he had already psychologically prepared himself for this sacrifice. Also, Lan Jo Ting reminded him of the important work that he must perform tonight.

A pair of young people went out to the solemn hall for worship. The official part began. Feng Ling Bo and Peng Yu Lan sat in the highest places.

Watching her daughter get married, Peng Yu Lan began to cry.  She constantly wiped them.

After the official part ended, Feng Ru Nan left the house on a wedding palanquin, and Chao Zong on the horse went on the return trip. On the way back, people congratulated them.

The ruler's palace was lively. The owner called the guests and feasted, and the newlyweds escorted a lot of people. Among them were many warriors and cultivators. Everyone was afraid that nothing unexpected would happen. And ordinary people shouted congratulations ...

Chao Zong had no friends here, so he called his bodyguards for refreshments.

Behind the main palace had just prepared a room for the newlyweds. Two maids prepared drinks and food for the young, and then several people appeared in front of them. At the head of them was an older man with gray hair. His face was completely bruised. It was none other than Yuan Fang.

"What are you doing?" - the two girls were also from wealthy families and therefore were not very scared.

"Who are you? Soon the newlyweds will come. You need to prepare everything in the room. Rinse glasses, put wine, and tea. And what are you doing?"

Before that, they often went here, preparing everything, but they had never once seen these people in hats.

Yuan Fang calmly replied:

"We are the prince's bodyguards and are responsible for the security of the courtyard."

Two girls looked at each other. However, they did not suspect them. After all, the yard was well guarded. Aliens could not get here.

"This, we must check." Yuan Fang pointed to clay bottles of wine and other foods.

One girl shook her head: "Not necessary. Products have already been tested several times.  So there should be no problem."

Yuan Fang said in exasperation:

"The ruler checks on his side, and here we check on behalf of the prince. Is it not clear?"

The girls did not know how to answer this. And Yuan Fang did not give them a chance to respond. He immediately signaled, and several monks took their belongings.

"You ..." the two girls got angry and only wanted to blame Yuan Fang, as he immediately asked:

"I doubt your position. Who are you, and how can you prove your position?"

Two girls found this question ridiculous. One immediately said:

"Does Mister need more evidence? If it weren't for the ruler, could we have come here?"

Yuan Fang asked: "What is your name? I have to check."

"Wen Xing, Wen Li." The two girls, although angry, answered nevertheless.

After this, one monk nodded to Yuan Fang and said: "Nothing.

Yuan Fang waved his hand: "Turn back and ask others, should only two girls have come?"

Having returned the trays to the girls, several monks went back.

And while they waited for the monks to return, one girl could not stand it and asked:

"Honorable gentleman, what about your face? Have you been beaten?"

"Eh ..." - Yuan Fang touched his face and felt pain, which is why he immediately dropped his hands:

"Fell down," he said and began to read prayers to himself.

Wen Li said: "And how did you fall so hard?"

Yuan Fang: "Rode on a horse and fell."

Then he realized that why on earth would he report to them? And he immediately said:

"Why are you asking so many questions?"

Wen Li answered smilingly:

"We are the servants of the lady, and you are the people of the prince. Now we will see each other often." She hinted that this was their first meeting.

Yuan Fang was timid. He did not think that here they would still be kind to him.

At this time, the monk came running and told Yuan Fang: "Yes, precisely these girls."

"Good. Let's go then." Yuan Fang waved his hand, and he and the monks left.

Wen Xing and Wen Lin also turned around and went about their business.

As soon as they left the yard, Yuan Fang sent the monks to himself courtyard. Yuan Fang himself ran to Yuan Gang ...