Heavenly Genius - Chapter 61


"Bride couples have arrived!"

On this side of the house, bodyguards have already gathered to meet the young. Chao Zong got off his horse and walked over to the newlywed's decorated palanquin. Everyone approached and began to congratulate the prince.

The military had other laws, not like civil ones. The commander could not call his subordinate brother in front of a crowd of strangers. But when they celebrated something - for example, weddings, birthdays, then all the warriors could relate to each other on an equal footing, without observing the ranks and position. Even Ning Wang could eat together with simple subordinates, cuddles, and bets. That was normal.

Chao Zong was always next to his father and, of course, received his father's influence, so he did not keep his distance from the soldiers.

A crowd of bodyguards, seeing for the first time that the prince took his wife, immediately began to scream joyfully. Right, everyone was surprised by the physique of the prince's wife. It turns out to be so big?

Standing in the distance at the ornamental garden, Niu Yu Tao smilingly watched everything. Yuan Gan quietly approached him and put the pill in his hand. Yuan Gan silently approached him and put the capsule in his hand.

"Take her in your arms and go to the honeymooner's room!" - it is not known which of the bodyguards shouted this. Then many soldiers supported him and began to cheer joyfully.

"Take her in your arms and go to the bridal room!" Everyone shouted.

Lan Jo Ting waved his hand to stop them. But could the crowd be stopped? Therefore, he could only smile bitterly.

Shan Chao Zong also helplessly asked everyone to stop, but the joyful crowd and he could not stop. As a result, he had no choice but to take Feng Ru Nan in his arms.

But who knew that at that moment, Feng Ru Nan would sharply stick his foot out from under the dress and hit the prince. *Why does he stagger back?* If the crowd of soldiers did not support him, then he might have fallen.

From the actions of Feng Ru Nan, everyone immediately did shut up. There was silence.

She made clear her attitude towards him, which made many bodyguards embarrassed. They all stepped back, giving way to them.

Chao Zong also did not know what to say. And Lan Jo Ting frowned.

Shan Chao Zong seemed to be hurt by this blow. His lower leg hurt. But looking up and looking at the soldiers, he noticed that these soldiers, who were ready to give their lives for him, they feel worse now.

Therefore, he suddenly angrily grabbed Feng Ru Nan by the hands.

Feng Ru Nan first struggled hard, but later, maybe because she was a military woman and understood the military man, therefore she did not actively resist. Chao Zong grabbed her in his arms.

"Into the bridal room!" Chao Zong shouted and went toward the bridal room.

"Egegegei!" The crowd of warriors screamed again joyfully. They were pleased with the rudeness of the prince and followed him screaming and whistling. It was noisy again.

Feng Ru Nan did not yet understand what to do. After all, there were so many strangers around.

"You underestimated the prince, and you forced him to exert force!" Niu Yu Tao, standing in the arbor, shouted cheerfully.

Nearby, Yuan Gan also looked at the prince's contented gaze He admired him.

Taking Feng Ru Nan, Chao Zong entered the room. He put her down and went out.

He waved to his people and shouted: "All drink and eat meat. Celebrate!"

"Raaah!!!" - all the bodyguards screamed again and, accompanying the prince, began to leave joyfully screaming.

Later, silence fell in the courtyard. Several silhouettes appeared on the roofs of the courtyard houses; they had swords on their belts. And among them was Bai Yao. He calmly looked around.

Around everyone rejoiced and shouted. The bodyguards behaved freely and relaxed. Initially, they did not know what to do and how to be. And now they had hope. Now they have a future. How can they not be happy after that? Especially when their prince so boldly seized his wife.

Crowds of people consistently went back and forth.

 "Do you respect me?"

"I respect you!"

"So, let's drink!" They guttered.

 Chao Zong also went and drank wine with everyone.

He was a little awkward in front of the warriors for the recent scene, so he was drinking with everyone now.

Shu Qing, Lan Jo Ting, Niu Yu Tao, and Yuan Gan also sat at the table. Even Yuan Fang was here. Niu Yu Tao specially called the monks to sit here and to be addressed as equals. Yuan Fang was embarrassed by this attitude. He noticed that Niu Yu Tao is still a good person. And the difference between him and Yuan Gan was like between heaven and earth.

It was possible to notice how Chao Zong gradually got drunk. Niu Yu Tao, sometimes smiling, raised a glass for him. However, he also had a good appetite, just did not like to eat soo much, and did not like to get drunk too much. He also did not want to go completely into fun and recklessness. He always loved to comply with the measure.

"The prince, if he continues to drink, I'm afraid that he will get drunk." Niu Yu Tao said, smiling to Lan Jo Ting.

Lan Jo Ting understood him. He felt that the prince was already drunk much. Therefore, he got up from the table, went up to the centurions, and talked something with them. It is not known what he told them, but after returning, they began to refuse Chao Zong to drink.

When Chao Zong approached the table, Niu Yu Tao himself poured wine from the teapot and invited the prince to drink:

"Prince, I will drink for you!"

If he wants to drink, then Chao Zong will drink with him all the more.

Niu Yu Tao smiled.

After that, Lan Jo Ting spoke with Chao Zong. He again urged the prince not to drink and reminded him of the vital matter in his chambers.

Chao Zong was embarrassed to think about this matter, especially since Feng Ru Nan angered him with his act. Therefore, he decided to drink his anger and part-time to give himself courage and determination. After drinking a little, he went to his chambers to relax!

Niu Yu Tao, too, had no interest in remaining at the feast. He also got up from the table, followed by Yuan Gan and Yuan Fang. They all left.

In the honeymooner's house, everything was already laid out.

Wen Xing and Wen Li left the house, closing the door well behind them.

Leaving the young alone, Wen Xing stood at the door, waiting for orders. And Wen Li left the yard and told the governor that everything was going well enough. Yes, Feng Ling Bo himself knew that everything was already going well, and the official part was already over. After all, he knew the character of his daughter well and was afraid that Feng Ru Nan might throw something away. Therefore, he regularly monitored the situation.

Wen Li left the yard and just came across Yuan Fang passing by. And when she saw him, she was immediately surprised to say:

"What are you doing here?"

Yuan Fang replied: "Tonight, I'm guarding the prince! By the way, is everything okay inside? Did they drink marriage glass?"

"Things are good. They drank, calm down. It's all okay." Wen Li laughed.

"Ah, then right. Well then ..." Yuan Fang nodded his head. Suddenly, a noise came from the side of the newlywed house.

Further, Wen Xing ran out and hurriedly said: "Bad! Madam, with the son-in-law, seems to be fighting!"

"Eh ..." - Yuan Fang froze and turned his head to run.

The bodyguards at the door also quickly reported everything.

And standing with a stone expression, Bai Yao, frowning, looked toward the bride and groom's house. He flying down and landed on the roof of the bride and groom. He wanted to listen to understand what was happening there. Only it was not necessary to listen. One could hear how the blows were heard, and the dishes were beating.

Bai Yao came down and wanted to open the door, but was afraid. If there will take a wrong moment. So he shouted:

"Ru Nan, what happened?"

There was a loud laugh from Feng Ru Nan:

"Uncle Bai, none of your business! Since he dared raise his hands on me, I began to teach him a lesson. He Will Regret that he has married me!

Bai Yao did not find words. He shouted again: "Ru Nan, don't be silly!"

She continued:

"Uncle Bai, the rooms of the bride and groom, are here, I'm not dressed. You should not come in," she said, laughing.

Just about to push the door, Bai Yao stopped. He did not know if Ru Nan was telling the truth or lying. He thought that 80-90% of her lies. But if she is undressed, she will surely be awkward how awkward. But on the other hand, suddenly she will beat to death the prince? Indeed, for Feng Ru Nan, ordinary men are not rivals. And it seems that the prince is also inferior to her in power.

Bai Yao was feeling a headache: "Ru Nan doesn't make any noise. This is too much!"

"Don't worry. I won't kill him." She shouted.

Bai Yao slapped his forehead. He did not know what to do with her. At least she won't kill the prince - this already reassured him. After all, the main thing is that nothing terrible happens.

Wen Xing and Wen Li exchanged glances with each other. As if nothing happened to the son-in-law.

Not much time passed before Yuan Fang reported everything to Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan and immediately brought them. After receiving news from the bodyguards, Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing came running.

Through the flickering of shadows in the window, one could see how the fight was going.

Shu Qing could not stand it and ask:

"Brother, what happened?"

Before she could finish speaking, the voice of Chao Zong came from the room:

"Let me go! Let me go!"

Feng Ru Nan said with a laugh:

"More modest, more modest. If you'll still move, and I'll break your arm!"